What's Happening in Egypt?

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Events are moving very quickly in Egypt.

The Egyptian government has expelled Al Jazeera.

Fighter jets flew low over Cairo.

However, Al Jazeera just said
that the commander of the army tanks in downtown Cairo told protest
leader that the army would take no action so long as the protests were

Al Jazeera also interviewed a spokesman for the Muslim
Brotherhood, who said that that radical group would support former UN
weapons inspector Mohamed ElBaradei as Egyptian leader.

Al Jazeera reports:

Hundreds of judges join the protests in Cairo.


Al Jazeera's producer in Egypt says reports are circulating that the country's interior minister has been arrested by the army.

The generals of the Egyptian army met with Mubarak and - according to an unconfirmed report from Malta Today - the generals told Mubarak to quit.

Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm reports that Egypt's defense minister has joined protesters in Tahrir Square.

And Business Insider writes:

to Al Jazeera, ElBaradei says he has been in contact with the
military, and that he has a mandate to form a new, national unity
government immediately.


Separately, Al Jazeera is reporting on
emerging fears of a counter-revolution tonight, i.e. the possibility
that the government will make one violent, last-ditch attempt to quash
protesters once nightful comes to Cairo tonight.

Note: Even president Obama is watching Al Jazeera to find out what's going on in Egypt.

And in an update from yesterday's story, protesters have formed a human wall to protect the Cairo museum from looters.

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Media so destroyed that it can not be rebuilt?
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It's retarded shit like this that really detracts from the quality of the site.
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hama's picture

The first thing in the morning ZH read makes me wonder? Is the confidence and faith in the Government and Media so destroyed that it can not be rebuilt? Not to say that I believe any one of the sons of bitches. Just sayin that some how some way, trust has to be re-invented.
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Thanks small part of the population has the wealth and are also the beneficaries of  great portions of government largess.

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You're still making variations of the NT bet today... High risk gambling on securities that have already made huge moves, never planning for the party to end. Parties always end. Bankers and insiders are selling into the high prices. To succeed one needs to do what they do -- buying when it's uncomfortable. You do the opposite and keep losing.
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hama's picture

The lower echelons of a tyrannical regime who are responsible for (most likely) imposing unjust rulings against the oppressed masses are now scrambling over one another in a last-ditch effort to avoid their date at the hands of the lynch mob.
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Living_Stone's picture

I see more love than hate here.  Fascinating pictures: http://cryptome.org/info/egypt-fights/egypt-fights.htm

born2bmild's picture

If the Suez is threatened the US aircraft carriers and their battle groups can't be far away. Anyone know how to locate them?

serotonindumptruck's picture

"Hundreds of judges join the protests in Cairo."

This strikes me as humorous for some morbid reason.

The lower echelons of a tyrannical regime who are responsible for (most likely) imposing unjust rulings against the oppressed masses are now scrambling over one another in a last-ditch effort to avoid their date at the hands of the lynch mob.

Reese Bobby's picture

Non-main-stream-media reports the military and CSF have agreed to work together.  That's why Elbaradei & MBH have announced an alliance.  If that is true protestor reaction next 2 days will decide the matter.  Not good...

ThisIsBob's picture

Apparently only a small part of the population has the wealth and are also the beneficaries of  great portions of government largess.

Sounds familar.

HungrySeagull's picture

Time for the United States to pack it's bags and get out of Egypt.

Sure, we will trade with them and allow them to make their own weapons and technology their way. I rather have that than to have the USA stay in Egypt and get run out on a rail when millions of Egyptians get inflamed by the Protest's anger towards the Dictator's use of USA made weapons.


A thought occured to me last night that I did pause to ponder. What if all these rebellions in the various nations turn into a sort of a united empire without borders?

tempo's picture

New idea.   lets make this like American Idol with the leader of Egypt being elected by twitter votes.  Guns don't matter its how many people text your name.

Selah's picture


Commie (Socialist Renewal Movement) protest Tuesday?


  • Live call from activist Alaa Shahin from Tahrir Sq:
  • We thank everyone outside of Egypt for their continued support
  • We will continue our protests at Tahrir Sq until we achieve our victory
  • We will organize a civil movement on Tuesday afternoon – this will involve a larger number – millions of protesters
  • We need the full support of all civilians for this movement
  • Tahrir Sq witnessed youth gatherings of all protesting parties, including the new communist party, liberal party, 6th of April Movement, Muslim Brotherhood and other individual activists, to discuss next steps.
  • Educational sessions will be organized in the presence of a number of poets, artists and actors are also present.
  • The gathering will also be in recognition of the continued protests for 7 days
  • Civilians and local committees ongoing efforts
  • We were 500, now thousands are joining the protests
  • None of the protesting civilians could ask the people to withdraw from the streets of Cairo
  • No one can deprive us from this revolution and the coming victories
  • The people of Egypt have strong willpower
  • What started as a civil protest is now a freedom revolution
  • We either strive to reach our victories or die trying
  • The issue with security is exaggerated, the current situation at Tahrir Sq is very peaceful in contrast to what is aired on tv.
  • A majority of the looters and criminals seem to have been officers. These people are trying to get in the way of the goals of this revolution
  • A message to the Arab World: Go to the streets and chant for the end of this regime.
  • We urge news agencies to take the necessary precautions when reporting news – (validity and objectivity is key)
  • Alaan is a member of the communist movement party
  • We will upload a voice clip shortly

