What The Hell Was That?

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Forget stocks, gold, and oil. The story of the day was the EURUSD, and the various trading desks that blew up are a result of the 2.4% move in the pair... What the hell happened there? The confluence of the LTRO termination, today's MRO, end of quarter, the official descent into a double dip for the US, and who knows what else, apparently ended up blowing up one or more players. That, or someone gave Jerome Kerviel direct access to the RBS FX trading desk... well, unlikely, but someone in SocGen is very unhappy with the bank's short EURUSD positions. Note how every pair had a mind of its own today. The last time this happened was September 16, 2008. Also, as much as we love him, we can't help but feel for F/X Concepts John Taylor (if only for the ultra short-term; he will most certainly be proven right as all fiat hits parity with each other at +/- 0).

EURCHF: note the anomaly early in the day

And the only normal pair of the day, AUDJPY.

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FranSix's picture

Euro melt-up day.

johngaltfla's picture

The shorts collected their beer money.

They will be drinking Red Stripe in the islands, (although I prefer Piton Beer in St. Lucia) while the schmucks will be wondering why the market did what it did. You and I both know this biotch is heading for the 900's on the S&P and the shorts will make a fortune again in September as the panic returns.

Especially as Doctor "Bones" McCoy announces his prognosis on the U.S. consumer:

"He's dead Jim."

bonddude's picture

"Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a magician !"

Thomas's picture

"Just keep your Vulcan hands off my gold."

($45 per ounce equates to Death by Bongo.)

TBT or not TBT's picture

A lot of red shirts died to make this funny.

Quinvarius's picture

If you two don't fight,...I will kill you both.

sandflea's picture

...if McCoy can cure xenopolycythemia...

juangrande's picture

I'm a doctor not a sperm whale!

Problem Is's picture

"They will be drinking Red Stripe...while the schmucks will be wondering why the market did what it did."

Well it will give the "schmucks" something to talk about over a Natural Lite and a PBR...

Mark McGoldrick's picture

"...or someone gave Jerome Kerviel direct access to the RBS FX trading desk...'


bob_dabolina's picture

EUR/USD could easily go to 1.50


But I've only been saying this for the last month

Sudden Debt's picture

anything is possible, it could even go to 3 to 1 but also to 1 to 3. The EURO and the DOLLAR are like 2 woman that sometimes are friends, sometimes are enemies and neither one makes any sence and both have constant mood swings.

TBT or not TBT's picture

So the dollar is PMSing...so short the dollar for three or four days.  Go!

Sudden Debt's picture

That's actually very logical and almost a sure thing. But I'm not going to do that as I'm already over my head as it is right now. And today again it go my ass kicked like a little fat kid in kindergarden

Crummy's picture

Currencies are filthy whores, you spend a little shiny metal on them and they fall to their knees faster than a Sunday school teacher on judgment day.

thegreatsatan's picture

Of course its going to 1.50, didn't you hear Greenspan  on CNBS talking smack about the Euro.

DosZap's picture


Me also, "The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated"...................

faustian bargain's picture

Is it just me, or does more crazy stuff happen on Thursdays than other days?

Cheeky Bastard's picture

You're thinking Fridays. I was just ranting about how fucked up Fridays have become in the last 2 months.

johngaltfla's picture

Today was a Friday for most traders not married to conventional thinking.

RacerX's picture

Thursday is the New Friday

Sudden Debt's picture

Whatever happens on fridays, every friday is still happy hour day starting at 20 o'clock. And as we are getting into the summer the woman start wearing less and less textiles so that should put your mind at easy while you get hammered.

So not all is bad :)

Sudden Debt's picture

For me it's starts every day from 9 o'clock till 16 o'clock :)

Cheeky Bastard's picture

I could be very wrong about this but; consider the fact BNP had a very very very bearish long-term EUR outlook and AFAIK they are the French version of JPM; now is it really that unlikely that BNP actually [and not SocGen] blew up this afternoon. I have no quantifiable data to back this up [except that it was up by more than 2%, and CDS was in line with the broader market]; im just speculating here.

