Watch "Inside Job" - The Wall Street Horror Movie, For Free

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Courtesy of Open Culture, Inside Job, the scariest Wall Street "horror movie" ever produced can now be seen for free. Charles Ferguson's masterpiece is a must watch for anyone and everyone who has even a passing interest in the intersection of finance, economics, politics, corruption, crime, complacency and above all, the human inability to predict the future when the only driving force is pure greed. And as Open Culture notes, "Inside Job can be purchased on DVD at Amazon.
We all love free, but let’s remember that good projects cost real
money to develop, and they could use real financial support. So please
consider buying a copy." We can only hope that more commentators ilke Ferguson will step up and present the criminal events leading to the greatest economic and market crash since the Great Depression.

Open Culture's brief commentary is most appropriate:

Hopefully watching or buying this film won’t be a pointless act, even
though it can rightly feel that way. As Charles Ferguson reminded us
during his Oscar acceptance speech, we are three years beyond the Wall
Street crisis and taxpayers (you) got fleeced for billions. But still
not one Wall Street exec is facing criminal charges. Welcome to your

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Paging Dr. Steinfeld!

You think the radiation stories are hyperbole?

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for those who have problems watching the movie. You can officialy download it here:

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THUMBS DOWN!  The movie has no "teeth".  They are interviewing all the crooks...whattya expect them to say?

Get BILL BLACK on there and I might watch the entire thing.

Boring film which most americans will turn off after 15-20 minutes...guaranteed!

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Yeah that confirms what I already thought ... have seen a piece of the flick and turned it off after a few minutes and had forgotten about it.

And indeedy BILL BLACK is the real deal. Maybe better alternative:

The Warning Docu history of Brooksley Born's attempt to regulate OTC derivatives
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You're right.. No one should try to make a movie exposing our criminal financial system.. asshole..

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If it's anything like "The Heist" or "Money Never Sleeps"

then it trys to glorify/justify the crimes of the culprits. 

Wouldn't be surprise if they were funded by Wall St pr firms to brainwash the public.

If you actually want to learn something, go watch Bill Black.

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If this film told the real truth, it would not make it off of the cutting room floor.......ha ha ha

same ole same ole......

the sheep are restless. where is the beef?

the trouble with iceland is, its just too damn white. this is a problem for some.

so while the vikings slept............the enemy crept in

On a similar note, historically speaking, the Empire of Rome was doing pretty good until they invaded the middle east..Then came new "citizens" from the middle east with new ideas on banking and loans.....same ole same ole........when are these white folks going to smell the coffee??????

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At a screening and follow up panel with Charles Feguson last week.  He is articulate, angry and deeply concerned about wealth disparities, unfixed contributors to fin crisis, etc

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not to be inappropriate but that is pretty good

programming for cbs news.  it works and ....

i get it !  if they did all their news in that dialect

i would watch.  makes me nostalgic....


and this

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Have any of these people had medical procedures?

dogismyth's picture

don't ya know....they come from human/reptilian DNA.  They are not us, just pretending.  LOL.

And the earth is hollow.  Don't believe me?  Prove it otherwise!!

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all Judges talk gibberish, as do all lawyers as is the law and the entire judicial system itself... so one judge gets carted off to hospital talking insane crap, is this news???

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As far as the fight club goes

Where the fuck did Marla go?


Bob's picture

We couldn't see the destination placard, but in this universe she actually got on the bus, never to return. 

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-----  i guess that's why the world's capital is moving to china.

---If these banksters resided in beijing, they'd have been executed a while ago.  

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Jews don't like chop suey, not kosher.

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sure were / are a hell of a lot of jews in key financial positions as the shit went down. They are synonymous with fraud and banking crime.....always have been so this is not a surprise.

What is frightening is the key positions jews hold in US universities where they continue to poision young minds with this sick economic ideology.

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The answer is Sharia Banking. We will not only get the money under control but the women as well.

