Watch Obama Discuss America's Energy Security Live

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"that is money that will have to be recycled back into US bonds so it is bullish."

unless that money is used by the governments to bribe their people from rioting.

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does a ZH login work with the White House chat feature / facebook page? Does the NSA participate in the discussions or do they just monitor them?


not to worry I just checked better privacy and via this zerohedge page (I didn't click anything ) just dropped an LSO on my computer (that's a super  or flash cookie for those who don't monitor these things and they are/can be  deposited by Adobe Flash Player which is the player via the White House that Tyler embedded for our viewing pleasure)


more on LSOs

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speaking of that, when is ZH going to do a story about this:

Pretty amazing story.  Especially this part:

It was also revealed that HBGary Federal was contracted by the U.S. government to develop astroturfing software which could create an "army" of multiple fake social media profiles to manipulate and sway public opinion on controversial issues. This software could also scan for people with points of view the powers-that-be didn't like and then have the "fake" profiles attempt to discredit those "real" people.

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This is brilliant, after watching these 9 slides post your chances of Obama's capability for reducing dependance on foreign oil

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What a load of crap. I don't buy that.

but sometimes I am amazed by the speed some people can read a article over here and post a comment 1 minutes after the post appears...

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Who do you think brings all the ad revenues to ZH?

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ZH covered the HBGary story a couple of weeks ago, when Anonymous was thumping it's chest saying it was going to "bring down" BAC.


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I heard ZH was one of the first pilots of this to help drive up the price of silver

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what it means is that every single person who opened this ZH article, which contains the embedded video player courtesty of the WH now has a WH flash cookie on their computer that they cannot delete unless they go to the Adobe site or use firefox with better privacy

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In Linux do the following:

ln --symbolic /home/myAccount/.macromedia /dev/null


No more invisible Adobe ™ flash cookies to worry about!

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$10 bet that today Obama will bring up natural gas to fuel our cars. All gas stations to be be converted to natural gas.

GM to make the cars run on natural gas.  This has been in the works for a while. But it's the 3rd piece of Obama's agenda.

1. Fianance Reform Fraud.  Check

2. Healthcare reform fraud. Check

3. Energy/Global warming fraud. (Today)

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"that is money that will have to be recycled back into US bonds so it is bullish"

that is money that will have to be recycled back into US armaments so it is bullish

There, fixed it for you, TD. 

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Obama discuss?  You mean he'll be facilitating a text-to-speech translation for his teleprompter.

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if only we could see the face behind the hand, that moves his mouth..

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Please note my avatar to see the Man behind the Sok.

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BTFD. If that doesn't work, BTFR.


Thank you.


Now fuck off.

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domestic oil going to be ramped up? thats bullish coming gold ratio.....

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Brazil is not a State in the United States of America. I can understand his confusion on this matter after hearing him comment about the 57 States..........

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Deep thoughts by Patrick the Painter

I think the concept of a unified New World Order will make geography classes for children all around the world much easier!

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I'll kiss a monkeys arse when i see these Green Monkeys allow sensible policies at home.

If we were to vigorously start REALLY drilling, tapping, and converting to Nat Gas/Gasoline vehicles( get Ethanol back into Corn,on the table and feed lots), it would lower the food prices a lot, and  OPEC prices a lot.

They do not want us energy independent,if we were their ass would be grass.

Bombs away.

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Nikkei Futures

Radiation? What radiation?


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No. He has nothing to say I want to hear.

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Damn puppet,semi pro Golfer, and 24/7/260 day a year vacationer.He should go on the Tour, he would do far better there than playing POTUS.

Although he DOES play one on T.V.

They should name a new T V series after him.

"As the World Burns".

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He has mastered the 'pregnant pause', however.

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He has nothing to say I want to hear.

Exactly!  I didn't watch his speech on TV the other night and I didn't bother to listen to this either.  (I actually turned off the sound on this page, really only came to read the comments.)   I can't believe anything he says anymore and watching/listening to him only reinforces that opinion.  And, this really makes me sad that I can't believe my President any more than I believe TEPCO, or BP, or GE.


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Will be interesting what Obama says.

Latest comments from Rick Rule on uranium and energy. Says nuclear power can't go away but could be some good buying opportunities in uranium over the next year. Also see's oil going much higher.

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Will be, is interesting that some of you think that these are Obama's words.

That's funny.  What's even more funny, is that policy has already been decided before Obama came to WH.

It's not like Obama sat around with some speech writers drafting ideas from Obama's noggin.

Policy is decided years in advance and it is bipartisan.  After they calculate who the public will vote for as President, they make sure he whens.

