Were There Other Hedge Funds Involved In The Human Genome Sciences Insider Trading Scandal Besides FrontPoint?

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Too bad they weren't as big as the squid-bp shenanigans. Too big to jail works.

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These charts could show that they exited just in time, or they could show that they exited after losing their ass after the announcement.  Impossible to tell.

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Tyler & Staff:  This indeed is very good disclosure and work on your part.  Keep it up. As a footnote though, we are always amazed that certain well educated managers can be so stupid when selling or dumping their shares in the face of such obvious non-disclosed and negative information.  What do people think?  Their selling would somehow go unnoticed.  DUMB.  Stupid is, as stupid does we presume. Even the SEC will have a hard time not screwing up this prosecution.

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"Were There Other Hedge Funds Involved In The Human Genome Sciences Insider Trading Scandal Besides FrontPoint?"



Is the Pope Catholic?

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We should send all financial criminals to Detroit.

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Send them along. We have a good situation for them.

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What is worth another look is who was buying at 50 cents last year.

I made an absolute killing on this stock--a once in a lifetime trade--and I am  sure some other big boys did too.

But they did it with inside information, I did it by watching insider and institutional buying.

Take a look at the chart it is absolutely insane 1$ to 30$ in just over a year.

Watch this thing go down hard in the next year or two, under 7$ by 2012.

Disclosure: I am holding long dated puts on this fraud.

Also, where the fuck are the handcuffs?

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The handcuffs are in the SEC file drawers. They get them out when they act out the kinky scenes from their most recent porn downloads.

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Why wouldn't they be blatent about it? They realize they can make billions on the insider trading and even if caught will eventually settle with the US government for a few million and no admission of guilt. There really is no downside for them.

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At the risk of ZH'ers telling me I would make a great part of the gov't of Bernanke and Bush, I don't think we should outlaw trading based on what you know.


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I agree with you that people should be allowed to trade off of what they know.  The only thing that I have a problem with is people trading off of what no one else has the possibility of knowing.

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The people that did not buy until after the news made out much better and the forensics on their trading is a bit more difficult.  A ten month round trip of down ninety percent and up twelve hundred percent (4 to 0.30 and back to 4) is not all that common and then for it to continue on to be a one hundred bagger from bottom.  Geez.  Informania.  Did they decode the 'tard gene or what?   

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hummm insider trading in biotech ... ya thunk??

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