Will Americans Reclaim Our Nation in 2010 From the Thugs and Con Artists?

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The giant banks are treating the American Citizen like we work for them, are holding the economy hostage, and are taking our deposits and using them to speculate in casino style gambling.

They've bought and paid for Congress and the White House. See this, this and this.

Will Americans exercise our power, or become serfs to a permanent banking royalty?

An economist says the healthcare bill "is just another bailout of the financial system", and lawyers say that it is unconstitutional.

Will we defeat this giveaway to the insurance giants, or become permanent slaves to mandatory insurance requirements?

Top scientists, economists and environmentalists all say
that cap and trade is a scam which won't significantly reduce C02
emissions, and will only help in making the financial players who
crashed the economy even more wealthy.

Will we defeat this
worthless scam, or allow the failed banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan
and Citigroup - who have already taken many billions of taxpayer
dollars - to make a fortune off of this con game at our expense?

Americans reclaim our nation in 2010 from the thugs and con artists, or
put our heads down and stay subservient while the little we have left
in the way of money, resources and dignity is stolen by the giant
banks, insurance companies and carbon trading players?

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all the politicians are equally corrupt
when i see televisions at the curb in front of every home on garbage day i will believe we have a chance to take our country back
until then it will be the same old left vs right paradigm

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No offense intended, but most of the responses in this thread are just more intellectual bullshit. Stop thinking and start doing. Please.

If you're not getting off your ass and doing something locally you're just pissing up a rope. Get away from your computers and start talking to your neighbors. Get agreements for mutual support. Pass out flyers and find the pissed-off but confused patriots. Start an "economics club" in your town and start meeting. Share resources. See if you can get any collective energy generated and start doing something. Anything!

We have to get ready for the implosion of the system. It will affect you where you live and only where you live. Get your community prepared. Time is getting short.

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I think the first step to reclaim our nation can be simple. Vote for a 3rd party candidate. Most of these candidates are regular people and not career politicians tainted by years of bribes and kick backs.

Just imagine the fear in the hearts of all the Repubs and Dems when they realize that their lock on zombie electorate starts showing cracks.

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Stop paying taxes.

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Can't...they'll confiscate my property. But we can all work hard at paying less. If we lose our jobs that will be a fact.

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I think the first step to reclaim our nation can be simple. Vote for a 3rd party candidate. Most of these candidates are regular people and not career politicians tainted by years of bribes and kick backs.

Just imagine the fear in the hearts of all the Repubs and Dems when they realize that their lock on zombie electorate starts showing cracks.

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Rome is burning and your worried about
proper English. Give me a fucking break.

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Will we defeat this worthless scam, or allow the failed banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citigroup - who have already taken many billions of taxpayer dollars - to make a fortune off of this con game at our expense?


Come on ZeroHedge, if you want to be taken seriously, get some English proof readers...

who have already taken many billions of taxpayer dollars - to make a fortune off (or "from" - there should be no "of") this con game at our expense?


Please, correct English is everything... Sorry!

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Are you kidding?

You vote for Obama, but get Bush with good table manners and a subject and verb in each sentence?

Your vote can't get anymore punked that.

Growing poverty and hunger, unmeasurable unemployment,  a failure of a  heathcare system which has a very real potential to get worse quickly, and a government up to their armpits in debt.

It's the American version of a Banana Republic. The wealth level of the country has nothing to do with it. It has to do with the way the culture works.

History tells us, some people will stop voting. For the people who still think their vote will make a difference, every demagogue and wacko in creation will appear out of the tall grass to garner those votes. And people will vote for them, and it will make sense to many at the time.

It will continue until the oligarchs realize they have eaten the seed corn, and they will have to make concessions.

Until they get serious about that, this gets worse.

The game is already set and in motion. You can vote or not vote.

Either way, you are part of Act II, in this tragedy.

That's the amazing thing about it.

While they are in it, people can't see what is happening.




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You said:

It will continue until the oligarchs realize they have eaten the seed corn, and they will have to make concessions.

So, stop feeding the oligarchs! We can keep some of the seed corn - if we stop feeding them (money). That's what buying votes is all about!

Stop feeding the beast!

