Whitney Tilson's Comprehensive Presentation On Life, The Economy, And Everything

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Lately, Whitney Tilson's "value investing" record has taken some bruises (today's latest MSFT fiasco notwithstanding: bottom line is sometimes stocks are "value" for a reason), although he still makes presentations better than most. Below is his latest comprehensive analysis of the economy "An Overview of Behavioral Finance and the Economy, What Worries Us, Our View of the Market, and Some Stock Ideas." Lots of pretty charts and some good overall observations, with an emphasis on housing and macroeconomics.

Tilson Prez May 2011

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bigwavedave's picture

nice presentation. is he gay?

golfrattt's picture

Christ, ...Microsoft..??

10 years of dead money and he's telling us that Msft's in play...??

How bout i back up that Msft with another in Yahoo..??

Should be Ch 11 in no time...

golfrattt's picture

Christ, ...Microsoft..??

10 years of dead money and he's telling us that Msft's in play...??

How bout i back up that Msft with another in Yahoo..??

Should be Ch 11 in no time...

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Does zerohedge need interns? Between the douglas adams, space balls, big lebowski, and fight club themes I will work for nothing, not even school credit. I just want to be around people who posses more intelect than wet sauerkraut. Help a brotha' out.

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ill take an intern. depends where you are and what you net connection is like. also depends on whether you can believe real logic or false flags. start with this one... find and read the original white paper release of JPM for VaR... then compare with the stated SunGuard or Algorithmics methodology... Spot the diff.

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i'm in long island 40 min from city. Got a metaphysics final in 56 minutes. If you're serious, i'll see what i can do after the exam. College is a joke, i need real knowledge.


EDIT: However if ZH needs interns, I would take the offer in an instant. No offense.

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I've been a manager for a full twenty years now, and after going through literally dozens of assistants for my multiple departments, I can tell you right now that I've learned a college degree is certainly NOT the golden ticket that automatically make a person a better employee.  I just had to fire my last assistant (25 years old), and he had a business degree from a reputable college.  He just couldn't cut it in the real world.  My new assistant has only a run-of-the-mill sociology background (totally unrelated to my field), but possesses the smarts, and has proven so far to be the best assistant I've ever had.  Intelligence trumps a paper diploma any day.

My office is chock FULL of younger people who have degrees in this- or that- field, but abandoned them to get a full time job that gives them an income and brings them more satisfaction than they expected.

Just hang in there and complete your degree.  You *might* get a job in your chosen field, but the degree will at least show an employer that you have the guts to stick with something until it's finished.  That speaks volumes.

Just don't park too much money into college, or get yourself into any more debt!

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Thank you for the kind words and sage advice. I dont know what my chosen field is yet, but i will probably need a finance degree for whatever it ends up being.


sorry for the derail ZH.

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I am kinda tired of my field. Do you need a salesman who could explain the difference to clients? I guess you dont call them salesmen!

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T2 needs a macro strategist who can size up a management team.  Email wtilson@tilsonfnds.com

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explain why this isn't an epic waste of time

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Apparently, US mortgages make up 4.8% of TOTAL GLOBAL DEBT.

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Pretty good history lesson.  So what.  Looks to me like interest rates should have been rising long ago.  The world is about to re-learn precisely what the cost of creating capital out of thin air is.

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Repeat after me... Gold and Silver are bubbles of trouble.. Paper is good and right!


type that 1,000 times and forget that the monetary supply has been grown 300% in 3 years...


33%.. or $0.33 per dollar.. and the best part is when you read your bank statement.. you dont even feel robbed! no one does.. well a few of us do.





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I wonder what the market saturation percentage is for this type of software(salesforce.com CRM), and how much of the market salesforce.com believes they have or are able to get to.

If it is still fairly early in the game and they are the leaders in the product industry, I would buy.

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Whitney Tilson paid Minkow for doing 'research' a few years back. That tells me everything I need to know about WT.

From deepcapture.com:


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Behavioral finance? More Fraiser bullshit.

Behavior is not economics

Economics is not behavior

But shh, don't tell that to all those who pray to the god of Niles Crane.  I wonder, did they get a nobel peace prize for this?  Behavioral Finance and Market Psychology = Complete bullshit sophistry.  Ever see Fraiser go on a mind bender where he goes completely nuts overthinking something?  That's these concepts in a nutshell. 

Use it as one of many metrics, and weight it near zero, and you'll be okay.

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Buy all the silver you can get.

Look at Exters Inverted Pyramid of assets. Check out your stocks, real estate, etc. An eye opener.