War Between Israel And Hizbollah "Imminent" Syria Warns US

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The middle east powder keg is on the verge of exploding. After repeated warnings of possible escalation between Iran and Israel, we get the first official confirmation that the conflict may not be tidy and contained. The Telegraph is reporting that King Abdullah of Jordan has just warned the US that a war between Israel and Hizbollah is imminent and that is could spread across the Middle East. Just like the Great Depression ended in a Great War, so this ongoing Great Depression v2.0 (because -10% GDP when one takes away the government stimulus is precisely that) is likely about to result in another one.

From the Telegraph:

The king, in Washington for President Barack Obama's nuclear summit, gave his warning after Israel claimed that Syria had handed over Scud missiles in its armoury to the Lebanon-based Hizbollah.

His comments, which were made to private meeting of the US Congressional Friends of Jordan caucus were said to be "sobering".

Syria yesterday denied the allegation that it has provided Hizbollah with long-range Scud missiles, which would allowing them to target Israel's cities. The country's foreign ministry said the claims would be used as a pretext by Israel to raise tension prior to a possible attack on Hizbollah.

"For some time now, Israel has been running a campaign claiming that Syria has been supplying Hizbollah with Scud missiles in Lebanon ," a foreign ministry statement released yesterday said.

" Syria strongly denies these allegations which are an attempt by Israel to raise tensions in the region."

However, the statement did not appear to rule out an alternative possibility being raised by defence sources, that Damascus has allowed Hizbollah control of or access to Scud missiles still currently in Syria .

Similar sources say that Syria has trained Hizbollah operatives on advanced anti-aircraft batteries, possibly a more useful tool since Hizbollah – and the Lebanese army - fears the overwhelming air superiority enjoyed by Israeli jets.

The official US position:

"We are obviously increasingly concerned about the sophisticated weaponry that is allegedly being transferred," said Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman. "We have expressed our concerns to those governments and believe that steps should be taken to reduce any risk and any danger."

And that of Israel:

Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, said that the alleged transfer would alter the strategic balance of power between Hizbollah and Israel, which fought a short but bloody war in 2006.

An aide to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said that the pace of Hizbollah's re-armament and Syria's role in it was causing growing alarm in the Jewish state.

"We are very conscious of the build-up of Hizbollah's military machine," the aide said. "We have unfortunately seen new types and greater quality of missiles. The Syrian role in passing those weapons to Hizbollah is ongoing and is dangerous."

Al-Rai, the Kuwaiti newspaper which first raised the allegations, said a Hizbollah source had confirmed it had access to Scuds but that they were old and unusable. The source said the issue was being blown out of proportion by Israel in order to create a media frenzy.

The newspaper did, however, link the claims to Hizbollah's threat that if Lebanese infrastructure, such as Beirut Airport , came under attack in the event of conflict, Israel would be hit in turn, including towns at the edge of the range of Hizbollah's known missile arsenal.

What is undisputed is that all sides are raising the stakes in the absence of negotiations between Israel and either Palestinian factions or Syria.

Look for oil to go to $150 if these escalations finally materialize into something real.

Update: Haaretz on the same issue: Israel's Scud accusation may be pretense for attack

Israel might be preparing a military strike against
Syria by accusing Damascus of supplying Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon
with long-range Scud missiles, the Syrian government said on Thursday.

President Shimon Peres on Tuesday accused Syria of sending
Hezbollah long-range Scuds. The United States said on Wednesday it was
"increasingly concerned" about the transfer of more sophisticated
weaponry to the Syrian and Iranian-backed Islamist group that fought a
war with Israel in 2006.

"Israel aims from this to raise tension further in the region and
to create an atmosphere for probable Israeli aggression," the Syrian
Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "The Syrian Arab Republic denies these fabrications."

Hezbollah hit Israel with shorter range rockets during the 2006 war
as at that time it lacked a longer-ranger missile capability.

An Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Scuds were smuggled to Hezbollah in the past two months.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak insisted earlier this week that Israel does not have aggressive intentions in the area.

"We expect and recommend that everyone keep the current calm but as
we've said, the introduction of systems that disturb the balance
endanger the stability and the calm, he said.

