What's Going On In The Gulf?

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BP and the government decided that millions of gallons of dispersants should be dumped into the Gulf to sink and hide the oil.

They succeeded in sinking it. As ABC, CBS and NPR note, huge quantities of oil are blanketing the ocean floor, killing virtually all of the sealife which lives there.

And giant new underwater plumes have been found in the water column itself.

But officials don't want to hear about them. As one member of the oil spill recovery team said:

“My biggest concern is there’s [a plume of oil] five miles by 30 miles out there that was reported and no one responded. The Coast Guard said for days that they wanted to run tests, and if they don’t test it when it’s called in, they’ll never find it”

But didn't the oil-eating microbes eat alot of the oil? No ... they mainly ate gas.

And the oil is not staying underwater.

Oil is suddenly emerging in many parts of the Gulf.

Oil "patties", 1 to 3 inches across, have been discovered floating along the seawall in Alabama.

16 miles of beaches in Louisiana have been hit. And scientists say that the oil will arise and wash ashore in pulses, and will hit sensitive areas like coastal marshes.

As the Christian Science Monitor notes, oil can remain hidden under sand for decades:

Yet it takes only minutes of digging into the sand [at Louisiana's Grand Isle State Park] to reveal a menace that experts say permanently threatens this picturesque landscape: pools of crude oil lurking less than a foot below the surface. …


Twenty-one years after the Valdez spill, oil remains submerged in the beaches of Prince William Sound in Alaska.


The same is true in Massachusetts’ Buzzards Bay, where a 1969 spill released 175,000 gallons of diesel fuel; 41 years later, sampling shows oil three to eight inches below the land’s surface.

Indeed, workers are just doing cosmetic clean-ups. They are pressure washing rocks with hot water so they look clean, just as they did with the Exxon Valdez spill. And the government's targets for "cleaning up" beaches is very lax:

Tarpley, chief scientific support coordinator for NOAA, says the
agency’s goal is to clean beaches so they have “1 percent of oil or

Oil that's left in the environment can also seep into groundwater used for drinking by Gulf coast residents.

As CNN reports, we might be facing a worst-case scenario in Florida:

LARRY MCKINNEY, HARTE RESEARCH INST. FOR GULF OF MEXICO STUDIES: … [T]hey do tend to support some of our greatest concerns
about the fate of these underwater plumes that were discovered back
in June, and that is that they could be picked up and this conveyor
belt that is upwelling in Desoto Canyon and bringing this oil from the deep waters up to the shallow, and that seems to be what the Florida State folks are saying. …


JOHN ROBERTS, CNN ANCHOR:… [T]he USF study said, quote, “These findings, although preliminary, suggest that subsurface oil may be emerging on to the west Florida shelf through the Desoto Canyon.” So this is not just restricted to the extremely deep water. There’s enough welling as you mentioned before. How widespread could this become?


MCKINNEY: Well, it depends on how big those plumes are and how long they persist, but that conveyer belt moves water rather quickly. And so the fact that the Florida state folks are finding oil up on that shelf at the distance that they’re finding it is disturbing from that regard. That means that that oil plume could be moving up on the shelf and that’s sort of a worst case scenario. We would not like to see that at all.

While the government denies that they are connected with the oil spill, there have been massive fishkills in Louisiana. Oil can be seen at fishkill sites (and see this), and the EPA has discovered high levels of nickel near the biggest fishkill. There have also been kills of starfish and other sea animals, including whales and dolphins:

And see this.

As I have previously noted, independent scientists state that the EPA's toxicity tests for the Gulf oil and dispersant were a joke.

And as McClatchy points out, the EPA's toxicity findings don't hold up in the real world:

[University of South Florida chemical oceanographer and lead scientist on the mission David Hollander's] team took water samples and fed them to marine plankton in experiments onboard the research vessel in August. Even in greatly diluted form, a lower concentration than what the EPA considers acute toxicity, the oil in the water caused a toxic effect


findings raised new questions about what concentrations and what
compounds federal scientists should be concerned about, he said. “In
spite of the low concentrations, something is in there.”

