Why Haven’t Riots Hit the US Yet?

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As is
already well known, inflation has begun to spread throughout the financial
markets and world economy.


As you can
see, commodities of all kinds are soaring. You’ll note, in particular, that
agricultural commodities have been top performers, trailing only Silver in
price appreciation. However, this performance is even more significant when you
consider that it occurred in half of the time period measured above.


Agricultural commodities were laggards during most of QE 1. It was only when
the Fed introduced QE lite in August ’10 and QE 2 in November ’10, that
Agricultural prices began to explode higher: 



As you can
see, The Rogers Agricultural index only broke above its multi-year resistance
level after the Fed indicated it was going “all in” on its reflation efforts
with QE lite.


This in turn
has resulted in riots and revolutions worldwide. Already we’ve seen this occur
in Tunisia, Algeria, the Ivory Coast, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Iran, and now
Saudi Arabia. We’ve also seen the start of this in China.


The primary
driver of these situations has been higher food prices. Food accounts for 50%
of spending in many emerging markets. With food prices hitting record highs and
going higher, many folks are literally starving. As a result, they’ve become
violent and are moving to overthrow the elites in control of their countries.


situation is a stark warning of what’s to come in the US. While many
believe  the US is immune to this
kind of disorder, ZeroHedge recently noted  that the US has a similar wealth gap to most
emerging markets:




The reasons
the US hasn’t been gripped by riots are the following:


1)   The
security nets (food stamps, welfare, etc) continue to keep lower income
Americans afloat… for now.

2)   Food
in the US is so processed that increases in agricultural prices don’t pass
through as rapidly into higher food prices.


Neither of
this will last much longer. Regarding #1, the US Government is broke. In fact
they’re so broke than an aid to Nancy Pelosi (who I can’t stand) has revealed
that the US Government might actually shut down at some point in the near


As for #2,
commodities will be spiking even higher once the following is digested by the



This is the
weekly chart for the US Dollar. As you can see, we have just broken the
multi-year trendline. What does this mean? That the momentum that maintained
the US Dollar from the 2008 lows has been BROKEN.


It is
literally now “do or die” time for the US currency. If the US Dollar does NOT
rally HARD right now… then we’re triggering the massive H&S pattern in
short course and on our way to a 50% devaluation:



Get Ready





PS. If
you’re getting worried about the future of the stock market and have yet to
take steps to prepare for the Second Round of the Financial Crisis… I highly
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for what’s to come.


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. And its 17 pages contain a wealth of information about portfolio
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publish a FREE Special Report on Inflation detailing three investments that
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You can
access this Report at the link above.








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ChoppednScrewed's picture

Snopes is actually funded by none other than the beloved economy killer... (wait for it) George Soros. Anything that man has a hand in is over the utmost evil.

stuartbramhall's picture

The main problem, I believe, is that Americans, unlike Egyptians abhor being considered "workers" or "working class." The prevailing wisdom is that class differences have been abolished in the US - all Americans with full time jobs consider themselves "middle class." Historically the role of the middle class is to serve the interests of the wealthy elite, and most Americans buy into all the ideological baggage that goes along with being middle class.

I blog about this at "Thinking Like Egyptians" http://stuartbramhall.aegauthorblogs.com/2011/03/01/thinking-like-egypti...


locinvestor's picture

For anyone who says riots "aren't in the 'American' character, please go back and review your history:

Race riots (one of the worst occured in Tulsa, OK)

WW1 vets rioted in Washington D.C. for benefits that were promised but never received.

The early 1930's: Hundreds of Mexicans and Mexican Americans were rounded up by unemployed and pissed off whites and deported to Mexico. To this day, some Mexican Americans are still rounded up by ICE and deported.

Fast forward to 2011. How come no riots here?

One key reason is the old "we-are-superior" mentality. We're the best. So why woud we need to riot like they do in some banana republic? Newsflash: many other Western countries considered us a banana republic after the 2000 "election".

Another is no global accountability. Obama and other world leaders will put out nice G20 soundbites saying life is getting better. Privately, many other countries are still pissed off at us. Some like Angela Merkel have been pretty direct about Obama messing up. Others like Sarkozy, Cameron and Gillard don't have the nerve to publically stand up to Obama.

What about the professional doom-and-gloom people (Celente, Kaiser, Denniger and others)? How much money are they making off of peddling fear to the masses? In their view, it's actually in their best interest to spin this as long as possible.