Google translation from the original Arabic:

* We thank everyone's support from outside Egypt
* Continue to Tahrir Square until victory
* We will hold the mobility of people is the biggest day on Tuesday will include millions of the people
* We need to support all national movement in the popular and high cost on the system can not keep going like that endlessly
* See the field of youth coordinating editorial meetings of all the forces of the opposition Socialist Renewal Movement and the Liberal Movement and April 6 and the Muslim Brotherhood and independent activists for the next steps
* And attend educational workshops for poets, artists, peace activists
* Millions march next Tuesday will be the week in memory of the start of the revolution
* Full coordination between citizens and their committees People
* Next Tuesday on critical and millions will come down to the street
* Egyptian people will come down in the biggest demonstration in the history of all regions of Egypt and their numbers will increase with the passage in the areas
500 * We greet you in thousands in our way to the field of editing
* No one dares (the opposition) to pull people from the street
* Can not any one to steal the revolution triumphed, or next
* People resolve a very solid
What began as a movement has become a popular revolution of freedom
* Either we achieve victory all the demands or die here
* The revolution will not steal because we paid the price of blood and the blood of our friends who were martyred
* In the Suez Daher popular formations in distinct coordination, Department of guarding and the Department participate in the demonstrations and then share their roles
* I feel pride, glory and happiness in this revolution
* People exceeded all political differences and other
* Egyptian citizens to feed each other makes no difference and all the differences do not exist
* Inflated the issue of security, the situation is even time in the field of editing quieter than it appears on the screens
* Most of the thugs they found security men
* Those seeking to break down and discredit the Revolution
* Message to the Arab world and the international community, thrown into the street Tell the system to go and it is forbidden to use violence against peaceful demonstrators
* We hope that the news agencies for accuracy and correct transfer news

Actually a member of the Socialist Renewal Movement and part of the national forces - a bloc of trends Egyptian opposition

(We will post the audio later as a result of intense pressure on the site)

tempo's picture

Stratfor has posted an excellent overview of the real power struggle which is within the military ranks.   Watch out for armed conflicts between police and military and within fractions of military.    The media plays this as a soap opera with young people finding their voice.  BS   The will turn out to be an ugly raw struggle with the most ruthless winning enormous power and wealth.   The control of the suez canal is as important as who controls Saudi Araba.   Social networking issues are a meaningless sideshow.   Hunger/looting/rioting will be issues in a few days.   The Govt will ensure  this will happen shortly.   When this happens, the masses will be begging for a strong ruthless leader.   Egypt has always been ruled by dictators.  There are no organized polictical parties

High Plains Drifter's picture

What's happening in Egypt? Oh they are becoming tired idiots now. Going home now. Had our fun on the streets for a few days, need to get some rest and find some food and,

and nothing has changed...

The beast knows full well how people are. The beast is the status quo.  Just play some games with them and they will settle. For any good to come of this, will require long days in the street fighting and dying, who knows , perhaps for months... The beast will not go away on its own. You must kill it. These people like so many think that somehow what they think means something. Now every once in a while, a chink can be found in the armor of the beast. When this happens, all power must go to taking advantage of this moment. The Egyptians have had this moment and now it is slipping away from them on a sea of broken heart aches and a life boat of bad dreams. Did they think it would be easy when they first started this? Did they think the beast would just roll up its stuff and leave on its own? I hope they will not consent to or consider a lesser of two evils propostion. All this fighting and dying then, would be for naught. I watch what is going on there now and I see it happening all too real. The fight and the perserverence of the people in the street is lessening now.  What they want in Egypt is what they want, not what someone else wants. It is their country, or is it?

ebworthen's picture


It is time for Clinton and Obama to stand up for the people of Egypt.

If they do not do so now and say the "D" word for "Democracy" than what do we stand for as a nation?

Mubarak must go and we must support the Egyptian people.

Otherwise, we will only fuel the Islamo-fascists across the Middle East.

Mubarak is a liability to democracy and liberty.


dizzyfingers's picture

No question what Clinton, Obama, Congress, and USA stand for...exactly what you see here, swindle, pillage, defraud! It's the name of the game.

Bagbalm's picture

We who? Your government is firmly in favor of dictators. If you have not noticed that it was willful ignorance.

flattrader's picture

Little has been discussed re: Egyptian border issues.

This article indicates the Egyptian military may now have control of the border with Gaza?


The last paragraph sums up the danger pretty well.