The United States said the move would have a possible
"destabilizing effect" on the region. The presence of more advanced
missiles in Lebanon could raise the prospects of a pre-emptive strike
by Israel.

Hezbollah is on the U.S. terrorism blacklist, but is part of Lebanon's unity government.

The Lebanese government has had no comment on the U.S. allegations.
But Hezbollah lawmaker Hassan Fadlallah said the comments made by the
White House were interference.

"This American interference that has completely adopted the Israeli
position, is condemned and rejected by Lebanon. This U.S. position
presents a threat to Lebanon," Fadlallah said.

"These American pressures and Israeli intimidation will not affect
our choices and our commitment to defend our country by all means,"
Fadlallah told Reuters.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in February that if Israel
struck Beirut's airport, the group would hit Israel's Ben-Gurion

While tension between Syria and Israel has increased this year,
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said last month he remained committed
to seeking peace with Israwl.

Syrian and Israeli forces last fought each other in Lebanon in the
1980s. A 1974 ceasefire has kept the front between the two quiet on the
Golan Heights, which Israeli captured in the 1967 Siz-Day War.

The two sides held four rounds of indirect peace talks in 2008,
only eight months after Israeli plains bombed a target in eastern Syria
the United States, Israel's chief ally, said was an illegal nuclear

Syria said the target was a non-nuclear military installation, and
"reserved the right to respond in the appropriate time and place."

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chumbawamba's picture

Amidst your stream of crazy there are some thoughtful comments but I don't know if that's genuine or just a "thousand monkeys banging on typewriters" phenomena.

Anyway, you fail because you attempt to equate what I clearly and consistently identify as "zionists" by saying "Jew".  I don't say "Jew" unless it's relevant.  What I have a problem with are zionists and the state of Israel, niether of which is "Jews".  Yes, many Jews are zionists, but not all.  And not all zionists are Jews.  Your esteemed President of Vice Joe Biden claims to be a zionist, and I believe he's Catholic.  And do remember that there are nearly 3 million Arabs living inside the borders of "Israel", and those Arabs are Christians, Muslims, Catholics, atheists, probably a few Rastafarians, etc. By the way, many Arabs in Israel are Jewish, but being Jews, they are considered Israelis proper.

So, no, do not paint me as a bigot, please.  I do plead guilty on the "white man" hate.  It's sort of tongue in cheek, but it's akin to saying, "Them niggers are all on welfare!!", and I think it's good to get people out of their comfort zone.  It sucks being targeted because of your ethnicity, don't it?

How do you think the Iranians feel?

I am Chumbawamba.

BoeingSpaceliner797's picture

Don't stop there CW.  How about what the white man did to Native Americans?  Or African tribesmen and women?  Yet, the US has the "moral authority" to pursue "terrorists" halfway around the world.  It's a hypocritical, cynical joke that anybody still believes the official reasons for the US occupations or that the US has moral authority.  

Hence my new avatar.  Top left: Wolf Robe; bottom left:  Chief Joseph; middle:  Geronimo; top right:  Sitting Bull; bottom right:  Red Cloud.  Across the top:  "Homeland Security"; across the bottom:  "Fighting Terrorism Since 1492."  When I wear the t-shirt out in public it's quite a conversation generator.   

trav7777's picture

Crock of shit.

You know how those particular Injuns came to be in possession of the lands they were on, right?


It's how the Incas became a fucking empire, how the Aztecs did it, how the Mayans.  Not effing democracy, but conquest and slaughter.

So spare me the crocodile tears because they ran into someone who conquered them.

What "we" did to the Africans?  What about what they did to each other?  How about what Arabs did to them?

Every fucking historical injustice is always about what a white person did...why?  Because we won?  Screw losers.

Nobody says shit about Shaka Zulu slashing and burning his way up and down West Africa, or anybody else.  Or how the Arabs invaded and conquered Spain and all the way to Tours before Martel turned them back. 

There is fault to go all around and history is EQUAL in terms of who committed what oppression; there are no innocents.

I would use your Tshirt full of those warmongers to wipe my ass.  The Apaches were notorious for being warlike, aggressive, and violent against any rival tribe.

