Watch The Accumulation Live (And Timelapsed) As New York Is Buried Under One Foot Of Snow

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Even as European retailers are bemoaning their fate, having their entire holiday shopping season destroyed due to inclement weather, shoppers across the US Eastern seaboard, which has so far experienced a mild winter, are about to see just how easy it is to proceed with inventory liquidations when nobody can get to your store. We can only hope that the bulk of sales have already taken place, although more than likely many consumers have left off they real bargain purchases until after Christmas when retailers bring out the hard-core, 80%+ off deals. Will snow be sufficient to keep the marauding masses away from that $199 46 inch LCD? Watch in real time below, as a webcam tracks the hexagonal water crystal accumulation in Midtown NY.

Video after the jump:

And some time lapse fun: the same picture at 2 PM eastern:

As of about 4 pm:

2 am Eastern:

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TheGreatPonzi's picture

Inventories, bitchez

Bearster's picture

That old hoax is so 2007.

How about pensions, bitchez!

TheGreatPonzi's picture

The sales will be bad, but not because of the snow. I'd rather say that it will encourage people to look for warm in stores and supermarkets.

wisefool's picture

Or air conditioning in public schools. Birdseye invented refrigeration. Al Gore (manbear pig) is worried about the icecap and his houseboat.

Bananamerican's picture

"shoppers across the US Eastern seaboard... are about to see just how easy it is to proceed with inventory liquidations when nobody can get to your store."

Tyler, i know it's Sunday but is THAT all you got this morning?

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Oh, it is the holiday week. Not much news other than china raising rates.

Cnbs probably has their sat. Images of parking lots at malls ready to roll.any real news will be ignored.

199 good price for 46" tv. Where at?

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

Tyler, i know it's Sunday but is THAT all you got this morning?


Are you kidding me?  This is amazing news!  It's indisputable, empirical proof that climate change does not exist, according to Faux News:

Edit in: Holy balls! I just read through some of the comments, and there are people here who actually think that a December snowstorm means that global warming doesn't exit.  *LOL*  No wonder Faux News has high ratings, and people wait in line for hours to buy Palin's newest book.  There are so many fucking morons in this world, it's truly amazing that Darwinism hasn't flushed them out yet.  



Midas's picture

You forgot to throw Glenn Beck in too.  You do have a checklist don't you?

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

Sorry, I forgot.  I should have assumed that Glenn Beck would have something utterly ridiculous to say about global warming, and he does. 

Here's Glenn Beck saying that since weather related deaths have decreased by 95% since the 1920's, then global warming must be a hoax:


Did you know that automobile accidents have increased by a factor of 1 Million since the 1920's? Obviously, our car manufacturers are making dramatically less safe vehicles. 

Careless Whisper's picture

Here's a live cam of THE BULL, a block from the New York Stock Exchange (for you quants, Mahwah, NJ is buried in snow too)


zhandax's picture

It snowed in December! Oh FUCK! The world is comming to an end!  Save me gubment!  I will give back your food stamps!  

What a bunch of spineless douches.


edit- I spent the holiday outside of Huntsville AL.  They got at least 4 inches of snow on Christmas for the first time ever.  They just blockaded the major N/S highway and the freeway and announced, "Fuck it, we're closed.  Merry Christmas, yall!"

russki standart's picture

Gee Red Neck R.  and there are morons like yourself, terminally stupid who still  believe in the Global Warming Fraud.  I do not know if you are a spambot, paid to post pro AGW garbage, cannot find a replacement religion or just have your head up your ass. Either ways, AGW dogma is dying a most delicious death, and will take mediocrities like yourself along with it. Goodbye Asshole

zeusman's picture

I will put up my Global Warming "fraud" against your creationist, the earth is 6000 years old bull shit any day of the week you Glen Beck loving, Rush Limbaugh ass wiping misfit.

Midas's picture

It is possible both theories are wrong. 

russki standart's picture

Zeusman, I never watch glenn beck, and the left/right paradigm is nothing more than 2 sides of the same coin. Also, I do not believe the earth is 6000 years old, which, BTW, would provide support for AGW given the short data series used by the fraudsters to support their junk science.. No, I believe the earth is at least 6 billion years old, hence, even if your co religionists massage the date back a few hundred years, it is just statistical noise.

Merry Christmas

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

I'm not a climate scientist, so I have no idea if global warming exists, and if you reread my post you will find that I did not say anything otherwise. 

However, I do have enough common sense to know that a snowstorm in NY in the middle of winter does not negate the credibility of global warming concerns - that's just pure right-wing fucking lunacy, as is so commonplace with the GOP these days.  Weather on a Winter weekend and climate science are not the same, and everyone with a brain that has evolved past the lower stem will understand that. Do you have a forehead?    

