Watch The Accumulation Live (And Timelapsed) As New York Is Buried Under One Foot Of Snow

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Even as European retailers are bemoaning their fate, having their entire holiday shopping season destroyed due to inclement weather, shoppers across the US Eastern seaboard, which has so far experienced a mild winter, are about to see just how easy it is to proceed with inventory liquidations when nobody can get to your store. We can only hope that the bulk of sales have already taken place, although more than likely many consumers have left off they real bargain purchases until after Christmas when retailers bring out the hard-core, 80%+ off deals. Will snow be sufficient to keep the marauding masses away from that $199 46 inch LCD? Watch in real time below, as a webcam tracks the hexagonal water crystal accumulation in Midtown NY.

Video after the jump:

And some time lapse fun: the same picture at 2 PM eastern:

As of about 4 pm:

2 am Eastern: