What Happens When The Market Props Are Gone?

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Has Obama just stated that the debt ceiling needs raising in order to avoid another financial crisis? What happens next year, and the year after..

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Has Obama just stated that the debt ceiling needs raising in order to avoid another financial crisis?

No worries Mr Obummer, perhaps it's time to pull the veil off the real reason congress gave federal / public / private / individual retirement plans preferential tax treatment, i.e. eventually looting them.  After all there's a few trillion there, could tide you over quite a while.

Say what? Geithner's already started? 

Well then, by all means carry on, don't worry 'bout no debt ceiling.

Say what? Keep quiet about it?

No problem, mum's the word.

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How long can real inflation figures be buried whilst we witness daily the buying power of all currencies failing?

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Why isnt Alan Greenspan on trial for treason? Now there is a little turd if there ever was one. Berwanker is really Fed Chairman version 2.0 just as Obama is Bush version  3.0

I laugh when people talk/argue politics. Every president (except JFK) has been a puppet hand picked by the Rockerfeller faction since the 1930's. A president is just somebody to throw shit at while the cowardly, unelected parasites run the show without any accountability. Most people are delusional enough to follow politics just like their football team.

(and why is voting non-compulsory in a nation that prides itself on democracy? - Hitler was elected with 33% of the vote)

Anybody notice just how brutal the 'security guards' and police are at protests now? The Nazis never lost World War 2, they relocated to the USA, hence the fascist, corporate state you have now.

One look at Bush Jnr and you knew immediately he was a dickhead with a long arm up his arse. Bush spent more public funds than all of the previous presidents COMBINED and now Obama has eclipsed Bush with his public spending too.

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned, I suppose the modern day equivalent is listening to an ipod as the police drag you off to debtors prison while the real criminals are awarded 'Time, Man of the Year' or 'Nobel Peace Prizes'


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"...and general Wall Street lackey Ben Bernanke..."

That's it.

So why confuse Bernanks actions with the stock market?

If you want to know what happens with QE3 take a look at the $amount and timings of QE1, Lite and 2.

They had nothing whatsoever to do with propping up stock markets. They also have nothing whatsoever to do with stimulating the economy, reducing unemployment or controlling the inflation rate (as if!). This is all window dressing (absolute lies)

Bernanke is a crone. Period.

Bernank does the bidding of his 2 interest groups (masters). QE1, Lite and 2 is all about bailing out his bankrupt (1) bwankers and (2) bankrupt politicians. Supporting the Russell 2000 and all the other crone crocks of shit has zero to do with it

You wanna time QE3? ....forget the stock markets, unemployment and inflation rates. Benny just sits behind his desk all day awaiting 'The Call' from Obumma or Jamie Dimon to run down to his printing presses and pump away to save his bankrupt buddies and shroud the timing and motivation in whopping big lies

...relax, sit back and wait for the US Govt or Big bankrupt inept Wall Streeters to run out of cash... everything else is not important to Benny 'bullshit' Bernanke because he couldn't give a shit if everything goes to hell (as it is)... he is just a toady crone with no clothes on led by a nose-ring of his 2 bankrupt Masters

my wild insane guess is QE3 will be rolled out just in time (pure coincidence? )to bail out pips squeeking on the debt limit Washington DC ...a turd (fucked cash flow) to be sugar coated as 'supporting the economy' ...yep we were all born yesterday and will swallow that one (again) Mr Benny Bullshit


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Regardless of the Fed's intentions, QE has in fact been propping up the crock markets, end of story.


It's called "unintended consequences".  And I'm not even sure it is all that "unintended" as having something/anything go up is probably a good thing as far as the Fed is concerned

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Slow Implosion

printing money (QE's more honest label) may well have pushed up the markets but i'm trying to get one thing crystal clear here:

all Benny does is sit behind a desk all day like a good crone waiting for the call from his 2 Masters on WS and in DC. Then he jumps up, runs down to the printing presses and winds them round and round. He then goes upstairs and hands his newly minted Benny Bucks to Jamie Dimon,-Blankfein or Obumma-Timmay

...he hands over the money ...that's where his simple crony little job begins and ends. 

..he has no policy influence whatsoever (though he shrouds his dull 'Printing Job' in layers of BS treacle) and zero policy control. It is entirely down to his Masters where they spend the money he prints for them

so any pure coincidence with stock market, employment or inflation movements are just that, random chance... writers connecting stock markets to Bernanks actions are connecting two dots, the Fed and the economy... but there is no connection. Benny should only be credited with is the simple printing money and handing it over (bailing out) the saturated in red ink cash flows of the bankrupt US Banks and US Govt

Benny comes running to do their bidding but in truth Benny is a very dull boy.. he's just a printer ...he puffs away like a cog in the wheel whenever his Masters click their fingers.. hanging on his every word is for rabbits caught in the head/Fed lights

writers like Mr Summers here connecting Benny with the stock markets are misleading everyone because Benny doesn't direct the QE money, he just hands it over... big bankrupt bankers flush with Benny Bucks bailout cash does have connections and is worth focus

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Some tho thoughts from Yra Harris on what the Fed might do instead of QE3


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       BLUB BLUB>>>...

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Let the chips fall where they may.

Enough money is sitting on the sides since 2008 that has not yet entered the market.

Once the fake support has been pulled, I guarantee that money will enter the market and we'll find what shares are really worth.

Price discovery is what is long overdue. Game on.

Oil at $75 if the Dollar survives.

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TEIN, my friends  .  .  .  please plan accordingly  -

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Japan Govt just approved a TEPCO support bill.





The Japanese government on Tuesday approved a bill to help Tokyo Electric Power Co. pay compensation to those affected by the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, helping to soothe concerns over the utility's financial condition that have pushed its shares to all-time lows. (published 0133 GMT)


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OMG.  SO now the governement is part and pacell to the lies that are forthcoming to protect their new investment..WTF happened to free markets.  We are so fucked. 

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So the Japanese government is going to tax its citizens so TEPCO can pay compensation to its customers?

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Sort of like taxing US citizens for banker's bonuses.

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Worse, the government will steal monetary value from its citizens so they can subsidize nuclear catastrophes.

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Is this an ad or what. Quit wasting my clicks!!

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I think the West is shorting PM and oil, so shit could get real, and quick.  That's what I think.

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Mr. LH,


     The news on fat Larry Summers recently made me remember your little "clubhouse" stories. They were funny.