Watch The Last Ever Endeavor Space Shuttle Take Off Ever

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One part of space history comes to a close. The shuttle will blast off from Kennedy Space Station any second. It will be Endeavour's 25th and last ever mission.


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Won;t be USA for much longer when China invade and destroy all the people.

HellFish's picture


This above might me the single stupidest comment even seen on ZH.

SheepDog-One's picture

Yea, until it becomes reality.

LowProfile's picture

Congratulations, you just took top spot.

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I'm sure if you asked anyone in 1931 what the odds were that a debt-riddled and depression-bound Germany would start a world war before the end of the decade, they would have said, "zero percent".

China is in a much better position today than Germany was in 1931. Don't rule anything out.

Broomer's picture

Why would anyone waste resources destroying America if they are doing it themselves?

Dental Floss Tycoon's picture


You forgot your meds again.

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We'll soon be able to buy souvenirs on Ebay again!

Pieces of the astronauts are quite valuable they say.


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This is the last US shuttle you'll see going into space for sometime I feel. The idea that the private sector is going to take up this role is a joke.


NASA was the one good piece of centrally planned Government that actually worked - mimicing the progress the Soviet space program made in the 60's.

Without contral planning man would never have got to the moon (conspiracies aside) - and would the world be a better place without knowing that we are one of the few (if not the only) creature alive to land on another mass in space?


Private companies will send rich men on jollies to orbit the earth for a few moments - they will never have the incentive to achieve the great things NASA has done in the past.

It's a sad day.

TheTmfreak's picture

I'm going to give the typical, but still reasonable argument against your statements.


A. The things "achieved" by going to space have/had the ability to be economical and therefore a solid investment for private interests. (Therefore the government stepped in where private interests could have existed)

Edit: Scientific patents/research is economical enough to justify development and investment. Also I think the "rich men jollies" is reasonable enough for people to invest in it. Once invested in that, I'm sure research and whatever "Great things" could be accomplished for as cheap, or cheaper.


B. There was no reasonable value achieved by going and the government wasted money and have assisted in the brainwashing of millions/billions into thinking of it as more than it is.  

I believe A. It seems to me that you contradictorally (edit: are forced to) believe in B. You say that central planning "actually worked this time" but then seemingly assume that the private sector would only act as a ferry for rich men. At the beginning of the space race how was it ANYTHING different? Oh, they weren't rich and weren't entreprenuers they were government clowns and the military. Thats greater?

In general your arguments for the achievements of central planning are extremely poor and in my opinion absolutely do not touch on "private sector couldn't do this."

jmc8888's picture

No, they're just cheap.

Our economy isn't about anything real, just fake.

Thus real investments for real outcomes is not necessary.

Of course in reality, it IS neccessary, so we're just fucking the cow out in the pasture on this one.  Without lube!

No money except for bailouts, because we have no Glass-Steagall

Thus Nero and his anti-science gang are closing it down. Because the fake economy is all that matters.

Without confronting the challenges of space and overcoming them, mankind will not be able to continue on it's present path. 

Obama wants to come to the last launch? Seriously he better bring security.  NASA people have gone psycho before (and likewise where an idiot owner goes to a plant he's about to shutter), and here he is, about to end manned space flight by the U.S. and basically have NASA shuttered (yes rovers don't count), and it doesn't occur to him that someone might get pissed off at him?

Private sector is a fucking joke with space.  Besides do we really want to have space all about the Federal Reserve Note?  Only NASA can lead the way, not idiot Richard Branson and his little plastic toy from a 1930's Buck Rogers serial (that 50 years after manned space flight, can only take people to suborbit).

Please hold your applause, because that's no NASA Saturn V (SUV), that's a Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two (Electric Scooter).

Forget about any scientific progress, which of course means no significant progress in what ails mankind.  Which means the pressure placed upon man increases, meaning (in effect) all hell will break loose. 

