War Council Convened In Damascus Past Friday To Prepare For Israeli Strike, Iran President Expects War "Between Spring And Summer"

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Abu Dhabi Media website The National has disclosed some rather disturbing news about peace "prospects" in the middle east. It appears this past Friday saw a war council convene in Damascus, between Syrian president Bashar al Assad, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hizbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah to "devise counterattack plans and assign tasks in the event of an Israeli
offensive on one or all parties
, wrote Abdelbari Atwan, the
editor-in-chief of the pan-Arab newspaper Al Quds al Arabi." And more troublingly, "the Iranian president said he expects war to break out somewhere
between spring and summer of this year
. Meanwhile, the Hizbollah chief
vowed to strike the Israeli capital, its airports and power stations if
Israel dared to attack Beirut’s critical infrastructure."Let's recall that Goldman's most recent 2010 and 2011 WTI estimates call for prices to rise to $90 and $110/bbl, respectively.

More from The National:

“The timing of the meeting, the way it was undertaken and the
ensuing press conference that was held at its conclusion, all point to
a strategic coalition being reinforced. This is the build-up of a new
front that will spearhead the confrontation with the US-Israeli
alliance and whichever Arab countries that may, expressly or
implicitly, be affiliated with it.”“Indeed, we are being exposed to a new discourse here, an unprecedented
sense of self-confidence and an unheard-of preparedness for

What is more troubling for the US is that any potential effort to rekindle a relationship with Iran is now dead and burred, as the new axis seems to involve exclusively Syria.

For its part, the Syrian leadership appears to
have made up its mind to close off the US administration’s “trite and
” flirtation with Damascus and opted for bolstering its tactical
partnership with Tehran.

Surely this is now just another white swan in a sea of black, which has been duly factored in to various asset prices and what not.


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Flyingtrader's picture

WTF?! Are they checking their calendars?  Who schedules a war? 

Mad Max's picture

Investment banks planning their quarterly profits, perhaps?

Anonymous's picture

"Let's get out slingshots out, and get together a bunch of rocks, that we can shoot at the Israeli F-16s...."

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The time tables for WWI were so precise that once the order to mobilize had gone out, there was absolutely no way to stop the war from taking place. The trains ran on time and that was that.

Anonymous's picture

That is *such* horseshit. In historical terms it is simplistic nonsense and of the 'progressive' left-leaning school of myth typified by 'Oh what a lovely war!' and Blackadder goes forth. In practical terms, it strongly suggests you have either never travelled in a train or never served in the military.

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FYI Weather is the number 1 criteria. Israel always goes in the Spring.

Anonymous's picture

The future forecasters have been saying for years now that March will be the month.

Now with Iran, proding Isreal to strike first, I imagine they we quickly and not allow Iran precious time to organize a counter attack.

If we see a surge in the price of oil, consider the atttack immient.

Inspector Asset

Anonymous's picture

Lots of folks if you read some history...try Hitler's plans to attack Russia for starters

caconhma's picture

Few observations:


  • Jews started the WWII. They even did not dream the price they would pay for it.
  • Regardless how many nukes Israel has, it will take just 1-3 tactical nukes to wipe Israel for good.
  • The WWII got the USA out of the Great Depression. I would not count this time on the similar luck. There are no more 38 millions soviets to pay for it anymore.


Anonymous's picture

That's funny because if you talked to anyone that lived in the US during WW2, the depression was nowhere close to being over. Yes, unemployment dropped because a sh*tload of the unemployed signed up for the job of cannon fodder and GDP grew because US factories were building things to send over to Europe and destroy but life was just as crappy in the US during the war as it had been preceding the war. Shortages of just about everything consumers wanted because of price controls and parts of the new deal that hadn't been declared unconstitutional.

In fact, it wasn't until after the war, when the government had to drastically cut spending (war spending could no longer be justified) that the economy recovered and it recovered quickly. Prominent Keynesians at the time (like Samuelson) were screaming bloody murder before the spending cuts claiming that it would instantly throw us back to 1932. Of course, like all Keynesians, he was proven wrong and "economists" still listen to him today.

WW2 getting us out of the depression is as silly as the new deal getting us out of the depression.

Anonymous's picture

Now that we are talking about the BIG W. You might want to read this if anyone has the time.


Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

a somewhat naive comment.

wars are scheduled for all manner of reasons - waxing and waning political fortunes and election cycles (ie israel strongly considered provoking war prior to bush leaving office, unsure how much support obama would offer) - resources, UN deadlines, UN investigations, and the oldest of them all - weather and its effect on ground troops, mobility, effectiveness, supply lines

10044's picture

Wtf.... Gold 7k bitches

Vacca's picture

I guess the new "axis of evil" thinks Bernanke is agitating for another World War to get the US out of a depression.

wake the roach's picture

Remember, the US was energy self sufficient and a major supplier of crude to the allied nations in WW2...

A major disruption in oil supply at a time when much of the west is fighting tooth and nail against deflation will be devastating. Average Joe will likely mistake higher prices in goods and services as inflation, but higher energy prices are deflationary... 

Makes me wonder though because if I was Ahmadinejad, I would not allow this economic crisis to go to waste... There is no better time to kick someone in the guts than when they are down on their knees. Iran would be well aware that if not for this depression they would have been struck already so realistically, they would be stupid not to take advantage... 

