Watch Former Fed Governor Fred "Napoleon Dynamite" Mishkin In Dire Need Of A Diaper Change

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Some time ago we penned a post, titled"Mishkin On Iceland: "Nothing Is F*#&ed Here Dude" which discussed the former Fed director's March 2006 analysis "Financial (IN)Stability In Iceland." Those interested in our original observations of Mishkin's horrendous analysis (of what proved to be the first bankrupt European country of the new century, but certainly not last) can find them at the original link. Yet continuing with the Duderino references, today, new shit has come to light, which once again confirms that not only is the Fed populated by the most intellectually incapable and corrupt people, but that anything coming out of Columbia University (and the Ivy League in general) is not worth the paper it is printed on. Watch the attached clip to see a former Fed director go from comfortable, to fidgety, to stuttering, to thoroughly discredited, to in dire need of diaper change, in under 2 minutes. Last but not least, here is the soundbite of the year: "You have faith in the central bank." No further comment necessary.


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The altar of central banks are littered with the blacked bones of countless millions who came to suckle and got cindered.

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Whats the source?

Where's the rest?

I feel like I'm 21 and only got to first base.

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Looks like this is a clip from the movie Inside Job, by filmmaker Charles Ferguson:

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Hubbard is a lying sack as well. In 2002, Stiglitz and the Orszags were paid by Fannie Mae to write a white paper (perforated and quilted for hind comfort). It wasn't disclosed at the time how much grease it took, but it puts the lie to this weasel's words. The Ivy League is the ultimate Gentlemen's Liars Club. They should be vigorously horse whipped.

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And the damning evidence is that Hubbard was on the shortlist for FOMC chair. Nonetheless, Mishkin has always looked like a weasel to me.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

...BUT his body-language instills much confidence.  TOTALLY believable. 

Typos on your CV???  Typos that just happen to change the fundamental meaning of the mistyped phrase?  Happens ALL THE TIME.


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...BUT his body-language instills much confidence.  TOTALLY believable.


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Drive Axle It is a looting operation, they know the game is over and are trying to get out without allowing the market to go down with sellers. If the market was allowed to go down with no buyers and people selling, then it would show without a doubt that nobody is investing but many of the insiders are selling.

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That's a NICE view you're showing me there, sweetums.

Tyler, are you taking about the Duder? As in, dude those aren't fucking Nazis, they're Nihilists man? ;)

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I just stuck my nose in Pladizow's picture

what R U suppose to B?  velospade what does that mean?

stuck your nose in a concentration camp, good lord how is that connected to anything relevant here.

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This fucking idiot, Krugman and Seigel are all tied for the lead in the race for the title of Biggest Douchebag of 2010.

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Oh yes, ZH awards - annual - replete with nominations (threads).

Special shame, for special people.

This really needs to happen.'s picture

oh  i can see clear_er right now.

B O B  and tyler sucking each other's man tits.

well that doesn't have anything to do with the word velo

now does it.

don't abuse words, especially beautiful words and meaning.

i been a member of fought club my wHOLE life, so there.

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JFC! Please go away and don't come back.  Your nonsensical posts hurt my head even though I just skip them.

Take a remedial English class or something.

Can someone point this person to a site for idiots?

Here's some beautiful words with a very clear meaning:  PISS OFF!'s picture

JFC! what's this? have i seen these in the past¿

don't B mean. remember. compassion better than/then vinegar.


JFC oh i see clear_er this afternoon. jes....fing......christ i am dumb. sorry. just takes a while longer for some. that's ok, when you figure it out yourself, more reward.

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No kidding, brother.

Its like someone crossed a markov-chain quote generator with an overheated graphics GPU (Just before it 'snowcrashes'). Seriously bizzare. Did the CAPTCHA bot break loose and gain sentience?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Did the CAPTCHA bot break loose and gain sentience?

Alan Turing says: 'Ask it to do a math problem that contains a negative integer with > 2 digits.'

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Everyone's yelling at you. I think I get what you're doing. Da Da esque.

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Looks like a "Dick with ears" to me. How be backtracts and looks nervous. this is what will be with Barry, Nancy, Harry, Dodd, Frank and all the fuckers soon enough


I just posted my comment and guess who shows up? Fuck'n Cramer.

I have not seen his fuck face all day. Now back again. I'm gonna punch

his face and break my computer monitor. This guy is a virus!

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Everytime I see Jim, I click on him - it's the ultimate FU - Zero Hedge gets paid because I clicked on the stupid fuck's picture with no intention of even reading whatever garbage he is spewing, much less sending any money his way

I have started clicking on ALL of the Zero Hedge advertising each time I visit the site - it feels good supporting Zero Hedge


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Will do.  Anything to transfer cash from Cramer to ZH is a good thing.