The person who believes that sort of logic must also believe this:  because a Lamborghini is sold at a dealership in Miami, obviously the United States is not in recession.

Global warming may be a completely overblown concern - I have no idea.  But I can recognize a totally useless line of logic when I read it or hear it. 

I am sure that one day the Earth will - as George Carlin said - shake us off like a bad case of flees.  Until then, it is impossible for me to believe that our parasitic role on Earth does not have some sort of detrimental consequence to it. Do you remember Shanghai in the summer of 2008?  That city had a roiling miasma of industrial flatulence suffocating it.  And I suppose that means nothing? 

Gaia, bitches. 

russki standart's picture

Ahhh, a much more intelligent response. At least you are open minded and have not drank the AGW koolaid. It is possible the earth is warming, but it is likely due to a myriad of factors, compounded by complex dynamic interactions. The current theory of AGW is clearly agenda driven, and is an affront to scientists interested in uncovering the truth, rather than producing garbage for their political masters.

RichardP's picture

I think it has fairly well been demonstrated that the globe is warming.  What is in dispute is the cause of the warming.

zeusman's picture

Darwanism?  Dont go throwing any of that fancy book-lernin science razzle dazzle at those righteous right winguts.   The earth is 6000 years old and Dinasours walked with Moses.  The real danger of 1 term for the president is the party of the anti-science pro mysticism taking over.

UncleFurker's picture

"There are so many fucking morons in this world, it's truly amazing that Darwinism hasn't flushed them out yet."


Don't worry, they'll be the ones refusing to budge from coastal Florida. When the Greenland iceshelf drops into the sea, Darwi will have his way.


russki standart's picture

We will both be dead long before the greenland iceshelf drops into the sea due to AGW. And you are right, I will not buy coastal property in florida. No, I will buy a ocean front property right in San Francisco right beside Al Gore, who supposedly knows something about climate science. The way I figure it, living in the shadow of the great prophet should protect me against rising ocean levels.

ebworthen's picture

Unless we start blowing off scores of nukes we are really insignificant in the grand scheme of nature.

Certainly, we can pollute and waste, but in short order the earth and it's pelthora of bacteria, fungi, oceans and plants will restore balance.  We are, after all, part of the equation.

Reduce, reuse, recyle = Yes

Conserve and don't pollute = Yes

Create a religion based on the omnipresence of humanity and our all powerful effect upon the planet = No

We are much more insignificant than we perceive, and this bothers a lot of people.

Worry not; You, I, and Yorrick will be worm food ere long and the Earth will go on - we just need to reduce the population and deactivate the nukes and stop messing with neutron colliders and dark matter.

Popo's picture

And once again the question is re-cast into "Is there or isn't there climate change?"   The effort to oversimplify the question itself, is part of the propaganda campaign which is rife with self-serving interests.

The question is (one more time, let's see if it sticks this time) Are global temperature variations man-made?

The historical record is inarguable:  It has been much, much warmer than it is now within the past 500 years.  There were orange groves in England within relatively recent history.  We also know that all of Europe has been covered in ice for centuries (on multiple separate occasions). 

Are the trends we are seeing now the result of natural meteorological variation?  Or are they man-made?

Anyone who thinks that debate has been closed is a complete and utter ignoramus.

Of course, there are many who like to erect the straw man argument about the very existence of climate change.  A cheap play which ignores both causality and the scientific realities of macro-meteorological trends.


A Nanny Moose's picture

People have no clue the amount of effort involved to power our lifestyles. What is the average microwave? 600-800 watts? Fridge? TV? Washing machine?

Putting a little perspective on things, a highly tuned (read: using better living through chemistry) cyclist can put down about 400 watts for about 60 minutes. At 450 watts you're winning Alp 'Huez. A sprinter can knock out about 1900 watts, but 30 seconds and it's all over but the cigarette. Remember, these are highly trained, often chemically enhanced versions of human beings.

For the average couch potato...

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Ameicans eat more than enough to produce that energy, we just store it as fat.

The guy that invents a machine to suck out the fat while powering your tv will be the first quadrillionaire.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Nope. It's far too easy to pop pills.

Temporalist's picture

It's called a bicycle generator and you can eat while you ride.  Give me my quadrillion but I'll take it in jewels, platinum, gold and silver.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Correction. A good sprinter can pull that kind of wattage for about 10-12 seconds. 30Seconds would include drafting off his lead-out train, during which he is NOT pulling 1900 watts


velobabe's picture

that was an interesting article, thanks for posting ms moose. just remember the pro's like LA etc. are almost for sure using drugs. i am sure these cyclists in the warehouse weren't, so more accurate amount of human energy used. really incredible, pedal power. goes further than just watts produced. it is the Whole.

