The War Over The $1,520 Gold Pin Tomorrow - Part 3 Of "Market Manipulation: A Recipe in Three Parts"

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Silver peaked, Bitchez.

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in soviet russia, silver peaks YOU!

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I finally got the opportunity to close out my SLV position! Yes, i've had it for so long, i didn't even know how terrible an idea it was when i bought it. THAT long ago. The last months haven't even given me the ability to justify selling.

Anybody use SIVR? How is it's prospectus? I really don't want to buy PSLV b/c of the insane premium it runs. 

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The premium is there for a reason... PSLV has it's silver. It's in one of the few stable countries that speak english too.  You can go with the swiss silver ETF, and the Franc looks fairly good, but can you drive there and pick it up?

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Is this the same butt head who told Tyler he called the top last night?  LOL

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You might have me confused with The Ponz. I certainly didn't insult Mr. Durden.

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Swiss vaults. Should be "safer" than SLV.

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If you trust the mob d.b.a. "The Canadian government," CEF is a way to get exposure to both silver and gold.

For all I know though, it's full of tungsten and lead. Caveat Emptor!

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yeah. unfortunately we have to play "sight unseen" in 401ks or IRAs. i cant hold physical in these things so i have to take somebodys word for it. right now i am in CEF and thinking if i want to add more silver exposure then i may buy SIVR. for all i know theyre as shady as SLV, who knows. sucks to be an investor. 

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Yes, it does suck. Personally, I sold my PSLV because of the gargantuan premium and bought into SIVR. It seemed safe enough (though you can never be 100% sure) while the PSLV premium seems like a bomb just waiting to go off. Of course, after underperforming against SIVR for about a week, the PSLV premium then actually increased rapidly while PSLV outperformed the underlying metal many days in a row.

I just don't understand this market any more. It's all weird and perils are everywhere. The mining and streaming stocks take a beating day after day while the metals they deal in skyrocket in price, too. I'm completely confused.

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SIVR uses allocated vaults, so it's not quite the same as SLV.

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The problem with SIVR is that it is under the custodian and trustee of HSBC and Bank of New York Mellon. FYI, the vault location is in London.

And just like SGOL which is under the custodian and trustee of JPMorgue and Bank of New York Mellon. This vault is actually in Zurich.

I do not trust this banking cartel of JPMorgue/HSBC.

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i for one don't trust the Canada mob...thoughts on the KeystoneXL pipeline and importing more tar oil sands from those bastards?

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I use SIVR and AGQ for trading in addition to physical possession.  I am not going to pay any premium for PSLV, I'll just keep the silver at home, thank you very much.

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No silver is going on sale.

Thank god.

I wanted to buy a shit load more before it jumped like it did.




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You'll have a dip buying opportunity for the next six weeks as this pig gets roasted.

Where are Aka and Tmosely?  The idiots who kept pumping this thing and said I was stupid for buying puts?  I'm up over 10% against my cost basis.  What have the idiots got to say now?

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funny old thing, someone else telling me to sell what's going up...

Better to sell your shorts than lose your shirt...

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We're barely below where we closed on Thursday.  I wouldn't go counting your chickens quite yet.

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Unfotunately this recent move to 49.87 on my spot ticker was driven by illiquidity. Just goes to Shows you even the safest of investments is subject to market manipulation.

Ag bounced off support at 45.61. But I watched the action on the way up at 45.61 it's tenuous support at best. Longs have about 48 hours to get out if your a paper trader and well the guns and ammo silver holders you will never get out until you you have used your last bullet to stave off the angry mob that is coming for your silver so they can pay their Netflix bill.

48 hours until the man you hate so much kicks you all in the nuts.


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but it's going up again now...

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Yes it is and it's hovering right around 47.50 an options  strike price. This holiday has been a feast for the options players with the illiquidity they can drive the market one way or the other with a small amount of money and profit on the options.

The real action will come Wed.

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Let's just put a timestamp on that one.

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You are truly pathetic.  Go back to your momma's basement.  Recess is over

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I'm up 300%


and I'm pretty sure you or your other alias was telling us to sell silver at $30



Creed's picture

silver spiked $2.54 last I checked 7 hours ago


now it's down .60 cents


Dangertime you're starting to sound like a hysterical troll & you're going to lose any support you may have had here from fair minded individuals like myself

One of the hallmarks of a hysterical troll is popping in as soon as pm's take a small hit and yelling FIRE!

