William Galison Author of Article on the Murder of Sunny Sheu Assaulted and Threatened by Undercover Cop

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Sunny Sheu Killed After Reporting Death Threat from Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia


"Since his death last summer, associates of Sun Ming
Sheu, an activist fighting alleged judicial corruption in New York,
remain convinced that he was murdered and that police aren't
aggressively investigating his death because of a coverup


This just in from William Galison, the author of Black Star News Article, and the friend who filmed the video of Sunny foretelling his murder.

I reposted his concerns in full to make sure they do not "disappear."

From Galison...

Author of this blog assaulted and threatened by undercover cop

Today, June 29th, I spoke with a reporter from BI for two hours and
then left for his office to give him some information I did not want
to discuss on the phone.

I noticed a silver van with nobody in it illegally parked across the
street from my building. Sunny had been surveilled by a silver van in
the days before his murder, so to be cautious I photographed the

Then I noticed that there was
Police parking plate in the window, showing that the cop was from the
81rst precinct, which is in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

As I was taking the pictures a guy in a Yankees cap approached me
and asked "you got a problem?". I said,"The van is parked illegally"
,and he replied "well, talk to the cop over there"  I looked in the
direction he was pointing and asked "who's the cop?". To my surprise
he said "your fucking mother!" I said "what?" and he repeated "your
fucking mother".

I realized this was the cop from the van. I asked "who are you?"
and raised my phone to take a picture. The guy lunged at me and
grabbed me by the neck, throwing me against the building. "You take a
fucking picture of me and I'll fucking crush your face" he said. A
woman and some kids were walking by and I yelled "call the police" The
guy yelled mockingly "yeah call the police", to let me know that they
would not interfere with their own.

As I walked away, he yelled, "you take a fucking picture of me and
I'll fucking kill you!". I was able to get the info of a witness. To
my surprise, he did not steal or smash my camera.  I do not think he
realized that I got clear pictures of his plates and a blurred picture
of him.

I have no question that this cop was surveilling me because of my
involvement with the Sunny case. He may have been casing my building
for a way to get in. There is no question that many very bad people
want me dead. Sunny was killed for exposing financial corruption. I
have exposed murder.

They killed Sunny partly to stop his investigation of Golia and
partly to send a warning to  the public that you can't fight
corruption. If I and a few other people hadn't acted when Sunny was
killed, everything would have worked out for these murderers, but with
all the evidence in my possession, I could not be silent. Sunny made a
video telling the world that he might be murdered by the NYPD, and he
was, so I will not tempt that consequence by saying the same.

The question for the authorities regarding me is: "what is the
downside to killing Will Galison?" and the only possible answer is
that if Galison dies, there will be riots, and protests, and outrage,
and political heads will roll, figuratively and perhaps literally.

Otherwise it's a no-brainer.

I ask my friends and colleagues: what would it take to
bring you to the streets? My death? Your friend's death?, Your lover's
death? Your child's death? Sunny was a dear friend, but he did not
have a big enough sphere of friends to make problems for the cops when
they killed him. He had no family, few professional colleagues and
few friends. My waving a sign in protest would not have helped, but
what I did help do was to bring his murder to the attention of the

I am asking on you, my friends and colleagues, to help assure my
safety. If YOU, my friends, and your friends, DO NOTHING, I or someone
else in my position will be killed and the terror will grow more
powerful and universal until we all find ourselves in a police state,
 with no freedom and no recourse. Then it will be too late.

Like Sunny, I cannot go to the NYPD. I cannot go to the FBI, or my political representatives. Been there, done that.

Thank God the alternative press is still able and willing to bring
this case into the public eye. Fortunately for me, unlike Sunny I also
have friends in high government positions (and even in the NYPD) who
will do what they can to make sure there is a high price for my

I will be making a video, and I will be sending around a petition
for an independent counsel investigation of Sunny's murder. I will
also press assault charges against the cop who threw me against the
wall and threatened my life. My main line of defense is to get ALL the
information about Sunny out to the world as fast as possible, so that
killing me will have less upside.

