Watch Day 2 Of Bernanke Testimony, This Time Before House Financial Services Committee

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Barney Frank quizzing Ben Bernanke has got to be the funniest thing one can see today. So here is your chance to laugh. While not expected to say much if anything of note, using the same testimony as yesterday, Bernanke may engage in a few Freudian slips before the Frank, who has already asked the key question - should the Fed engage in more bond buying in light of the oil price spike. Don't expect a response. From C-Span: "Today, the House
Financial Services Committee can expect to hear more of the same from
 Bernanke as he appears before lawmakers for the second time this week.
They will likely question the Fed Chief on what the Central Bank is
doing to jolt the economy into increased recovery. Committee members
will also want to continue yesterday's line of questioning on how the
Fed is reacting to oil prices that have been going up up up in the wake
of unrest in the Mideast and North Africa."

Watch the live webcast here:

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Mercury's picture

At least he's now the Chairman of Nothing.

AN0NYM0US's picture

two years and even a year ago I used to watch the testimony of Bernanke, Geithner etc with interest thinking that maybe, just maybe there would be a bit of truth and justice.  I am two years older and wiser now. I turned off CNBS once and for all more than a year ago and while I still hold out hope that something might come of these hearings I am also hopeful that this weeks powerball has my numbers. 6666666


jmc8888's picture

You got better odds with that powerball ticket than you do prospering because of this 'miraculous' recovery.

covert's picture

the real power is always behind the throne, the rest is a pr smokescreen.


Turd Ferguson's picture

Tyler, please remove the picture of Barney Frank. It makes me want to vomit.

mtomato2's picture

Frank alone is worth the price of admission any day.

He is an actual one-man freak show.


Here's something fun you can do at home:

Imagine Frank and Napolitano!


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Did any of you all see what I saw?

About 10:45 I had the hearing on CNBC.  Just as the Chairman of the committee said time was up on someone, Mark Haynes comes on and says they have to go to a commercial.  I was curious to see who CNBC was omitting, switched over to Bloomberg and saw who started grilling Bernanke.  Yes:

Ron Paul.


Michael's picture

I'm watching it on C-Span. RP leaves the room after his question too. I'll catch the replay on Daily Paul.

Did you catch the guy behind and to the right of Bernank with the Gadsden Snake T-shirt?

Citxmech's picture

Paul talking Gold as money was priceless.  I actually got up off the couch and gave him a fist-pump.

Bernanke's reply was priceless too:  "people don't want to buy gold..."

Umm hmm.  It must be loney in his crumbling tower built on lies and bullshit.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

"Here's something fun you can do at home:

Imagine Frank and Napolitano!"

I have and this musical score came to mind....



Spalding_Smailes's picture

Turd ...


How can you sell / pimp the dollar's death / " the end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us. Prepare accordingly "


And out of the other side of your mouth .... How's the new ice cream shop doing .... ???? Lol'

he retired to a career as a serial entrepreneur in 2008. "


Got  ... Ulterior Motives ... ? Hmmmmmmmmmm, enquiring minds / ZHers want to know.

tmosley's picture

Small pleasures are the last thing that people will continue to spend money on.

But hey, how's the furniture delivery business going?  You get a load this week?  Probably not.  LOL.

Coming soon, free blow job with every furniture delivery!

10kby2k's picture

i've never seen a female furniture deliverer

flacon's picture

Bawney Fwank. 


I agree Turd. Listening to that guy is like listening to fingernails scraping on a blackboard - or chewing aluminum foil. 

SparkyvonBellagio's picture

Most people fear the Gimp, Barney digs him.



bb5's picture

it was like watching bwarney perform analingus on the Ben Bernank

Michael's picture

Whatever the Bernank says to rationalize what they are doing is irrelevant.

The FED is a business, and as a business they are always trying to increase their market share and grow in size.

Therefore, their opinion on matters is biased and a conflict of interest.

The official determination on matters concerning the way things really are, should be determined by the comity, then disseminated to the public in an official announcement.


This comity had determined The Bernanke is fruit loops. You could call him opposite man.  Every thing he predicts, the opposite comes true. His track record is perfect in getting everything wrong. You listen to him, you are a moron.

Harmonious_Dissonance's picture

Very true, Bernanke is the biggest joke. The world has lost faith (took wayyyy too long)

Zero Govt's picture

Bernank repeating on his error of 2005 not seeing the housing bubble. This time he's talking his book that his 'solutions' have made for recovery and saved the financial system (well he would say that wouldn't he!).

Barney Frank just plays a cynical tee-em-up for Bernank, pathetic. Remember the biggest rule in Washington of the past 10 years: Barney Frank knows everything but any shit hits the fan (US property) he had nothing to do with it    

Salvatore CFA's picture

The same old song and dance. The same old rusty trombone.

Michael's picture

That guy asking about man-made climate change is off the reservation with his question.

My answer is the CAGW question; The MSM is misinforming you about there being a warming bias. The planet now has a cooling bias due to the extended solar minimum.

Ferrari's picture

Fabulous avatar/reference: One of my favorite cinema characters. Classic. "Stupido! Stupido! Know nothing!"

Confused's picture

Did that douche just say independent federal reserve? 

Michael's picture

That douche just said he manipulates the financial markets.

