Watch Tim Geithner Spell Out GSE Reform Live And Commercial-Free

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At 10:00 AM Tim Geithner will take the podium to pretend he has some clue of how to reform the GSEs (which is funny, because he doesn't). Those who want to watch Geithner live and commercial free can do so here. As we posted yesterday, here is a copy of Tim Geithner's prepared remarks.

Below is the full list of participants at today's hearing before the House Committee on Financial Services chaired by the one, the only Barney Frank.

Panel One:

Panel Two:

  • Ms. Sarah Rosen Wartell, Executive Vice President, Center for American Progress
  • Mr. Michael Berman, President and Chief Executive Officer, CWCapital, on behalf of Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Mr. Mark A. Calabria, Ph.D., Director, Financial Regulation Studies, Cato Institute
  • Mr. Vincent O’Donnell, Vice President, Affordable Housing Preservation Initiative, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • Mr. Robert E. DeWitt, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Vice Chairman, GID Investment Advisers LLC, on behalf of National Multi-Housing Council
  • Ms. Janis Bowdler, Deputy Director, Wealth-Building Policy Project, National Council of La Raza
  • Mr. Anthony Sanders, Distinguished Professor of Real Estate Finance, School of Management, George Mason University
  • Mr. Vince Malta, Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs, National Association of Realtors

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assumptionblindness's picture

All I see are clowns, actors, and petty children fighting over a Tonka truck in the congressional sand box.  "No fair", "Mine", and "Your a butt head" was heard several times throughout the proceedings.  Can we please find some ADULTS who can DO SOMETHING MATURE.

Oh God, here comes Maxine...

Cistercian's picture

 I watched for awhile.timmay is a scumbag.

 I stopped watching when I realized a root canal was more fun...without anesthesia.

Rusty_Shackleford's picture


The more I see Timmay speak, the more I am convinced he is simply a sociopath.

(Bawney Fwank too)

lins216's picture

Thank you Ron Paul!!!!!

BlackBeard's picture

Don't bother, waste of time.  Search Youtube for highlights of unbought reps giving him the 3rd degree.

greased up deaf guy's picture

it seems as though the term "honorable" is being used quite loosely here.

mark456's picture

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