Is This Why DSK Is Housed In A Ward For Inmates With Infectious Diseases

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Yesterday when we broke the news that DSK was housed in Rikers Island "West Facility" reserved for inmates with infectious diseases, we speculated, jokingly we hoped, that this may be due to his affliction with a certain sexually transmitted disease. Alas, if what the the NY Post reports this morning ends up being true, the situation may be substantially more serious: "Dominique Strauss-Kahn may have more to worry about than a possible prison sentence. The IMF chief's alleged sex-assault victim lives in a Bronx apartment rented exclusively for adults with HIV or AIDS, The Post has learned. The hotel maid, a West African immigrant, has occupied the fourth-floor High Bridge pad with her 15-year-old daughter since January -- and before that, lived in another Bronx apartment set aside by Harlem Community AIDS United strictly for adults with the virus and their families." Oops.

From the Post:

The Post has not been able to ascertain whether the maid, 32, has HIV/AIDS because of medical confidentiality laws.

 But the agency rents apartments only for adults with the disease. A Harlem United worker said at least one adult in the household has to be HIV-positive or have AIDS to qualify for one of their units. A healthy adult with a child with HIV or AIDS is not eligible.

"The [current] apartment isn't rented under her name. Harlem [Community AIDS] United places their tenants in our building," explained an employee of the apartment building's property manager, Chaim Gross, of Brooklyn.

The maid had previously lived in another High Bridge apartment rented by Harlem United, a source said. She had moved there with her child in 2008.

According to the agency, it is not uncommon for people with HIV/AIDS to move around.

Her lawyer, Jeffrey Shapiro, and a close family friend said the chambermaid is a widow who lives alone with her daughter. Public records list her as the only adult in the current apartment and the only adult having lived in her previous apartment.

Neighbors also say it was just her and the child in both places.

While as some insinuate this could explain why DSK has been on suicide watch, the reality is that for the HIV virus to manifest itself in blood serum takes several months, so if indeed true and if the maid does carry the HIV virus, there would be no way to know if DSK hismelf is infect if indeed he did have sex and if such sex was unprotected and so forth. Look for much more media hysteria on the topic imminently.

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SoNH80's picture

Instant karma is a bitch.

WhOracle's picture

or the setup is very vicious.

SoNH80's picture

It takes two to tango.

BigJim's picture

Indeed... if he has caught HIV he's only got himself to blame.

doomandbloom's picture

perfect trap...

if he claimed it was consensual...they would prove him wrong, because of this fact...

this was designed to keep him in...amazing..


SoNH80's picture

A "trap" like this can only trap an idiot.  An arrogant, self-important vampire idiot like DSK.

h3m1ngw4y's picture

i think eveybody has the one weakness to get him. even you, sonh80. but most people arent important enough to be confronted with such an arty trap

SoNH80's picture

Yes, I'm sure that DSK was real French Presidential timber, despite this "unfortunate incident".  LOL.  Well, as a big-nosed cosmopolitan, he certainly fits the profile of recent French Presidents....

Fish Gone Bad's picture

A.I.D.S. == anally injected death sentence. 

StychoKiller's picture

When it's raining out, you WEAR your rubbers!

Whatta's picture

It is not what you do, it is WHO you do...these days.

Poor, poor Dominique. Life of an Elite is getting harder by the day.

Bring them all down bitchez. Viva la Taibbi!!!

idea_hamster's picture

Not really -- one person can drag the other around the dance floor while "Tadhet Meren Ylla" plays in the background.

That's the crux of the charges, right?

SoNH80's picture

What I meant was, nobody forced "DSK" at gunpoint to rape the maid.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Precisely.  He was told no defaults for Ireland.  He offered some anyway.  Absolutely unacceptable.

BTW, someone may want to get around to finding out how this maid got that job cleaning a $3,000/night luxury suite.  Would you hire her to work in the highest end Euro hotel imaginable?

trav7777's picture

YES YOU WOULD, if you wanted to meet your DIVERSITY mandate.

DSK's ethnicity seems to have an affinity for the victim's.  Seen/heard similar stories in the past.

tmosley's picture

lol, like there are diversity mandates for MAID services.

Get off it already. Maids are always from the lowest rung of society in the area. In Texas, all the maids are Hispanics. In New York, they are blacks. In London, they are Cockney, etc etc.

Christ, everything with you has to be about race. DEYTUKRJBS!

CrashisOptimistic's picture

You guys don't get it.



pazmaker's picture

35% of immigrants from Africa come from West Africa region.  30% of ALL asylee/refugee immigrants to the United States are from Africa.


