Will Larry Kudlow Follow Olbermann And Scarborough In (Temporary) "Biased Reporting" Exile?

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While not directly under the purview of finacial matters, a topic that has received much attention recently are the now two consecutive censures of MSNBC hosts: first Keith Olbermann, and now Joe Scarborough for political donations. The reason given by MSNBC (NBCsubsidiary) president Phil Griffin is that "since [Scarborough] did not seek or receive prior approval
for these contributions, Joe understands that I will be suspending him
for violating our policy." As for Olbermann: "
Days before the November 2 congressional
elections, Olbermann gave contributions of $2,400 each to Jack Conway,
the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, and to two members
of the House of Representatives from Arizona, Raul Grijalva and
Gabrielle Giffords."
Presumably the decision to censure the two arose out of NBC News,
MSNBC's broadcast partner, which attempts to protect the news
organization's image as unbiased. Zero Hedge is all for unbiased reporting, even at such purportedly extremely far from the center stations as MSNBC and Fox News. After all, both of these are watched purely for entertainment purposes, and serve to merely create an echo chamber environment. Yet one station, which is also under the control of NBC, and which should pursue neutrality more than anything due to the sensitive nature of its coverage, is financial station CNBC. Which is why we were very surprised to discover that none other than Larry Kudlow recently donated $1,000 to former Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays. We wonder whether this means we actually may a day or two without supply-side general extraordinaire Larry Kudlow at the CNBC helm since obviously NBC will strive to enforce objectivity at all of its broadcast partners?

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Blow is different then campaign contributions...



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The big question though Mark:

Was it "blow" via the nose


Did Kudlow get "blow" on his knees?

Inquiring minds damned sure do NOT want to know.....

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Awwww, what are ya doing?! Throwing mustard seeds all over the green shoots? ;)

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You can donate as long as you disclose/get permission from the president of network.  Did Kudlow get permission? The two on MSNBC did not.

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I read a story on Page6 that Kudlow shares a love nest on the upper east side with Glenn Beck.

MeTarzanUjane's picture

Page6 said it was a love nest, not a full time residence...

Did you read the story? Does the link that gave me have a hidden webcam in the alleged love nest? Else why would you give me a link?

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The fact that Kudlow HAS $1000 to give away proves that he ignores his own investment advice.

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+1000.  I just can't watch the guy.  I just want to walk up and slap him across the face and tell him to STFU.

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Actually, listening to the permabulls like Kudlow and Cramer would have been quite profitable for the last 18 months.

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How abt for say, for next two months.. Wd u guarantee ? Atleast listen to real news brother

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If I ever listened to them I'd rather do it when they were wrong. At least that would teach me to stop.

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Frankly, I would rather lose money.

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NBC is as much a broadcasting "partner" of PMSNBC as Kobe is a professional entertainment partner of Devin Ebanks.

NBC had no choice but to censure Morning Joe due to the manly  whinning of Olberman who singled out Joe (it was actually Joe's wife who gave money to an old friend)(Moreover, I wonder how he chose Joe to single out for this treatment?).  There being no sound like the plaintive wail of offended self-absorbed liberals, NBC had no choice.  It was auditory extorsion.  They did it for the quiet.  Which is great insight into the way the entire Democrat political machine works.



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At last. 

I have been waiting for you for decades.

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If they truly believe it, it is not bias.

Just stupidity.

Shays is a moron.

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by Anonymous

The United States is the Titanic and has been driven straight into an iceberg at the expense of the American people!! It’s time to buy Food, Guns, and Ammo as Survival Techniques will be the new vogue!

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I know all the survival techniques I need to know....I learned them back when putting peanuts in your coke was cool, and the top of my termination list includes a whole bunch of aggravating assholes like you.

RockyRacoon's picture

Remember how the Coke would fizz up when you poured the little package of peanuts into the bottle?  Back then a cold Coke would burn your nose and make your eyes water.

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Who knew that NBC and all of their shards had "journalistic standards" that "management" would "enforce"?

Olberman's suspension was "indefinite" until it was two days--turned out to be a ratings booster.  Maybe Mika will handle the gap and enhance her cv.

- Ned

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Ah folks, what am I missing here?  Shays lost his seat in 2008 and since has not actively run for public office. 

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I think these are mere ruses to get free advertising for low rating suckiness..

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I've got a question:  Who gives a shi*???????????????????  With everything else going on, someone actually cares to whom Kudlow gave a political contribution???????

