Wikileaks: US Forces Yards Away From Osama In 2008

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The Guardian, which always does the fastest analysis of Wikileaks cables, has just released that back in 2008, US forces were as close as a few hundred yards away from OBL's Abbottabad compound (which incidentally is home to the Pakistan Military Academy which trains officers from across the nation. The academy is streets away from where Bin Laden was tracked down and killed.) From the Guardian: "The revelation that US forces were so close to the world's most wanted man in 2008 comes after material from the Guantánamo Files suggested the US may have received the intelligence that led them to Bin Laden as early as 2008. The US soldiers were due to perform a routine posting "training the trainers" of Pakistan's 70,000 strong federal military unit, the Frontier Corps." What a very unlucky coincidence. Surely, it explains the increased need for caffeine consumption by the Al Qaedan who surely needed to stay up at night and listen for SEALs jumping over the compound walls: "The two polite Pakistanis who helped Osama bin Laden hide in the shadow of their country’s army bought bulk food orders, chose major brands and equally favored Pepsi and Coke, neighbors and a local shopkeeper said." We wonder if the shopkeeper also sold the insulin so very desperately needed by the highly diabetic bin Laden following his Coke binges.

From the Guardian:

Abbottabad is home to the Pakistan Military Academy, the country's version of Sandhurst in Britain, and trains officers from across the nation. The academy is streets away from where Bin Laden was tracked down and killed.

The information about the US troops is contained in the account of a meeting in Washington between then deputy secretary of state John Negroponte and Pakistan's foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, discussing security co-operation and concerns across the country.

After both parties agreed the security plans lacked resources, Pakistan's national security advisor, Mahmud Ali Durrani, referred to the training co-operation.

"Durrani pledged Pakistan's support for the US Training-of-Trainers for the Frontier Corps starting in Abbottabad in October," the report read.

US forces may have visited the town for a second time, mere months later, according to the cable. "Due to the slow pace of construction, Durrani added he was doubtful that the more permanent training site at Warsak would be ready for the next iteration of training, scheduled in early 2009.

"Durrani thanked the US for its support of Pakistan's special forces, but requested more training and equipment to improve Pakistan's capacity, specifically citing lift capability and intelligence sharing."

Abbottabad is only infrequently mentioned in the 250,000 leaked embassy cables. The cables show the town, 50km north of Islamabad, also served as a distribution hub for US and UN aid in the wake of Pakistan's 2005 earthquake.


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66Sexy's picture

Bullshit propaganda via gov controlled wikileaks.

WTB moar dual party paradigm controlled opposition tactics (yawn).

NEWSFLASH: Some parts of the population are capable of critical thinking. I guess you can still 'fool some of the people some of the time'.'s picture

How does news of  a three year old near miss help the government?

Alex Kintner's picture

Ha ha. They can pin the near miss on Bush.'s picture

So you believe that Assange is working specifically for Obama and the democrats and not the US government at large or the military-industrial complex or Mossad?

Alex Kintner's picture

No, I was joking. Assange works for Assange IMO. I'm Pro-Wikileaks. It's the only source of truth on the Planet. Keep on leaking Wiki.'s picture

Great. Now I suspect you of being Mossad.

Alex Kintner's picture

Dammit. You blew my cover. I did indeed see a Moose in Maine once.'s picture

I saw that moose go down! So you must of been the dancing Israeli I spotted under a nearby bush.

JohnG's picture

A moose bit by sister once

-MP's picture

Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!


velobabe's picture

i thought i read something on WLcentral, that the courier of OBL was known about back in 08. this courier was mentioned again from the WH, i thought. they followed him. wikileaks is not gov or anything like that. he has some trouble on his hands right now.

tiger7905's picture

Some interesting thoughts by Gonzalo on Bin Laden.

Summary here:

NotApplicable's picture

Obama? Only power hungry boot-licker wannabes work for that puppet.

The name you're searching for is Rothschild.'s picture

So how does reporting that in 2008 US troops were active in an area which in 2011 was claimed to be the hiding place of bin Laden help the Rothschilds?

capitallosses's picture

Oh jeez, come on, it's more fodder to support the view necessary to their story that he didn't die a decade ago.'s picture

But the leaked documents don't support that view at all. How does stating that some US soldiers walked by a building in 2008 have any bearing on events in that neighborhood three years later? The earlier event does not corroborate the later event. Why do you think it does?



Hexus's picture

So the big leak is "some soldier walked by a building three years ago". If that's newsworthy for wikileaks then they have lost their touch.

High Plains Drifter's picture

crockett died at the alamo in 1836. would it be possible for you to remove his name from your handle. you are becoming more of  a embarrassment to the texas deligation, as time goes by, almost as much as texas gunslinger......'s picture

Please explain how a statement indicating that US troops walked down a street which three years later became the supposed site of bin Laden's death has any bearing on the latter event.

It doesn't. Try this analogy:

How would the statement "US troops walked down Main Street in 2008 and did not see the Easter Bunny" serve to support the premise that Obama killed the Easter Bunny on Main Street in 2011?

i-dog's picture

You're onto it, Crockett. TD gave us a misleading headline when he wrote "forces yards away from Osama" when, in fact, they were simply yards away from the place where they later [allegedly] found Osama.

They were also yards away from the book depository 2 years before Oswald [allegedly] shot Kennedy........

They're just using Wikileaks to try to convince the public that Osama was actually alive 2 years ago ... which I don't buy. There is considerable evidence that he died shortly after the bombing of Tora Bora and zero credible evidence that he has been alive since then.'s picture

If you understand this:

they were simply yards away from the place where they later [allegedly] found Osama.