Tyler Durden's picture

BNP was selling the sub-parity trade. Come on Cheeky.

bonddude's picture

Hey it's a sub party. First one who throws up gets shot out of tube number 1. Wooo Hoooo

MrTrader's picture

In plain German : Die Franzosen gucken jetzt ganz schön blöd aus der Wäsche...:=)))

Ripped Chunk's picture

Market? What's that?

Shameful's picture

Score!  I bought my vacation Lats yesterday! (Lat is pegged to Euro).  Win one for the good guys!

Catullus's picture

That's your 2% hit european traders took today in US equity markets. Checkmate, fed. You actually can't print your way out of this one.

Show up to work tomorrow, traders. You don't want this thing going bidless or letting the new MBA grad driving.

Sudden Debt's picture

"You can't" is banned now in America. When Obama said "YES WE CAN" he was actually talking to any "patriotic" company in America :)

weenus's picture

short euro just too obvious now the squeeze

TBT or not TBT's picture

Watch it!   Don't mess with our convictions, especially while we're losing money.

Sudden Debt's picture

At least losing money is still a sure thing. I haven't checked my account for 2 weeks now.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Die die, die my doelarr

Don't utter a single wo-herd

Die die, die my doelarr

Just shut your pretty mouth

I'll be seeing you again...

I'll be seeing you, in hell!

Don't cry to me oh baby
Your future's in an oblong box, yeah
Don't cry to me oh baby
Should have seen it a-comin' on
Don't cry to me oh baby
I don't know it was in your power
Don't cry to me oh baby
Dead-end girl for a dead-end guy
Don't cry to me oh baby
Now your life drains on the floor
Don't cry to me oh baby

Traianus Augustus's picture

Extreme moves like these appear to be signs of desperation due to the lack of liquidity some markets are now facing. IMO, if this is not another setup by the CBs, then moves like today will be the norm going forward.  Ladies and Gentlemen we may be exiting the eye of the storm.

Sudden Debt's picture

Ladies and Gentlemen we may be exiting the eye of the storm.

I'm sure you want that to sound positive right? :)

Young's picture

Check the /DX = Was totally overbought in its range

Check the EUR/USD = Breakout from flag pattern

Best thing of all = Young caught a majority of the move ;)

As to who bought the Euro, fuck if I know...

hellboy's picture

I was waiting for this post to come all day... man wtf...

godfader's picture

Look at Dec 2008 when Soros was sqeezing the EUR to the upside, the chart looked like the Eiffeltower.

lsbumblebee's picture

Buy the dip in gold now before the asian market opens and moves the price back up.

Or, you can wait until tomorrow morning at 8:20 AM EDT in New York for the next dip.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

For those not in the market, buying today, tomorrow, and Tuesday would be the best move.  The prices could continue falling through Tuesday (if that happens, equities will be down so big it could really start the final collapse).  As the money flees all assets, it will find gold; the question is, where?  $1200?  The gold price will not fall below $1135, and if the bottom falls out of equities and the dollar, it could reverberate as a huge spike in PM prices.  Tomorrow will be interesting, and Tuesday even more so.

If you are in, think about your overall buy in price, and consider where to put any spare cash.  I think Platinum has held up very well (as I had been saying it was going to do) and it may be the best buy right now.  Can't discount gold though, and considering I still think we are only months away from silver doubling this fall into winter from $18 to $36 (this by Dec 25th) it may be time to load up on that.  Decisions, decisions!

Eric Cartman's picture

But if a lot of short covering was one of the reasons gold was hit so hard today (as investors had to sell their gold to meet margin requirements) than why would I want to be so quick to jump into gold again right now? If what you say plays out and equities tank along with the Euro looking like it will continue to make new highs, than more short covering should happen and therefore gold prices may still far more before they recover. If anything, just short the market, then buy Gold or Platinum next week.