A marine biologist warns that in a worst-case scenario - the effects on the Gulf could be catastrophic:

biologist Edith] Widder, senior scientist and CEO at the Ocean
Research and Conservation Association, compared the spill to pushing
on a light switch. If the switch flips, she said, the rich diversity
of species in the Gulf will be replaced by a system in which the only
things able to survive are jellyfish and bacteria.

Instead of admitting that there is a problem, BP and the Coast Guard's spin doctors have come up with code words for oil: instead of “oil sheen”, they call it “fish oil”; instead of "oil mousse", they call it “algae”. And alot of black oily substances are just labeled "mysteries".

And fishermen, shrimpers and crabbers are still catching contaminated seafood, although the authorities don't want to hear about it. And the authorities are harassing independent scientists who are finding contamination in seafood:


There have also been reports of continuing health problems in Gulf coast residents. See this and this.

But at least BP has stopped spraying dispersant in the Gulf ... right?

Unfortunately, numerous vessel of opportunity program participants have said it is still being sprayed (see this and this). And there allegations have been confirmed by chemists and photographers.

Okay, but at least the well has been capped, so that no new oil flows into the Gulf ... right?

Its hard to know.

BP has shut off 16 out of 17 of its underwater cameras. The only remaining camera shows a small - but continuous - stream of leaking materials:

YouTube Video

There are still problems with the well. See this, this, and this, and Admiral Thad Allen is now saying that the relief well might not be completed until October.

But remember, one of the world's top oil industry accident experts says that the well may never be killed.

hope and pray that the relief well is successful. But if there were
insurmountable problems in capping the well, do you think we would hear
about it before the November elections?

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kevinearick's picture

if you dropped 2 quarts of oil from your engine, and drove around town continuously, what would happen?

Where is the short/open?

How does that affect the planet & solar system?

Augustus's picture

Oh, Geo Wash, about those criminal charges related to well design and lack of centralizers in cementing that you once called for . . . .


Operations conducted bottoms up circulation, which returned the contents of the well’s annulus to the rig for evaluation. Testing of the drilling mud recovered from the well indicated that no hydrocarbons or cement were present at the intersect point. Therefore, no annulus kill is necessary, and the annulus cementing will proceed as planned. It is expected that the MC252 well will be completely sealed on Saturday.

So the cement job worked as expected on the back side of the long string - annulus was sealed by the cement job.  Sure would be embarassing to have you as the prosecutor.  You'd sure seem a DA when you have to keep dropping charges because of ignorance.


DaveyJones's picture

almost as inept as using the defendant as his own expert witness, one who can be impeached with his own prior guilty pleas and convictions. Predictable from a counsel who thinks peak oil is a regulation scam and not a biological reality 

Augustus's picture

That must be lawyer talk trying to explain that you actually believe in the fantasies.  So, you would deny the defendent the right to submit his DNA for a comparison that might prove the innocence because they would be their own best witness?  Quite lawyerly of you, good chap.   Well played for the prosecutor.

Now, go back and read all those posts that claimed to show those massive leaks from the sea floor.   And the requirements for the sea floor surveys to identify the certain leak points.  Only a lawyer would try to defend it as anything other than a fantasy.  But for $500 an hour there is little that one of them won't do.

Augustus's picture

So, analysizing your statement:

Convict criminals - that is your job, except that you find a way to let them weasel out of the charges;

Redraw the map of the Middle East - no borders have changed for about 50 years, maybe more;

hide peak oil - nothing to hide as it is a bull shit concept with any shortages only the result of govt. actions restricting the exploration and development;

bribe scientists - IF you know of any US scientist bribed to lie about environmental impact of the oil leak, post the facts.  I'm sure many enviro scientists were engaged in a cover up of the climate gate IPC claims.

There you go.  That is an assessment of your fantasy claims of events that have not occured.  You must be a contributor to Before It Is News.

Pillage's picture

Oh the horror of it all, the first black president gives the ok to use dispersants to hide tar balls under the water. He being environmentally conscious, has he thought about the environmental impact upon the marine mammals in the area? Should any mammals be born near the undersea tar the toxicity of it will surely morph their very DNA into something we may call a tar baby. What will be the ramifications of such an unusual birth? Will they walk, talk, and demand socialism with extended unemployment benefits into infinity? The world may never know if this story goes undercover. Perhaps Mr. Obama's plan to pretty up the area will suffice......with that said, I, Joe Biden submit to you a solution. http://img.chan4chan.com/img/2009-05-01/1241181876105.jpg

He's clean boy's and girls' he's clean.



