Watch Jean Claude Trichet Give Guidance On Future Rate Moves By The ECB Here

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The ECB rate decision (unchanged) has come and gone, and now everyone is focusing on the follow up conference at 2:30 CET (in less than 40 minutes), at which Jean Claude is expected to announce whether he will continue at the current rate of tightening with a June rate hike, or, since the global economy is once again contracting, will declare all those who called his rate hike decision idiotic, correct, and proceed to keep liquidity flat, if not loosen once again.

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Here we go with the council of foreign vampire relations again.

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the euro party seems over, time to go back long dollar and short euro so it seems.

how predictable. Both the titanic and the britanica are sinking at the same speed.


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Bullshit. Capital has been leaking from the dollar to the Euro. There has been deflation priced in Euro's in the US. This will continue. The ECB is waaay further ahead then the Fed.

King Euro.

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you're kidding right ? Too may soverign interests in the EU, Germany is about to tell everyone to p!ss up a rope

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euro already down 1% since I said it :)


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my fellow european, what do u guess  will the euro drop outpace the drop in price of silver or not? is it now time to buy silver for euros, or rather wait a little longer?

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Wil he, won't he?  Today, on Days of Our Fiat

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How many times will he say "appropriate" and also how many times will he dab his handkerchief on his mouth?

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Wash, rinse and repeat.

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My God- They ALL look like Vincent Price.

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O/T but what happened to ZH's search function?

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undermine your credibility. BAHAHAHA....its like an interview with a gambler before he wander over to the roulette wheel and whacks down your money on one number and crosses his fingers.

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he said he has a system so all is good...


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he made his speech 200m from where I sit writing...a historical speech?

how long does it take for the Euro to collapse?

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General Jim Sinclair got it totally wrong again.

Weak economy means collapsing gold, silver, and oil prices.

Looks like hyperdeflation starting today, with all commodities getting crushed.

Sinclair always leads his flock to destruction by cheerleading a market collapse, which means a collapse in commodities of all stripes.

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Gold $1,505, still a recent all time high, silver down due to paper being dumped in reaction to 84% hike in speculation charges, big deal has nothing to do with physical, oil (and food) will resume upwards march soon as dollar is crushed on QEinfinity its only a matter of time. BTW MomoFader hows the TZOO chart?

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+11111... Correct analysis...

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The fact is, they are not raising rates, above "true" inflation. Therefore, they are basically doing nothing. They don't have the stomachs to do what is needed. Hyperinflation is assured.

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There  was  stories  that  Jean  Claude  Trishet quit  his  job  2  days  ago...  is  he  still  in  charge...? ?

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Bubbles the cat (not verified) May 5, 2011 9:17 AM

Well whatever JC does/doesn't do, I feel certain it will be a considered/necessary measured/forceful reaction/response to foreseeable/unforeseeable conditions/circumstances to meet/address the changing/constant requirements/demands placed on whole/part of the economic body/bodies by an expanding/contracting global waistline (delete as appropriate - yeah....delete the lot).