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because the money likes it that way.

Why were all the safeguards so intentionally set in place in 1933 and 1934 abandoned?  Because those empowered to make and enforce our laws— sworn to be good stewards of the public interest— allowed themselves to be seduced and inducted to serve private interests, not the least of which their own, courtesy of campaign contributions, lobbyist largess, lucrative job prospects, and other co-optive emoluments known anywhere else in the world as bribes. When will we learn that it’s not about politics, ideology or principle?  It’s about the money!  But drop me a line the next time you hear any corporate or mainstream media pro daring to talk or write about it in those terms.  Somehow, as obvious and pernicious a role as it plays in our political process, discussing venal motive is off limits, part of the pretense that our elected officials actually represent the best interests of the people who voted for them (as distinguished from those who bankroll them)....

full comment at:  http://calltoaccount.wordpress.com/  


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"If people fear the government there is tyranny, if the government fears the people there is freedom," taken from the recent Ty Andros newsletter with apologies.

By this measure, there is substantial fear and it has been elevated since the financial crisis and and change in administration. Against this backdrop, there are senators (and other office holders) who fear the people in upcoming elections.

2010 will be the year in which fair elections are tested. Watch for certain "organized" groups to be mobilized into the campaign mode very soon. The media will face a real litmus in terms of what (little) integrity they have left, should they fail to prevent a honest election process or be an accomplice to an unfair one.

Another serious battle brewing pertains to the common folk. Will more continue to drink the Kool-aid and go in sleep mode, or will more awaken to the fact their livelihood is at stake. Knowledge may be power but Wall Street (greed), Madison Avenue (lies) and Entitlements (sloth) are like crack or opium.

IMHO everyone here needs to do their part in educating the masses (i.e. friends, children, etc.) or else face additional loss of freedoms. George Washington, thank you for an apropos plea for freedom.

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I suspect the quality of life here, will become more like mexico. there won't be total collapse, just deterioration, and volatility. we will adapt, we will relocate, we will adjust our expectations. people will become more appreciative, of the good things, they still experience. not by choice, but by necessity

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Definitely no reclamation soon, unless you have a golf course to water.
The outdated notion of 'nation' might be a place to start.
It will die out by itself. By fire or ice: choose one.
Mortality is our saving grace.
Just think if we all lived to be 1000 years old.
Its gotten to big ; hence contraction is inevitable.
We are all thugs and con artists and lovers. We all attempt to tell the truth.
Alas the truth can not be contained in the simple world of words.

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Man there's a lot of Tin Hats reading this website.For as bad as it is right now the desire to make it worst with the hope that somebody with good intentions will prevail is at best delusional. Should the shit hit the fan like you all desire do you honestly believe that the outcome will be beneficial for the greater good. Most likely society will devolve to a state much like that which we fight in northern Pakistan a form of tribalism that will break up this country creating a society you wouldn't be able to comprehend. Look at what happened after Katrina in Louisiana, basic instincts of survival took over and the thought of helping one another devolved to chaos.It wasn't until the state aid arrived that some semblance of civil order was reinstated. So seriously take of the Hat and grow the fuck up or you may get what you wish for. It will never happen leave your guns and paranoia at the door.

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The shit HAS hit the fan....you must have no sense of smell.

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Dunno to much about Katrina but I do know about hurricaine Andrew. Guns and ammo were much depended on the first few weeks. Even in the rebuilding tools and supplies had to be watched at all times with a way to stop a thief from even thinkin about it. I don't think theres 1, thats ONE, here that " desires" any harm to any one either from the top down or bottom up. And as to state aid, we drove trucks 100s of miles with tarpaper and generators. State aid my ass.

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From a definitely different POV - The basic global economic problem is debt and the first rule of economics states, "All debt will be paid. Either by the debtor or by the lender. Either with pennies worth dollars, or with dollars worth pennies."

Ludwig von Misses said it best years ago, "There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crises should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."

Looks like the powers that be have chosen the latter option. The present system will eventually implode under the immense weight of debt that is being issued as each day goes by, and the defaults mount, destroying this debt. The Fed keeps pouring money into the top of the economy and it leaks out just as fast as debt is destroyed. Destroying the value of the dollar in the process, eventually leading to a currency crises and the total collapse of the economy that Misses alludes to. 

