What's Next For The Euro? Two Contrasting Opinions From Goldman And Citi

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Blah blah blah.

The dollar swap renewals just guaranteed that only rates matter.

Presuming respective CBs open liquidity windows for crap for their constituents.

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In the right column as of now (9:51 am est) is the RAN Squawk headline of the day:

Latest News From RAN Squawk


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All about EUR is old news, no we must protect that razor thin + above 1300, at all costs.

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The Euro will be joining the ranks of the Tally Stick in the history of currencies.

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Tally stick was around for more than 700 years...

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Ron Insana & Steve Liesman have just announced they have formed a research firm with cutting edge analysis of all market trends.

Insana-Lies man, LLP™ © ® provides accurate and comprehensive research for those depending on real time analysis and data in a complex and ever devolving financial environment[wasteland].

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Fuck the Euro


Fuck Goldman


Fuck Citi


Yeah, I know these comments do nothing for the markets...but I don't give a shit today.

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What is up for the Euro? Same thing that is up for every other asset class.

Manipulated volatility. Maximum wealth transfer. If anyone had called the last 6 or evven three months correctly based on some fundamentals, all this anal-y-sis might make sense.

Gut trading, gut-wrenching trading....



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Using this simple analysis to project ahead, it appears EUR/$ may soon continue its uptrend.


Thats all I need. Euro is fucked.

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Structure carries more weight over time than hope, ideology or spin.  The Euro is structured so the weaker states can encumber the monetary pool, which is exactly why the world is fixated on how Greece votes.  But no matter how Greece votes, the structure of the Euro monetary union still remains the same.  It is only a matter of time before we have the same fixation over a similar vote in another Euro country.  If we are having fits over Greece, what will it be like when that next vote is in a bigger economy?


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Greece is to the EU what New Hampshire is to the U.S.

Portugal is Iowa.

Spain is Illinois.

Italy is Florida.

The UK is New York State.

(Germany is California & France would be about equivalent, proportionately, to Texas)


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Why do they even want a high euro?  The ONLY ray of hope for someof these countries would come if the euro were 1.10 or something like that, then they just might have a chance.  

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They dont need a strong EUR, the ME and China need a strong EUR.

China especially.

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What the Bundesbank wants the Bundesbank gets, and Germany has a mortal fear of so much as a whiff of inflation, as dependent as it is upon imported energy it has to have a high euro to prevent structural inflation from getting established such as what we have had in the USA for the last few years.  For Merkel allowing any inflation would be akin to letting skinheads publicly fly swastikas.  It just will not be allowed.  Even in the current economic climate the ECB said yesterday that it is ready to raise rates, but even with the euro 1.50 or higher Germany would rather suffer declines in it's massive exports than to appear to accommodate higher prices. 

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It was a rhetorical question!  I get it .. they don't ... yes the germans want it, but how long before the other 270m or whatever it is europeans realise this joke.


And just so the arsehole who is junking everything in this room doesn't have the pleasure, I am junking myself!

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Two Contrasting Opinions From Goldman And Citi..

The headline is all I need or want to hear. One self proclaimed market expert countering the views of another, while both sport $4,000 worth of clothes, watches, jewelry, not to mention their 3,000 sq ft. townhome in on the Upper East Side and their Hampton summer home with a top of the line Mercedes in the garage. All paid for with fees, commissions, and tax dollars extorted from their clients. And, as always, the net value of these conflicting opinions to me is zero.  

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I used to be the correlation cruncher...then I was replaced by an algo...watch out there all you sell siders, dark pools are coming to eat your lunch