Most people on this site are well aware of silvers volatile history and have no need of your bullshit warnings.

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Silver isn't down. It's at 47,72$

Oké it whobbled a bit because "somebody" tried to manipulate it down today and it didn't work again, but that's no reason to sweat.

I bet they hoped to bring it down 20% and they failed. They just made sure more speculators where able to buy it below opening price. A JPM donation to the people so to speak.


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I declared last week i had bought some puts as well (May and Julys) and, despite it being more of a hedge than anything, since i closed out any silver longs i had im now just hoping for a drop.

If it doesnt come thats fine, but the frothy action overnight was too stupid to justify sustained $48+ levels.

Would not be surprised to see a correction to high $30s.

GoinFawr's picture

And I wouldn`t be surprised to see you type the same thing over and over again at every retracement. Go long ZSl if you`re so sure. Saxxon might have some sage warnings which you might be wise to heed on that one though.

@Dangertime: Whoops. Ag 47.79 US bitz and bytes

Bonne Chance!

ZeroPower's picture

Might very well be wrong, have no problem admitting this. Learn from mistakes, you know. Speaking of retracements, there have literally been none on the daily silver chart for the past 2 weeks, which is why going short here is potentially less risky than long. But, a bull market is a bull market.

ZSL is shit in it's declining trend, keep it overnight you'd lose on the daily re-balancing. 

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Highlights in yellow? Pick on me!

Yen Cross's picture

Hey blind eye? Draw me a trendline on an hourly usd/jpy chart! You know the news > RIGHT!

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Too many dykes, not enough thumbs (and I mean that in a purely non homophobic kinda way). There I was thinking these guys were 'all thumbs' too. Ah well, live and learn.

Op-Ex mantra for me and mine: C-U-Next-Tuesday, 'what a cunning stunning stunt`, or Op portunity Ex travaganza.

Update Apr.27,2011

This is where you say,
"I gotta hand it to you Goin'..."

tmosley's picture

If you want to know what the idiots have to say, I would suggest you record your own voice and play it back.

I call BS on your being up over 10%.  We're still above where we were on Friday's close.  Only went down to $46.

Face it, moron, you are a loser, and any gains you had have evaporated like a fart in the wind.  I, on the other hand, am up hundreds of percent.

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I bought physical at $16.80, I'm up over 200% over my costs. If this is being an idiot then idiocy is bliss. Incidentally I may sell some because I think we are going to have a correction with the FED's little meeting on Wednesday. I don't think it will be anything earth shaking, just enough to shake out somw weak hands. Then I'll be right there to BTFD.

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Only Chuck Norris can peak silver.

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There's no more physical silver on the store shelves to buy at any price.

Do your best to get your hands on physical silver at whatever price you can.

Banjo's picture

If people buying real physical silver believe the silver story. My suggestion is NOT to play the markets but continue to accumulate real physical silver just more slowly eg. buy 10-20oz per month instead of 40 or 60.

If silver takes a big hit say back to mid 30's Im going to take a big "physical"  bite of physical courtesy of some interest free credit card somewhere and pay that back over time.

Good luck everyone.

reTARD's picture

Silver, bitchez.

I'm fucked because I'm the Ben Bernank and the SLA is kicking my arse.

reTARD's picture

Silver, bitchez.

I'm fucked because I'm the Ben Bernank and the SLA is kicking my arse.

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new report from Dangertime's mom's basement.


pizza inventory at all time low... imaginary losses mounting... need for new alias rising

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Silver - This is just a retail shake out.

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ya got that one right. waiting till the dust settles and going to load my little boat with GPL and well as some silver futures.....bite me blythe.

CH1's picture

Cue the Pure Prarie League:

Jamie, whatcha gonna do,

I think Blythe can stay with you,

for a while or at least for one more move...


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GPL needs a swift kick in the ass...

MonkeySmoke's picture

sold out of GPL and replaced with FVGCF; which received a swift kick from Sprott.

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let them fight over it with the paper...shit goes up, shit goes down, whatever

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thanks for the insight