>>>He added in his JPost story that “Israeli concerns regarding Egypt relate to several issues but focus on the long-term strategic effect Mubarak’s downfall would have on the country and the Muslim Brotherhood’s potential to take over the country. The Brotherhood has said that one of the first things it would do would be to rip up the peace treaty. Israel is also concerned about the effect a regime change would have on Egypt’s border with Gaza, where security forces have recently been working more aggressively to stop arms smuggling to Hamas. While weaponry and explosives have still made their way to the Strip, the security forces have nonetheless been effective in curbing the flow. ‘A change in power could change what happens on the border as well’, a senior defense official said’…”<<<

stratfor.com and debka.com are websites worth watching.

Salinger's picture

Hamas and the MB have common roots[1], that border will in time should MB via Elbara come to power be more like the AZ MX border


[1] HAMAS: Friend or Foe in the Fight Against Terrorism

(scroll half way down the page to get the MB view of Hamas)

Randall Cabot's picture

Just keep in mind that debka is Mossad.

Paul Bogdanich's picture

I hope they settle this quickly and relatively peacefully.  I say that because if they have a violent episode and the government falls anyway which it most likely will that will reinforce the perception that violent overthrow of the regional governments is possible.  That would not be the best idea I have ever heard of.  However if the violence does come it will almost certainly be at the hands of Mubarack so let's see what happens.     

americanspirit's picture

Next stop the heads of Saud - rolling

Dr. Sandi's picture

Next stop the heads of Saud - rolling

Time to party like it's 1789!

Salinger's picture

that's the big fish, but it will take time

dick cheneys ghost's picture

next stop is the house of saud?????????????

roymunnson's picture

Yes I agree...


But why??


answer: gold!!!

bunkermeatheadprogeny's picture

Mubarak will leave soon, he's already done his third round of telephone interview for the position of general manager of the Luxor hotel.

You know the saying, never leave your current job until you have your next job in place.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

That's the Vegas Luxor right?

Mubarak would fit right in...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

And this solves inflation how?

Dr. Sandi's picture

With no structures, no economy. No economy, no inflation.

midtowng's picture

Wow! Sounds like everything is coming to a head. If the army and people are together as one, then how can anyone who believes in freedom be against this?

Dirtt's picture

Easy. Put ten people in a room and don't even bother asking a question.  You'll still get a "No."

The meek shall inherit the earth.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Well, maybe the military and El Baradei can pull this off, kicking out Mubarak relatively peacefully.  I hope so.

Thanks for the update GW!

Isotope's picture

I think it's interesting that the military is (apparently) on the side of the people. If this ever happened in the USA, I would hope that the same would be true. The various levels of civil law enforcement in the US seem to have done everything they can to antagonize the people and establish an "us vs. them" attitude. There is no love lost between the police and the people in this country, and I don't think the LEOs realize how much they are hated by the average person. I am what you would probably call 'lower upper class' and a professional, and I have been repeatedly harrassed by police. I have friends who have been abused and even beaten by them. I avoid them like the plague. In a dire situation, we could only hope for military leaders like that one National Guard general during Katrina who told his troops to lower their weapons, not treat the people like the enemy, and concentrate on helping them and organizing relief rather then being confrontational.

ElvisDog's picture

I don't know, Baradei sounds a lot like "welcome the new boss, same as the old boss".

Mariposa de Oro's picture

My thoughts, too! Baradei is a UN stooge.  His installation is very convenient, no?  To me, the UN=NWO.  Its bad news for freedom if Baradei is handed the keys to the kingdom.

benb's picture

…the UN=NWO

Yes indeedee. The UN is the Globalist/NWO population control eugenics arm. Baradei is just a CIA/Soros sponsored puppet. Mubarak was a good little obedient dictator but he wouldn’t implement population control like he was supposed to. I hear a lot of talk about democracy and such. Not too realistic IMO. The Egyptian people are screwed any which way… and so are we. But it’s a good diversion.

Rockford's picture

I don't know, Baradei sounds a lot like "welcome the new boss, same as the old boss".







Cleanclog's picture

He has visibility, isn't a quack, and could be an official interim with real elections to be held in some determined time . . . 2 months, 6 months, whatever.  Meanwhile, trade organizations, the UN, IMF, and other important elements of tourism could function better than if some unknown within an extremist group grabs the reins.

El Baradei is likely best immediate outcome - as long as it is for short term stabilizing purposes.

americanspirit's picture

The Egyptian secret police are a fearsome bunch. The US has found them very useful in conducting surrogate torture under the 'rendition' program. They are enthusiastic fingernail pullers and testicle burners. We will only know that the Egyptian revolution has succeeded when we see hundreds of these bastards swinging from lampposts in downtown Cairo. No swinging secret police, no revolution.

Randall Cabot's picture

Secret police heads stuck on the ends of poles is also a nice touch.
Apparently the sprung Muslim Brotherhood prisoners didn't have time for such tasteful displays, they just stopped to beat and rip to shreds any secret police prison officials and guards that didn't see the writing on the wall fast enough.