Why The Latest European Bailout, Aka "The Debt Buyback" Plan Is Also DOA, And Why The CDO At The Heart Of The Eurozone Is About To Become Extremely Toxic

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So what you're saying is putting more water behind a broken damn won't seal it?  Keep it from rushing down stream and wiping out all citizens, down stream, in the wake of supreme stupidity?    A broken debt based fiat system and more debt won't fix it?  Gee! Who'd a thunk!

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Well, this week promises to be another interesting one over there in Europe.  I too will be watching gold, as a more than interested observer.


O/T, but since I got on ZH only some 10 minutes ago I have seen three ads:

-- Ukranian single women (pretty nice looking)

-- Russian single women

-- and the ubiquitous Philippine single women.

Yo, AdSense, I am married dudes!


Make that four!  

-- Colombian single women now at the Home Page...

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You must have missed the Goldman as a community activist ads then. AdSense has a wicked sense of humor some times.

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Tyler, you (or AdSense) just made it five!  Must have started when I told some friends (via gmail of course) I started reading In the Plex (Steven Levy), the new book on the history of Google (excellent so far).

-- Chinese single women (from your Home Page)

I am lucky that I even FOUND the right girl to marry, I was a total dork when young (still am).  Where the Hell were all these hotties when I was in college?  Eh?  Huh?

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I don't get the ads because I use firefox and it's addons it works rather well. It helps to preserve our married life here on zh.


However that one in Houston back in '98 was quite something. Probably be still down there with a posse of children to feed by now.

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How come i don't get that one?

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For some reason I always get the Filipino mail order bride ad.  WTF?

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I clicked on the Filipino ad and they all flipped me off! Some things never change...

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Don't complain.  You guys get hot singles ads.  I get ads "how to build muscle when you're older". 


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And the soon to be..."American brides!  Get yours online, today!"

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You already can bag an American easily... and it is free. www.plentyoffish.com

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my e-mail order bride's bithday was yest.  (i think;  me being male):  happy b'day, msZ!  please do not hesitate to write or call if you're in your birthday suit!  if you're not too upset, tired, busy, stressed, frightened, or doing something more interesting with someone else, of course.   

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Start using Firefox and get AdBlock.

No ads on any web pages.

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Nope, will stay with Chrome.

And, I would not mind seeing the Ukrainians and Colombians again, just once more...


The Ukrainian women came back to ZH's Home Page.  Real cutie in the center.



How about that!  Just to the left of this comment box, the Colombians are back too!  Ha!



Yo, when do we see the PERUVIAN girls?


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Dude, I'm telling your wife! You a gold or platinum member? I'm starting with the zinc membership myself...

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Ahh, but the real question emerges:

Is zinc cheaper than tungsten?

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Those ads are tailored to the individual IP addresses; they are based on porn viewing habits. I am only seeing ads for "Get[ting] Back to nature in New Zealand (with a sheep shown grazing in a valley).

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ha...a buddy of mine turned a bull riding machine into a sheep riding machine - you don't want to know the details !

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Considering the ads he's getting, I suspect he's all too well acquainted with those details . . .

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Hahaha Google Adsense also looks at your browsing history (on google, but also gmail) to determine what kind of ads they show you: I'm getting blanks and etoro consistantly, so I'm either too weird (check) or too dumb. ;-)

Also, results of a search vary depending on browsing history in google. You can check this by putting in a couple of searches in different languages, the results thereafter will mostly be in that language.


It's a good idea to use alternative search engines. Google SSL of course doesn't change anything of your history stored by Google. In the Netherlands if you "google" anything related to nuclear energy, there'll be an ad selling you "atoomstroom" because, according to the ad, it's safe, and CO2 neutral. If you don't, you don't get the "atoomstroom" ads.

Welcome to the matrix. ;-)

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Adsense works based on your previous browsing patterns. Clearly it has determined that you are interested in women :-)

You can click the Adsense settings and tell google what your interests are so they will stop serving you these ads.

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The REAL tell will be when ads for hamsters & habitrails start popping up...

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Perhaps with the USDinker dollar, US idiots, will have more success when they raise the debt ceiling, pouring more debt into a broken monetary system..  It all burns to ashes.  If it burns it's not real money!!

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Let's bring back the age old drowning test; if she sinks, she's the genuine article.

If she floats (plastic, paper), she's excommunicated, all references to her existence removed, and burned at the stake.


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"Greece could cut its public debt by 20 billion euros if it bought back its sovereign bonds at market prices as part of a rescue deal, the magazine said."

I'm going to have to go outside and contemplate that for a few minutes.

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Its a great idea, really.  Start with the bonds that you have to redeem, since you have to spend the money anyway.  As you save more money, start buying further out maturities.  Best part is that the bonds that you hold will show up as "assets" and, get this, you can turn around and sell them when you have improved your balance sheet to make (Can you believe this?) a profit.

Utter perfection. 


Coming soon to a banana republic near you.

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Mind your own business already, inbreed rednecks!! Do you realize that due to your actions (rating agencies and U.S. MEDIA), there is (financial) WAR rhetoric escalating between Europe and U.S. ???


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Yes, its entirely our fault that Europe has chosen to continually funnel money to insolvent nations.  It was horrible of us to hand the Germans money to Greece and others.

Oh wait, that wasnt us, just stupid Europeans grown totally dependent on bureaucrats and unable to mount any useful opposition whatsoever.

Be glad its only a brief financial war, your combined incompetent militaries would lose to a single division of our school kids in a real one. Dont blame us, you are failing miserably with minimal assistance.

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Know what? I don't give a fuck anymore. I have a car with a tank full of gas and a garage, that's my "bug out" strategy. No wife and kids to worry about.