BoeingSpaceliner797's picture

Hmmmm.  There are two sides to the history you reference and we appear to have different appreciations for the diametrically opposed versions.  However, I don't currently see the Apaches or Shaka Zulu claiming "moral authority" in order to terrorize other populations.

trav7777's picture

I don't claim any such thing either.

I CONDEMN what the USA has become, but you lump me in because I am WHITE.

All this "White man" shit is RACISM.

chumbawamba's picture

Exactly.  And it's about time Whitey got his share.

Now that we've all been properly vilified, let us start seeing the humanity in everyone, and stop thinking the other guy is out to get us, because he ain't.  It's the guys right here at home, causing all the strife in the first place, that we need to turn our sights on.

We need to start at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and move from there edifice to edifice until we clean the bastards out.


Anything less would be incomplete.

I am Chumbawamba.

velobabe's picture

yeahhh for spacer797. i write down these exact thoughts. nobody gets it, or responds to me. the native american indian is our original homeland security. they are really cool t-shirts, with red cloud holding the flag?

white man is killing them softly, all the native wildlife in north america. encroaching into their habitats with the mcmansions everywhere. one of the largest elk herds in N.A. is in the snowmass wildnerness area. this huge herd is really really sick and unhealthy. the CDW doesn't know what to do with them. it has to do with the sporadic winter weather for the last couple of decades. and colorado also is encouraging more kill licenses for bear kill season. the bears are just out of control, populating and eating at all the fine restaurants in aspen. that town is in bear terror mode all summer. cougars are getting struck by cars and trucks, dead. bears get freaked when they are at the dump and climb up the electric poles for safety and die, electric chair style. the workers find them at the base dead all the time.

i think some of us should be concerned about the other beings we are amongst in our country. just my 2¢s.

merehuman's picture

i'll drink to that!  Critters , like us, getting sprayed from the air.  Aluminum included.

Howard Bork's picture

Chumba: The Ultimate Hypocrite.  When others bring up the past to put things in context, you argue that it’s irrelevant and a non sequitur.  But you are more than willing to invoke the past when you think it help makes your point.  In this case, it actually doesn’t make your point but rather reveals your racism (and your serious lack of knowledge on the history of the Middle East and North Africa)

Comrade de Chaos's picture

I disagree. Chumba has a very valid point, It was a white man originating in EU that was the instrument of earlier seeds within that conflict. However, white man is no different from any other man, who would do absolutely the same... and


Digging in the dirty laundry of the past will not bring any meaningful resolution....so


Let's just all take a break & look inside for a moment. 


Maybe, just , maybe we can .

BoeingSpaceliner797's picture

+++  good to see you continue to speak truth CB.

merehuman's picture

i would have built a bomb shelter. Hate being the sole survivor. Gonna smoke a bowl. and watch it come in. Earth= venus in the making.


WaterWings's picture

Then you can cross out "Lincoln" and write "Silver" City - you'll be mayor. And I wish I could be there.

merehuman's picture

Waterwings, my eyes are moist with the knowing and understanding of whats to come. In my heart there is a huge sadness seeing how in our ignorance we have done it to ourselves. I will be fine no matter what happens. Location and conciousness is everything.

PS. Thanks for the heads up re LC. Shotgun is nearby and i get it. Thanks

anony's picture

What happened to Egypt?  They punked out?

chumbawamba's picture

Egypt was bought off in the 1970s at Camp David.  Ever since they've simply been the southern security arm of the IDF.

I am Chumbawamba.

Alienated Serf's picture

Israel/Egypt military aid= method of recycling dollars back to the MIC.  War is our only industry, peace is bad for biz.

anony's picture

What happened to Egypt?  They punked out?

chet's picture

"An Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Scuds were smuggled to Hezbollah in the past two months. "

With all such stories, we have have to constantly remind ourselves how dependent we are on getting the "facts" from various governments.  And not just from a government, but directly from its intelligence apparatus.

Did they transfer Scuds?  Maybe.  How could we possibly know?  What media source has the ability to either confirm or deny such a statement from the government?  All they can do is report it, which is exactly what the government source wanted.

In these cases, a government can tell us whatever they want.  Remember our government assuring us that Iraq was brimming with WMD? 

