Whose Line Is It?

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Guess what extremely charismatic (if extremelier teleprompted) future leader of the free world uttered the following rhetorically elegant, if completely and utterly hollow, words:

"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."

If you said Barack H. Obama, give yourself a golfclap. And if you are scratching your head furiously at the seemingly unbelievable hypocrisy after how just four years later, the president's own economic advisor Austan Goolsbee said that a refusal by the Senate to increase the government’s debt
ceiling would be “catastrophic” and a sign of "insanity" don't worry, you are not alone. In fact, very few people can believe the self-professed "insanity" of the very people who four years ago were all about prudent fiscal behavior but now couldn't give a rat's ass about drowning the country in $150 billion in debt each and every month.

And some other observations on the teleprompter's facility with swaying in the wind via the National Review Online:

In 2007 and in 2008, when the Senate voted to increase the limit by $850 billion and $800 billion respectively, Obama did not bother to vote. (He did vote for TARP, which increased the debt limit by $700 billion.)

Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) told Human Events in an interview released today that the decision about the debt ceiling “needs to be a big showdown” in the Senate.

“We are going to cut [spending] necessary to stay within the current levels, which is over $14 trillion,” said DeMint.

If by "big showdown", DeMint means the latest pathetic theater of, for and by the government, which pretends to care about the middle class, while continuing to pander to the top 0.1% of US society, then he is absolutely spot on.

But yes, the president is correct. Americans do deserve better... than the corrupt puppet frauds that are allegedly representing their interests in the judicial, legislative and executive branches of the Wall Street purchased US government.

h/t Lucy

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A circus of bread?

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It's becoming clear that most of these lawmakers have never even read the income and spending reports and if they have they are incapable of understanding arithmetic.  There is no possible way to balance the budget in a quarter or with the stroke of a pen.  >85% of spending is defense, social security, medicare and medicaid and interest on the debt and the budget deficit is 30% of revenues.  These people don't even understand the problem. 

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"I love these members that get up and say 'READ THE BILL.' What good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages, and you don't have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you've read the bill ?"

Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan.

Behold the modern-day "lawmaker."

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+1. I have actually added a bit to physical ( Ag ) today. 

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To me it's looking more and more like the idiots are the ones doing the lending. Laugh at the government all you want but they're running a massive global ponzi con and somehow there are people ante-ing up. I think a lot of these guys understand the arithmetic all too well and are just trying to squeeze out the last few spins of the wheel before global default and currency reset happens. This debt will not be paid off in a fair way. Isn't there a proverb like if you owe a little and can't pay you're in trouble, but if you owe a lot and can't pay the lender is in trouble?



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If you owe the bank $100 that's your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that's the bank's problem.
J. Paul Getty


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The Elected cannot be trusted and neither can the electorate. 

TERM LIMITS is the only way out of this. 

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Or of war.  We may be broke, but at least Lindsey Graham wnts a permanent military presence in Afghanistan...



UpShotKnotHoleGrable's picture

the american dream


"what is a bank you ask...a curious place where space, time and irony exist...and yet..don't...no one is allowed in...not even gee ohh dee..."

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The most rational policy would be a) get out of Afghanistan today (by say 5pm EST) or b) be prepared for a very long presence (permanent air base) to try to keep a lid on things.   The middle ground (aka the one espoused by BHO) is the most absurd choice.   But BHO does not know what he is doing or why he is doing it, so the absurd choice seems appropriate to him. 

Econolingus's picture

sorry, forgot the disclaimer: my Xtranormal movie is pure parody, intended for amusement purposes only.  No, I don't think that Glenn Beck actually suggested he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

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I cannot, for the life of my cat, fathom how that clown and all the other circus performers commonly referred to as the US Congress, are able to keep their jobs year after year, election cycle after election cycle. Oi polloi, joe six pack is incorrigible.

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A chicken in every pot.

What? The formerly middle class plebes get no poultry? Grains spiked, making it too expensive, also wiping out many poultry farmers, due to the insanity of Bernanke's monetary policies?

Very well.

A cupeth of gruel for every table.

What? Gruel's too expensive, now, too? And for the same reasons? WTF!!???

Just bring on the revolution already!!!

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Monsanto continues it's death walk of the people and land on this earth.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Just make sure your crops aren't cross-pollinated (by the wind) with roundup ready GMO seed.

It'll cost you your farm.

