Weekly Bull/Bear Recap: Apr 25-29, 2011

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So, basically, BTFD? Or am I missing something?

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If people are dumb enough to wake up at 4 in the morning to watch a bunch of english monarchs tie the knot and believe that it has some political relevance then they are certainly gullible enough to believe Ben Benankinstein and his mad scientist creation of our economy and thereby will keep buying this market.  It's really that simple.

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And not a word about the only thing that matters.


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They are just trying to keep enough bearish sentiment in place to suck in some shorts that the HFT's can continously squeeze out. That close on friday looked like a bunch of margin calls popping.

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That was very weird, 30-40 points on the Dow in about 3 minutes at the close.


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Second Friday Night Economic Bomb Sends Gold Surging To $1,566 As Ireland Slashes Outlook

And another economic fail, this time an attempt from Ireland to bury bad news on a royal wedding, later afternoon Friday:

  • Ireland revises 2011 GDP growth to +0.8% from +1.7%; 2012 to +2.5% from 3.2%
  • Irish govt revises 2013 deficit forecast to 7.2% from 5.8%; 2012 to 4.7% from 2.8%.
  • Ireland revises 2011 debt/GDP forecast to 111% from 98.6%; 2012 to 116% from 102%

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CrashisOptimistic, ----- Check out the "bad news" link under

- …and speaking of consumer confidence, we got more bad news on that front as well as the Gallup Poll reports yet more deterioration.  The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort survey has followed suit as well.  Meanwhile, UK consumer confidence is probing the 2009 depths of despair (austerity is a sharp double-edged sword).

for your oil news. 

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I tried to post the following ling on my face book account and got the following message: This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.


Speaking of things that make you go Hmmmmmm....

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Thought that video was great. It linked fin to my facebook.

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Yup, all bad news this week completely ignored (well, Benny was on TV in the US and we had a Royal Wedding to look forward to in the UK).

Fukushima and the tsunami now just a footnote in history, S&P's US rating change to AAA negative just a late April Fool joke, everything from 2008 now resolved and improved...

I feel ill.


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After missing a 6200 point rally in the Dow the last 2 years, Rosie finally capitulates and goes long:


Now if we can only get Nic Lenoir, Paul Farrell, and Jeffrey Gundlach to go long, the rest of us can short huge....



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no such thing as a bear event anymore....global catastrophes are now bullish. dynamics for a bear event to be present will be preceeded only by a sharp liquidity reduction. topping processes take time to develop, and markets arent even there yet, the bull run is in very strong force now. dont be stupid and try to sell rallies, just btfd if you wanna make money. I still cant believe people are trying to short this, they need to turn off the news and watch their charts. there is still lot of time left to follow the money and just btfd.

pres election next year, so its highly unlikely the markets will go down the tube. The fact that many people are still bearish is a good contrarian sentiment for further gains in equities and commodities, short usd. When there are no more bears left, then its time to worry.

Corporates are making record profits, so you must ask yourself this question, why are they hoarding all this cash?hmm This is playing out somewhat similar to 08, only thing is that housing, credit and labor markets are already in the toilet. When the next crash does finally happen, it will be more devastating than anything ever seen in modern human history. until then, party like its 2006!

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Can you imagine Mexico getting a higher credit score than the US?


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Is gold and silver up bear, or bull?

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so insiders continue to sell at a mad pace.....but stock buybacks are up....what am i missing?

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I gots the toe jam, who gots the peanut butter?


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russia banning exports of refined oil products, liberal party leaders call to nationalise production? what's up with this?



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really starting to love Russia for their take on amerika



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Syria+Russia=Less Available oil, hmmm, Oil 118 by US Oil option experation week?