Why The Fourth Branch Of The US Government Needs To Be Abolished, And Why "Authority" Should Never Be Trusted

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Stick it to the man, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Political will?  Ha!  Mark it infinity, Dude.

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Sorry Hedgeless,


Jim Rickards says the Fed has a golden bullet. Gradually let the price of gold go up to $2,000 or more, sell the gold out of Fort Knox, and instantly get inflation as people jump out of dollars and buy stuff.

Starts at 15:40.



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Wow!  Thanks MsCreant.  I step out into the garden for a couple of hours and look what happens.  Very interesting indeed!

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I really enjoyed this posting. I liked the use of the word, "folly" . It reminds me of HUGH HENDRY'S words :  "The banks have been involved in gross folly.   Let them go to the wall.   Let them fail."     Well, if the banks were involved in "gross folly", why are my dear children & grandchildren going to suffer ?     It's time to take back our country for the sake of the younger generation.   VIVA ICELAND !

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Iceland will not pay banksters debt, and they has geothermal energy.

I suppose, in some years we will se peace keeping troops in Iceland. Let them learn democracy.

Oh, do you know, some say they have seen Bin Laden hiding in Icelandic saunas.

So, what are we waiting for?

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"Herodotus writes that when Dienekes, a Spartan soldier, was informed that Persian arrows would be so numerous as "to block out the sun", he retorted, unconcerned; "So much the better...then we shall fight our battle in the shade."[141]

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I'm not following. Are you suggesting we need armed revolution?

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It's a metaphor.

"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

Sun-Tzu (~400 BC)






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So you use a Greek quote about "fighting in the shade" and then explain it with a Sun Tzu quote that says that fighting to overcome is less important than persuasion.

I think that you're just putting up the two quotes you know, hoping to sound intelligent.

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Johnny Bravo

Batiatus: That shit fuck! Beckons me to the city only to sperm me like a thin wasted? whore. Once again the gods spread the cheeks and ram cock in fucking ass!

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I concede I am no match for such  clever sallies of wit.....

"That shit fuck! Beckons me to the city only to sperm me like a thin wasted? whore. Once again the gods spread the cheeks and ram cock in fucking ass!"

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Hall 9000

Spartacus Blood and Sand, modern American mythology at it's best, just like Deadwood.

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Your data bank of cheesy quotes does not compute.

Using relevance and pertinence might help you look smarter the next time you paste someone's quotes.

Oh, original thought is also appreciated.

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To each his own. I'm sure people have said worse about you, both behind your back and too your face.

That thought gives me comfort.

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I'm sure someone has blown a load in your face.

That thought gives me laughter.

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If you can't say anything nice, why say it at all? Do personal attacks really add any value to the conversation?

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Do two quotes that have no relation whatsoever to one another add anything relevant to the conversation?

I'm just saying.. 

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Does asking us if two quotes that have no relation whatsoever to one another add anything relevant to the conversation, add anything relevant to the conversation?

And YES!!! I am just saying that I'm adding to the conversation that I'm not adding anything relevant to the conversation .



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The real problem is because one does not perceive a link between two quotes or how they relate to the conversation does not mean that others suffer from the same fault.

Some people are far too linear for their own good.

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Maybe it's because one quote talks about fighting as much as you can, despite overwhelming odds, and the other quote talks about avoiding fighting altogether if you can.

In fact, nothing in Sun Tzu's philosophy even remotely relates to the first quote about fighting in the shade.
He would avoid war altogether, and win instead by persuasion or sabotage.

It's not another example of the first quote.

The person that wrote this has no understanding of the true meaning of the Art of War.

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I found the reference to the Nazis out of place as well. But then again, the Third Reich is used arrogantly quite often these days. I'm sure these untrained historians think they are doing a great service by making such hamhanded comparisons.

Or perhaps maybe it was bone being thrown to all the Stormfront trolls that have been popping up like mushrooms here lately. Got to play to your audience, eh?

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Then again, the more things change...

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MR, I believe that the point being made re the Nazis is that their supreme folly of lying to one another to the point that they all, somewhat, believed it, led to their downfall via Stalingrad, which was doubtless the turning point of the war (with no decisive assistance from the Allies at that point).  Indeed, it could be argued that had the Allies simply stood aside and allowed the Germans to fully engulf themselves in the maw of the Soviet meat grinder, we might never have needed to proceed to the Normandy landings.  But that would have led to a very different postwar world, in all likelihood.

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tnx, puckles - that's how i read it as well, and the relevance and parallels to today struck me as quite sobering.

but i'm not as bright as many in here clearly are... sheeeeesss

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..and I believe you missed my point that the Nazis are brought up ad nauseum by you and your cohorts.

