Weiner Announcing Resignation

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Update: Well that was quick - Weiner lasted just 4 minutes. Speech over.

Watch it live. Elsewhere, InTrade about to commence cash settlement on Weiner resignation contracts.

And a reply for historians wondering just how far US civilization had fallen before it finally imploded:

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He needs to hurry it up.  His ride is waiting outside:   http://www.reedberry.com/wienermobile.html

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Maybe that's his new gig, driving the wienermobile. Spokesperson, model, the possibilities are endless.

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer scumbag.  You can tell what type a person he was by how he treated his staff.  He treated them like dogdirt publically and privately.  I really though AIPAC would help him hang on.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

goldfreak's picture

you're right but for sex texting?

Bubba was getting oral sex in the oval office, lied about itand never resigned. After Clinton how can anybody ever resign over sex matters

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This is one of the reasons America is screwed up. It's OK to swindle billions/trillions from the people, even admirable. But cheat on your wife? Well, that's going too far.

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It's just as screwed up to think he should stay in office after such a display. Guys like this, who are willing to lie, blame it on someone else, then confess only because they got caught are also the easiest to be blackmailed and corrupted. My guess is this guy has already swindled millions from people via his votes and has a job waiting for him that will continue the legacy.

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Yeah, I watched the pathetic little weasel.

Can I have my six minutes back please?

goldfreak's picture

a congressman corrupted? let's not exaggerate come on

Freddie's picture


He is stupid, childish and a nasty piece of work.  He lied and claimed Andrew Brietbart hacked his phone and the media too Weiner's side on everything.  

I wonder if he gets to keep his gig as the beard husband to Hillary's girlfriend.  Hillary has bad taste. Huma is a skanky lesbo.

Freddie's picture


BTW - he has $5 million in his campaign acount that he gets to keep.  The bribes in Congress are good especially in NYC and big city districts.

bigelkhorn's picture

ha ha this is funny, what a naughty gerbil. He has wrecked his whole family and job cause of this. Moronic ey?

Funny thing is that at the start of JUNE these FFT guys forecast he was going to quit and resign and told everyone to look for that to happen.  and now it happen, WOW look at their free forecast here http://forecastfortomorrow.com/files/Anthony-Weiner.pdf   totally amazing. 

 They also called the stockmarket crash back in 2008 so I follow them closely. Spot on, so that why I follow them. 

The Alarmist's picture

Do you think it is hard for Weiner to pull out after all he has given to his constituents and the country?

redpill's picture

I don't know, but done after only 4 minutes?  I figured he would have more stamina.


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Premature evacuation can be very upsetting.

firstdivision's picture

If your weiner resigns, just take viagra and all will be well.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

did you see the pic? He ain't packing much heat to begin with

baby_BLYTHE's picture

hey, he is the one that goofed and made it public for the world to see

Monedas's picture

That well known "catadora de penis" (female, penis catagorizer) Barbara Walters implied he was something special ? They always pump Liberals ! I'm no expert....well, I guess with porn we're all experts now....I never got see see the package ? Monedas 2011 Larry King, Space Shuttle, Weiner....just go away !!!

trillion_dollar_deficit's picture

The heckler was awesome!!!

"Mr. Weiner, were you fully erect? The people demand to know!"

"Are you more than 7 inches?"




NotApplicable's picture

Wait, there was a heckler? Guess I'll have to watch it now.

I was wondering why even bother with yet another disaster of a press conference when you could just issue a statement. Now I bet he's wondering the same thing.

vato poco's picture

the heckler just *proves* weiner is a gutless candyass. a REAL Noo Yawkuh would have shot back, "hell yes i got more than 7 inches! well, depending on where you start measuring from..."

he'd have become an instant NYC legend. instead, he'll be managing a burger king in 6 months.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

wrong, again!   i took G-pap;  couldn't resist the underdoggie...

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now he has lost his job. since he no longer has his political job, his political wife, will no longer require his services. since he was messing around on her anyway, she will divorce his ass and since she is pregnant, weiner will be on the hook for alimony payments. besides she is a muslim anyway. not sure why they got married in the first place.  if he just had not sent out those tweets about thomas , he would not be having these problems. what was he thinking? 

downrodeo's picture

"what was he thinking?"