As he repeats over and over in his head;

I am omnipotent, I am all powerful, You are irrelevant.

I am omnipotent, I am all powerful, You are irrelevant.

I am omnipotent, I am all powerful, You are irrelevant.

Oh regional Indian's picture

BernANK. BaenryfrANK.

I guess the BANK rules, eh? Now, I do consider the fact that said Frank is still in office is one of two things:

a) A statement about Mass.

b) An abject failure of the political process.

Which is it?

And Who is Hu?


Eireann go Brach's picture

Where is Ron Paul? Why has he not been involved these past few days? Is it because everyone knew they would call bernanke out? these clowns asking questions have not got a clue and Bernanke talks down to them as if they are idiots

TeamAmerica's picture

Might be because Ron Paul is an idiot and "they" don't want him to embarrass himself.

Confused's picture

as opposed to the opening remarks about having an independent federal reserve. 

takeaction's picture

"Idiot".....what the F is wrong with you??  Here he is again on TV babbling about a thing called THE TRUTH.  You are a douche...Better figure it out......Ron is on OUR side.  Look.

SheepDog-One's picture

I dont care! Right now Ron Paul has done nothing he's a sideline complainer doing politics positioning! I dont want to see him complaining on Fox News, where is he up there today saying 'Youll keep monetizing the debt over my dead body, it stops TODAY'! Huh?

SheepDog-One's picture

Heard it! 'DRILLED' the Bernank with that question about how do you define the dollar? Which Bernank just sidestepped like a turd on a sidewalk? Give me a break!

DB Cooper's picture

Agree - if Ron Paul is the best we got we're in a lot of trouble!  Not that intelligent and these obscure questions make me wonder if he's anything more than a plant to convince the sheeple there is a representative on our side!  Sad.

TeamAmerica's picture

Ron Paul is NOT on my side.   I prefer that the USA remain intact, warts and all.   Ron Paul is an idealogue who is unconcerned that his rantings, if taken up as actual policy, would result in our downfall. 

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I got news for you TeamAmerica, unless you are one of the elite, the warts are on your ass and you are paying the price for those warts.  Unless you are one of the elite that benefit from dollar debauchment.  In that case, suck a Koch.

packman's picture

Look around you, fool.  History is proving right before your eyes that one of the biggest methods of dividing a country is massive inflation.  Ron Paul is the biggest inflation hawk of all - bar none.  He's the best chance we've got at keeping the nation intact, long-term.

Chump's picture think not adopting fiscal austerity and sane monetary policy is going to help us "remain intact."

Good luck!  And stay the hell off my lawn zombie!

TeamAmerica's picture

All Your Lawn Zombie Are Belong To Us!

SheepDog-One's picture

Yea where is this great savior Ron Paul? Not even there? Preparing to do more obscure radio interviews today? What a fucking farce.

Oh regional Indian's picture

i agree completely.
Ron Paul = Red Herring

Cannot understand the deification of Mr. all talk no walk.
People idolize him for educating them. 30 + years with the same message.

A parrot could have done it better.


Dr. Richard Head's picture

All talk no walk?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Audit the Fed Bill ring a bell?  Unfortunately, Mr. Paul does not have dictatorial powers to ram through a law to require all congressman, the President, and the Judicial branch to follow that god-damned piece of paper (the Constitution).  Unfortunately people like you are part o' the problem as well.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Dr. Head, the greatest crash of all time unfolding before your very eyes ring a bell?

The concerted fed/CB/Bankster hatred with the Benbabwe himself leading the attack and having all his minions do the same? Gross's sudden getting of religion ring a bell?

The bill was introduced because it was a convenient time to do so. To think that Ron Paul, with his dynastic politics clear and his son's spinelessness in voting for Homeland Security showing a very interesting departure from promises;  is talking anything but the book is to be naive to how politics works.

30 years of mere bell ringing ring a bell?

Belltway insider ring a bell? Lindbergh (Sr. and Jr.) ring a bell? McFadden ring a bell? Trafficante ring a bell?

Sure Ron paul is ringing the bell.

With a cotton hammer it seems.


Confused's picture

I must say, that I'm quite surprised by your stance on Mr. Paul. Sure he hasn't had the effect that we would all like to see. But then again, he is one man, in the dragons lair. And 30 years of the same message.....seems that he sticks to his convictions. Integrity is lacking in his profession. So its nice to see someone who doesn't sway with the political breeze. 

Rick64's picture

  Agree, just the fact that he holds the same view and doesn't flip flop back and forth like the rest of the politicians says a lot. He has been consistent. Rand Paul isn't Ron Paul.

 The Audit the FED bill was introduced because it was a convenient time to do so?  Nonsense.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Confused, I'm just profoundly cynical of all of th elast centuries heroes, and Ron Paul si definitely a carry over.
And I mean Gandhi, King, Kennedy, Mandela...oprah? The whole lot of them. All puppets.

And by the way, in case you raised an eyebrow on Oprah, imagine what she could do if she told her breathless millions the truth about it all. hmmmm?

Sorry, none of these people cut the mustard for me.

XitSam's picture

Ron Paul is there. He had question right after Barney Frank, and before Maxine Waters. His question was how Bernanke defines the dollar. To which Bernanke replied that it was how much stuff people could buy (summarized). See transcript when it come out for exact wording.