Gold is now still over $1,000 an oz. How many average people can afford to buy gold? Very few. Gas in some parts of CA. is now $5 a gallon. However, in the U.K. and Europe it's been over $8 a gallon for years. Don't expect any sympathy from them when it breaks that barrier.

This means facing an ulgy fact that up till now many don't want to deal with.

Why was 'Brand Obama' elected? Exactly that. He's a brand that a terrified population was desperate for. There were other choices. Yet, they were publically ridiculed in "debates". Meanwhile, Obama had to put up with 2 years of racist crap because "that's the way the system works". So just shut up and take it.

Now 3 years later, Obama has the power to declare martial law. The MSM doesn't like to dwell on boring, unpleasant facts like that. However, the current laws are written as broadly as possible. This gives Bush II and his fellow war criminals retroactive immunity from prosecution. Also, it gives Obama maximum leeway to declare "a national emergency".

Please define a "national emergency":

A population with no national health care and a growing rate of PTSD.

Two (and now 3) illegal, immoral and unaffordable wars.

Desperate, unemployed and homeless people who feel they have nothing to lose.

You don't have to be a professor from (fill in the blank w/school name) pushing their latest bestseller on some talk show to understand this. It's basic human nature. Desperate people will literally do and say anything they have to to survive. I've seen this in the States and overseas many times.

Having said that, why wouldn't people riot? I don't want to see anybody get killed. Then again, look at how close we are to martial law. That's not me pushing some end-of-the-world book or DVD. That's a legitimate statement.

If gas broke $5 a gallon and millions went out in the streets, Obama could legally declare martial law. What do we do then? All of the power in that scenario is then based out of the White House. No more legislative or judicial branches of govt. No more MSM or progressive media. Not to mention the global reaction to this.




Zina's picture

Well... maybe Wisconsin was a start...


Anyway, you have to answer other questions before:

Why haven't riots hit Germany yet?

Why haven't riots hit Japan yet?

Why haven't riots hit the Netherlands yet?

Why haven't riots hit Canada yet?

Why haven't riots hit Brazil yet?

Why haven't riots hit Peru yet?

AmazingLarry's picture

If you wanna entice a riot, take HFCS water, booze, and cigarettes off every shelf in America....

...then video tape the reaction and put it on The Sheen channel. Fucking warlock zombie basturds...



earnulf's picture

Why have American's not rioted?   "critical mass" has not yet been achieved.   American's tend to have a high threshold for shit, as evidenced by the past two years.   Part of that is simple stubborness, part is willful ignorance and part is the undying belief that things will get better, just you wait.    American's always tend to see a "brighter" future.

But American's have also always been realists.   Our grandparents were horders, our parents were savers and we, well, we have squandered the fruits of their labors and now must seek out a birthright that we have derided as "backward".     If you don't know how to do without, you better break open the books and learn.   The worst will not occur, but the best will not either.     Better to be prepared, than to be like a domestic turkey when the rain comes.

Hedging your bets is like saving for a rainy day and the forecast is not looking all that sunny in 2011

OS2010's picture

earnuff, well said (because I agree)!

TheMerryPrankster's picture

As long as the power is on and the television is working, Americans will accept whatever crap is ladled down their throats by who ever or what ever is in charge. When I was a wee lad, the idea of having to show your papers to travel, let alone being searched and fondled was seen as a concept practiced in a communist or nazi regime, and never would America allow such intrusions on our liberties. "Live free or die" has become, "why is the damn line so slow?"


Riots in America? That is so 18th century, now they just change the channel and open a bag of Doritos. When the Doritos are gone or are 500 hundred dollars a bag and their is no water or power, they may get angry, but since they don't really understand the system, they are more likely to shoot their neighbor, than to shoot a banker.


I hold no high hopes for the common man, any revolution must come from the merchant class and they apparently have a very high threshold of pain.

Ben Franklin was a staunch supporter of the crown all his life until in his sixties when he was publicly humilated by the crown with a 2 hour public scolding. He left England soon after and began meeting in Philadelphia with a few like minded individuals like Thomas Jefferson et al, and voila we are no longer a colony, but an empire.


