We've Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret

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Peter Sellers: A Hard Day's Night
Peter Sellers - She loves you (German version)
The Doomsday Machine in Dr. Strangelove
but this is the one.
dr. strangelove - survival plan

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The cabal of criminally insane sociopaths who engineered 9/11, world financial crisis, unjustified wars without end (genocide) and the overthrow of our American Democracy are Fascist in full control of our destiny. The Fascist cabal manages to stay in control of government by using threats, secrets, lies and propaganda disinformation to avoid justice and their prosecution for Treason.


One hope is for the Joint Chefs of Staff in the military to declare martial law and arrest the traitors in government and then systematical restore our American Democracy. The other solution is revolution, the sooner the better.


Normal people should not try to rationalize the reasoning of other people who are criminally insane. Soon, it will be a crime to even criticize the criminals in charge and it will be the normal people who will be arrested and put away; the Fascist criminal tyranny will continue to reign with secrecy, lies, fear and terror.


Think of the millions of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our American Democracy on Memorial Day. We can’t let our soldiers down today who are dead and dying for the continuation of our Democracy and Freedom which has already been overthrown by the Fascist and is dead.



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speaking of making laws .....
How to Beat the Market: Follow the Trades of 19 Senators on the Senate Armed Services Committee Who Own Stocks on Prohibited List

Want to beat the market? Here's how: Take the investment picks of Congress.

A reader sent me an email from Stansberry & Associates, that purports to do just that:

In a new academic study, four university professors examined investment results on more than 16,000 stock transactions made by 300 House delegates from 1985 to 2001. The result was clear: They beat the market by an average of 0.55% per month, around 6.6% a year. The professors note a previous study showed members of the U.S. Senate did so well they outperformed hedge funds.

In fact, if members of Congress didn't beat the market, they'd be bigger morons than you already think they are. Why? Because insider trading laws don't apply to members of Congress…

You heard that correctly. The Securities and Exchange Act does not apply to members of the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives. Congressional ethics rules say Congressional members aren't allowed to use privileged information for personal gain. But it's just a rule, not a law. It's not legally enforceable. And it's obvious they're taking excess profits out of the stock market…

This must be one of the most underreported financial stories of the century. Take one example: The Senate Armed Services Committee forbids staff and presidential appointees requiring Senate confirmation from owning securities in more than 48,000 companies that contract with the Defense Department.

But 19 of the 28 senators on that same committee held assets worth between $3.8 million to $10.2 million in companies on the prohibited list between 2004 and 2009.
19 Senators Own Stocks on Prohibited List

The "new" academic study referenced by Stansbury and Associates is Abnormal Returns From the Common Stock Investments of Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The data isn't new. The data is from 2001, as the email even states.

The email goes on to say that "19 of the 28 senators on that same committee held assets worth between $3.8 million to $10.2 million in companies on the prohibited list between 2004 and 2009".

That is new, at least to me, but is it really new news? I will return to that question in a moment. First consider this question ...

Should Insider Trading Laws Even Exist?

My answer: It is debatable whether there should even be insider trading laws, but if such laws should exist at all, the one place they should be just happens to be the one and only place they are not: Congress.

For a nice discussion on my answer above, please consider Robert Murphy's article Is Insider Trading Really a Crime?

Where's the Beef?

Returning to the forwarded email, please note that the allegations regarding "19 of 28 senators".

Who are those senators? You may prefer that phrased as a question we have not heard for a while, "Where's the Beef?"

While pondering "Where's the Beef?", I point you to The Daily Crux article Disgusting rules allow Congress to profit from insider trading

... I also told you on Tuesday how famous investors like Bruce Berkowitz and John Paulson were taking advantage of the government's heavy-handed regulation and backstopping of the financial system.

Well, Berkowitz and Paulson are late to the party. They've got nothing on Amy Friend, the chief counsel to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd. At the height of the crisis, when the government was making plans to bail out AIG and other large financial institutions, Friend bought $1,000 to $15,000 stakes in Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Bank bonds, and Fannie Mae debt.

Friend bought FHLB and Fannie Mae debt in June and July 2008, just days before President Bush signed a bill that gave the government housing finance agencies big cash injections from the Treasury. Friend is still in the game today, helping to draft Dodd's sweeping overhaul of the financial regulatory system.