The only question that remains at this point - is what type of power structure is formed and by whom, to fill the void left by such a crises? The answer to this question is far from being settled. Nothing is written in stone before hand. Change is and will occur - whether to the better meant of society or detriment remains to be seen.  

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Global warming. Of course the earth has been warming. Its been warming for the past 10,000 years. A mere 10,000 years ago most of North America was under one mile of solid ice (a glacier). It did not recede on account of the internal combustion engine.Or maybe the Wooley Mamouths drove SUVs?

The earth has been much colder and much warmer than it is now. CO2 produced by man may or may not play a significant role in all this. The earth has been cooling for the past 10 years, anyway.

The rest of the G20 has better health care at half the cost? Nonsense. They have health care that is much simplier given that it is single payer. But the quality of care and the waiting lists don't match up to health care in the states. And the financial burdern of what in the states would be substandard care is consuming their Federal budgets just as Medicare and Medicaid is consuming ours.

Ultimately, you have to ration care for those who cannot pay for it themselves. Can't afford to do everything for everybody. Can't afford to have 80 year olds with 3 artificial joints, a pacemaker, on 10 medications with 7 specialist doctors. Just can't.

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Withdraw consent. Go off the grid at every opportunity. One of the most obvious manacles by which the feds have enslaved us is the payroll tax - pre-emptively taking our money before we even have a chance to see it. So, when you have a chance to hire someone under the table, do it. Even if it's just yard work. When you have a chance to pay cash to a small, local business, do it. Most of what the tyrants do is irrelevant if you engage in the local gray- and black- market economy.

The single biggest problem is the currency - hugely manipulated and controlled by the Fed to steal your wealth. So, beyond engaging in the cash economy, try bartering services and goods. Craigslist is a great place to start to buy and sell and trade things.

Then, at some point, when the looter class gets annoyed with your liberty, they will come for you. That's when you will be justified in defending your life and liberty against them. Until then, resist peacefully.

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The criticisms of the efforts to fight global warming, and of healthcare reform, are trite recitations of right-wing loonie talking points. Really sorry to see ZeroHedge - which has been a fine site - start down that road.

The rest of the G20 gets better healthcare, and pays half what we do.

The planet is OBVIOUSLY warming. Check glacier sizes, polar ice coverage, etc.. Want to argue whether man causes it? - fine - but to imply that there's some kind of serious debate on whether we're warming is moronic.

Do we need to re-instate Glass-Steagall, and let WallSt bear the burden of it's mistakes? You betcha. Are the insurance companies and pharmas going to gorge on the healthcare reform plan. Yup - the GOP stood in the way of getting a better plan. Price of progress in a country where so much of the population thinks repeating mindless babble is thinking.

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Sorry to inform you, but most everyone by now is wise to the pre-ordained conclusions being foisted on everyone by way of "consensus", climate-gate as it is now known, shows the machinations of such manufactured consent. It's a neat trick, but pretty twisted. Nobody is implying anything about debate, because there simply hasn't been any. Good try, though.

What they have done is managed to politicize the weather, notoriously unpredictable at best even just a few weeks out. Further, "they" stand to make fabulous sums trading in so-called carbon credits, basically a shake down of anyone who breathes, confiscation of what's left of the middle class wealth, etc. Pathetic.

Glass-Steagall is a joke now, way too late to close the barn door now.

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You're caught up in a false right-left split. Please READ the links to see what I am actually saying (and criticism of tbtf, mandated health insurance and cap and trade from the LEFT)

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If you fear our country is going to hell in a handbasket, then, where is a better place to live? What country combines our freedoms, our standard of living, and our safety (massive military and no enemies of note in the entire hemisphere).

Canada seems decent enough, but, it's cold up there, and their government is no less intrusive. Mexico? Drug state. Central America? Too humid. Brazil? Teeming with violence and poverty. Europe? More intrusive governent, less freedoms, and, if it weren't for the US, would be occupied by Russia to the East.

Australia? A solid choice but if China wanted to occupy it, who could stop them?


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In my quest and travels!!