Nothing lasts forever, neither success or failure, both are cyclical and both await us in our future. Riots in America will not be seen as clarion call for revolution, but instead a byproduct of economic and social collapse. America will fail, for the termites have eaten away the foundation. She will be rebuilt, but on a smaller more secure and sound foundation, until greed, avarice and stupidity once again gain the upper hand and decide its time to gut this bad boy and keep the gold for a small group and give the debt to fools and the taxpayers. Sort of like what Hank Paulson pulled off.

The future awaits, a new cycle rising, but until the old collapses the new cannot grow. We are in those tender moments when we can feel the ground trembling but most are still hoping it is merely a distant thunder. The collapse is inevitable, the Bernank cannot suspend the physical laws of the universe, gravity always wins in the end. The game is played so America collapses last, from his trembling lips and quivering voice I'm afraid even he knows the finish is too close to call.



thefedisscam's picture

Well, guess what? Even communist country like China does NOT search people, let alone their crotch, for nothing! They would have to have some excuse. But now in the U.S., they do NOT need ANY excuse, can just search and fondeling people's crotch and inside their penties. It is disgusting!

TheMerryPrankster's picture

It is disgusting and useless, no terrorist has ever been caught by these screening techniques. The TSA has not caught one terrorist, how's  that for being cost effective, billions of dollars and not a single success.


In spite of these facts and despite the personal embarassement, frustration and invasion of privacy and failure to abide by our constitutional rights, there have been no riots.


If folks won't riot when you carress the thighs of their adolescent children and make them get x-rays and dozen of other humiliations including outright theft of property from baggage, then what the fuck would it take to get the average drone out of his trance and into the streets with a torch and a desperation born out of vengenance?

It can't happen here, until suddenly it does, but apparently it will take something along the lines of actually lining up every other citizen and putting a bullet in his head, before the average person will realize the road is closed, you can't go home and its a little too late to do anything about it. Only when they have literally nothing left to lose, will the average cannon fodder rise up from his trance and charge those who have kept him penned and warm like a sheep awaiting slaughter.

geno-econ's picture

Modern society was built on fossil fuel in every respect--lighting, steel, mass agriculture,boats,  autos, planes, trains,tanks ,cement, chemicals ,body warmth, etc.   When various forms of fossil fuel ,most notably crude oil becomes scarce , denied or unavailable, then financial system collapses ,war is declared and people finally riot against rulers.  Unrest in Middle East may be beginning of denial process or escalating oil prices.   Can you imagine establishing a global rationing system with China, India, EU  ? 

If not, oil will be denied as it was prior to WWII leading to hostilities. Alternativly ,$10.00 gas price would be enough to spark riots. Because of our unmanageable  fiscal situation, financial market collapse on other hand can occur anytime 

redrob25's picture

My own studies on price inflation.

Part I:



Part II:



Retailers in the US are hiding inflation, but they are quickly running out of margin. It won't last long, and food price inflation will be very apparent in the US in coming months. Stock up now while it is affordable.


turds in the punchbowl's picture

I know that modernity teeters like retard on a trapeze and we're just months away from hacking eachother to pieces over cheezewhiz, but ipad 2 looks fucking tops with its waiflike figure and gaping HDMI port. Something to play with while we wait in gaslines. 

Matte_Black's picture

We are a faith-based economic and political system. The American people will riot in the streets when that faith has finally been destroyed. When some critical number of our populace comes to the conclusion that their vote is meaningless and when that same number come to the conclusion that all they have worked and saved for has been stolen from them by that same system, they will riot.

Remember though that these conditions need to be realized by many at the same time through some catalyzing event. In Tunisia, a man set himself on fire when he was prevented from feeding his family by the capricious act of somebody who represented everything that was wrong with the system there. Everyone understood the meaning of what that man did at the same moment. They saw themselves in him. The outrage could no longer be contained by fear.

Kobe Beef's picture

Perhaps the inevitable Obama vs Palin showdown in 2012 will show Americans their vote is meaningless.

The US is merely corporate fascism + empty rhetoric now. Whether Americans will sit for it is up to them.




thefedisscam's picture

"The US is merely corporate fascism + empty rhetoric now."