Lack of Resources? Should of funded Nasa

Lack of Energy? Should of funded Nasa

Radiation? Should of funded Nasa

Need stronger materials? Should of funded Nasa

The list goes on and on and on.  That tap, is over.

Thanks Bush, Big Ben, Queen of England, your syphilitic infected bankster monetarism, and Barack 'the limp chicken cock' NerObama. 

Who should be at the lead of a Manhattan project involving fusion? That's right, NASA.  But look we can't add that to NASA's other duties.  Instead we have to strip everything away from NASA, at a time when we need it most.

NASA is more important to the human race now than it was to the U.S. versus Russia in cold war terms, in the '60's.

We didn't need NASA then to survive.

We do NEED Nasa NOW to survive.

Good thing it's history, and those few billion saved will allow another auction or two to occur to pay back fraud which can never be fully paid off.  Oh yes destroy another 'real' thing for fraudulent, fake, debt that can be wiped away from existence at any time.

Glass-Steagall, and lets celebrate the last fraudulent debt payment, rather than the last manned launch(es) of Nasa.

Don't think the two are connected? In a previous life you must have been a tobacco executive.  Which is also the type of spin we are getting about the space program, and how we don't need it, or this or that.  Grade A Bullshit, spouted by your neigborhood chapter of the Ministry of Truth.

Nasa or die.

Glass-Steagall or die.

No other alternative.

TheTmfreak's picture

Troll much?

I love the nonsensical of this post. "I should consult my ministry of truth" eh? As one is arguing for more government monies and control...

PrintingPress's picture

Get yourself a tissue and quit crying.   Private companies are the next phase in space and are capable of getting us to the space station.   When you mention space rides for rich people you're referring to Richard Bransons space program. 


Central planning?  What a moron. 

TheTmfreak's picture

Yeah no kidding. If he is so sad about it and think its such a "great thing" why doesn't he just start up his own private comp..... never mind. I guess there is no value in great things?

GoinFawr's picture

Space travel: yet another awesome example of the public purse laying all the expensive groundwork soon to be followed by the private sector appropriating state sponsored innovation for pennies on the dollar (or less), with the largest benefits going to the uber wealthy; yay!

`Free for those who can afford it; very expensive for those who cannot`

Surrounded by Rubes.

Drag Racer's picture

tell me about it. I got scolded for slapping the side of a Saturn V before it launched...

CPL's picture

Me too, NASA was the reason I became an Engineer....sigh...looks like that's done.

augie's picture

can't wait till we don't even need spaceships.

digalert's picture

We don't, thanks to Barama. From now on we'll be hitchin rides with the Ruskies...if they let us tag along.

Real Estate Geek's picture

We didn't need the shuttle. It was made to construct and then support the space station, which was made to provide a destination for the shuttle.  The station wasn't put in an efficient logical orbit for science; it was put in a useless shit orbit solely for political reasons.

Except for a couple of high profile missions (e.g. Hubble repair),  the shuttle didn't do anything that a Saturn couldn't have done better.  (And without pissing away all of the money on the shuttle & space station, they could have afforded to replace the Hubble instead of repairing it.)

We should have gone to Mars.

achmachat's picture

the pinnacle of technology!

developed in the 1970s!

remember when the US were the Great Nation?

oogs66's picture

People used to fail in America.  The competition made it great.  Now no one fails, so there is no great success.  So many people keep talking about having another 'sputnik' moment, or how we will recover from the recession, because we have done it before.  Well guess what, it was done through hard work, not on the types of policies we are now engaged in.

ibjamming's picture

Bravo!  Someone get's it!

In order to have "everyone equal", we've condemned ourselves to a slow death.  So, thank the women, the blacks, the browns for our demise...  "Civil rights" destroyed us!

MilleniumJane's picture

You've gotta be!

Go back to your cave in North Idaho and curl up with a cup of chamomile and Mein Kampf you jackass.

ibjamming's picture

Let's COMPARE the quality of life in N Idaho...with that of...oh, say Newark?  East LA?  Oakland?  WATTS?  Harlem?