Chile is best. Three different climates, large middle class, self sustained, agriculture, lots of inexpensive sea food, mountain lakes, Swiss like chalets, Pacific beaches, pristine terrain in the south (but, yes cold there).

The locals have no idea about terrorism or US economics and they do not care either. Life goes on, friends, wine (plenty and good) and other simple things in life.

And yes! In Santiago you can enjoy all the "dolce vita' you can handle 

Other SA places offer similar as well. Uruguay, Peru,  


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What's the difference between lawlessness and freedom?  When the majority of the US feels the need to own guns, not just to hunt with but to protect themselves, it strikes me that your country isn't as free as you would like to believe.  Take no offence.  I'm not to saying other countries are any better, just that your country isn't the envy of the world and if the same question were posed to folks in other places, would the US be a favoured place to go?  There's no escaping the madness. 

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What's the difference between lawlessness and freedom?

What is the difference between chaos and anarchy? One is active, the other is passive.

Americans own guns for two reasons: self-defense and the teeth of Liberty. One is applied immediately in response to a lethal attack. The latter is applied when the current government lethally attacks. When the Ballot box and Jury box fail to enforce the will of the people there is no longer any Liberty.  

When the law is no longer respected by those elected to govern it is the duty of the People to alter or abolish the current system. If there was a march to DC, right now, it would not be heard by those that govern. And there would likely be a massive, violent response from the Federal powers to halt any revolution of power to the people.

How can you alter or abolish when violence is used against an unarmed populace? The Founding Fathers knew this time would come. There are many that find guns unpleasant - this is very understandable because they are loud, dirty your fingers, kick in your hands, and are completely safe when controlled by a trained, sane, non-felon citizen. They are an inanimate object. The person using the tool is who I am concerned with.

Ask any human being in the course of history what they do when they're 'mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore'. They find the best damn weapon they can and hit the streets to have a nice little chat with the powers that be. Do I advocate mob violence? No, only self-defense. If someone, by their actions, intends to harm me I will not kindly ask that they change their attitude - they have made their choice not to use reason and diplomacy to achieve their desires. They have chosen to use force - and I will use the most effective means possible to stop them -  this can be achieved intelligently through escalation of defensive force. If you have not the time or money to train in hand-to-hand combat, non-toxic pepper spray can be used to stop most animal and human, non-lethal threats. A lethal threat requires a potentially lethal response. If the assailant perishes it is incidental to my use of force to stop them from imposing their will upon another. I have the Constitutional right to defend my life - equal to law enforcement (greater in some states). 

I cannot carry a officer of the law wherever I go - and it is not their duty to protect me, contrary to popular belief. They collect evidence and suspects - then the court enforces the law. If no law has been broken then there is no need for an officer. I will not call law enforcement until after I have mitigated, in an escalating manner, a threat to my well-being. Their assistance is only minutes away when seconds count. If I defend myself using deadly force it will be up to a fully-informed jury of 12 peers whether or not it was justified.

As a law abiding, non-felon citizen I should be free to visit DC with my fellow citizens and demand a change. A fundamental change. But this will be met with escalating force. We know this already. Plenty of videos on YouTube showing the People what they can expect.

The most important part of self-defense is to avoid trouble in the first place and be aware of ones surroundings - you do not have to own and carry a sidearm to protect yourself. A sidearm is, however, the greatest equalizer, so I never leave home without it. If one is not willing to fully protect their lawful interests and right to well-being I question their reasoning, even sanity.

These men understand the importance of self-defense:

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."
-M. Gandhi

The Dalai Lama: "If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun." -(May 15, 2001, The Seattle Times)

Ultimately, what is worth protecting? It is obviously a very personal choice.

A very critical decision indeed:


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When time comes, we will indeed find out that many more people than we think, share the same idea as you have just described.


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If you avoid major population centers Brazil is an excellent choice. The people there are wonderful - and your crops can grow all year. You would want to be armed though - if you have something somebody wants you to have to realize they will try to take it, just like anywhere else. Northern Brazil is the best, but it is also very rural. The variety of fruits there is unbelievable - and you can suck on sugarcane all day if you want. 