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Correct cnbc is not a political channel .. Who the fu** cares even if we assume it is .. Actual fact is that its not even a business channel....

knukles's picture

Nah, less is more.  Sotra Bauouttathehaus style.

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Well...maybe it gives you a resonable idea of who to "short" in the election.

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Interestingly, Kudlow was off last night. Dish, er, Trish Regan took his spot. Who fucking cares, though?

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Well...I do, for one. Kudlow looks like an 80 year old woman, and dresses like the fucking Joker. Now, Dish, er, Trish is a little chubby (especially after popping out those twins)...but she is still a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than Kocaine Kudlow.

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Without Larry I will have nothing to do and I will have to get a new name..... Damn!

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What a load of bullshit.

Who does NBC think it's fooling?

So...the only/most important thing standing between their news commentators and maximum, unbiased, neutrality is whether or not they personally donated money to political candidates?...Please.

Your work speaks for itself and any other ancillary symbolism is meaningless bullshit.

Read Marla's ZH (non)policy on full disclosure and tell me who is the adult in the room here.

Oh, by the way, Keith Olbermann will have his own, brand new show and higher pay on MSNBC (if not HBO) by the end of the year. Guaranteed.

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NBC Universal is not subject to the same restrictions as MSNBC. Supposedly MSNBC is a "news" network which is supposed to be unbiased which is why there is a restriction in political contributions. CNBC is not a "news" network in the eyes of GE (GE also gave some $3M in political contributions 60% to Dems 40% Repub). There you have it.

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Whether CNBC is in the tank for the TBTF/statist oligarchy or not the fact is significant news is made live on that channel to a much greater extent then it is on MSNBC so at the very least GE has it's buckets fucked up.

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well, Universal Sports R O C K S in the winter........US short for universal sports. they show all the world cup alpine skiing and world cup cross country skiing. plus biathlon, combined and ski jumping. all woman races too. equal time. except ski jumping, woman no allowey to ski jump, Y E T†

cause the chicks are about are H O T ...... H O T..... hot in cold dark FIN land.

cold weather bitchez, get covered by US.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

great to see you again, K.... missed your insightful commentaries during the warp-jump to velobabe

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Watch the ratio change as power shifts.  They have to keep the proper skids greased on a changing landscape.

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Larry is a hack / tool / fool!

LarryKudlow's picture

This is Larry Kudlow.

Corruption, Cronyism and Fraud are very much the heart of free market capitalism.

Unlike Olbermann and Scarborough, I have always been a champion of free market capitalism ...


cosmictrainwreck's picture

ther ya are, folks.....right from the horse's ass...er, uh...mouth

DosZap's picture

Totally disagree about both MSNBC & FOX.

Their  percentages of the population with like  minded Politcal/Ideological  belief watch them.

For entertainment purposes?.

Gag a friggin maggot, Maddow, and that gang make me hurl.

They are SO FAR off Center compared to the rest of the population, its sickening.

I (in my own life) find that most if not nearly ALL people will seek to use their time doing/watching things they enjoy,believe in,before they will waste their valuable time.

Face it, we are as a country, a 65-70% Center Right nation in our beliefs.

The other 35-40%, are Far Left, and a few independents thrown in.

The last election results show where the countrys heart is.

Both stations programming is biased, as it /they should be,towards their idiology, and their viewers.

ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC/CNN have all but DIED on the vine..WHY?

Because they stoppped giving Americans the news, and started shoving their political views & programming down their throats, mainstream Amerca does not want that shit.

Same with the News papers & Magazines.

Water seeks its own level.

weinerdog43's picture

Face it, we are as a country, a 65-70% Center Right nation in our beliefs.


Face it, you are a gigantic douchenozzle.

Fraud-Esq's picture

If CNBC employees had to report free golf outings, banquets, and private air, you'd be looking at more pages than ABACUS. 

Aristarchan's picture

Now come on....don't fault Maria for wanting to join the Mile High Club.....

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Larry thought he was paying his coke dealer...

Boy, will Larry be pissed when he finds out he is still owes for the last couple of ounces...

How's a guy like Larry suppose to get a show done with supply problems??

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note: above is a pretty good video to send to folks who are happy hiding in the delusions fostered by the predators-that-be.

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I read when Keith was suspended that CNBC is not under the same rules as MSNBC and therefore can contribute to political campaigns, should they so choose. But they are not allowed to trade for their own accounts.

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well i think this sounds just  G rrrrrrrrrrrr E A T. but i am quite stoned.