If you or I did what Friend is doing, we'd wind up like Martha Stewart. But for her, Senate rules say it's perfectly legal. No SEC investigation. No insider trading violation.
Martha Stewart went to jail. Senatorial insider trading is ignored." ......
“Insider trading laws don’t apply to members of Congress.”
Mike | May 27, 2011 at 10:11 am |

This is SOP with politicians:
1. Buy stock in your buddy’s company.
2. Make a law that forces everyone to buy their product.
3. Outlaw competing products (optional).
4. Profit.

Examples: Naked-body scanners, health insurance, CFLs, etc.

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Thanks blindman  for the no brainer on where to invest. When I did invest in the stock market that was my key to entry—follow the inside trading, specifically how the congress members invest on inside information. The lobbyist that corrupt them, will never lead the dope congress members on a bad investment, it is part of their “how to be successful plan” that makes congress members millionaires. I dropped out of investing in the stock market years ago.

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Yeah GW but loads of pr*cks like you on ZH voted for this in 2008.

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Anyone here, that cast a ballot for Obama, knowing his records of NO votes, and Absent, and anti Second Amendment status, should be castrated, or given a lobotomy.

Due diligence applies especially to your Fuerher.

McCain any better?,HELL yes, at least he cares for America.Plus the Nat'l debt would not be the destroyer it has become under the GOP leadership.

Libs are all for it, the Conservatives, would make life miserable for McCain's ass(and he would at least listen).

Owhamma,could care less about anyone except his nuclear family.(and all of Islam).


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do you honestly think mccain would have been better? would he have reeled in the banks after his own party allowed bush to start tarp? seriously, did you miss the last decade? obama is horrible, sure, but i voted for kodos.

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How do we even know that the old government is anything but a facade behind which the new is operating? The first indication one might have is when so many people are taken away in the night that it becomes noticable a large crowd has disappeared to camps or graves.

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man, it would be too obvious if people started disappearing. they tried to disappear muslims under bush and there was outcry. they aren't going to come for you as long as the economy looks up, because the majority will willingly write you off as a wingnut.

all they will do is force you into a desperate situation, then (they hope) you will lash out. once you lash out you get branded with a record, and they can safely sequester you into homelessness and oblivion.

now if the economy looks down.. totally different story, people get desperate, and those victimised can no longer be heard as easily over the herds panicked bleating.

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The big boys have become sophisticated in perception management, so it won't be this obvious:

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Phone calls? If you still use a phone, well, try Skype or Google.

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For real?

Are you for real?


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Perhaps a civilizations' demise begins when it replaces its foundation of moral absolutes with moral relativism. The ability to rationalize behaviors that were previously thought of as reprehensible become almost intoxicating and acts much like a cancer. The little white lie that seemingly hurts no one can lead to a spiraling of moral deconstruction and probably doesn't end until those behavior as committed by others affects them.


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This was a particularly good article.  For my own education a few months back, I did a good amount of research into Continuity of Government plans and this piece did not miss a beat. Really, good stuff, but stuff that will give you nightmares.

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and 2 people stepped up to help file suit against the U.S. Government for breech of the Constitution.. for training the U.S. Army to Engage U.S. Citizens!


2 people.. all of you long winded pussies!


change? change what? your panties? fucking hot air cowards!




I need an esquire to File Suit in Federal Court Against the U.S. Government.. more over the President of the United States of America. Pro Bono in the name of Fight Club!


The Law Suit is for breach of the Constitution for bringing home the U.S. Army and now Training the U.S. Army to operate Against "We the People".


Who wants to get some T.V. face time for themselves and for Tyler here.. we want warm bodies to educate we have to up our visible profile.


I am looking for feedback and ideas to make as big a splash as possible! so if you have something that will help, speak up! even if you think its small! speak up! every little thing matters and helps! SO PLEASE!!! Speak Up!



I posted that everywhere yesterday! fucking long winded dick sucking fucking chatroom heros!

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You got many, many responses, JW. I know because I was there.

What they told you is the simple truth, though you care not to hear it.

You cannot sue the Federal government.  Period.

End of story.

Anyone of those "saviours" you hired are simply blowing blue smoke up your ass.  I would watch out for them and their "advice," if I were you.

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You are conceeding to a loss, IF you could sue the government.  They will stall, obfuscate, divert, lie, withhold, propagandize you into defeat 10 years down the road.  Your pockets will be inside out and everyone on the other side will benefit from "billable hours".

Sueing the government is a mugs game.

A third party or getting the word out to discourage individual or collective debt, will starve the beast.

Points for trying though.

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The way it looks from here is, it's the MAJORITY on the Roberts court we need to fear most.  These men are Facist pure & simple.