JimboJammer's picture

Polution  of  the  Earth  is  as  bad  as  Goldman  Sachs

RichardP's picture

The well at the heart of the largest oil spill in U.S. history should be completely sealed Saturday, BP said Friday.


Augustus's picture

I wonder if this procedure will kill ALL of the three or four wells that Geo Wash has reported were drilled on the block.  The Admiral has not confirmed that the secret wells will also be plugged.  What a coverup.

Augustus's picture

It would have been killed with the top kill at about two weeks, if Sec Chu had not decided on a science project that delayed it for months. 

Now we know that there was no oil flowing up the annulus.  That means that all of the blather you wrote about the leaks miles away and the cracking of the seafloor was pure B_U_L_L__S_H_I_T.

You don't have to apologize to me.  But you sure should acknowledge Jim Rockford and snakehead as being correct in the evaluations from the beginning.  Then you can write an apology to all of those who you duped with the ridiculous references to so called experts who were found on GodLikeProductions.  You can use it as a good lesson in doing your homework before taking money to run a scam.  Whatever you were paid is not likely to have been enough.

DaveyJones's picture

Now if George can just capture a number of criminal convictions, conspire with governments to invade and redraw the middle east, hide peak oil, and bribe scientists to minimize huge environmental impacts, he just might have them beat.

Get some perspective on your "bullshit" and "apologies"   

Augustus's picture

I only asked Geo Wash to apologize for the actions he clearly has taken.

You seem to made up quite a number of fantasies.  Are you a contributor to the Geo Wash blog?

DaveyJones's picture

if you're calling my first sentence "fantasies," then you're the one living on that island. I am no contributor, I'm just a guy with twenty years of criminal law experience who knows the difference between people and companies who will hurt anyone or anything to make a buck and those who wont. 

ElvisDog's picture

The progression of events in the GoM is entirely predictable because the Administration is following the standard "extend and pretend" playbook that is their response to any and all crisis. It's basically the same, neo-Kenyesian bullshit applied to an oil spill, namely that if we tell people everything is good and get their confidence up that it will all be okay.

Azannoth's picture
" hope and pray" well pray some more maybe the god sends an angel like he did so many times before, religious moron
DaveyJones's picture

"religious moron" is a little offbase for a guy who shows anything but blind faith for the powers above  

theopco's picture

Jesus Christ, it's an expression, lighten up.



the grateful unemployed's picture

I think we should drain all the water out of the GOM, and we use it as an oil well.

Cruel Aid's picture

I haven't heard about the crime of not letting the clean up crew in immediately to skim up 90+ percent of the oil. I recall the skimmers not being allowed in until after all of the damage was done. Reason being they could not get 100% of the oil and legally could not allow international help.

Am I remembering this incorrectly GW?

Dirtt's picture

Norwegian And Dutch skimmers have employees that don't pay US union dues.  Ergo they are banned from working in US waters without an executive order.

But we know who wags the POTUS.  Big Union Leadership would rather see the Gulf Of Mexico die than have a little help from our friends.

Gully Foyle's picture


How about those Norwegian and Dutch skimmers have to abide by the much more stringent Eurpean environmental rules. They would be required to report violations that exist.

I get the union bitch but that seems weak in this case. Union workers would need to report threats to their health too.

I tend to see it as a coverup of the extent of damage than a bone to unions.

Cruel Aid's picture

Did they have the means to mitigate the damage?, is the question.

If so, finger pointing and debating just allows the real story to be buried.

If so, then this aspect, to me, was a monumental crime against a variety of victims.

That was a huge spill and rules or intentions got in the way of the solution.

Milestones's picture

G.W. Ya damn trouble maker!! Haven't ya heard, outta sight outta mind! Hell all that black stuff on the ocean is just dead skin off'n all them darkie's down there.

Thanks for the post and the follow up G.W. This is a damn important story-far too much so to allow the $$ bastards to shovel this B.S. down our throats. Again, many thanks and kudos.    Milestones

DollarMenu's picture

Thank you G.W..

so glad to see you well and still investigating.