But this is if you don't want to stick around to see the fireworks here. I prefer the Rocky mountains to any place on earth. So I will stay to see the reset.

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Though Marla will dislike my saying so.... and will point out justice is best serve in the courts.. to which I laugh as I await the trial of Angelo Mozillo and friends.... I am hoping for assassinations in 2010 and quite a few of them, but not with guns !!! ...and by left wing idealogues who are off their hopium high and seen only the betrayal they wrought.

Peace be with you tin foil hat types.. (but not if you call yourself a Repukelican or DemoRat)..

There's a revolution calling you..

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What is wrong with whats happening?  Everyone is doing the best they can to fix an unpleasant situation and we finally have an administration in place that will bring the country back to the forefront with its clear minded policies. 

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Surely you jest?.
We have a Fascist takeover in play, and the destruction of our Republic as we have known it.
The Administration is full of Socialist's, Marxist's, and Greenies.And Eugenics clowns.
Their policies are THE problem, with a 600%+ Debt to GDP in play, by virtue of their FIXES, how can you be for real.
LOL, Sorry Mr. Alinsky, sometimes I am a pushover...........

Dear friend, I see no way out of this mess, the Testicular fortitude lacking today, is incomprehensible to me, but then I was raised to have a set.

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Do not worry my friends the adjustment is in the way.

Just men can only tolerate chains for so long. Nonetheless, we must also educate the masses. I have already started talking to the lesser, and while doing so an older lady jumped and said. "They are telling us the same things in church."

It is happening! 

And to you Mr. Jefferson, if you are listening, once we reach oil peak, life will go back where the illuminati want it to be. The earth has its own way of protesting.


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Oracle of Kypseli, with all due respect, I could care less about "oil peak".

All we have to do is construct 200 pebble-bed design breeder reactors throughout our nation (using American developed technology and improving upon some of it, Japan's Toshiba, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi are currently in the process of taking 155 orders from 27 different countries)) AND lift the moratorium on reprocessing the spent fuel rods that has been stupidly in place since James Earl Carter was President of our U.S. and Edmund G. Brown, Jr. was Governor of my California.

By allowing the recycyling of spent fuel rods, we minimize the end amount of radiological byproduct that, then must be stored AND we maximize the amount of energy that we can squeeze out of the isotopes. The so-called "nuclear waste" we hear about all the time is a "red herring". That so-called "nuclear waste" is, in reality, PERFECTLY GOOD USEABLE FUEL!

As we construct these clean atomic energy plants, we then shift our sizeable DOMESTIC LNG/CNG away from its' current use of generating nearly 20% of our nation's electricity and INSTEAD, over to our transportation sector. Our U.S. can run MILLIONS of our autos, busses, vans, & trucks on much of our own DOMESTIC liquified natural gas.

The LNG/CNG burns 40% cleaner than regular gasoline AND, by transferring at least a somewhat significant percentage of the vehicles on our roads away from the petrol, we become LESS DEPENDENT ON FOREIGN OIL! Plus, as a side bonus, this could inject some life back into our struggling domestic car manufacturers as they can build some of these LNG/CNG powered vehicles and bring them to the marketplace.

The fueling infrastructure is already in place. Our service stations ALREADY offer us a choice of octanes, be it 87, 89, or 91 octane. Plus many service stations also offer diesel. Well, simply get rid of the 89 octane underground fuel tanks (we'll still have a choice between 87 and 91 octanes - which is plenty), and devote what was the 89 octane fuel underground tank to an LNG tank and connect said tank to corresponding gas pump and VOILA, infrastructure in place at a tiny cost overall.

If our U.S. would do just these two things for starters, any so-called "peak oil" wouldn't mean a damn thing anyway because we wouldn't be as dependent on the stuff.

By the way, Honda's CGX (modified Civic), is the ONLY mass produced LNG/CNG vehicle on the market today. You can pick one up for about $25,000 or so. LNG is approximately $2.20 per gallon AND you can purchase an in-home adaptor so you can simply tap in to your home's natural gas line overnight in your garage while you're sleeping so you don't even have to go to the service station if you don't want.