I think about this when we hear about how Iran's nuclear program is moving so quickly.  Really?  How could one really know?  I haven't been there.  Have you?

chumbawamba's picture

Oh come on, Chet, stop using your brain.  You're supposed to respond from raw emotion and demand that those threatening your way of life be bombed back to the stone age.

I am Chumbawamba.

JW n FL's picture

In Iraq we lacked a paper trail for WMD's that would not have our (our being the U.S.A.'s) finger prints all over the documents...


The Russian's as the second largest producer of oil would be happy to see the Middle East get irradiated, broadly speaking... and thusly... would happily provide the paper trail for the equipment that they the Russian's did provide and how it was easily modified by Iran (who is now out of warranty because of the modifications).  http://www.eia.doe.gov/cabs/Russia/Background.html





Russia-Iran nuclear deal signed  ***(Sunday, 27 February, 2005, 12:56 GMT)***


Russia and Iran have signed an agreement for Moscow to supply fuel to Iran's new nuclear reactor in Bushehr.

Under the deal Iran has to return spent nuclear fuel rods from the reactor, which was designed and built by Russia.


So, since we learned our lesson last time… and we will need to have good proof… due to the cycle of time between the invasions… we don’t have time to wait for a generation to forget and die off… thusly, paper trail or “Proof” not an issue…


Yes, Iran is going to have a change of leadership… will it be us (us being the U.S.A. proper) or will it be Israel? Israel can bomb the leadership and Mullah’s in short order… cruise missiles are accurate to 10 feet.. (more like 30 feet, but close enough) and in this massive one blow, decapitate the snakes many heads along with the most staunch supporters of what is the Iranian’s craziness… We should have stepped in during the election… but one crazy for another and all that… plus Israel is tired of being beaten on… they need a win, to keep up moral at home.


Anyone who says this is not happening… is lying to themselves. The best part is the eagle and the bear in the holy valley, ala George Bush the evangelical… he really might have been the anti Christ. Because there is no walking this back.

carbonmutant's picture

I wonder where the Hezbollah suddenly got all the financial support...

Cheeky Bastard's picture

Muslim charities, CIA cover funds, Heroin trade facilitation/transportation. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Hush CB,

Don't tell all the secrets about the black programs every nation runs, with the US number one in the category. The world's population might just wake up, recognize they're being played like a giant haarp and demand the insanity stop.

john_connor's picture

No doubt.  US has both sides of the heroin trade covered in Afghanistan.  Its a good way to launder money to whoever they see fit.

DosZap's picture

Well, since Syria just handed over the LATEST SCUD designed missles,capable of hitting Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem(to the Hezzies) I would say, them crying WOLF, is a bit, shall we say disingenuous.Not to mention the stockpile of 40k less dangerous missles already stored.

Also, we KNOW for a fact the Persians have funded/supplied, both the Taliban in Iraq(against our people.

And, also, are the key financial arm of Hezbollah.

Israel has no choice but to take out Iran's

nuke sites, as fast as possible.

If Syria, and Iran, and any others decide to start the BIG one, Isreal has no choice but to use Tactical Nukes.



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture


The US coalition must wait for there to be a new moon to bomb Iran, because that is the only time the stealth bomber is operational.  That could mean it happens tonight.  However, they will most likely wait for a false flag attack like Pearl Harbour (done by sanctions), Northwoods (done by force), Gulf of Tonkin (done by force), or 9/11 (done by excessive force) to usher in a motive.  Because the Tri-Lateral commission meet during the first week of May, the new moon on the 14th will be an opportune time.  Even more opportune is June 12th, after the Bilderberg Group meets during the first week of June.

To add, if Iran goes to war, so does China, Russia, and India, unless they kick Iran out of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.  I have no idea how China can get enough oil to maintain its infrastructure if Iran leaves.  Russia is not online to fuel China.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Seattle seceded from the union decades ago. I hear they have their own central bank and colored paper currency. Or was that rolling papers? I can't remember. :>)

WaterWings's picture

The Emerald Triangle.

Although the Nanny-state is alive and well here. No guns in parks! Save the children!

Fucking idiots failing the common sense exam.