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sometimes competent to recognize law,
never to make it. the language of the
law is not the law but an interpretation
and attempt at articulating greater truth,
truth that is always beyond the domain of
man's idea of himself, what he believes he
is. it is literally beyond a man to make
a law, beyond a group of men to make a law.
but, a man may be able to recognize the principles
by which the world functions and articulate
them. recognizing a law or set of connected laws.
a group of men may sometimes be able to better
make these recognitions
but sometimes it takes one solitary mind.
unfortunately today we accept that any jackass
with connections to the treasury can be god
and can reconfigure the universe to his liking,
if not literally then symbolically, and the rest,
the lesser sheep need to follow?
and we don't even know the names of the authors
of these man made "laws", where they came from?
our representatives do not even read them, cannot
read them or comprehend them due to volume and complexity.
lack of expertise. the situation is a tragic and fluid farce.
we may be fucked by our own infinite stupidity.
break out i say. stop grazing with the sheep in the
pastures of the imbeciles.

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Remember those political party nominating conventions where a state chairman stood to announce “Mr. Chairman, the Sovereign State of Texas gives all of its votes to…”? Sovereign? What a joke. There is no such thing… And the latest example :

From The Hill’s Transportation Report (05/25/11):

Texas state lawmakers have shelved a bill to outlaw controversial airport pat-downs.

“The legislation, which would have made it illegal for Transportation Security Administration agents to perform hand searches at airport security checkpoints unless there was probable cause, was approved by the Texas House. 

“But the U.S. attorney general's office threatened to cancel flights to Texas if the bill passed, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported this week, and that was enough to give Texas senators cold feet. …


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Utah filed the same threat.

If enough states did likewise, it would bring the nation to it's knees.

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          The Theory and Practice Of Oligarchical Collectivism

                             By Emmanuel Goldstein

                                  From Chapter 3 

                                    War Is Peace

others strive to produce a vehicle that shall bore its way under the soil like a submarine under water, or an airplane as independent of its base as a sailing ship; others explore even remoter possibilities such as focusing the sun's rays through lenses suspended thousands of kilometers away in space. or producing artificial earthquakes and tidal waves by tapping the heat at the earth's center.


George Orwell wrote this in 1949,  He was quite prescient.

Think haarp, predator, and GBU-28




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I have pondered this conundrum as such, in a civil society, especially a welfare-state, does the legislative branch of government in fact, ensure the ultimate demise of that civilization?  What I mean to say is, that without legislating more (usually spurious to completely useless) new laws that entire branch of government serves no purpose.  As problems tend not to fix themselves in most cases, the system is therefore forced to bloat itself to death at the expense of the goods and services sector of the economy?

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The SCOTUS (IMHO) is the most important branch, once they start(and they have) interpreting the Const thru their views, and not going back to the original meaning..............WE'RE screwed.

EO's, and PDD's are the worst,EO's do not even(should not carrry any weight on the country), they were designed for the Chief  Executive to run that branch.

Not the entire country.

Eisenhower warned us, our fathers paid no attention.

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Wow, the sheeple don't even care, or at least not enough to cause changes. Damnable.

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You sir  are correct.

90% do not care.

It's like Cancer.If YOU don't have it, you could care less(maybe empathetic,but ambivalent),if someone else does.

You get it, and you damn well care then.

Nothing will change until the bulk of this shit rains on the masses.

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actually they do care - as evidenced by this thread. but there arent any viable alternatives left for the sheeple.

what would you suggest we do - call out congresman? lol

or take to the streets and fight the cops ?

vote maybe?

if you could do anything to change things you would be dead already, or in jail if you are lucky.


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actually they do care - as evidenced by this thread. but there arent any viable alternatives left for the sheeple.

what would you suggest we do - call out congresman? lol

or take to the streets and fight the cops ?

vote maybe?

if you could do anything to change things you would be dead already, or in jail if you are lucky.


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Has anyone seen Robin Hood and his merry band, hangin' out somewhere?

He might need a little help. Just sayin'.



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In case someone hasn't read the following yet...


And I hear on the lunchtime news today TX Guv Rick Perry is considering running for Prez....wunnerful, a fascist Pigboy Prez would be a perfect fit. Among other things Gov Rick has:

-secretly cut deals with foreign companies for the Trans Texas Corridor, and reserved concession rights to the State, bypassing local community interest...iow, putting state interest aligned with private enterprise. And it would have been the largest State land grab in history.

-fast-tracked power plants with NO public input allowed

-unilaterally decided TX schoolgirls should get vaccinated with Gardisil.

