Watch Barney Frank's Conference To Preserve Fed Secrecy, Live And Lobby-Free Here

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Members of the
House-Senate Conference Committee on financial regulation are meeting
for a third day of deliberations on the Restoring American Financial
Stability Act of 2010. As part of the offered modification language which we discussed yesterday, the Committee today will focus to do all it can to eliminate any and every Fed-unwelcome initiative as part of the audit the Fed provision in the Congressional version of the Fin Reg bill. All those who want to see how corrupt politicians destroy any chance of fair and effective financial regulation are encouraged to tune in and focus their attention on Barney Frank.

C-Span Link Here

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cyclemadman's picture

Need more duct tape......must.....keep.......head .....from......exploding.

Those paper shuffling idiots drive me crazy.

Hephasteus's picture

Anybody that can take more than 30 minutes of that crap is NOT HUMAN.

101 years and counting's picture

Thanks, but I'd rather not throw up right now.

nope-1004's picture

Thweet.  Thankth Tyler.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

"Watch Barney Frank's......."

Three words often leading to bouts of nausea.

Blues Traveler's picture

Yes, more Hope and Change folks....Rubin needs his pushed in



Ripped Chunk's picture

I wish someone would pop this zit

LMAO's picture

Dzjeeezus, why aren't Americans en masse dragging these fookers out of their Senatorial and Congressional seats?

The French got a lot of heat for their actions in WWll and maybe rightfully so but this shit is about as close you can get without having things escalating into a full blown war.

The fascist elitist pigs are robbing the US citizens of their money, rights and well pretty much everything.

WTF is wrong with the fine people from this great nation?



Ragnarok's picture

Things are too cozy and most still don't care....yet.

Ned Zeppelin's picture

He's truly an idiot and I think we should hold the apparently brain dead voters of the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts fully responsible for any and all legitimate claims for injury to person,  property, or mental condition arising from or relating to his activities while in office. 

All claims will be deemed satisfied and paid in full upon conveyance of good and marketable title to Martha's Vineyard to "Zero Hedge And Its Duly Registered Posters", without occupants and in broom clean condition, on or before July 30, 2010.  


Implicit simplicit's picture

He won't be reelected. He has been exposed for taking bankbribes for votes in their favor. He talks out of two sides of his mouth while he has his hand in the taxpayers pocket. Another polician exposed as a corrupt fraud. Mass. got rid of Coakley who was not near as bad as him. They will lay him to waste.

Geoff-UK's picture

Bet you  a Krugerrand he gets re-elected right up to the day the economy goes Weimar.

FourWude's picture

Well he has the full backing of the Israeli lobbies and Financial masters. He is Jewish after all, and has always when needed fallen in with the State party line.

nmewn's picture

I think the fact he's a graduate of Haaahvaaahd has more to do with it than being Jewish.

Just sayin.

Geoff-UK's picture

What the fuck has Jewishness to do with Barney Frank wanting credit for being generous with our money?  He's the patron saint of no-money-down sub-prime mortgages for poor people--enough with bringing religion into a financial website please.

pezhead's picture

I wrote and called my bankster/fraud senator (Hagan-NC). She responded that the F.E.D. is audited enough - full disclosure would upset the market and release sensitive info. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

StychoKiller's picture

All right, now you've gone and done it!  I've got a keyboard print on my forehead!

Rick Blaine's picture

One of the few politicians, that I truly dislike.  Yes, most of them, on both sides of the aisle, are idiotic and untrustworthy...but I dont' dislike them - I just want them thrown out on their asses.

...but this man perfectly represents everything that is wrong with our system of government.

CBTeas's picture

Barney Frank is always "true to form." 

He goes on various talk shows acting so "pure and clean" in defending the little guy, but it is obvious to anyone with a brain that Barney is bought and paid for by FNM, FRE and most every other financial company.


Like most politicians, Barney works for the corporations who give him money.  He does not support "the people."

Mitchman's picture

Reminiscent of that great 20th century cynic Jonathan Swift's aphorism: "There are two things no man should ever watch being made: sausage and law."

Implicit simplicit's picture

Dodd's bumblasting Frank while they change the bill that should have been law; their both in the bank's pocket jacking the mule for all the spunk they can get. Criminals

Kaiser Sousa's picture

When will the citizens of this country realize that aint shit changin until one of these bank controlled politicians catches a hot slug.  every branch of government is owned by the bankers!!! this aint no fucking democracy!!!

what the fuck Americans????????????????????????????

FourWude's picture

Too busy scared by Muslim bogeymen.

Ask the average Chav dumbass in the UK what's more likely to happen, a Muslim population of 3% taking over the country OR a total financial collapse with the UK reduced to 2nd World status, and they'll reply the former.


Not too bright folks. Oh well, nothing short of what they deserve.

Xibalba's picture

meanwhile Bernanke is busy cutting a back room deal as I type....

distract and deploy...

Max Hunter's picture

I would bet my left nut that "they" have pictures of Barney that even he would be embarrassed to see get out..


Blues Traveler's picture

The pickle sniffer has no soul

Mr Creosote's picture

Do you really think anything could embarrass Barney?

BTW, I've voted against him 7 times, hoping the 8th is a charm, but wouldn't bet on it.

Harbourcity's picture

It's going to crash down on them eventually but its like they live in lala land with no recognition that this will eventually come back to haunt them... enjoy while you can.. eventually the money will run out, the economy will collapse, thousands will be homeless, destitute and angry and then we'll get to see some old fashion hangings...

Bay of Pigs's picture

I made it through 45 seconds of that mumbling stumbling son of a bitch...

I wonder if Mel Watt shines Barney Franks knob quite regularly? Barney looked very content today at the hearing. 

glenlloyd's picture

I'm sorry, but I cannot watch that bloated piece of crap.

strannick's picture



The party of reform.

The party of the working man.

The party of fairness. The party of justice.

Mr. Barney Frank has done more than any detractor to dispel those enduring myths.


Grand Supercycle's picture


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