Whitney Tilson July Performance And Investor Letter

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Ping is up 45.9% for the year.

For those unfamiliar he was the trader at SAC who was fired for urinating on junior traders, forcing them to take female hormones, and made blowjobs a prerequisite for placing a trade.

Go Ping!

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Isn't it interesting how that even in the douple triple dip scenario that expectations for stocks are flat to down? Not down, Down, DOWN?

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We are careening headfirst into a Global Systemic Collapse.

That's why consumer discretionary names like Fossil are breaking out to new highs....


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the market goes up 7% in a month, which would be an annual rate 90% percent, and then wall street screams qe2 because it isn't doing that. these guys appear to want 70% a year. what happened to the idea of 8% a year.

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Gates hawking Fossil.  Robotraders & HFT bots juicing the stock.  Great reasons to buy.  lol  


George Washington's piece on BP and the eco-disaster it caused is closer to reality than Tilson's view:


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haha  i spoke too soon...yes we should all take GW's advice on BP, as he's been so right and Tilson has been wrong, lol

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really interesting read...I won't touch BP but I will take a closer look at mr softy and Inbev.

I suspect some zh'rs won't like his analysis of BP and the spill.

Wonder who's right? Zillionaire pro money manager or basement dwellers?

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Who gives a damn what Tilson thinks?  He's just another Fat-Cat Wall Street gambler that's all part of this whole cesspool system.