UpShotKnotHoleGrable's picture

already eating prion infected cloned beef, gmo corn, gmo sugar, gmo soy, gmo wheat, gmo potatoes, gmo tomatoes, gmo bannanas, gmo pineapples; air/water aluminum levels 60 times what the epa is supposed to declare as an emergency, aluminum toxicity causes alzheimers, as of the past 10 years, alzheimers is suddenly one of the leading causes of death in LA county.  water contaminated with tetrachloroethylene, perchlorate et al.....on an on.....fun stuff.  for more fun google news "national water contamination".  i have no clue how my body abides.  my body is "the dude".

Things that go bump's picture

What do you mean, prion-infected cloned beef?  I thought they stopped adding the parts of cattle we don't use to the cattle feed to boost the protein.  I work in the medical field and I haven't heard of a suspicious rise in the normal rate of cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob, though several years ago the young minister of a local church contracted some form of spongiform encephalopathy and died.  However, it is believed that he ate contaminated venison.  Prions aren't a life form.  You can't sterilize or irradiate them away.   

UpShotKnotHoleGrable's picture

my understanding is that cloned beef is in the food supply chain, as for feeding cows to chickens and chickens to cows, I can't tell you if they've stopped, regulatory capture being the name of the game, but let's say they did, are usda inspectors monitoring this? I dont eat chicken anymore because its just putrid full of hormones/anti-biotics...i never eat at the cheese cake fucking factory...but i would very much be interested in what you did not comment on, the air/water toxicity, are you seeing an increased # of alzheimers in your experience? what do you think about chelation as a counter? and yes i know prions aren't a virus or bacteria.  I did not junk you btw. I was tempted though ;P

gangland's picture

can i just have some fucking natural food for fucks sake??? WTF!

Things that go bump's picture

I'm sorry.  Please excuse me, I wasn't questioning whether or not cloned beef is being served up at the grocery store, I was questioning that it was prion-infected.  I am not a doctor and I'm not qualified to comment on chelation therapy as a treatment for exposure to aluminum.  The incidence of Alzheimer's increases with age.  I was not aware that there was a statistically significant elevation in the rate of incidence.  Do you know of a study?   

gangland's picture

what's the lethal toxicity (LT) of living in los angeles you mean?

LT = the point at which 50% of the given population dies.

gangland's picture

trav, awesome, lmao, thx for reminding me, an arm chair xpert xD xposed! i was simplifying it for the folks godaamit man.....re cloned beef...you think they practice sigma6? just wondering what the error rate would be in the protein make up of cloned beef? you know, just somethin to chew on...har harrrr!!! 99cent angus drive thru bitchezzz ;)!!!


what is the quality of protein replication in cloned beef?

and then there is this



yes there is no direct correlation with aluminum, but neither is there one with an increase in the aging population, or simply aging, people been getting old all the time, ambient aluminum has been parabolic only in the past decade or so......btw....prions can oddly enuff be considered as forms of life, they are classified as pathogens, biological agents, 




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fluoride is a waste by-product of the aluminium industry, and appears to "assist" aluminium accumulation in the brain, is BANNED in many countries, and added to US water supply:


chelation methods assist the removal of aluminium from the body, and such simple ingredients as cilantro & lemon, with chlorella to bind and remove from tissues can be used:


most states are under heavy toxic spraying of aluminium, barium & pathogens, and thus these substances are turning up in the water supplies. . .

“The samples he had performed before the alleged aerosol spraying
campaign had yielded an average of 1000 aquatic insects. Our sample
yielded only 31. This is over a 96% decline from samples taken just a
few years ago. Mangels stated that because the fish live off of the
insects, they are literally starving. This rapid decline is likely due
to changes in the chemistry of the water. The only changes that
Mangels is aware of are the dramatic increases of aluminum, barium and
strontium which he believes is from SAG programs. ”


nmewn's picture

We finally agree on something...ingesting fluoride...I chalk it up to government incompetence.

Thanks for refraining from contrail conspiracy theories...smile ;-)

Cathartes Aura's picture

"government incompetence". . .

yes, it's a popular meme, and conveniently allows for endless wasted years "voting out" the "incompetence" - yet never seems to touch the core of the problem, does it? 


nmewn's picture

Well...I would say, they've been pretty successful at perpetuating the "meme" all by themselves.

Personally, I don't give them that much credit...they pretty much screw up everything they put their hands on...(for us anyways) if they're not telling us what to eat, they're telling how much to eat.

Soon followed by...don't eat any of it..."a new study has changed everything we thought we knew!"...and followed again by..."disregard that last admonishment, your not getting enough!"

Eggs...coffee...wine...aspirin...it's a long list...you get my point...they're idiots, listening to, nodding approvingly of, the same organizations they dole out taxpayer grant money to, who will, when they are thrown out of office...employ them.

