Watch The Greek Parliamentary Debate And The Vote Of Confidence Live

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In a previous thread readers can watch what is happening on the square in front of the parliament, which for now is secondary and will likely be determined by the outcome of the G-Pap vote of confidence due in just over an hour. Readers who wish to watch the ongoing debate in the Greek parliament can do so at the following link. Currently Samaras, the leader of the opposition is speaking. The real fun should begin in about 40 minutes. After the vote passes successfully, we suggest you switch back to the outside camera.

The Al Jazeera stream is running a live translation:

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statlawyer's picture

following this drinking fine scotch while my short positions get the shit beat out of them on low volume...

hambone's picture

Knowing what is likely to happen is one thing, knowing when it may happen is another.

As one burned on shortz to another, I wish you the best but humbly suggest shorting any longer is the fastest way to make a small fortune (assuming you had a large fortune to begin with). 

WestVillageIdiot's picture

I got creamed for 3 years trying to short the markets.  Even when I knew I was right I would get crushed by some emergency Fed bull$hit or other.  Finally, I followed Einstein's advice and stopped doing the same thing over and over.  I removed the ability to trade options from my account.  I sleep better and feel better.  My alcohol consumption is still sky high but that has nothing to do with stress levels.

statlawyer's picture

yeah not sleeping well... drinking alot... but my pain threshold is pretty low... I think I'd tap out ~down 10% ish, and I've been 50% in cash anyway... backup plan invest long-term in good scotch, popular caliber PMs, and storable food

a_ext's picture

Got blown out on the short side as well. Should have seen it coming with that ridiculous Euro/USD rally monday, and 3 tepid days of growth for Bulls to consolidate their position on the SPX. Still shorting Financials and the EEM.


Cheesy Bastard's picture

I'll have one with ya, an Osama Bin Laden.  That's 2 shots and a splash of water.

mick's picture

I junked you because it's funny.  I'll use that one myself if you'll permit.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Don't you have to let the drink sit and age for 10 years before enjoying it?

equity_momo's picture

Yup , but we had OBL in an oak casket for the last 10 - hope it was sherry oak.

konputa's picture

The 10 year vintage has a less than refined, oily taste that ends with a bitter finish. It should be interesting to revisit this drink in 2020.

Cdad's picture

I shall be joining you in that effort.

Xibalba's picture

hang 'em, burn 'em, or skewer them all!

SRV - ES339's picture

If you're volunteering, could I suggest you start on Wall Street!

Xibalba's picture

one step at a time dear Jedi...start at the tentacles and work your way to the heart....

101 years and counting's picture

so, the choices are:

bend over and be raped by bankers and then be hung by the mob.

or.....tell the bankers to fuck off.

doesnt really seem like a tough choice to me.  isnt this why ben gave europe $750 billion?

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Don't bite the hands that feed you. Why else would they take sides against their countrymen?

disabledvet's picture

kinda glad i learned sign language myself as well.  Thank God for the American with Disabilities Act.  I must say they have the finest mustaches in Greece.

IdioTsincracY's picture

Right now Antonis Samara, the 'opposition' leader, is explaining why Greeks should let Banksters rape them ... 

lots of rhetoric and no substance ...

bye bye Greece!!

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Bobby Knight to the Greeks, "just lay back and enjoy". 

Too bad this is more like Jodie Foster on a pinball machine.

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

All this fuss over one little island... shows how bad the world economy is when there is so much concern over this little non-economy.

SheepDog-One's picture

The ONLY relevant economic situation in the world is 1 tiny island....just shows how completely insane it all is. 

Then what will it be tomorrow?

hambone's picture

Iceland?  Ireland?  Greece?  Japan? 

Which of these is bankrupt and isn't an island? 

If you are going to be bankrupt, which would you choose to enjoy your insovlency within?  Hint, the non-island w/ lotsa islands.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

"All this fuss over one little island"


How about Manhattan?  Talk about out of whack.  Just think what this little island has done to the world.

Dre4dwolf's picture

The Greek Eco is pretty much based on tourism, people overthere don't really spend all that much on consumption, its really tough overthere, people that work for govt positions like santiation etc... a good portion of them have been working for years and haven't seen a pay check in 6 months, but they keep working for free because they are afraid of lossing the job that they do have.


They selectively choose who to pay, pretty much you need to know someone in government to earn a paycheck for 60-70% of greece.

They got stuck with the Euro, which killed their tourism because of the horrible exchange rates, and then they lost their ability to print their way out of debts.


The only difference between the USA and Greece is that that USA can still Print its way out of a jam, and Greece has to rely on others to print (inflate the currancy) to pay off their obligations.


Its impossible for this system to work for greece, they need to leave the Euro and just default, once they can print their own money their economy will boom.


GeneMarchbanks's picture

it passes... bank fires in Athens commence... any takers?

PY-129-20's picture

Oh, come on. Nothing will happen. They are not French.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

The guy with the ouzo stand will make a fortune tonight.

Dre4dwolf's picture

Haha, if they pass it, I guarantee Riots, and burning buildings.


Hell the parlament building might not even be left standing when 50,000 people get pissed off right infront of it.

PY-129-20's picture

Just listen ten more minutes to this Papasmurfeo dude and I swear you'll start to cry for Greece, even the translator on ALJ sounds like he is crying like a little baby. Who in their right mind could start a riot after listening to this speech - they should run a Papashow before every possible riot as a form of preventing riots - he'll probably could end the Mexican drug war with such a speech - come on, if you don't vote in favour of the EU bailout plan, little babies will die in the streets and hookers will turn down GS employees...come would be apocalyptic. And I'll probably would really need to restart the old Panther tank to invade the ECB headquarter in Frankfurt...

PY-129-20's picture

See - just a bunch of pissed Greeks standing peacefully in front of their parliament and waving angrily their laser pointers. And I don't blame them for that. They just have to adapt.

But I agree with you on one thing - let them default, let them go out of the EU...

Eireann go Brach's picture

The markets sure are convinced this vote will be positive!

IdioTsincracY's picture

It will be ... just look at the debate ....

the usual dog and pony show!

treemagnet's picture

What'ya think the half-life of this latest charade is? week?

Deepskyy's picture

Depends... what horrible reality show is on tonight?


treemagnet's picture

I'm holding out for a show that makes skinny people really fat in a year.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Burbank and Studio City need more thinkers like you!

equity_momo's picture

Im waiting for a show that pays homeless people to rip out their own teeth or self mutilate. You know its just a matter of time. Jackass was just the warm up. 

That'll be my cue to move under a rock ive had my eye on.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

The view of a positive outcome depends on the perspective from where one stands. 

hambone's picture

No need, I no longer bother selling. 

If folks haven't figured it out by now, not sure they ever will.

hambone's picture

He'll vote against it the first time but then on the "real vote" he'll vote for it...Great meme he can then get into of he was against before he was for it.  Cake and eat it too.