Watch The Teleprompter's Update On The "Status Of Efforts To Find A Balanced Approach To Deficit Reduction"

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This is getting bad. The market, like the good Pavlov dog it is, will start associating the president's now daily appearance with market plunges. Oh well. Some comedy relief nonetheless for those (the majority) that is not watching the Tiger address at the same time.


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oh boy, this is looking like a really bad day

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I loved it when he said:

"The average American is not concerned with the ins and outs of every Treasury auction, nor should they be.  That's what we're paid for."




In other words, "don't watch our ponzinomics at work.  We need to keep this ponzi going, so lets raise this debt ceiling and continue the idiocy of running a fake economy, based on nothing material, just shifting ledger amounts to falsify activity."



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Unconscionable, I had to turn it off. It's such a beautiful day today why spoil it? 

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Im just so happy, i dont have to pay for my gas anymore, I dont have to pay for my food or my house anymore, If i vote for him and help him out, hes going to help me.

where does obama get his money

"his stash, obama stash, O-BAM-A!

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no shit! Hey don't pay attention to what the hell is going on peons.

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Hell, they don't pay any attention what's going on either.

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no shit! Hey don't pay attention to what the hell is going on peons.

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Enjoying watching this sequence of visuals & music with the background musings of the Great leader.


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What's the over/under on how late Obama will be for his 11 AM conference?

I say 13 minutes. If he played a round of golf this morning, 22 minutes.

augie's picture

Is that the amount of time the focus groups have determined as affecting the greatest appearance of importance? We certainly cannot afford to have any of the men behind the curtain (or in this case teleprompter) revealed at such an important time lol. 

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Christ, even my proctologist isn't running this late by 11AM.

And he's up to his elbows in assholes.

augie's picture

i am speaking from ignorance here as i have no need of a proctologist yet, but from what i have heard, the doctor is only suppose to use one finger, the whole arm seems a bit excessive. Perhaps it's time for a new doctor? 

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I'm an American. So the Hershey highway has been steadily widened by the Fed since 1913. You do the math. :)

augie's picture

lol touché my good man, touché. 

Whatta's picture

ewww. How am I supposed to eat my fudgsicle now? Thanks a lot.

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You can imaine my surprise as I was told it would be a digital examination.

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where is the bunghole in chief?


i'll take 47 minutes on the over

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11 + 2 minute warning = 13.

Wow, I'm impressed.

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MobaMa ..... President for life....

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Perfect fucking line man.  13 minutes....what do you know?!?!?!  ANSWER ME!!!! haha

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I could see him not showing up at all.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I was a bookie during my tender youth. I make made money off the vig so I know how to set the spread and work the over/under.

BTW now I'm a broker. Same thing. :)

Blano's picture

Lol slipping the past tense in there.  : )

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

My lawyer has access to my ZH account and makes 'improvements' as she sees fit.

dark pools of soros's picture

lol    can't wait till you are writing for the teleprompter for Tyler's prez run

trentusa's picture

Eddie Murphy in Trading Places: ya'll sound like a coupla bookies to me, so how do we make selves rich while putting them in poorhouse @ same? That is the question, 2b or not2b, to suffer the slings & arrows of an outrageous fortune, or-

ThirdCoastSurfer's picture

There's also Eddie Murphy in "The Distinguished Gentleman" that so perfectly exemplifies politics. 

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Bottom line is... Y'all can go back to your jobs now... Nothing to see here... This isn't the BIG ONE... Weezy (er-um-'Elizabeth')

Stanley Lord's picture

Tender youth? You can not write!!! Who uses "tender" to describe youth? The only thing tender is your penis after the beatings it must suffer.

Your postings are childish if you have to include silly pictures to make a point.

Plus you lie about being a bookie.

trentusa's picture

good one, CG. U'n Tyler keep it up. Its working. Smthng def happening.

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Did you enjoy the gold smackdown just before 11am? How obvious.

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Check what was done to silver.

Blano's picture

Yeah what happened??

DeadFred's picture

it held at the 20 dma. a good sign I think.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

PWGoFM needed a cash position to buy the bottom of equities when Dow hits 11,900.

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JPM, HSBC,, doing their share God's work (Goldman's in other lines) ensuring that when He The Anointed Speaks, All Markets Must Follow (as in orders, just part of the Perceptions Management effort)
The Dollar and Treasuries Must Rally (America is good and on the right track, for He Shows Us The Way of Righteousness) stocks must fall (see what will befall us if it's Not Done According to Plan.)

Not too complex by my book....

nope-1004's picture

No kidding.  Look at silver, even more obvious.  This government is extremely desperate.

Glad I own something that is in direct conflict with, and goes agains, their policy actions.  They obviously can't have gold and silver break out and, since we all know governments are totally incompetent, they will try until total failure.


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Noise, noise, noise. 


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Obama to announce that Tiger Wood's is retiring?

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And maybe taking Timmay's place at Treasury??

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Tiger would excel at the SEC from what I have heard.

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I came here for the Tiger Woods interview... Must be in the wrong room...

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1550 is a bitch...