Plus, if gasoline prices shoot through the roof due to some "action" in the Straits of Hormuz or some other Middle-Eastern "madness" and gasoline jumps to, say $4.50 or $5.00/gallon, it won't matter if you're driving a LNG/CNG vehicle because the gasoline price increase won't affect your liquified natural gas price of, say $2.20/gallon while MOST EVERYBODY ELSE is JUST HATIN' LIFE.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

I am sure that some kind of chemical process for extracting hydrogen out of water cheaply will eventually be found, thus powering our transportation needs.

and I am sure that some breeder reactors will be designed which will have minimum waste that needs to be stored in a safe way.

But.... You do need cooperative governments who are rooting for the betterment of the people rather than enriching themeselves, taxing to the point of extinction and playing power games.

That was after all the point of the article.


CAN WE SAVE OURSELVES FROM THE TYRRANY? We must do it by any means and now.


Please do your part

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Dude you need to do some research. We have an 18 year supply of radioactive fuel at current total energy consumption rates. Also, the pressure of your home CNG/LNG line is nowhere near high enough to charge a vehicles tank.P

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The tide is turning. Fast falling equity markets (as anticipated in an expected P3 of Elliott Wave Theory) may cause such financial distress to our citizenry that the change promised by Obama will instead be instigated by regular folks wielding torches and pitchforks. The writing is on the wall.

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Want to send the bankster's a message?

BANK RUN!!!!!!!  Sell any and all bonds, treasuries, etc and remove all money you can out of your bank account(s) and buy gold and/or silver.


Have credit cards, plan to default and jingle mail your home?
I hear that many people are maxing out their credit cards, they are gutting out the house as much as possible including selling the appliances, copper pipes, etc... and buying gold and/or silver with the money.


And now some words from the Founding Fathers:

Thomas Jefferson warned of the damage that would be caused if the people assigned control of the money supply to the banking sector, "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. This issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of the moneyed corporations which already dare to challenge our Government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country" Thomas Jefferson, 1791


"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."
-- Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.

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Will we stand up in 2010, or keep bending over? The latter. In great numbers, and with no measurable dissent.
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Will Americans Reclaim Our Nation in 2010 From the Thugs and Con Artists?

I'm working on it and I appreciate the optimistic views of others here.  We have to be careful of that which we reclaim, though.  I'm not interested in retaining the debt money system, the Ponzi scheme of central bankers.  So, a good first step would be to abolish the Federal Reserve and return the money issuance and control of our money supply to the U.S. Treasury.


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Damn Jefferson do you have to be so happy!


State of Liberty!

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The global elite determined long ago that uncontrolled Malthusian growth is turning THEIR planet into a filthy cesspool. The exponential growth of the consumer economy, if allowed to continue unabated, will destroy what remains of the earth’s limited resources and sully its original, pristine nature beyond recognition.

The global elite believe this destruction of the environment threatens their quality of life and the future quality of life of their offspring. Consequently, they have embarked on an ambitious, multi-staged plan to engineer an ecologically sustainable world economy subject, of course, to their absolute dominion and control.

The plan requires the careful and deliberate orchestration of a series of financial, military and political crises.

To exploit the current financial crisis and establish an “eco-friendly” habitat grounded in sustainable economic development, the global elite have co-opted the financial reform and environmental protection movements. It is no accident that Hank Paulson is an avid environmentalist.

The overall strategy is to transform the financial system in a manner that will facilitate a centrally planned global economy regulated and controlled by a select cadre of economic planners, financiers and technocrats. In order to effectuate the sought after transformation, the global elite have engaged in a process of controlled demolitions whereby the most critical financial institutions, government agencies and corporations are preserved while those that threaten the consensus agenda are either severely weakened or terminated.

The global elite, knowing full well that CDOs, CDS and other exotic financial derivatives, combined with lax regulation and underwriting standards represent the ultimate financial weapons of mass destruction, encouraged the widespread use of unregulated derivatives while making sure any individuals, such as Brooksley Born, who objected were marginalized.

The fallout from the unraveling of the derivatives monster gives the global elite an opportunity to foist upon a mostly unsuspecting world regulation and control over virtually every aspect of human activity through an international monetary system and carbon use regulations. It provides the perfect launching pad for a series of new regulatory measures that will be implemented by preselected international organizations. That is why government regulation of derivatives will not happen.

