We Are Now Paying for the Destruction of the US Dollar and Economy… Literally

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 We just hit
another milestone in insanity.


I’ve written
before that thanks to its QE lite and QE 2 programs, the Fed is now officially
the single, largest owner of US debt. However, even that nonsense pales in
comparison to the Fed’s latest accomplishment, that of owning over $1 TRILLION
in US debt.


right, as of yesterday afternoon the Fed now owns over $1 trillion in US debt. This amounts of over 7% of the US’s total
debt, own by our central bank.


Now, many
commentators have pointed out the various ways in which this policy has
endangered the US’s balance sheet, economic clout, and currency. However,
there’s one element that NO ONE seems to have picked up on. That is…


You, me, and
everyone else in the US, is now PAYING the Fed for its insane, anti-Middle
class policies.


Remember, we
are continually paying the debt via interest payments drawn up from tax
receipts. Thus, by buying up US Treasuries, the Federal Reserve is in effect
reaping interest payments from the US populace.


consider that none of us had any say in the Fed’s policies, nor the appointment
of our esteemed Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke. None of us voted for him. None of
us influenced his policies. And, at this point, virtually none of us approve of
what he’s doing.


But ALL of us are NOW paying him and the
Fed for doing it.
In fact, because the Fed is officially the single,
largest owner of US debt, the Fed is, in effect, raking in more money from our
debt situation than ANYONE else on the planet.


Thus, we are
paying LITERALLY for the insane policies of the US Federal Reserve. Never mind
abstract arguments of “paying” for the Fed’s mistakes in the sense of the US
Dollar collapsing or the US’s economy imploding. We are LITERALLY paying
BILLIONS in interest payments to the Fed.


This in turn
means we are:


1)   Helping
the Fed to continue destroying the US Dollar

2)   Funding
the Fed’s bubble-blowing efforts

3)   Financing
the very same policies that have eviscerated the Middle class and retirees



Given that
we have no vote or say in the Fed’s actions, I know of only one way to deal
with this situation and that’s to buy assets that will maintain their
purchasing power and produce REAL returns to counteract the Fed’s anti-Dollar






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