Will Ripplewood Holdings Outlive Bernie Madoff?

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Maybe the Caribbean island where Bernie will be "reincarnated" to only has ex-financial criminals like Ken Lay.  Hence, since he plans to be there for a long time, and with only Kenny boy as his companion, it might explain the hanging out with the homos.

I am Chumbawamba, and I will pay top dollar for Bernie's corpse.

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I've seen more references to a not-so-dead K Lay made in recent months, can you provide a basis for your claim?

Serious inquiry, not at all intended to be disrespectful.

Additionally, how much cheddah we talkin for Madoff corpse? I've got a meth habit that won't feed itself to think of...

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marla = ep ?

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It'll be interesting perhaps to see who these lucky LPs are once they (if they have to that is) file a 13G.

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It's just like magic....

He'll turn up somewhere...

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You have to pray that there is a vengeful God.  At some point these bastards have to really die.

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Madoff is a genius.  He's dying, so he tells his boys to turn him in, and the family keeps the stolen lucre.  The taxpayer gets to care for terminal Bernie.  He's the best, I'm telling you.