Very well said!

johnQpublic's picture

if theres no football, maybe we'll see something

besides that:

3)most people dont notice in a way they can comprehend

4)television...dope for the masses

5)most have it to good to riot...no one who has their own home riots, but this trend is going by the wayside

6)wouldn't know what to riot against

7)big ass country...difficult to achieve critical mass...only possible in city's anyway

8)political leaders who dont follow the script tend to die at the hands of lone gunmen...notice no bad guys ever get that treatment(and dont bring up larry flint...it was about free speech+)

9)black president...what color do rioters tend to be in america?(talk about foresight)

10)those who get whats going on have already worked to protect themselves and dont need to riot...they also recognize that protesting in america does not work(see also WI,1968 DNC,G-8,G-20)



Rogerwilco's picture

Perhaps it's because the poorest Americans live better than 90% of the rest of the world. Most people in this country have no concept of poverty.

aerojet's picture

Simple--Americans have too many distractions and not enough desperation [yet].

becky quick and her beautiful mouth's picture

capitalism isn't the answer. socialism isn't the answer. austerity isn't the answer. stimulus isn't the answer. there is no answer. this son of a bitch is going down hard, the best you can hope for is that you're sitting in a lucky part of the plane.

KickIce's picture

capitalism works fine if the rules are applied uniformly.

ibjamming's picture



We "grew" until there were too many mouths to feed...now we have to get rid of a few...



disabledvet's picture

there is no "lucky part of the plane."  just ask yourself if your life had any meaning to begin with and leave it at that.  and Becky Quick does have a beautiful mouth.

onlooker's picture

=====Why Haven’t Riots Hit the US Yet? ================

Why destroy your city that provides a warm dwelling, working sewage and trash pick up, potable water that flows inside your dwelling, a cheap well distributed food supply, reasonably good medical, that is inside a Nation with a to die for Constitution, and an elected government that can be voted out or office in sometimes fair elections?

Why fight and die when peaceful movements without disruptive results can be attained.


They say Americans are stupid--- well not that stupid. We are smart enough to continually adapt through the continuing changing world. This is the Nation that everyone wants to get into. And it has some problems, but not worthy of going to the streets with the baseball bat or the S&W because REAL change takes time and HARD work. Don’t incite the lazy and stupid, put them to work ( several meanings) to make things better.


falak pema's picture

The only strategy the US govt. has today is to export its problems through war. I don't see any other issue compatible with resolving failed expectations currently expressed within the US population. Given US's military preponderance world wide, loss of imperial role without a global fight is psychologically inconceivable. Will the US population follow them in taking on China 'the only global candidate' who has to be taken out to ensure imperial nuclear powered  survival? As it is main foreign creditor, alternative imperial challenger, and biggest rival for future consumption of world RM resources becoming very scarce. This decision will be fueled by the USA's ability to continue kicking the can through QE2-3 etc. When that fails definitely it'll be time to choose : war abroad to take out China or painful humiliation at home. The first option is now questionably unachievable. By USA alone. So only a small regional war is possible. But it won't change/influence scenario for the structural collapse of USD and of US economic power. Over a long period of time. End of the imperial monopoly for sure!

What will be relative military/economic strengths in 20 years when the USA comes back into the game will also be a parameter to determine USA's imperial decisions. If the current feeling is that China also falls due to internal chaos after world wide asset meltdown, it will weaken their desire for imperial Nuclear power play. Instead they will play for long term reentry into world scene after reinventing capitalist model. I don't think the USA will go fascist outright. Too many checks and balances. But the reappraisal of current deeply damaged power structure will be painful. There will be internal blood letting. A lot of it. The current elite classes are too corrupt and inward looking to reengineer deep change on their own. It will take time. But the USA has the internal resources.

rustymason's picture

Americans are getting the government they deserve.  They are so stupid that they know only to riot about things such as ATM fees, sports, and having their gaming interrupted.  It's a country of fat, feckless, spoiled, chronically moronic children.  Just wait until nanny gov takes their bottles away, hoo boy what a violent hissy fit they will throw. 

BTW, snopes.com says the Lincoln "corporations enthroned" quotation is fake.

goldfish1's picture

BTW, snopes.com says the Lincoln "corporations enthroned" quotation is fake.


So what? It's still a pretty good quote. Give Lincoln a little something extra, dontcha think?

BearOfNH's picture

And yet, people keep risking their lives to break in to America where the streets are paved.


WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

+1000! Maybe when they take the TV and the FARCEBOOK away, perhaps then the hissy will be fit..

Nigh Eve's picture

I suppose that having the right to vote has no influence on this "riot question".  When enough Americans get pissed off about something, we can attempt to remove the incumbent politicians at the voting booth.  {Of course, this doesn't happen as often as it should, but the possibility makes us feel better.} 

goldfish1's picture


Where you been? That's being done for you by diebold.