Many individuals who consider themselves members of the ruling class in their respective countries are considered obstacles to be removed by the global elite. The global elite will destroy the power base of the ruling classes in various countries and regions of the world. And, where appropriate, the global elite will transform by force non-compliant individuals and organizations into compliancy.

The UN, World Bank, IMF, FSB, BIS, et. al. are the premiere international regulatory bodies that will be utilized to perform the heavy lifting when it comes to establishing, maintaining and enforcing a comprehensive set of global trade, financial and environmental regulations.

The upcoming conflicts between warring factions of the global elite and any remaining dissenting members of the ruling classes, with vested interests in keeping the nation state status quo, will likely create significant collateral damage. There will be massive resistance sometimes violent by certain groups as they become increasingly aware of the assault on their privileges and status. The global elite will utilize the growing dissatisfaction among large segments of the population to take down any resistance whether it hails from the political Left or Right.

The climate change initiative is a proxy movement the global elite will exploit to advance their agenda to control and limit world economic growth. By its very nature, the climate change initiative requires the diminished sovereignty of national organizations over industrial policy in favor of compliant global institutions. Allocation of permits to emit so-called greenhouse gases and carbon taxes will allow the global elite to determine which industries and corporations are allowed to prosper and which ones are not.

Not surprisingly, the global elite have a problem convincing the leadership of both developed and underdeveloped nations that they should sacrifice their potential economic development in the interest of reducing pollution and preserving the environment. The populations of underdeveloped nations naturally believe they are entitled to the realization of their material aspirations just like everybody else. The populations of developed nations would like to maintain their current high standard of material consumption and add to it as well.

Consequently, the global elite must bankrupt the governments in each nation state and then offer to bail them out in exchange for the adoption of austerity measures which will include specific carbon emission limitations. The Copenhagen meeting was the forum for the global elite to negotiate the general provisions of the envisioned world government that will administer this new environmental regulatory regime.  The supposed fallout between China and the US was merely propaganda for domestic political consumption to obscure what is in reality behind the scenes unanimity. Eventually a definitive agreement will be reached and Obama will be touted as a great statesman for getting China to eventually cave when in reality Obama is enslaving the US population to serve the purposes of the global elite.

So we should expect, in the not too distant future, another major financial crisis that will most likely manifest itself in the unwinding of the USD carry trade whereby a number of countries, because of the insolvency of their major financial institutions who have foolishly leveraged themselves once again in USD denominated debts, are then forced to come to the IMF for a bailout.

ZH has previously discussed the fact that European banks alone are sitting on over $10 Trillion of USD denominated debt much of it owed by non-US countries and corporations with severe duration funding mismatches as documented by BIS reports, naturally.

Hyperinflation would mean that all USD denominated external debt of developed and developing countries could no longer be used as leverage to force acceptance of austerity measures and carbon emission controls. Hyperinflation, by its very nature, would preclude any potential for sovereign debt default. That's why it will never happen in USD.

Consequently, the global elite and their central banking hand maidens will take all necessary measures to prevent hyperinflation in USD. Deflationary collapse is the best tool for maintaining their leverage over USD denominated debtors and forcing the handing over of national sovereignty to the IMF in exchange for bailouts.

The defaulting nations will be required to accept the carbon tax and regulations that were established in Copenhagen and to adopt SDRs as the currency for repayment of bailout funds. SDRs will become the mandatory currency for funding and performing transactions in carbon trading and derivatives markets enabling the eventual transition to a single global currency regulated by a world government, thereby, fulfilling the dreams of the global elite for world domination and control.


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Jefferson, thank you for your well stated report. For some time I have attempted to spread understanding of the activities of the dominant elite, especially regarding their aggressive assault on the American middle class during the past ten years. You may read my commentary at www.classicalcapital.com Please contact me there if you are willing to communicate.

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As a longtime Vail (and before here, Aspen) resident who sees many of them regularly, I believe you give the "global elite" far too much credit when you state that they're acting in a coordinated manner to subjugate the world.

