Watch As O'Bama Goes To An Irish Pub For A Pint Of Guinness (And As His Car Breaks Down While Leaving US Embassy)

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Are those pics for real??



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Folks, remember Barack claims that his uncle was one of the first Americans to liberate Auschwitz...   you can google it and youtube it. We all know it was the Soviets that liberated Auschwitz, so guess Obama's uncle was both in the Soviet Red Army and in the US Army simultaneously. WOW!

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And that was back when there were only 55 states.

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Ha ha ha, ha HAAAAAH!

Like a throwaway comment and yet . . . consider it, friends, Obama (if that's his real name) doesn't even know how many states there are.

Registered in an Indonesian school under the name "Barry Soetoro" with religion given as "Islam," and yet we're meant to believe he's a Protestant named Barack Obama . . . jumping great jehosephats, nothing matches, not the first name, not the last, not the professed religion, and so there's FAR, FAR more than a birth certificate at stake here. No one knows who this man is.

Utterly, evidently fraudelent, but a CIA-diaper baby groomed for all of this from his babyhood.

If you voted for Obama, you voted for fascism--full stop, period, end of story, everything sorted.



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The liberation of Auschwitz occurred in two phases.  The first liberation took place January 27, 1945, and the Soviet army was responsible.  The second liberation took place at Bergen-Belsen, due to an attempt on the part of the prisoners to get to the non-soviet allies, in April, and the British army was in charge of that.  There were plenty of observers from all of the allied armies at both liberation's.  What he, Obama,  says might well be true.

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The bitch of Belsen was the woman the Obama 'foreskin' nailed to the lamp shade. That's why every lamp bulb pays homage to the darker shade of purple Hawiian rain. Its now a 'great generation' tradition to raise your glass to the man that nailed the hide of that bitch. "You're the man...of yes we can!" Like your forefather of foreskin. (Not the one who was sheared like a kenyan goat). Not that I have anything against goats or kenyans. Just saying, as there are noble traditions and clean shaven dikks everywhere. The leader of the free world is scheduled to liberate the G8 on the D-day of global devaluation, in-spite of the ire of the Icelandic gods.

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My Grandfather fought in the Polish army against the Germans. He got seriously wounded by a grenade and the doctors put a paper plate in his head.

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and at the same time his uncle also served in the Kamikaze, if you wonder.

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Dear Euronzone,

Please keep them.

Kindest Regards,



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Dear Amerika,


Please take back your coffee version of GW Bush. It clashes with the furniture and frightens the children. 


Yours sincerely,


*Will gladly pay postage and packing.

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 Think he's decaf or maybe N/A beer. No matter how much you drink, you don't feel any better.

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There couldn't possibly be a president more representative of the hypocrisy that is today's USofA.

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The only difference between Obama and Osama is BS.

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yes, puke again, and again, and again........again

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They should kick him out of the country for allowing his banksters buddies to still be able to walk free while the Irish poor and pensioners have to suffer

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the irish have been brain washed into cultural marxism as they watch their country destroyed by non white immigration and this is done on purpose to destroy the pure white culture that was ireland at one time. so now they greet this idiot we call a president and think that his color is politically correct because this is what they have been taught most of their lives and that is to hate themselves because they are white.........

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Destroy the "pure white" culture? The irish are cheering OB because it's politically correct? Hate ourselves because we are white? Man, crawl back into your fucking dirty hole and choke, you're an inbred clown that has been pumped full of nonsense you dont understand.

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Unfortunately, he has lots of company in the increasingly fringe element in ZH community... it's beginning to get more tedious each day to sift through the hate for those few gems of constructive wisdom... too bad.

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Many of them are professional trolls, quite literally paid to post stupid comments with the intent to discredit the site and its articles.

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Do you have links to any proof of this... I'd be very interested to see them (ZH always had an an aggressive angle, with a full spectrim of views, but this stuff is like suffering through an hour of the Rush Limbaugh... ouch)... thanks!

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Dude, I'm gonna post the links just as soon as I get my tinfoil hat sorted. Mom hid it on me again.


One day I'm gonna listen to the voices in my head and fix her little red wagon for sure*


*That means kill her

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Boys and girls, we have a new contestant!

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Is '"troll" a racist term, comrade?

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Any element opposing the Communist party is a "fringe element," comrade.

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You're so PC Mr. Sniffy.

Don't get bitchy.

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ah yes, political correctness. when they hear things that make their ears itchy, then they start slinging the arrows. but i stand by every word of my comment. i mean, look at what is happening all over europe. sure, i may have woke up late in life on all of this. but better late than ever. in the final determination , we must face something that our fathers of long ago always knew instinctively. you dance with who brought ya.  in order for ireland and england and europe to survive they must do two things.  they must control the jewish bankers who are wreaking havoc in their prospective countries, just like they are here and, 2. they must make all non white non indigenous peoples go back to their prospective countries of origin. ireland, england , france, germany, holland, denmark, sweden and etc etc are the nations of white peoples. these words i speak are to some angry and racist and cannot ever be spoken. but , i will speak them now because on this monday morning, this is the way i feel, seeing that disgusting creature over in ireland and like the good little stupid slaves they are, the irish, coming up to this idiot and waving at him , without thinking, of days gone by and they never stop to think why they are in the predicament they are, to my celtic friends i say this, remember your heritage and prepare for total war, or die.......

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That's "respective countries of origin"....


Otherwise, +1.  A lot of the ZH would-be cognoscenti are a bit behind the curve in figuring out how matters stand these days, and how they got that way.

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How matters stand? So, you think that mixing race is a bad thing, thats what you are agreeing with here? And that powers lurking in the shawdows are purposefully diluting the white race to make it less potent etc, so they can overcome us with money slavery? Diluting the Irish race to make it less potent with black people, is what you say? The jews are behind it perhaps? Are they diluting the American race(what ever that is) to make it less potent? Yes, african's were brought to America to dilute your race. You tell me how matters stand fuckwit, i'm dying to know about this curve you speak of. Get me inside the mind of a genius and explain to me how you have everything in its right place. I'm in the mood for a belly laugh or two.

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well, look at banking and media...tell me what you see.

Look at "civil rights" and tell me who's behind it. 

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Civil rights where trav? Syria, west Africa, Northern Ireland etc.. are the Jewish are behind all civil rights movements? Wow, they have really got they’re shit together.

Tell me what you mean, I’m not sure I understand you?

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We don't have to stick to absolutes, now do we? And since we are so tolerant of other viewpoints we can bring up all kinds of stuff, no? Lets play a little game: Fact or Fiction?:

Judea Declares War On Germany (1933)

Eugenics was quite popular before WWII

MLK Jr. was a Republican, like most blacks

Hitler nominated for Nobel Prize the year Poland was invaded.

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 What does race have to do with controlling the bankers? BTW some of the whitest people in America were the banker's pawns.

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I get it: Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White Countries for everybody.

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As a white-skinned Celt (Scottish, Irish ancestry) I can only say: c'mon over here, walk into any pub or stand on any street corner and try spreading your racist filth. You'll get your fucking face smashed in, you stupid, ignorant cunt.

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And you're a nasty little racist. What's your point, you fucking clown shoe?

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And you're a nasty little racist. What's your point, you fucking clown shoe?

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Wow you're a tough guy. I guess if you don't agree with another's opinions you just fight them? Real fascist of you, don't you think? I guess we just physically SILENCE people now.