SPONGE's picture

As a lifelong racer, I appreciate your cycling references. If I could put out 400 Watts for extended periods (which I can't), I wouldn't be livin' in the USA, I'd be in Europe hangin' out with the podium girls.

velobabe's picture


you were a lifelong racer? hummm, cat 1 or 2? probably a 4. you know a lot of cyclists do end up marrying those podium hooks. cyclists on the whole, are pretty short. i don't think they have much of a package, or get testicular cancer from the lycra squeeze, if you know what i mean.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Why FEMA built all those camps I don't know when CRE, strip malls and whatnot, will soon double as homeless sheltors. 

TomB's picture

Ten years ago so-called "experts" scared people that snow would become a very rare event:

TheGreatPonzi's picture

Global warming, bitchez

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Now Fem Dem Yuppies everywhere who cling to the hope their party has one thing right are now saying that the Atlantic Jet Stream has flipped its current direction.  These Libiots should start saying their prayers if that is the case, because if the jet stream changes, there will be an ice age during the next decade, in which case gold and silver will be the only monie.

gloomboomdoom's picture

You must got some brain rot...

Normal symptom of doomerville

Now that the economy is "fixed" like a casino (illegal).

Doom about fake boobies, swedish men with penises posing as woman and phony weather change. You won't make me buy those worth ETFs (hunks of nothing).

Who are we going to doom about next?

Part of the wiki release included football players refferale to "animals".

"dump, stupid animals"...- Henery A Kessinger (refering to both white and nergo Americans fighting in Vietnam).

Before I get slammed by the doomsters, "negro" was a word used by Dr. King.



velobabe's picture

am going to go play golf, sorry tyler. life is a bitch when you don't want it 2 B.

hey, mikey K do you play golf? just asking, i am really fun to play with.

no snow, BOW WHO. snow cleans out the air and all creatures. we are lucky when it snows, it is a gift. i am sure NYC needs some white pure snow to help it heal.


nopat's picture

Be that as it may, nothing short of a Christmas miracle will make your nipples point in the same direction.

Speaking of which, I could go for some pancakes right about now.

SheHunter's picture

I'm with you Velo B.  I can watch it snow here just about anytime I please so no golf but I got the buckskin saddled and am headed out with some of my low life 2 and 4 legged friends to see what can be seen on a snowy warm winter afternoon at 7,000 feet in the Rockies.  Cheerios to you on your groomed course!

velobabe's picture

well, 7000 feet, ummmm ????

i never play golf on christmas weekend, usually cross country skiing on groomed golf courses. it is ok, take what is given one. i bet you had fun. i use to do pack trips. you got a lot of legged friends†

SheHunter's picture

..."i use to do pack trips."

Cool.  I knew there was a reason I like reading your posts. courses are good for many uses after hours and off season.  I used to ride horses I was training on a course after hours.  Almost level and soft ground if I got tossed on my butt.

velobabe's picture


honest my BF lover R A O U L   W I LL E,  did this most excellent.

i did ski behind an old chevy in the 70's, up and over owl creek. god times were crazies.

rope em up, and just ski behind anything that has RPM's.

i love my memory bank of shit on snow.

your cool.

SheHunter's picture

Skiing behind an old chevy......ah -   great image.  Best I can use to compare that adrenilin high is my favored winter pastime of chariot racing using sawed off 50 gallon drums for the chariots.  You'd be a natural at it if you like upredicatable high speed over snow.  many crash and burns but a few of our horses love it as much as we do.  Pin their ears back, stick their noses out and off they go!  life's pretty good all BS considered.....cheers to 'ya.

Arius's picture

Dont bet against the american consumer - another oxymoron about to be proven wrong !

Yes, we can!

GrouchoNotKarl's picture

They need to get rid of their soon worthless paper for real goods. Can't blame them.

bullet357's picture

Don't bet on Global age coming to a town or city near you.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Thanks Bullet. I noticed some idiot junked you.

Interesting that the AGWCO2 frauds still want to believe this lie. CO2 a trace gas in our atmosphere is insignificant by definition.

You really have to be a dumb shit to believe that man made CO2 causes temperature change/Global Warming.

Here is an excellent documentary exposing some of the history and lunacy of this fraud.

Finally an interview by Dr. Tim Ball that educates the layman on this madness.!

Armchair Bear's picture

might not be the mini-version..