Watch World Bank President Robert Zoellick Discuss The Future Of The Monetary System Live

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World Bank president Robert Zoellick is currently speaking live on Reuters Newsmaker, and is discussing numerous topics related to the future of the monetary system, notable among them most likely being the fate of the dollar, and whether or not he still stand behind his recent statement that a return to the gold standard is needed for the world.

Here are some queries already lined up in the queue for Zoellick:

  • Is it possible for the World Bank to be more proactive in its
    initiatives and less reactionary as the globe deals with a growing
    maturity with respect to the rights of individuals?
  • Can and should the Bank define its goals and mission in 2011 in a
    way that makes it more approachable by the average person? No one on
    this planet is unaffected by the work of those associated with the World
    Bank and it would seem this is clearly evident by what has occurred in
    the Middle East.
  • What do you think about the possibility that there will be a new
    currency soon? If so, will that be the start of the biggest commercial
    crisis in the history of  the U.S.? And, if so, what are the
    consequences for the people?
  • What is [the World Bank] doing to help prevent the next global financial meltdown?