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Gold sold off just below $1600.  Look for it to test support at just below $1550 over the next couple of days....support around $1550  :)

Gold bitchez

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Silver now just sold off too, so you junkers can go fuck yourselves.  This is a volatile trade, and if you can't stand the heat...then at least fight me.  Also, the dollar has a little breathing room this week while the politicians pretend like they won't raise the debt ceiling (although the closer it gets, the more I wonder if Lidsey Williams will once again be right).  Look for almost 77 DXY this week, while PMs and oil test support.

And if you need a visual for where gold support is, my friend 99er is on it.


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Where did you see a silver sell-off?  It went up $.50 in three hours.  Hardly a sell-off in my book.  As I'm reading the chart, it looks like silver has established a pretty solid base over the last two months in the $35-$36.5 range, and is setting up to climb again.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Right under $40.  It will test support over the next few days.  I have support where you do, $35-$36.

Prometheus418's picture

You might be right- but I think if it cracks $40 before tomorrow morning, we'll see it run closer to $45 before it tests support and finds it right above $40.  If not, it might test again tomorrow.  We'll see.

Ultimately, I don't think it matters though- it's got a long way left to go on the upside.  In a lot of ways, I'd prefer it took the stairs up, rather than the elevator.  Holding the line was not easy this April- didn't sell, but it took a couple of weeks before I could bring myself to buy again.  Now, I'd like to see it climb slow and steady, but it looks like it's resuming it's parabolic/hyperbolic curve.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

We share the same long term thoughts, but short term, this week, it will be all about the DXY pushing to almost 77 again.  This will bring oil lower, and so it will bring silver down too.  But only to their respective support levels, because, yes, they have a long way to go.  I think $500 silver is not out of the question in the next couple years.  The real question of course is, 'what will be the sign in front of the number?'  Because it will not be the $.

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I have no argument with 77 USD, but the inverse correlation has been really shaken up lately- it's entirely possible that we could see 80 USD and $45 silver by the end of the week.  Whatever happens, it's sure to go up and down a lot more.

If the sign in front of the silver price is not the $, and we don't know what it will be, the $500 target is meaningless.  Check silver/franc and silver/yen, and you'll see what I mean.  

Either way, it only means that I'll get more or less oz when I hit the coin shop this week.

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Why should gold test support at $1550 this week?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Because it just sold off right below $1600, and support (which I admit is my technical "level" which means I draw lines through the charts and this is not scientific but what is anymore) is at $1545. 

It has taken massive gains, and it is a volatile trade.  No worries.  Get ready to load up for the ride higher!


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And then the rednecks are delusional as hell. ALL of U.S. is FUCKED, all states and at Federal level, while in Europe only 5 out of 27 are having problems. Only Greece is in SERIOUS trouble. It's the same size of Georgia or Tennessee!

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French and German banks are at risk because they own the bonds of the peripheral countries.  Their GDP/debt ratios are not much better, either.

It's all going down, man.

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Autistic nonsense

Show me the monkey.


Maybe the ECB needs Steves marketing skills for this one.......

Yes the CPO



disabledvet's picture

Here's your monkey:
I think Europe will be lucky to last thru the week. The problem with all this analysis has been the trillion dollar gorilla called an equity market surge--beyond anything rational vis a vis economic growth. Sherlock Holmes dictates "take away all rational explanations and whatever is left no matter how irrational is the reason." Since we have no massive hyperinflation nor is the US equity market alone in rising in spite of disastrous political policies (think Japan here) it must be in aniticipation of the mother of all credit events namely the EU which if true would be disastrous for EU Incorporated. What we do know is this: there will no bailout of any of the "outlier nations" once they default. That will be because the "center nations" have been in the process of defaulting as well in a "when the Chinese crossed the Yalu it was every man for himself" moment. What the Fed will do should such a "mother" occur is anybody's guess. I know one thing: the IMF doesn't give away money for free--and should the IMF simply apply "the European standard" the implications for a failure of the collective will would be catostrophic and last for generations. To sum up "as any Ranger 'll tell ya': sucks to be you."

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The European CDO will grow and grow alongside with the US Fed Treasury CDO circle-jerk and the Chinese real estate and construction kazaam debt monster until the fiat currency wave runs into the resource constraint wall. Remember, its a fiat currency therefore they can change the rules by fiat. Dont be surprised to see the US treasuries outstanding to grow to $17 trillion plus (not including intragovernmental holdings). The only thing that will stop this debt frenzy will be the energy wall.

Per Obama's budget, he expects US GDP to hit approx $23 trillion by 2021. The Euros and the Asians are all expecting similar if not greater growth projections. And just where will the energy come from that will need to supply this near doubling of world GDP in the next decade? It wont come from anywhere. The only other extend and pretend idea that I see is "digital" or virtual" GDP by way of the internet where products are sold online and remain in the internet realm. So instead of leaving your house to show off your D&G purse, you buy the "net" version and "wear" it on your facebook page. I see online virtual GDP being the next step in trying to find a world of growth.

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My company is called Appalachian Brides,

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Give them dentures and they ain't half bad looking...

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It's funny because it's true!

Hulk's picture

One day I was lost on the backroads in Kentucky when I spotted a gorgeous young women on Horseback. I rode up to her and asked directions. Her teeth turned out to be rotten and that my friend is where that line comes from...

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They are all extending and pretending.  No one wants to deal with the overload of debt issue at public and private levels.  The beauty of fiat is that when the going gets tough, the tough find a way to issue more fiat.  Roll it all over and do it with 50 year bonds, 100 year if that can be done.  Interest only forever.  Roll, roll, roll your debt...