The Presidents job is to sell, resell this agenda already drafted up by the globalists.

The better the liar, the better the salesmen, or in this case, the lawyer. 

By that measure Obama has to be one the greatest Presidents America has ever had.

In addition to his Nobel Peace Prize, he should be awarded a Golden Globe, acting award.

Yes and we can call it, "As the World Burns."

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Free puppys and Ice cream for all

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His Puppies go up and bite and his ice cream has Japanese radiation.

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I wonder if he will announce the fact that two thirds of the oil leases in the Gulf of Mexico...are idle?  Ya think he'll say that?  Or do you think he will speak like the biggest oil discovery freak on the planet?  

Hmmmmm?  Truth?  Lie?  That's a tough call...

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He's going to issue an executive order to override the laws of thermodynamics. 

What a stud.

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...He's also gonna require that we all fart in government issued cups and bring them to local methane recycling centers, funded by new BABonds...Should be able to knock off 2% of America's energy requirements

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Quickly, where can I find one of those cups?




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they would have to tie me to a chair and tape my eyes open like the sob in Clockwork Orange to make me watch another Obama presser

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By limiting speculation in oil to those who would have to take physical delivery, oil would fall to $25 a barrel.

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It would be even easier to just raise the margin call's to 100% and to lock them there.

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Are you being distracted? 


PSEG Power's William Levis speaking now on C-SPAN3 on Japan nuclear crisis: 


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LOL waste of air. another speech. he s for "creating jobs" and reducing the deficit.

when you are a black liberal president you dont have to accomplish anything - just give a speeech and MSM will clap like seals

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Really this is getting ridiculous.  Two weeks ago I was ready to send in another 50 spot for my donation, and then I began to think about all the irrelevance or incessant repetition in too many of Tylers posts.

This POTUS holds no interest at all for me.  His utterances for national consumption either total fabrication, toothless, and impotent.

Until you have some real knowledge to pass on, gleaned from flies on the wall of the Oral Office, or genuine information, the truth, why bother?

All you are doing is acting as another agent of the propaganda machine.


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You won't think Obama is so toothless when your real net worth is cut and half, everything that matters is more expensive and you can't take a crap without a permit.

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with the exception of the "taking a crap without a permit"...I'm already there.  I have to imagine that most americans are already there too....

My plan is to crap in gatoraide bottles, and wrap them in concealing newspaper and toss them in McD's dumpsters.  I should therefore avoid crapping licensing, fees, and permit registrations, while at the same time inflicting regulatory noncompliance with a major corporation.  It will take an awful lot of expensive genetic testing to figure out that it is me, and yet I can still claim that I had to crap in that gatoraide bottle at the McDons because at the moment their restrooms were full and/or inoperable and/or being cleaned by somebody of the opposite sex who can't or won't speak English. 

According to Obama's speech (above) it is clear that my plan is in line with, and supportive of his goals and therefore should be implimented by all patriotic americans.  Isn't life in AmeriCon great? 

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I'm sorry but you're out of compliance and will be assessed accordingly.

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Look at Europe.

Just passed a law banning all gas burning cars in Europe by 2050. 

That's pretty fucking bold. I guess its easy to pass laws that have deadlines 40 years out.

Maybe the US should pass a law that by 2080, everyone will have to spend time up in space station as service to the country?

Or lets pass a law that moves the decimal point on the federal debt, 4 spaces to the left. That way when dont have to increase the debt ceiling. Then in 2050, when can move the decimal point back to it's original spot.

What do you say Geithner?

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Keep your eye on the ball, which is the Senior Committee members of Congress.  Men and women who only a tenth of the time or less get on TV to lie.

The place to keep watch is where ALL  the power is: In the Senate, then the House, then the Supremes.

All of which are intentionally more difficult to see in operation, along with the impossible until it's too late, what the Lobbyists from K street are doing behind the scenes.  The POTUS has some power to wage wars, but anything else he is impotent to do anything about.

Who are the Senior Committee members??  Do you know??  It's 5 minutes to midnight, do you know where your Senior Committee members are??


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No thanks, Id rather have someone shoot blowgun darts into my eyeballs than watch this clown.

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+1... blowgun darts are much less painful than watching or listening to Politburo Chief Obama wax on about his 5-year plans


As I always say... Better dead than red !




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he's promising to do what RICHARD NIXON, GERALD FORD, JIMMY CARTER, RONALD REAGAN, GEORGE BUSH SR., BILL CLINTON, and GEORGE W. BUSH couldn't do... this is so exciting, i love hope and change!!!

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I'm guessing his FBI/CIA code name is "Neocon Trojan Horse"