So many want to believe that getting past this event is as simple as turning a page.  I know I do, but that will not make it so.

Sometimes, reality bites hard.

downrodeo's picture

...hard, and for a long time...



Thanks as always GW.

Kina's picture

BP must be protected at all costs. The American people are rubbish by comparison as far as State and Federal governments are concerned. Not only do they rape you, they will fine you and put you in prison if you complain.

Govt corruption in the US is so systemic and widespread that only a full blow crash of gigantic proportions will have it dealt with.

 Truth commissions and public executions of corrupt regulators which is where these problems always start.

Defenestrate's picture

[Sorry double post. Trembling fingers.]

Defenestrate's picture

I wonder to what extent the government is hiding behind technical definitions. Perhaps the oil spill isn't killing the fish. Perhaps the clean up is.

In which case, reporters should be asking, "Is this related to the oil spill or the clean up-- in any way?"

At which point, the government would still lie.

DaveyJones's picture

There you go again, you forgot the oil schedule snakehead. On FRIDAYS, we keepfearalive with sealife but on MONDAYS, we use people with towels on their head and a foreign religion. You bring up a good point however, the government has never minimized the damaged state of the economy and oil has little to do with the economy, so why would they do that here?   

snakehead's picture

GW, if you bothered to watch the ROV cams and noticed the crabs, fish, eels and weirdass other things swimming around in the vicinity of the well you wouldn't be printing crap like 


As ABCCBS and NPR note, huge quantities of oil are blanketing the ocean floor, killing virtually all of the sealife which lives there.


unless you wanted to scare people so you'd get more hits.  There are going to be real problems in the Gulf for a long time and they're going to have to dealt with.  Pumping hysterical bs doesn't help. 

theopco's picture

Ok, just went and looked, and you're right, it's teeming with sealife.

I think I even saw a mermaid riding a dolphin. I even saw lots of bubbles!

Ripped Chunk's picture

Snakehead = Oil Industry Shill.

It probably is Augustus posting under ID Snakehead. Either way, STFU!

Augustus's picture

How can these DAs keep coming up as experts when they continue to spout nonsense?  It is farcical.

I like the reference to the interview with the nutter in California who evidently knows nothing about wells and completions.  He cannot yet understand why this well had a blowout and others did not.  Hey, DUMMY.  The engineers on the rig did not give the cement long enough time to cure.  Do that and they all will blowout.

I just asked the meat woman to not boil water in the house any longer.  When it evaporates from the boiling the chlorine in the water is released into the air.  Along with the fluoride.  Look at the EPA reports on how that stuff will kill almost all life forms.  Keep that stuff out of my air, please.

Ripped Chunk's picture

Augie is back from the oil fields !  What was your assignment this week SHILL? Forge some inspection tags on some high pressure gauges or something like that?????

downrodeo's picture

Every morning I get up, brush my teeth, put on my pants, eat my breakfast, and thank the lord that there is nobody in my life that I can refer to as 'the meat woman'. I do sympathize with you though; it seems she is trying to kill you with toxic gases.

Augustus's picture

Those lethal toxins are added by the city.  How could they be allowed to include toxins that are known killers when taken orally?

Augustus's picture

I'm not a follower of the PuffHo website.  The Gaga note was to attract you, I believe.

The meat woman cooks the meat.  She will even skin some squirrels if necessary.  She's especially good at dove on the grill, with bacon.

theopco's picture

just tell your "meat woman" not to dump a quart of bleach in the water first, and you'll be fine.

MsCreant's picture

We are not too lively with discussion here yet, but know your work is appreciated. 

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

MOTHERFU@#$%S.... These dipshits are gonna fuck around & poision everyone...

Defenestrate's picture

What is it Lassie?! Did Corexit fall down the well??!!

RacerX's picture

Amazing how complicit BP, Feds, Press are in covering-up/ignoring this.

MGA_1's picture

Keep up the posts.

Ruffcut's picture

Massive coverup. Absolutely unbelievable.

If the local authorities, keep denying this problem, the sheeples will become sheeple, no more.

Keep up the good work, GW.