Yes...it's basically a criminal enterprise worthy of investigation...but we fire the investigators.

"In an interview, Walpin said he was disappointed by the decision, "not for myself but for the institution of inspectors general," because the court decision "has effectively removed any meaning" to a 2008 inspector general reform law."


Cathartes Aura's picture

I understand what you're saying, but I choose to believe that these are deliberate, long-term objectives, that not all are "in" on but nevertheless all end up supporting by choosing to side with their supposed peers against the actual amrkn (and global) public(s).

it's how I "make sense" of knowing that Monsanto has engineered aluminium-resistant seeds - why would they do that, invest their precious monies? if they were not aware of the continuous spraying? - and why is the new head of the FDA a former Monsanto exec??


I'm bored with thinking everything that happens at a government level is by chance & accident, that it's a cartoon of fail, given the outcomes affect my life and those I care about.  I realise it's popular to whine about how "stupid" everyone in gov't (and banking, and the markets, etc etc), but I don't buy that they're all tripping over their feet and can't tie their laces.

(p.s. I could give a shit about "obama" or anyone else that serves as a lightning rod for people's attentions.)

gangland's picture

"I'm bored with thinking everything that happens at a government level is by chance & accident, that it's a cartoon of fail, given the outcomes affect my life and those I care about.

(p.s. I could give a shit about "obama" or anyone else that serves as a lightning rod for people's attentions.)"


that is the best thing that i have read on the internet for the past 15 years. gives me hope.  there is no hope i know that.

nmewn's picture

Cat is always a very interesting read...I may not agree or comment on it...but I stop and read it.

+1 Cat ;-)

creviceCaress's picture

yah man, cloned bull sperm has been directly available...even on the web....for over ten years.....cloned beef has been in yer dupermarket freezer for years.  if somebody says that aint true, smile and laugh....thats what i do.  modern day food consumption is a sort of natural selection process in itself, if you wanna feel good about what you eat, eat what yer grandma ate.  the organic label has gone the way of...well, eveyrthing else.  do not trust it.  some nasty ex-monsanta-claus fux have developed neotame(derived from aspartame)...it goes into yer processed 'orgaic' foods plus livestock feed.....and it donta hafta be-a LABELED.....so when you buy that delicious organic cascade farms chicken tenders?  well, is there neotame in it or not?  HA!.......natural selection.  eat that shite if you need it, i guess. 


frankenfood dude.  if yer looking for the nastiest of the nasties, monsanta-claus makes the financial tyrants look like kids play.  yah, money makes the world go round < adm/mons/cargill/others have done/continue to do things with food that is irreparable in it's destruction.  and they're just getting primed.

Misean's picture

You have a source other than Irrational Refuse Online?

Not that I'm not shocked at such hypocracy from our puppet class, just that I won't go to the site to verify.  Neo-clowns give me hives...

brian0918's picture

Moron: Try clicking on the link for "Barack H. Obama", and you will see it is from senate.gov, and his quote is from the congressional record on 3/16/2006.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

As punches to the junk go, that was great.

no cnbc cretin's picture

Yes, but this one h/t Lucy goes to the National Review site.

Bob Sacamano's picture

BHO is a moron as well.  He will say anything at any particular moment to advance his leftist agenda.

Dyler Turden II Esq's picture

BHO a leftist?!?


He's the best freaking friend the bank/corporate/capitalist machine ever had. And he's a leftist?!?

Orwell would be proud.

UpShotKnotHoleGrable's picture

he is one of daddy bush's boys, gb3.   I'll take the imminent frothy-mouthed and shocked! junking as sign of respect.  the information is out there if you take the time, for example, barry's own book.

Richard Weed's picture

I met Austin Goolsbee on 2 separate occasions.

I found him to be another example of the arrogant and ignorant fools which are currently running the US.

I truly do not know how that man can wake up and look at himself in the mirror each morning, with his gut telling him that he is so incompetent.

There is a village out there missing its 2 idiots... imo the other is Nouriel Roubini.

cdskiller's picture

Goolsbee's not incompetent. He's a very competent tool. And if you think Roubini is an idiot, who do you think is smart? Blankfein?

DaveyJones's picture

It's almost as if...he's lying. Now if only that other party would put their debt limit foot down, No? But...they promised too! Are they the same people? No silly, they take ORDERS from the same people. Ahhh

MonsterZero's picture

"Americans deserve better"

There is your problem.  Americans don't deserve SHIT.  Americans make and/or take what they deserve.  Stop saying you DESERVE something and go do it your damn self.