I don't understand how you get to this:

They're just using Wikileaks to try to convince the public that Osama was actually alive 2 years ago

My question remains: How does the wikileaks report that US troops did not see bin Laden in Abbottabad in 2008 lead anyone to believe that he was alive at the time? The 2008 event has no bearing on the situation in 2011. If "they" wanted to plant a lie wouldn't "they" plant a lie which supports their position rather than one that has no bearing on their position?

i-dog's picture

Wikileaks couldn't release a [non-existent] cable saying that Osama had been seen at that place 3 years ago, so they did the next best thing ... which results in misleading headlines around the world trumpeting, as Tyler also did: "Wikileaks: US Forces Yards Away From Osama In 2008". The public only read/hear the headlines and go away with the impression that Osama was alive 3 years ago ... thereby giving more credence to the bullshit story that he was killed a few days ago ... which is exactly what the CIA-Wikileaks intended.

I thought, from your OP, that you understood that. Apparently my confidence was misplaced.'s picture

So Assange has targeted those with poor reading comprehension in order to spread his nefarious lies?

Do you really believe that every single thing wikileaks puts out is a well crafted lie? Even if Assange is the bastard child of David Rockefeller and Golda Meir wouldn't you expect there to be a substantial amount of fairly meaningless chaff mixed in with Assange's purposeful lies?

The "truther" obsession with branding every single sentence spoken by Assange as an attempt at mind control is simply bizarre.

i-dog's picture

"Do you really believe that every single thing wikileaks puts out is a well crafted lie?"

Yes, I do start out from that premise. Wikileaks is a CIA-controlled "limited hangout" ... which means that they combine truth with redaction. That is not the same as telling an outright lie (which is what O'bomber is best at). I don't believe that they have ever released false information or forged documents.

So, to ascertain the real motive for each release, one must look at what they don't say (in this case: that he was seen) or which leader/s they don't expose.

All of their releases are targetted at manipulating perceptions at critical times, through selective releases of the truth. They have done it over and over again.'s picture

Wikileaks is a CIA-controlled "limited hangout" ... which means that they combine truth with redaction. That is not the same as telling an outright lie


Such a confident assertion must be based on substantial evidence. Please provide your documentation.

i-dog's picture

Check my old debates with Geopol on this board about 6 months ago (back when I was a believer in, and defender of, Wikileaks).'s picture

Check my old posts which prove you're as wrong as you can be.

Freddie's picture

Sonny Crockett died! OMG! When? 18:36 hours? Was Tubbs there? So sad.

Hexus's picture

1. It cover up the fact that he died nine years ago.

2. It suggests Pakistan were hiding him, therefore we should bring some democracy to Pakistan.

clymer's picture

It's official - tyler is pushing the Osama Bin-dead-a-while (but let's all pretend we just got him and call it a "war on terror victory")




clymer's picture

I call it like I see it

Bruno the Bear's picture

Maybe it was the other kind of coke?

In Fed We Trust's picture


Is that you back there?

Cuz it sure dosn't sound like your voice any more.

Since when have you been a big fan of the CIA controlled Wikileaks?

AZSovreign's picture

And why do they keep calling him the "World's" most wanted? He was only wanted here for crimes he didn't commit. He was a risky CIA asset in that his death served a grand political purpose.


Wikileaks, lulz, more like Wikiganda for the sheep....'s picture

Tyler has spoken approvingly of wikileaks more often than not from what I've read.

NotApplicable's picture

IMO, his post is neither pro Wikileaks nor con (well, unless you count the reference to the Guardian's "fastest analysis" note).

Either way, it's (dis)info not to be ignored. Otherwise, it's harder to tell how the whole script is written.

velobabe's picture

may 3, national free press day, being celebrated in the US of Fraud today. what a joke that is.

tamboo's picture

sheesh, enough with the wikileaks koolaid already!'s picture

"Truthers" give those who have realistic doubts about government a bad name.

Ancona's picture

This is all just another distraction from current events that really mean something. I think it is great that Bin Laden was killed, but I think he should have been packed in to the carcass of a 400 pound boar hog and buried in a pigpen. Why the hell are we permitting dhimmitude in our nation?

A Lunatic's picture

Well this certainly sheds some new light on the reasoning behind falling PM prices.

DizzySailor's picture

if you trust a Paki you are a fool.  Who sold Neuk technology?  This is being in bed with the wrong crowd and time will show I am right, if we survive.

NotApplicable's picture

Do you not realize that this story line is all a creation to polarize you into a herd, "us" against a bogeyman, "them?"

Meanwhile the elites that fund both sides of spy vs. spy are enjoying the spectacle. These actors and their storylines are no more believable than those of professional wrestling.

Segestan's picture

Ya.. like the Paki's never knew a thing..... BS to the first degree.

SDRII's picture

OBL was well know for his tunnel escapes (tora bora etc., compounds, etc). Why would there not be a series of tunnel escapes?

NotApplicable's picture

Look, you're never going to enjoy the show unless you learn to suspend your belief system.

I just wonder how many years they spent creating the facade named OBL 2.0?

First fake Saddams, now fake bin Ladens.

I bet they put him next to the military academy so the ISI could have him close at hand.

Hexus's picture

John Mclain was well known for his resourcefulness, he would of bagged that SOB YEEEHAAAAAHHH!

Ima anal sphincter's picture

Gawd......First it was the "wedding", now this OBL thingy. Neither of them has any importance in today's world (for the people who knew he was dead and don't give a rat's ass for the "war on terror" lie).

I need some gun pratice.......short range shots first.......the TV's are dead.