Blacks/brows suck...and everywhere they congregate sucks!  I'm waiting for the "rapture" to take them all away!  Everywhere I go is nice until the blacks/browns show up...then it goes to shit!


Women should be a home, raising their own children...not pawning their "education" off on Rosalita, the illiterate, illegal, Mexican.  All for what?  Another SUV, a bigger TV, another iphone?


Civil rights destroyed this country...



Hephasteus's picture

Ahh fuck you. I like black and brown people and if you start kkking them I'll shoot ya in the dick.

Dan The Man's picture

everyone started with nothing...and got nothing unless you earned it.  now, people are born with so many entitlements.  being handed stuff just gets in your blood after a while.  

that's why i don't want/need anything from my gov't.  they're all just in the way.

snowball777's picture

You mean when taxes (and hippies) were high, GIs could actually go to school after serving, and we had yet to destroy the labor unions?


Manthong's picture

Another first for Obama.. the first time since the US became capable of manned space flight that the US became incapable of putting a man in space.

MilleniumJane's picture

I agree that this is such a sad day in our history.  I remember getting up early and watching the launches before school in the early eighties.  The USA seemed able to accomplish anything and my eight-year-old mind marveled at the possibilities.   

ibjamming's picture

You again?

The GREAT things all happened BEFORE "civil rights" came about and destroyed everything that was great about this country.  Think about it...  What NEW technology has been invented since the 60s?  None.  You can't count the internet was "invented" long before it became popular with the citizens.


When you have quotas...everything just goes to shit.  And quotas were developed to give women and blacks/brows an "equal chance"...God forbid they actually WORK to get what they want.  But you see...women and blacks/browns only know how to be leeches.  Women suck off of men's productivity...and so do the blacks/browns.


Where would "single mothers" be without welfare?  Without MEN paying their way?  Blacks/browns are easier to see...look a Somalia for an example of "blacks running their own lives".


White MEN brought you the space program...women and blacks/browns took it away as the cost of supporting them all drug us into the gutter.  Sometimes a people ARE to blame for a countries downfall.

Long-John-Silver's picture

It's a good thing the Russians provide Taxi service to orbit.

Putty's picture

I still think it's cool to watch.

JimBobOMG's picture

When is the launch?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Seven minutes ago and counting.

Dan The Man's picture

too damn many NASA speculators out there, making space travel too expensive for us porrer nations.  we should do something about that.

dwdollar's picture

NASA's primary mission is now the study of climate change!

HellFish's picture


Don't forget muslim outreach too.

Transformer's picture

But of course, they're pretty good at making hoaxes look good.

ZackAttack's picture

The shuttle takeoff appears ponderously slow when you see them on camera, but when you're out there observing from the island 12 miles away, once it clears the gantry, it's like God's own bottle rocket.

Nate Taggart's picture

It was a nice one this morning.  Good view from the pier.

ZackAttack's picture

I don't think there's any construal under which it could be said to have lived up to its promise - of providing a cheap, reusable transit to space.

What was the highlight of the program? Repairing Hubble?

In the meantime, we have the unmanned MRO mapping Mars to the pixel and placed a pair of rovers there, landed Cassini on Titan, propelled Stardust with an ion engine to a comet, orbited Ulysses around the sun, put Galileo in orbit around Jupiter, put the Kepler space telescope in orbit to search for earthlike worlds...


Oh regional Indian's picture

Such an egrigous display of all the wrong things with tech-no-logical advancement.

All wrong, explosive, dangerous. And look at us in space. In huge suits, clumsy, withering.

Can't fix what's here, let's take it to Mars. 

i'll call Humbug on this one. It represents the huge failure, not in the technology itself but the direction that it has taken.

Plus, NASA has hidden more than it has revealed. 


speedy's picture

And what exactly has NASA hidden?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Start here speedy:

Then do some digging around on that site. Branch out, like the Dravidians.

What you find might blow yer mind. Or not.

I'll say it again though, NASA is not for/of or by the people. And hides far more than it reveals.