PulauHantu29's picture

Very good article. I would recommend the book, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" by Jared Diamond. Here is a piece by Wiki about it:

The root problem in all but one of Diamond's factors leading to collapse is overpopulation relative to the practicable (as opposed to the ideal theoretical) carrying capacity of the environment. The one factor not related to overpopulation is the harmful effect of accidentally or intentionally introducing nonnative species to a region.

Diamond also states that "it would be absurd to claim that environmental damage must be a major factor in all collapses: the collapse of the Soviet Union is a modern counter-example, and the destruction of Carthage by Rome in 146 BC is an ancient one. It's obviously true that military or economic factors alone may suffice" (p. 15)."


Very fun and informative, and scarily applicable to today's challenges. A must read imo.


jemlyn's picture

I couldn't call the book "fun" but I agree that it is a "must read".  It is very well written (and available on cassette tapes).  Diamond explains what happened to Easter Island and, more recently, Ruanda.  In the latter case it was not at all like the media led us to believe.

ibjamming's picture

Non-native species being the blacks and browns.  Diversity sucks...


We work MUCH better when segregated...when will we finally accept it?

Kobe Beef's picture

You might like Oswald Spengler, too.



tonyw's picture

Second that book recommendation. I said about the Arab rebellions that three factors were involved

Lots of young people - old guys don't want to riot, so not the US

A corrupt dictatorship with succession based on the family, so not the US as you have the pretence of changing the system every few years while big business with their lobbyists continues.

Cronyism enriching their families and preventing anyone else from getting on, so not the US as I guess you don't have to pay an out and out bribe to get say a driver's licence.

In the countries that have so far had serious rebellions the cost of food is a significant portion of people's incomes and there is no state safety net, unlike the US where it is the lowest portion and there is the food stamp program. anyway what do you guys think would do it?

chumbawamba's picture

I'm old enough and wise enough to leave the rioting to younger boys with lots of pent up frustration, but I do have an angry trigger finger, and enough ammunition to take out a small town.

If you don't call the last 12 years of US politics a "corrupt dictatorship with succession based on the family" then you should probably go salute the flag and say the Pledge again.

When you get a driver's license, you in fact are paying a bribe.  You are paying a bribe to the state to let you have the "privilege" of driving because otherwise you would be harrassed incessantly while exercising your right to travel.  And didn;t you read the article?  Pay particular attention to the chart near the top showing the wealth discrepancy: the top 1% own 34.6% of all the wealth.  Cronyism?  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I swear, some of you people have blinders on.

I am Chumbawamba.

americanspirit's picture

When are Americans going to riot? What's made Americans turn to mass violence against each other in the past? Religion? Economics? Politics? Race? What else? Hunger once or twice. Demands for rights have definitely caused trouble. I doubt it will be anything new this time - my personal bet is a religious cult with a charismatic women leader. Or it may be something mundane like a food stamp glitch or tweeter-based bank run. But all the factors for riots, cults, gangs, civil war, and other work of the devil ( literally) are in place. Take yer pick. Oh, and the answer is - soon baby, soon.

Dr. Porkchop's picture

The plebes are too fat to riot. They don't know hunger.

Dr Hackenbush's picture

my neckline drawn on the 81ish level - we've jabbed through it, but overall the trend still on.

Ayn Rand's picture

It is winter.   Wait till the long hot days of summer.

uno's picture

Make a reality show about rioting, you will have all the riots you wish, anything to be a celeb.

LostWages's picture

Zactly.  American Idol will be over and with no football to look forward to, the sheep will take to the streets.  And by then all the food inflation will be in place and when the EBT cards buy 30% less food, it'll be game on.

reescher's picture

Just add alcohol to this mix (consumption goes up in warmer months) and we might have the necessary ingredients.

razorthin's picture

Why not?  Just look at the current equity ramp.  That's all JQ Public sees.

Bob's picture

Courtesy of the Corporate Media.  Was deregulation of media not the best idea ever?! 

Now we have a free marketplace of ideas and news--bought by the highest bidders.


Corporati­ons have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war.
- Abraham Lincoln

kaiserhoff's picture

Right about food prices.  In the States, the packaging often costs more than what's inside.

The simple explanation for QE forever... even with zero interest rates, speculators quickly run out of anything to buy at sane prices, which is why we see cotton going to the moon.  What could go wrong?