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Formal letter

To China,

The Pacific North West will not be involved in perpetrating any war with you.  Please remember this when the fascists continue their unrepentant threats against you, and the rest of the S.C.O.  If any nation state, including D.C., makes any threats to us, our armed militias intend to kick their sorry asses.




merehuman's picture

From the Pacific north west, Thank you!

dumpster's picture

Hence the derision with which Starbucks’ coffee was received when they opened up in Israel in 2001. As an Israeli food critic wrote, they offered a drink that was only ‘one step up the evolutionary chain from water used to mop the floor’


Seattle on the verge of a latte fit

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

"Star Bucks".......whats in a name?

bigdad06's picture

Yawn! Wake me when this supposed imminent war starts which has supposedly been imminent now for the past 10 years.

docj's picture

Beat me to it!  Precisely.

Besides - Syria?  Yeah, now there's a dispassionate, impartial source.

trav7777's picture

This is Iran moving its chess pieces in preparation for a counterattack.

I mean, we moved a ton of bombs to Diego Garcia, yet nobody talks about our provocation.  We'll announce another CVN moving to the Persian Gulf; can anyone as an American IMAGINE a gigantic nuclear-armed foreign warship within 20mi of OUR coast?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


It sickens me to hear friends and family spout shit that basically amounts to the following.

When the US does "it" (whatever "it" is today) it's done in the interest of peace and democracy. But whenever anyone else does "it", the US has every right to beat them over the head with our peace and democracy.

When I point out the hypocrisy of this attitude, the cowards deny any hypocrisy and the honest cowards admit to the hypocrisy but then justify it by turning full circle and spouting...........wait for it............peace and democracy.

The propaganda and indoctrination has been fully assimilated.


trav7777's picture

We're an Empire.  This is what Empires do.

Are we better than they?  Of course we are.  Objectively.  But in this respect are we so much better that we have the right to kill and steal?  Hell no.  It's immoral.

This US is not the one of 100 years ago whose people were isolationists and where grass roots labor power made the middle class and everything the world values was invented in.

I personally despise the jooish bent of our foreign policy, and the power that the Tribe exerts for their own interests and how it changed the US's entire ethic from one of downhome values into hyperaggressiveness.  We morphed from a producer to a big culture bifurcated into the love and pursuit of money and moneychanging scams on one hand and on the other of ghettofied values systems where conspicuous consumption is valued and glorified along with misogyny, destruction, and filth.

Just trace it back to who owns the studios and banks.  It's a monoethnic message and narrative and it's got to go.  Dunno by what means, but this country has been flat fucking destroyed.

nhsadika's picture

great comment.  The messaging from the studios and banks reveals the extent to which the depravity goes. 


From the banks, you must have seen those commercials from Chase Sapphire visa commercials where JPM wants presents this picture of the refined life and how they are making it happen - the truth is JPM via the Fed are THEIVES LIVING THE REFINED LIFE and TREASONOUS to the nation with its market to fantasy assets and bailouts galore.   They really just want your deposits to prop up their bankrupt, derivative rich deathstar balancesheet - and they send you $100 gift cards in your junk mail redeemable if you open an account with them - and the visa commercials are really marketing a "up-scale corporate" image.


From the studios, you have these movies which really come in 3 main forms - mindless romantic comedies about peter pan men and the women who chase them,  action films which reinforce the dangers of arabs/terrorists/invaders and the need for a savior, occasionally offering up the truth in narly twisted form "there are two sides to the story, and they are equal",  and slapstick titillating teenage comedies designed for the 12-16 age market but advertised to all.   


Nothing real gets through.  Imagine real movies which talk about the society, the truly powerful (banksters), foreign policy, science, and a world of other things...nope, they keep feeding us this crap and it is surely because the control those who have the purse strings can make a fine living off of it...and they no intention of letting anything real see the light of day.

merehuman's picture

Madison Ave advertisers practical black majic helped convince many stupid is good.

trav7777's picture

What is the solution?  Remain this hyperaggressive empire serving the foreign policy of an apartheid State?

Alienated Serf's picture
There is a great disturbance in the Force.
john_connor's picture

I sense the same, young jedi.  All roads lead back to the money changers and counterfeiters.

Alienated Serf's picture

These aren't the SCUDS you are looking for.

john_connor's picture

apparently not.  must be tough being a serf.