Based on dealing with them I think most locals will assure you that most of them, from the al Saud family down, are well educated fools, content in their wealth and interested in little more than what's for lunch and who they can lay with next, if they can even still get it up after all the blow they've inhaled (constricts the veins, you know).

Seriously. The bigger the jet, the smaller the intellect ... that's the rule, not the exception. They've got smart staff, some of them, and money to pay them, and they can pay off a lot of other people, but their long term goal? Based on what I've observed: lunch and a roll in the hay, just like everybody else.

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I’ve got no special expertise here but I’ve also been very concerned about these things. My two cents:

Violence isn’t going to work, the powers that be would welcome it as a pretext to respond in kind. A direct confrontation probably won’t work either. An indirect attack on the sources of elite power should be more effective, IMHO. Money, propaganda, and control of law enforcement come to mind.

Keep in mind that the oligarchs are few, and they can’t have their way without a large number of lower level functionaries willing to carry out their orders. If things are too obviously corrupt, only crooks and sociopaths will work for them. They can be plenty ruthless but they are usually incompetent and untrustworthy. Efficiency requires at least the illusion of righteousness.

Corrupt oligarchs are not like you and me. I’m always baffled that so few people seem to think it’s worthwhile to study them and learn the patterns of their behavior that could be used to spot and “out” them publicly. My reading and observations lead me to conclude that they have several characteristics:

They believe in their own superiority and hold the average person in contempt.

They are cheaters. They don’t feel guilty about lying or treachery.

They don’t think “the rules” apply to them. Rules are for the stupid, poor, gullible, etc.

They crave social status and personal grandiosity.

They tend to be energetic and sure of themselves. This gives them a goal centered tunnel vision--what’s good, and what’s good for themselves are one and the same. This comes in handy when trying to justify self-serving policies as the equivalent of apple pie and motherhood.

They are aggressive and attack, back-stab, spread lies and calumny about anyone who tries to thwart them.

They are usually extroverts and have little self awareness. They don’t know their own minds very well. A corollary of this is that they have very little empathy, since it’s hard to understand others if you don’t understand yourself.

These are just a few that I’ve come up with, I’d be curious if ZH readers can come up with some more.

All these characteristics create exploitable weaknesses, which might make for an interesting discussion, but I think the real focus of attention should be on isolating them from their henchmen and subordinates who do their dirty work for them. It’s my (perhaps naive) belief that a third world style thugocracy would not be viable in the US simply because a system as complex as ours could not be operated by criminals and sociopaths alone. The game would be up once we passed the tipping point where nobody believed the government was doing anything for the common good.

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I forgot where I got this quote, but it seems pertinent to your message:

"An absolutely powerful person is never responsible; an absolutely responsible person is never powerful.  As power increases, responsibility decreases, and visa versa."

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Being wealthy doesn't make someone part of the global elite. In fact, most of the idle wealthy are as you describe. But if you spend any time watching who serves on world wide corporate boards, think tanks, as political appointees, running elite schools, running private money, as consultants etc, the same names crop up endlessly, as if on a merry go round.

As just a small example, take a look the resumes of the political appointees for the past 3 or 4 American administrations. They move from private practice to corporate boards to academia to think tanks to private practice etc. What I find most interesting is they often cross political and ideological lines, telling me it's one party with two factions in America.

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Good Post.

Entirely plausible.... except for one thing.

The "Global Elite" isn't quite as unified as you might think.

Long before a "World Government" can be established, they will begin fighting among themselves about the division of the spoils.

There is NO honor among thieves ... even (or especially) at the highest levels.

And therein lies our opportunity. Long before we are reduced to an impoverished helotry one or several will emerge among us to lead.

Just as our country produced a George Washington, an Abraham Lincoln, a Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and,yes, a Ronald Reagan, it will produce another. And by another, I'm not talking about "Kenya's best and brightest".

For inspiration try "300" or "Braveheart", even "Spartacus".

It's not over until we admit it's over.


      "Then up spake brave Horatius

       The captain of the Gate

       To every man upon this earth

       Death cometh soon or late

       And how can Man die better

       Than facing fearful odds

       For the Ashes of his Fathers

       And the Temples of his Gods" 

       - Macaulay, Lays of Ancient Rome