This would also be advantageous to China for its future energy needs, every nation would be hurt but none more so than the United States. 





Zombie Investor's picture

The U.S. just needs to send Pelosi back over to Damascus and she'll resolve everything.

Anonymous's picture

March...a month and a command...

Anonymous's picture

Masta's of the universe gotta' create the itch to scratch it.

Its about time Israel is wiped completely off the map.

Maybe we'll get lucky and fraud street NY will pick up and move beforehand.

Grifter's picture

Wow, didn't take long for the Alex Jones crazies to show up...

Joe Sixpack's picture

I think "AJ crazies" tend to support Israel.

Anonymous's picture

AJ sure sure gets quiet- or loudly changes the subject- when Israel/zionism comes up.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

AJ supports no regime, except Ron Paul, and with a little too much vigor I might add. 

He cited this article on prisonplanet.com


Anonymous's picture

I will gratefully give half of everything I own to anyone who will nuke both Iran and Israel right now. They are aggressive scabs on the ass of the human race, and we need to pick them off.

Anonymous's picture

Sorry mate, but the same applies to US.

The most aggressive nation on this bloody planet.

Gordon_Gekko's picture

S&P 4000...here we come!

Anonymous's picture

More like S&P 400. You are an idiot.

Oso's picture

any views on how reliable "the National" is, or what biases they generally introduce...?  Why isnt this the first question anyone asks.... Iran calls for war on a near daily basis, it doesnt mean anything in and of itself.

Anonymous's picture

Great news... Stock market will most likely go up?

Bear's picture

Can't we a little more specific about the invasion date?

Anonymous's picture

How does next Tuesday work for you? 4pm, after the kids get home from school, ok?

Anonymous's picture

LoL! It's on!

Anonymous's picture

I'll bring the Michelob Ultra. Is this a couples
party or should I come alone?

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"Abu Dhabi Media website "


I am very sceptical on the prospect of the war down there this year. IN addition the above media source will do everything and anything to switch any attention from their local affairs/looming debt.

Anonymous's picture

these links will keep you up to speed... just in case US state-media outlets are slow to reveal the story as instructed.




illyia's picture

World Tribune **

Israel simulation prepares for two-front war with Hamas and Hizbullah

Sunday, February 28, 2010     TEL AVIV — Israel's military has been exercising for the prospect of a multi-front war.   

Officials said the Israel Army has been conducting exercises in preparation for a two-front war. They said the military envisions fighting along the southern Israeli frontier with the Gaza Strip as well as with Lebanon and Syria.

"The exercises enable us to prepare for possible scenarios, improve our readiness and implement lessons," Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said.

On Feb. 25, the military concluded a command exercise that simulated a two-front war with Hamas and Hizbullah. The exercise included a scenario of massive missile and rocket strikes on Israel from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

"Israel has no interest in seeing escalation in the region," Ashkenazi said. "Yet, we closely monitor developments and make sure to maintain a prepared, deterring, and motivated military."

Officials said the military was preparing each of its major elements for a regional war. In the latest exercise, the General Staff tested the response and decisions of senior commanders in such areas as combat, intelligence, logistics and media relations.

"During the exercise, forces were trained in the management of joint combat methods," the military said. "Inter-branch operability procedures amongst air, ground and naval forces were examined under various scenarios. Multi-arena combat management were also tested, with the support of logistics, intelligence, communications and home front coordination, as was communication between the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli government ."

Military intelligence has warned the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of the prospect of war in 2010. Officials said the intelligence assessment said Iran could order a war by Hamas and Hizbullah in an effort to divert Western attention from its campaign to halt Teheran's nuclear program.

"A wind of tension is blowing again in the north of the country," chief armored officer Brig. Gen. Agai Yehezkel said. "Despite the fact that the challenge might be more difficult than during Operation Cast Lead [Hamas war], we are prepared for it."

Officials said the next war would require a rapid Israeli ground advance into the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Syria. They said this would require the integration of air, infantry and armored forces, with support from the navy in coastal operations. Some of these goals were said to have been achieved in the 22-day war with Hamas in 2009.

"The work is comprehensive, systematic and deep, with the ability to see a general picture of headquarters operations, a necessary condition for effective force operations," Defense Minister Ehud Barak said.

** unfamiliar source requires more investigation.


Fritz's picture

The U.S. military industrial machine must be giddy.


Anonymous's picture

It is certainly priced in... and stop calling me Surely.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Israel must be planning on getting the Ark of the Covenant back from Goldman.  Time to short GS?

Missing_Link's picture

Too late.  Goldman already has it hooked up to Sigma X and is using it to front-run the Catholic Church.

hound dog vigilante's picture

LOL.  Priceless.  I love a good conspiracy-laden punchline...

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Excellent!  We needed a good laugh, what with our country heading down the sh..., oh wait, I can say all that again later!

Anonymous's picture

They had top men working on it.


Anonymous's picture

Should provide some much needed economic stimulus and not a moment too soon.

aint no fortunate son's picture

Did Goldman host the summit?

dark pools of soros's picture

gotta use up those weapons so they can buy some more!!! 

Anonymous's picture

March 28th , 2010:

Israel strikes Iran in a continual barrage lasting 7 days.

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If there is a war israel will pick the start date.