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I'm very serious-- Shariah banking run by the taliban would be far less dangerous to Americans than the current finanacial terrorists who are plundering this country  -protected by their media, crooked, worthless politicians, and far too many American sheeple with their heads buried far up their asses.

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when queen elizabeth ruled england she defeated the banksters...

her token prophet was Shakespeare

anyone read merchant of venice? he knew the troubles of interest banking.



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do you understand who Q of E (QE) is??  Her lineage???  Get a clue please

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I still trying to figure out what the hell shakespeare was saying.  Reads like chinese

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".... American sheeple with their heads buried far up their asses. "                       how DARE you insult my fellow Americans like that !     by the way, does anyone know  who got kicked off American Idol this week ? 

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".... American sheeple with their heads buried far up their asses. "                       how DARE you insult my fellow Americans like that !     by the way, does anyone know  who got kicked off American Idol this week ? 

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Shariah banking does not believe in "usery" .......... unlike the Anglo/American banking (fraud) model of gouging people for every last cent they can extract out of a person, like those 29% credit card rates or getting all our young people in debt up to their eyeballs or mortage fraud .     Something tells me that there aren't a lot of Jewish people in Shariah banking.    yes, junk me for the truth ........ please do .

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...also why prices are skyrocketing around the world.

Unintended consequences. Here's Peter Schiff on inflation and the toilet paper dollar:

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"the toilet paper dollar" couldn't thave said it better myself!

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What the fuck are we waiting for?

One sniper shot and one bullet well placed. That's it. No more of it.

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How little you understand!

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It is not a person. It is a system.

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100 oz of gold and consider it done. You name the person . 

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Inside Job is also here along with other mind blowing documentaries. I recommend Human Resources.

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I just watched Battle of Chernobyl on that website.  Everyone should watch it.

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The Corporation is a few years old, but it is a must see:

After that, for a thoughtful bit of comedic social activism, take a look at The Yes Men:  (unfortunately, I can find only the trailer to the first movie at youtube, though their second movie, TYM Fix The World is there.)  These guys are real world pranksters who took Dow's stock down an aggregate of several billion dollars in a single day . . . and their first movie deals extremely well with the IMF and WTO. 


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I have a book by the same title, but by a differant author, and about the OTHER Inside Job. Remember the S&L "crisis" from around twenty years ago? Same M.O. Same results {taxpayer bailout}. I have always thought the S&L scandel was a trial baloon for what has happend today. They figured if they could get away with it then on a smaller scale, they could just do it on a much grandeur scale a little later on. They were correct.

Joseph Jones's picture

Wrong!  Different result: President (rapist, mass murderer same as all presidents) Clinton imprisoned 1100 S&L criminals...this time, 1000x worse, none in prison.  

Savyindallas's picture

Yeah -but these were largely texas christian boys. The result was that all the big Texas banks failed and their assets taken over by the Big Boys in new york. Has anyone ever gone after the Wall Street crowd in a big way? Doesn't appear itt's going to happen this time. Obama is in their back pocket, as is most of Congress. American sheep have their heads buried up their asses.

Pepe's picture

Agree. and not done yet. They are coming for a third round

old naughty's picture

OMG, 2nd: 1000X1100=? [I am a CFA - can't fxxking add]

3rd: ??? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

Where will they put them? Perhaps help pour concrete in Fxk-u-island?

Will there be a 4th...

Savyindallas's picture

They also got away with the nasdaq bubble, 9/11, the war on iraq based on lies and phony WMDs - seriously, they believe they can get away with anything. I always thought that pushing partial birth abortion (something that would get you 10 years in jail if you did it to a dog) was just the elites f@cking with us. I am totally convinced that with their orwellian system of mind control, that in a six month campaign, they could have more than half the people believing it is perfectly acceptable to eat their young.

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Do you see how they deal people trying to clean shit up like Brooksley Born form the CFTC? And people think that Bart Chilton is on there side? Give me a fuckin break...

I will 2nd the fact that people need to spare some change and buy a hard copy.. Like Tyler said, we love some free shit, but when its "same team" you gotta ante up...