He got his ass handed to him over the above issues when the public became aware...yet we reelected him! He would make a swell president

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The sheeple liked the government gravy Perry poured on their mashed potatoes as he sized up their loins.

Besides, interns without HPV means his chance of throat cancer goes down.

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Moral Hazard Bitchez !

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 Saddam, Osama, Bush, Obama, Benanke they are all the same. Control the people and keep them as slaves, just Bush and Obama and the ChairSatan don't kill so openly

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This is a good post, GW, but really, predatory jurisprudence (at the federal level) has been going on for over 35 to 40 years at least, coupled with concentrated predatory legislation from congress over the past 15 or so.

Thomas Linzey, one of a few public service attorneys out there, has long and brilliantly explained the concepts of predatory jurisprudence.

We can see such back in the '70s, when the credit bureaus were exempted from slander and libel laws, so they could be used by the corporations and super-rich when it came to targeting people by screwing their credit ratings, or simply running a side business with people forever paying them to remove untrue remarks and gossip from their credit records.

In 1978, with the Rehnquist Supreme court, they dumped all the mentally ill out on the streets with a major decision of theirs, and it's only gotten worse since, with the recent two horrendous decisions, privatizing eminent domain with that Connecticut-Pfizer developers case back in 2005, and the recent Citizens United drivel.





News nobody bothered to print:

Meredit Attwell Baker, in the news as the former FCC commissioner, finding in favor of the Comcast deal then vamoosing it to work for Comcast, is the daughter of James Baker, long-time legal counsel for the Bush family, former advisor to President Geo. H.W. Bush, and later his secretary of state.

James Baker occupied an office in President Geo. W. Bush's White House in the aftermath of 9/11/01 in order to defend Saudi Arabia from lawsuits.

Secretary of Treasury, Timothy Geithner, is a Mellon family descendant.  (Now why hasn't anyone ever published that?????)

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The Supine Court is a disgrace, as is the majority of the Judicial branch of government.

The Executive and Legislative branches of government have lost legitimacy by repeatedly selling out the Constitution and The People for power and mammon.

The majority of U.S. citizens are indentured servants ruled by money-changers and equivocating lawyers in the pockets of the money-changers.


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Well said. Bravo...

The problem is quite simple...

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Ignorant biased piece without any merit whatsoever.

Unauthenticated specious garbage indistinguishable from rank conjecture.

This embarrassing attempt at journalism leaves much room for improvement, and falls woefully short of the minimum acceptable standards of writing that readers here are accustomed to.

Try again.

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I smell a stooge Smokey1.  You're the type who tries to piss down our leg and tell us it's raining.

Keep hackin' away at that keyboard for your federal cheese and enjoy it while you can.  Your day's are numbered stooge!

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They're called "trolls," by the way.

Don't feed the trolls.


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Give it a rest. You've lost. No future in being a professional junk magnet.

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"This embarrassing attempt at journalism leaves much room for improvement, and falls woefully short of the minimum acceptable standards of writing that readers here are accustomed to."

So how about you write an essay and submit it to ZH?

It's easy to criticize and offer nothing in return and even easier when you use lines written for you by someone else.

Smokey1's picture

I am perfectly capable of submitting a Pulitzer Prize-worthy article for Tyler's consideration.

The reason I refrain is because it would go over the heads of mongoloid douchebags like you, in much the manner of American Airlines.

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 Never have I read any facts posted by you to refute anything in GW's posts. You seem to be capable only of verbal abuse which convinces no one.

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Unauthenticated specious garbage indistinguishable from rank conjecture.



Guess you didn't read the Senators discussion(article) on the net huh?.

A link to the article was posted here yesterday..........


The Senator was quoted and said the exact same thing as written here.


Bottom line, you just do not want to believe the truth.

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A D- Middle School essay at best.....

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Secret secrecy, all for Your protection of course. Vive la Revolucion!

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A nation of laws, not a nation of justice.

Whoever first stated "ignorance of the law is no excuse" had no idea of the proliferation of laws, conflicting laws, self-serving laws, and parasitical legal monster that was fed on this sop.

"The law is a ass". S. Clemens

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Great Quote some of you will know:


"Did you really think we want those laws observed?" said Dr. Ferris. "We want them to be broken. You'd better get it straight that it's not a bunch of boy scouts you're up against... We're after power and we mean it... There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that's the system, Mr. Reardon, that's the game, and once you understand it, you'll be much easier to deal with."