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enemy propagandist: "Our force of arms is vastly superior and overwhelming, you cannot win, you should quit now"

response: our training, dedication, and ability to create historically memorable quotes is superior, so, no

Sun Tsu: Possessing superior overwhelming force is good, being more intelligent, clever, and dedicated is better

conclusion: possession of intelligence is superior to perceived strength. The Fed and CB's of the world possess superior and overwhelming force, but as a group, are an integral part of supporting a charade and propagating a terminally ill, and ultimately unsustainable system. Superior force, but subjugated to supporting an inferior idea. Hence, a folly, and the tie in with the examples from the article.

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"Polybius made a case that Scipio's successes resulted from good planning, rational thinking and intelligence, which he said was a higher sign of the Gods favour than prophetic dreams."


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Johnny Bravo wrote:

putting up the two quotes you know....hoping to sound intelligent."

Yes I did spake with the black dodge.

Breakout the popcorn Bitchzz!!!.

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exactly... the use violence is the residue of strategic FAILURE in any medium. The case through history it is best described as the failure of old men to realize they can't hold their cushy positions of power and are more than happy to expend the lives of their own young to as useless resources.

We are rapidly approaching the point of total failure. Not so import will be why you "fight" but whom and how (objectives).


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I quote from the Progressive platform: 'Behind the ostensible Government sits enthroned an invisible Government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.... This country belongs to the people. Its resources, its business, its laws, its institutions, should be utilized, maintained, or altered in whatever manner will best promote the general interest.' This assertion is explicit. We say directly that 'the people' are absolutely to control in any way they see fit, the 'business' of the country. - Theodore Roosevelt, 1913

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exactly... the use violence is the residue of strategic FAILURE in any medium.



Does not seem to fit when you market your capability to violence. Exerting violence is such not a failure but a sucess in proving your actions can match your words.

It is very important as the US has proven over this last crisis that they do market violence as one of their primary export goods. This is how the USD currency is backed.


Point: the economists are certainly not the only ones to test a reality against a hypothetical alternative. It is a large trend in the West to explain how the rule of the West is the best and should absolutely not threatened or questioned fundamentally.

Economists are no special here. In the West, we no longer discuss reality but hypothetical alternatives that only exist to depict our ways of doing as the only ones.

A very common in the West behaviour.

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these quotes make perfect sense if you know the wisdom of Mike Tyson:"I want to rip out his heart and feed it to Lennox Lewis. I want to kill people. I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children."


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Sorry, but the only Mike Tyson quote worth repeating is "Everyone has a plan, until they get hit."

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Mofos never had to deal with a predator drone.

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I think this makes for a whole new ballgame in "enforcement" as well.

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Whenever I hear the "modern" excuse, it makes me think of the Fisher Space Pen vs. the Russian Pencil legend. Sure, the USSR is no more, but the lesson is still valid.

Since the pen is mightier than the sword, we should consider that ultimately, all conflict begins and ends at the negotiating table. Let's skip the nonsense in between shall we?

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What are you going to negotiate?

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Our own government WILL use the drones against us. Count on it. Surveillance, chase, and probably they will be armed. I do not doubt this. We need to get a grip on things before the rest of the population passively accepts them as just how things are. Immigration is the issue that they will use to break us in and get us used to it. It is not fiction. It will be a disaster and worse than science fiction ever could hope to be. 

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Apparently, my tin-foil beanie is nowhere near as tight as yours!  A simple belt clamp ain't cuttin' it.

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They are using drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan against civilians and other targets.


Over in Europe, surveillance is exceedingly common, and New York is looking to immulate it. So is Huston and Chicago has it.




They are starting to use drones as a way to patrol the borders.


Now let me ask you something, if they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal from us, fabricate and manipulate data, why is my conclusion, that they WILL use drones against us, far fetched? Get it, please, these people have NO CONSCIENCE.

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+++ and to help confirm your fine point, MS, let's suggest the inverse logic:

pray tell, why would the US *not* use drones against its own?

ironically noting that this very holiday was created to quiet a ruffled US populace after US troops killed striking union workers in 1894...

we've gladly encamped/killed our own, based on race (japanese, germans, etc.), when we fought their homelands, etc.

what make you think in this world of black/white populistic MSM-driven sheeple, that this could not happen today?

add to that thought, the reality that those sheeple's opinions on things related policy amounts to a hill of beans these days (health-care reform, fin-reg, etc.).

there's what folks wish to see, and there's what really is.

never say never...

FYI, just plated my tin-foil with 300 micron gold. much cooler now.

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Since the pen is mightier than the sword, we should consider that ultimately, all conflict begins and ends at the negotiating table. Let's skip the nonsense in between shall we?

Although I consider this idea to be profound, I wonder if it is our choice to change things without a violent revolt. The control mechanisms in place now are as strong as they are pervasive.  How I hope your idea can be the choice of our generation for change.

I remember an old saying when I was a kid, it went like this: Hope in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up quicker..

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Gold is decentralized money, the central bank abolisher.

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Often, just looking for the post with a single junk reveals the best comments. Kudos!