White House Now Accepting Comments On H.R. 3808

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Bill H.R. 3808, the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010, which was discussed yesterday, and which according to both Reuters and the NYT may have a material impact on mitigating the impact of the High Freq Signing scandal, at least on the servicers, is now open for public comments at the white house.

Those wishing to tell the president how they feel, may do so at the following link:


We are confident the White House will promptly disclose all the "well-mannered" comments advising the administration on all sorts of anatomically impossible acts it should engage in should Obama sign off on this.

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Bob's picture

Great comedy, Tyler! 

Illustrations, WB7?

BTW,  the "Tell Barry what you think" [cough] tool [cough] was very user-friendly, took less than 60 seconds.  Thanks for the link!

JohnKing's picture

My comments to WH:


Hi Barack

You need to sign this right away or I'll have Timmy and Ben engineer another little "flash crash" in time for November elections.



Millivanilli's picture

This is  like  Mao's 100 flowers campaign.   Tell us what you think, don't hold back, now.   3 months later you'll all be in fema camps pounding sand!

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Voice votes are fun to pass bills as all those accountable are no longer so.  Can't have the plebes see who sold us to the bankers again, and again, and again, and again. 

Mako's picture

You always have the right to challenge notarized items, it doesn't matter where it was signed.

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I fear the potential legal ramifications of my possible comment and it's relation to my blood alcohol content. I will, therefore, refrain from expressing my views on the matter on any .gov type website heeding the advice of my attorney and bartender, whom are of course, one and the same.

blunderdog's picture

Well-stated, as per Oscar Acosta:

"You're going to need plenty of legal advice before this thing is over."

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

What a wonderful way to join the White House watch list of possible domestic (or foreign) terrorists. Make sure you use your real name, address and a working phone number. And don't bother using a public computer, you home Dell laptop works just fine. :>)

infotechsailor's picture

just b sure and notarize your house to infotechsailor, in the event you get "suicided"

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


For a few Gold Eagles, I'll be happy to assign my underwater mortgage to you. We can move forward from there.

Now, how do you spell your name? :>)

TraderTimm's picture

I believe the term now is "tubbed", or perhaps "Simmoned".

Bob's picture

I'm thinking most of us crossed that event horizon long ago-o-o-o-o-o . . .

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Rest assured, if you're on ZH you've already crossed into the black hole. Thus the reason for the bold smiley face after my silly statement above.

Bob's picture

Just FYI--I no longer use the Dell.  But, of course, they know that.  8>)

UGrev's picture

Do you live your life in fear all the time? or just when it comes to telling your (supposedly) representative government how to operate under the terms of the people. Regardless of if they listen or not; that's irrelevant.  If you think they care about you not being on a list,  you're a fool. You already have a digital trail. You're on a list...inside the government computer system etc etc etc. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

No, your wrong. I'm a law abiding American citizen. I've done nothing wrong what-so-ever so the government would never put me on any list or collect any information about who I am or my political beliefs or what I purchase or what web sites I visit.

The government only does that to the bad guys and then only with the written approval of a thoughtful and upstanding judge. So there. :p)

Bob's picture

Of course everybody's already on the "list".  And that is everybody.  Insiders have reported plenty on the NSA junction boxes on the backbone of the web.  Why do ya spoze FISA gave retroactive immunity to telecoms? 

Fuck 'em, that ship really has already sailed.

UGrev's picture

Sarcasm duly noted. 

taking bets that I'm on more lists than you :) in fact, we should all overload their lists. When everyone is on the list...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You know you've arrived (at Guantanamo) when you land on the NSA's "List of lists".

Nirvana, waterboard style.

Lucky Guesst's picture

I'm not sure I want to know the total amount of lists I am on. I have been holding off asking my doc for xanax as long as humanly possible.

A Nanny Moose's picture

I don't like being on anybody's list. Not even Santa Effing Claus.

drbill's picture

We're all already on a watch list. So you have nothing to lose by writing. Be sure to be especially sarcastic because sane rational arguments don't work with the government.

pan-the-ist's picture

How about leaving a constructive comment rather than an emotional one?

Lucky Guesst's picture

Dear Barry,

You are grossly under qualified for your job and should seek help. If your job performance is delivering the exact results intended then you should probably "seek help" as well.


Lucky's Proxy Server


Real Estate Geek's picture

Joking or not, it's revolting that over the past decade or so many of us, myself included, have perceived a chilling effect on free speech.

The Founding Fathers are probably spinning in their graves so fast that we should wrap them in copper wire and start generating some REAL power.

Although I'm not a fan of country music, I do like this song:

My Country My Ass:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7JY-pn-OkM

Dr. Engali's picture

That hope and change feels good.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It was a tight fit, but they finally got it in there.

belogical's picture


Husk-Erzulie's picture

Dear Barry,

This would be a good time to grow a pair.  But then again maybe hell freezing over is just a litte too much change.  By the way when is your next vacation and how's that drive shaping up?

Bob's picture

Humor is the best way of making a difficult point--I hope he gets the full message from us. 

John McCloy's picture

There is absolutely no mystery here.

Would signing off on this bill benefit banks? Yes

Was this done by banking lobbyists to increase their opaque transactions and shield them? Yes

Does the middle class take it in the buns if the bill is signed? Yes

  There you go folks. Dog and Pony followed up by a signature next week.

   In the interim maybe the Fed will shake the markets a little to ensure a signature.

ZackAttack's picture

Pocket veto, though, right?