Chances are that is how she got her VISA!...or through a family member...

trav7777's picture

sure thing, puppydog.

The other guy asked the question, I answered.  Despite that Sofitel probably contracts out maid services, even if they do not and you might imagine that the housekeeping for the DSK $3k/night suite would be "senior" personnel looking for a better tip rate, even STILL there are requirements that push people into roles that you would not expect them in.

The notion that this was a setup because she was black is wrong for a variety of reasons.  HE made it about race, you fuckin dipshit.

el Gallinazo's picture

Her first language seems to be French, or if an African language, she spoke fluent French, and this is a French hotel catering to the French upper crust. Having a maid who spoke fluent French would be a big plus for hiring. Not too many French majors from Columbia applying (yet).

rockraider3's picture

I suspect Donald Trump was a little too busy pretending to be running for President, to make a stop at the Sofitel to clean DSK's room.  Who do you think cleans these rooms?  It's almost exclusively immigrant women, all across the US, even at the higher end hotels.  It's not exactly a profession that most Americans want, even those who have little in the way of career aspirations. 

This is not to say that all of this couldn't be a set-up, it could be, even though I don't see cause to think that way yet.  But certainly it's not suspicious to have an African immigrant working as a maid at a NYC hotel.

whoopsing's picture

In NYC the hotel worker's union has the wrap's on the hotel staff-alway's

ZakuKommander's picture

Yeah, worldbeaters can't but help but stick their genitals in anyone who gives them a nod and a wink.  Such a poor fellow!  What a travesty!  Oh, the humanity!

(sarcasm tag, for the American audience)

cougar_w's picture

Well played, sir.

And that from a 'Merican, too.

Bob's picture

Not to mention the poetic justice of being infected by a disease from the "third world" that the IMF has done so much for. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

This story definitely marks some kind of Archduke ferdinand moment. It has all the ridiculous drama attached.

This is 21st century style assasination. Fucked ya and Fooled ya!

Strange days ahead fer shure!


redpill's picture

Huh, I didn't think HIV was communicable for vampires.

Hard1's picture

He already had a package of Greek and Portuguese AIDS with him

Ethics Gradient's picture

Thrum, pum, pum.

Try the potato salad. I'm here all week.

Republi-Ken's picture



uhb's picture

Some sins are punished immediately...

dcb's picture

it has to do with safety, you put the VIP in the hosptial area so he doesn't get the crap kicked out of him. he's in a ward most likely, not a cell. Heck, I've seen prisoners eat glass to get to the out of the general population

DaveyJones's picture

poetic pubic justice

Miles Kendig's picture

Just think Davey, if this were Sweden and if DSK actually did have sex, consensual or not he would be facing the additional charge if he failed to wear a condom.  The dude is part of the leadership of the CondomNation, OF COURSE he is a disease ridden POS who refuses to glove up or give any indication as to his status since to do so would adversely impact confidence. 

I wonder if DSK ALREADY shows as HIV, HEP B or C or some such +? 

Tyler, the state doesn't often waste money housing inmates who may have been exposed.  It spends money on those that test positive.  Know that like you know the DTC doesn't clear all that trash the algo's put up but never actually trade on.  My money is on DSK being positive for a blood borne disease right now.

WaterWings's picture

Very plausible.

I was a bellman while in school - Real Madrid stayed a while to play some exhibition games. I was one of two Portuguese speakers on the staff - one of their players needed "special medication" and was quite open about the cause. That is really of no surprise, yet the question of his marital fidelity had been, give or take a few months, in the papers - he lied. 

Run a Blue Blood through Riker's Island processing and get unexpected results!

Miles Kendig's picture

Everywhere, or so it seems. 

DaveyJones's picture

good to see you miles, hope all is well

Freddie's picture he probably had a blood test coming into Rikers?  I wonder if it was that or if they knew she had AIDS. 

This guy is a moron.  Weird irony that a socialist French Jewish banker tries to supposedly rape a African Muslim woman with AIDS in a French owned luxury hotel in NYC - some people think he could have been set up by another African Muslim with big ears.  Beyond bizzare.  Kudos to Sarko if he set him up.

Wonderful how US taxpayers get to pay for these "asylum" seekers with AIDs and their extended family.  

Waterfallsparkles's picture

Strange twist of events.  Maybe it is Karma.

Number 156's picture


"I Heareby sentence myself to death!"

Number 156's picture

".. By Leathal Infection"!!




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Pools closed.  

Reason: AIDS