"You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna take a picture of my wang and send it to this little hottie over twitter. What could possibly go wrong? I literally have NOTHING to lose; this plan is flawless...where's my cell phone?"

Problem Is's picture

+5... Flawless analysis of the Weiner thought process...

Always thinking with the wrong head.. Aye Weiner...

Freddie's picture

He is a "beard" husband.  Huma is Hillary's girlfriend.

gwar5's picture

Out of rehab so soon? Gotta wait for his tweet to see if he's really changed.

Haven't seen the last of this hateful douchebag and his package.

Weiner, Bitchez!

alien-IQ's picture

Now he's free to let his freak flag fly without fear of political fallout. Oh the joy.

High Plains Drifter's picture

the shine has come off of that pumpkin for sure.

Corduroy's picture

Good to see wiener taking the fall for pics of someone elses appendage... you dont think he was the only one on pay and display

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Congressman Weiner Resigns, Announces Candidacy for President

Congressman Weiner abruptly resigned this morning and announced his candidacy for the Democrat Presidential nomination.  He named, as his running mate, Attorney General Eric Holder.

The campaign is currently searching for a graphic designer to create campaign bumper stickers.



redpill's picture

Since he took pics in the Congressional gym, does that mean his johnson is subject to FOIA requests?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

That would most definitely be a FOIA request that returns TMI.

High Plains Drifter's picture

run for president?  does he have the jewish vote? 

There ya go again.'s picture

"You won't have THIS Weiner to beat on anymore. "

Blano's picture

He's gonna need an income, so he'll turn up somewhere eventually.

Maybe it'll be Weiner-Spitzer on CNN.

redpill's picture

Now we just need Wisconsin Representative Tom Swallower to get caught up in one of these things too.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Journalist Barry Chamish just wrote about the Jewish Anthony Weiner and his Muslim wife, Huma Abedin, a woman with Pakistani roots and a mother teaching in Saudi Arabia, and about evidence of a long-standing lesbian relationship between Weiner's wife and Hillary Clinton, the older lesbian woman and the social-climbing young girl reaping rewards.

Chamish suggests that the take-down of Weiner was a plot because of Weiner's un-approved, aggressive attacks on Saudi Arabian influence ... not desired by the US establishment, which supports Saudi Arabia as much as it supports the Israeli regime in many respects.

Though Weiner was an ultra-aggressive Zionist, Chamish sees him as a Zionist who 'went rogue', stepping on the toes of the US oligarchs, interfering with the exact way they want to manage Zionism along with the Saudis etc. ... interesting perspective:

(Israeli-Canadian Barry Chamish was nearly murdered inside Israel for his exposés of Israeli corruption ... he's the leading journalist on the conspiracy behind the assassination of Israeli prime minister Rabin, among other things.)


High Plains Drifter's picture

yeh he went rogue. it was something stupid and silly about the tea party and clarence thomas and his view that thomas should resign from the court for cheating on his taxes and also because thomas refuses to recuse himself about cases in which he (according to weiner) has a conflict of interest. the problem is, that he was talking about monsanto, a company where thomas used to work. monsanto is a high level illuminati company and in the big picture, they are in charge of destroying the world food supply in order to eliminate useless eaters. so along comes this small cog weiner bugging thomas during a time when the supreme court is hearing a important case with monsanto as defendant. then all of a sudden, someone in the press starts talking about how weiner acts stupid on his facebook account. in two weeks, here he is resigning. goals achieved. irritating man removed.

Freddie's picture

Monsanto that bought Searle in 1985 to get aspartame.  Guess who's daddy was on the board of Searle? William "terrorist bomber" Ayers. The ghost writer of Obama's books.  Ayers old man was loaded and got bomber Billy out of doing a lifetime stay in prison for his terrorist bombing.  The old man was also CEO or board member of an elec utility in Chicago.

Vinny's picture

These two would make a great TV team. The Weiner-Schnitzel hour.

Vinny's picture

b.g. in brussels??? How did you escape from the county mental ward? You've got some serious issues with reality.

Roger Knights's picture

The Snake's Progress: From attack dog to wiener dog.

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weiner.com, the latest ipo sensation.

Logans_Run's picture

Under 4 minutes! Is that considered premature in this case?

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I wonder what this does to Huma Abedin's prospects of becoming a US Senator?. The pity factor worked well for Hillary and she will remain in public eye for a long time to come.