It was presented to the president on 9/30. If he doesn't sign in 10 days, with Congress out of session, it's automatically vetoed. I don't know how weekends are handled, but that would make it Monday, close of business at the latest.

Citxmech's picture

Is Congress out of session right now?

Pocket veto would be an easy way out if it's available - but the fact that this POS passed the Senate UNANOMOUSLY and is already through the House, leads me to believe that a "new and improved version" would be back on the President's desk the day after they reconvene.  This thing had to set a new record for rubber-stamping it's way through Congress...

BTW, anybody know how come the date in the title is 2009?

MichaelG's picture

Can't find it on the Google as I'm far too drunk, but this (or similar) was originally introduced in 2006. Can't fathom why it's suddenly being rushed through, now, though. (I wasn't kidding drunkwise...)

DaveyJones's picture

They're taking comments, but the discount window banks have a new program that can move a million comments in a minute 

Arseclown's picture

Tell the president how I feel...wow, how much time do I have?  Is there a censor close by?  Have that button ready, buddy.  It's about to short out...

Clark_Griswold Hedge Mnger's picture

oh boy, I'd like to read the unedited version of that thread...


Hephasteus's picture

Ukrainian hackers with thier cpus out in the permafrost are probably laughing right now.

Apocalypse Now's picture

Most corporations have been incorporated in Delaware.

If Delaware passes a retro-active law allowing robo-signers without original documents, then based on this latest proposal the other states would need to respect it.  This is an expansion on the mere notary issue, but I think this is the direction.

That way a state would be responsible and nobody in Washington would take the heat for siding with the bankers that a congress person recently said "frankly they own the place".

We have a major structural flaw in our economy that may be intentional or an oversight, I'll leave it for others to judge the intent of the bankers.  Banks no longer have real deposits to loan out, the loan is literally created out of thin air.  So everyone that states home "squatters" do not deserve a free house is reasonable, but on the other hand should ownership of real assets revert to a bank that did nothing but create a loan out of thin air?

Everyone is focused on the P&L of banks, but they are backstopped and we need to start asking important questions like who owns all the houses and stocks with the for profit private Fed buying up all assets with our money - the BALANCE SHEET side. 

The banks won't let supply and demand work themselves out in the market to clear with a lower price, so more than likely if they kick out current residents the property will be empty for a long time (current inventory is well over a year).  So I ask you, who has more of a claim on a property - one that put down a significant down payment and a number of payments, or an entity that created a loan out of the air with a key stroke?  Think about it.  Think about the fraud, write loans to everyone backed up by hard assets and then take ownership of those assets when the inevitable happened once liquidity was reduced in the economy. 

As Charles Lindbergh said in 1913, from now on all deflation will be scientifically created.  Congress voted that they can invest based on insider information, so they could all be buying leveraged SPY calls on fed briefings about POMO actions along with those connected to the fed.  At least Obama gave us a tip last year when he said now would be a good time to invest for the long term - we need another indication now and we could all inflate together.  The market is now the fed, I said it months ago that TA and fundamentals do not matter - the only thing that matters as Lindbergh pointed out is what will BB do. 

Based on reality, record market cash outflows, economics/demographics, geopolitical risks, etc. logic says depression, biflation, less growth.  Everything is over valued based on this back drop, yields are essentially zero or negative considering inflation, they are trying to save the banks by starving everyone else.  So it becomes a question of what will BB do and what will the market makers that are trading against their own clients do?  Why risk getting shanked by the market makers with their intended volatility that eats up stop losses like a game of centipede?  We would need a signal to invest in this, or it is really just a casino.  Is the market the mechanism they will use to transmit inflation?  Should we all go long?

Were our founding fathers right about the international bankers and the warning that we would wake up tenants in the land that our forefathers conquered?  The fed is a private bank owned by the largest banks, and these are owned by a handful of powerful families that also own many other corporate interests.

Could the entire plot be a well thought out end game that results in transferring hard assets and product assets into their hands?  They own a printing press that can not be audited.  Understand that they do not need paper money, they OWN A PRINTING PRESS and would like to exchange that paper for real stuff.


MichaelG's picture

-1 junk. It seems the gubmint is already reading our comments!

MikeyKid's picture

TD - Here's your chance to submit a comment "on behalf of your membership"...



Miles Kendig's picture

You fuckin' fucks need to get up off your fat fucking asses and call collect, fuckin' call direct, just make fuckin' damn fucking sure to call 800-FUCK-OFF today !  Thank fuckin' god I fucking no longer have to fuckin' staff that fucking worthless piece of shit call center or fuckin' need to concern myself with you fuckin' fucks finding out "Rose" lives in fuckin' Mumbai (Which is where we fuckin' maintain all that fuckin' crap).   Fuckin' call and go off.  Yell and fuckin' scream like the little fuckin' bitchez you are.  Fucking whine & snivvel about how we are so fuckin' unfair while we randomly decide who fuckin' owns your fuckin' fucked up motherfucking clapboard and red brick special, just like that stupid fuckin' 401K.  Just make fucking real sure and remember, I am the only fuckin' change you need to fucking believe in, to tip your sweet assed bartender and that Chez Shalom fuckin' does Asian Carp like a fucking champ.

- Love Rahm

Miles Kendig's picture

Oh ya.  Big love.  I love missing Rahm being there.  I never knew Rahm was a Daily before, even if he is part of a distant Scottish branch of that Chicago family.  Gotta love the Scots-Irish since I am one myself.