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love the commentary putbuyer.......thx many x for making me laugh........'s picture

How be backtracts and looks nervous. this is what will be with Barry, Nancy, Harry, Dodd, Frank and all the fuckers soon enough


Recall these fine moments in American history:

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Crockett, Go sell that left wing crap somewhere else. This site is for thinkers, not right or left bullshit propaganda. I can get that drooling idiot shit on youtube or on the MSM myself.

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I am on a Mac. I use ClickToFlash. It blocks all flash (including Cramer) unless I click on it. Makes my 5 year old mac perform like its brand new again! Highly recommended.

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Rat-fucking white collar gangsters with Ivy League degrees run the white G-7 right now. Nothing much to do besides try to make a little money front-running; and be ready to get out of the way when their virtual casino blows up. And it will.'s picture

nice B O D Y

knot, just kidding with the spelling!

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Can someone help me get these speedos off...I've cramped up.'s picture

fing lycra, take quinine pills for cramps.

my little s n o w   B A L L.

you know where l o t s of little mini speedos to B seen

C A N N E S , euro's.

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My God!  You want me to go away?  PLEASE, for the love of Christ, write out a fucking sentence that makes sense.  Just one.  Please.  Then I'll think about changing my avatar to something benign.'s picture

changing my avatar to something benign.

now that is funny. cause what your showing certainly isn't benign. your malignant.

my 2¢'s

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Chatty Kathy, are you in fourth grade?  Seriously, your grammar and sentence structure (and I use that phrase VERY loosely!) are remarkably bad.  In fact, I think that I have yet to see you write out one honest and coherent sentence.

I may not have the financial background and knowledge of many here on ZH, but at least I can compete in the realm of using the English language.  You clearly can compete in neither.  If I were you, I would be severely embarrassed.  Or is shame something that no longer has any pertinence to modern society?

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Somebody said, "their trading in this market is like dancing by the door".  I guess you have to be ready to exit very quickly when it starts to shake and crumble.

VeloSpade's picture

Dancing by the door won't save anyone either, especially when a collapse such as this occurs:

Watch closely at 30 second mark.  People need to exit the building now!


Close 2 the Edge's picture

Agreed.  I've really been wondering about those who think they can out run the HFT shit...

By the time it registers on their trading screen it will already be far, far too late to bail.


FEDbuster's picture

I am 70% short (SDS, TZA) and 30% cash, so I am ok with a crash.  Just want to be able to take my chips to the window and cash out.

VeloSpade's picture

You must have balls of steel for a short 2x and 3x beyond a holding period of any more than a few days.  The decay on either side could kill you.  Ever consider pair trading extreme divergence in TNA/TZA? or any other levered pairs?  It seems this would be an effective way to capture the decay difference....or something similar such as it may be...IDK.  Only problem is they are almost always at -1 correlation, so detecting extreme divergence is difficult since they can technically be exponential divergence....but I digress.

Close 2 the Edge's picture


I suppose as long as you are willing to lose whatever you have in it isn’t much worse than going to Vegas or playing the lottery – but it seems like from what you just said you are going to be able to “cash out your chips” at a point that is beneficial to you.  To me that is just a bet I’m not willing to take.


Have other assets that make money and are paid for – don’t like playing a rigged game, or playing in a game where actual risk is hidden in ways imposable to penetrate, so cashed out and have no plans on returning anytime soon, or maybe even ever.  Just seems to me that everyone always thinks they can outsmart the riggers, and then wonder what the hell happened when it all goes to hell – as if they didn’t know it was already well on its way to hell when they started playing...


scratch_and_sniff's picture

Ha ha, scum sucking parasite meltdown.

Hansel's picture

What happened to the rest of the interview?  It was just getting good!

FEDbuster's picture

He must have taken a bathroom break to dump his soiled underware in the trashcan and left for home comando.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

How dare the interviewer take something Mishkin wrote way back in March 2006 (for the blue collar wages of only $124,000) and ask him to explain his sources, reasoning and logic. I hope that impertinent bastard never works in this town again.

Mishkin I mean. One can hope, however hopeless that hope might be. 

RoRoTrader's picture

Actually I am surprised Miskin is that fucking stupid........I mean to allow the interviewer to put him in a corner like that and turn the questions into a literal self incriminating cross-examination, but wonders never cease.........I wonder how to extrapolate Miskin's stupidity over the rest of the FED........ not a bad day today, then.

Village Idiot's picture

I wonder how to extrapolate Miskin's stupidity over the rest of the FED........ not a bad day today, then.


Almost comforting - now that the thruth has been confirmed on camera.

Bartanist's picture

Mishkin's mother got him the job. You see a lot of that at the Fed, Wall Street and government.

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

Do central bankers have large talons?