Weekly Review And Upcoming Events Calendar

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 Also next week, there will be $24 worth of Fed-given liquidity courtesy of 4 POMOs on every day except Tuesday.

Funny thing is I know it's  24 BILLION $.

Sad !

No need to change it TD !


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Looks like the China fears were way overblown. New Zealand, Australia, Shanghai all green right now.

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Junior thinks that is just the cutest f-ing girl I have seen in a long time.  Who is she?

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Yes, just like everything else that gets way overblown here. Markets have the green light once again to motor higher. 

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Be very careful today, Harry, for pride doth come before the fall.


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ES and ZB

Setting up for reversals?


Good luck, folks!

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thanks!  Now I just have one more thing to watch.  Like I didn't have enough already.

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If it happens (or when China hikes interest rates or >6months 787 delay confirmed) , a high beta and exuberantly overvalued short trade (wait for breakout confirmation.)

TIE Descending Triangle -- Bearish Formation -- Price Target $11

The pattern meets all the requirements -- the downward breakout is imminent:

1. Downtrend is established -- Check

2. Lower horizontal line is formed -- at least 2 reaction lows are required to form the lower horizontal line -- Check

3. Upper descending trend line is formed -- at least two reaction highs are required to form the upper descending trend line -- Check

4. Perfect duration (ripe for a breakout) -- the length of the pattern can range from a few weeks to many months, with the average pattern lasting from 1-3 months -- Check

5. Volume -- as the pattern develops, volume usually contracts (volume has been declining) -- Check (When the downside break occurs, there would ideally be an expansion of volume for confirmation. When the horizontal support line of the descending triangle is broken, it turns into resistance.)

Price Target: Once the breakout has occurred, the price projection is found by measuring the widest distance of the pattern and subtracting it from the resistance breakout. ~$17 - $6 = ~$11

A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Bucks



P.S. Visit Stock Charts - Chart School to learn more about the descending triangle (if you are not a techy). "The descending triangle is a bearish formation that usually forms during a downtrend as a continuation pattern. There are instances when descending triangles form as reversal patterns at the end of an uptrend, but they are typically continuation patterns. Regardless of where they form, descending triangles are bearish patterns that indicate distribution."


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What's North Korea's plans for this week?

Just entertaining Chinese dignitaries, or do they get to play with their guns?

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Once we get the tax cut officially passed at 3pm, watch the rocket into close. This market will continue with all of this backing all the way to 1275 by EOY. 1350 is now a given for 2011 - at a minimum.

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What will rocket?  The saturn "over 5" 30 year rocket?

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The Association of American Railroads (AAR) reports that for the week ending Dec. 4, 2010, weekly rail traffic registered gains in the post-holiday week with U.S. freight railroads originating 303,570 carloads, up 6.8 percent compared with the same week last year. Intermodal traffic for the week totaled 235,835 trailers and containers, up 13.8 percent compared with the same week in 2009, with container volume up 15.3 percent and trailer volume up 6.5 percent.

Thirteen of the 19 carload commodity groups increased from the comparable week in 2009. Commodities posting double digit gains in loadings included: metallic ores, up 64 percent; metals and products, up 25.3 percent; crushed stone, sand and gravel, up 24.4 percent; waste and scrap materials, up 22.7 percent; petroleum products, up 13 percent; and coke, up 10.1 percent. Among commodities reporting declines were non-metallic minerals, down 10.1 percent; primary forest products, down 9 percent; and grain mill products, down 6.4 percent.

Carload volume on Eastern railroads was up 4.7 percent compared with last year. In the West, carload volume was up 8.2 percent compared with the same week in 2009.

For the first 48 weeks of 2010, U.S. railroads reported cumulative volume of 13,765,857 carloads, up 7.1 percent from last year, and 10,484,071 trailers or containers, up 14.3 percent from the comparison week in 2009.

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"Once we get the tax cut officially passed at 3pm, watch the rocket into close."

Pump much?

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After the bill passes, US 10-year note yields are going to ramp, sending the USD higher.  And you know what a high-dollar does to high-P/E stocks...

I wouldn't count your chickens just yet, Mr. Wanger.

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Compiled using Goldman data........................

please do not question the prime mover.