I have of course copied all the video, audio and documentary
evidence to various people, and posted all the most important  stuff
on this blog:


So if the corrupt scum that killed sunny are reading this; the cat
is out of the bag, and harming me would be all downside and no upside.

I thank you all in advance for working with me to get justice for Sunny and to keep me alive.

First step- SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!!  Meanwhile, I
promise to take care. I don't want to be a martyr or a dead hero, I
want to make music. I'm actually having a good time here. But we all
have to draw the line somewhere.

Will Galison PS: no need or desire for letters of sympathy or concern.


For more info and to keep track of these unfolding events be sure to keep checking William's site at http://sunnysheu.blogspot.com/

Keep safe and good luck Will...

Millions are watching...


From Will Galison


I have some mostly good news and some bad news regarding the "undercover
cop" incident. The good news is that the "police" goon who threatened
to kill me the other day does not seem to be associated with the Sunny
Sheu story. The incident turns out to be a bizarre  confluence of
coincidences and well-earned paranoia.

The story was this:

I saw a van illegally parked outside of my building last Wednesday, with
a police placard in the front window. Being acutely aware that my Sunny
Sheu story is pissing people off at the highest levels of corruption, I
thought he might be scoping me out with evil intent. Plus, the fact
that Sunny was tailed by a silver van before he was killed had made me

I photographed the guy's plates and looked in the window. He came over
and attacked me, telling me he'd kill me if I tok a picture. This
reenforced my notion that he was a bad cop. The next day the van was
back. I photo'd the van again and he came out of a building and started
running after me.

That's when I posted my APB that I had been attacked by a cop.

I got in touch with NYPD internal affairs and they treated me with
 outrageous disrespect, I assumed it was because strings were being
pulled at high levels.

So today, when the van was back I called the local police pct. t sort this out.

It turns out that the guy lives on my street (where I've recently
moved). His wife is a cop from the 81st and he was illegally using her
police placard to avoid getting tickets. When he saw me photographing
his van, he freaked, perhaps because he thought I was going to get him

I just spoke with the guy. It turns out that his van had been broken
into a few days earlier and the lock broken. He saw me looking in the
window and thought I was trying to break in or steal the van.

In any case, he was wrong for assaulting me and threatened to kill me if
I took his picture, but I am happy to let that go. As long as he is not
linked to the Sunny murder, its cool.

I don't want to cause any trouble for this guy or his wife.

So the good news is that the van was not there to kidnap or surveil me.

The bad news is that I feel like a fool for alarming everybody about a misattributed and overestimated threat against me.

HOWEVER, I must stress that the facts and allegations in the Sunny Sheu
case are not paranoia or coincidence based, and my concern about
possible retribution against me is well founded.

The documentation speaks for itself. The cops did kidnap and threaten
Sunny, the judge and bank did defraud him, he was killed by head trauma
days after busting the judge, the cops and hospital did break major laws
to cover up the circumstances of his death, and all FOIL requests to
the NYPD have been ignored for nine months. And there has been no
investigation of his death despite its manner being “Undetermined”.

Milton and I stand by every aspect of the story- and will post part 2 in the next few days.

I am deeply sorry for alarming you unnecessarily about my safety. Even
still, I shall not underestimate the power of the entities that killed
Sunny and still ask your support by distributing the story as widely as

Thank you for your understanding.

Will Galison

Guess we will see what happens... To much of a coincidence imo...


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This cop and this judge are insects.

I would like to think that the same fraudulent and brutal system that they are part and parcel of is capable of dispensing justice in this case, but in my heart I don't really believe it. 



drug cocktail




some hungry pigs




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I looked the 81st precinct HQ in Ralph Ave. up in Google Streetview.


It is located right at the corner of Ralph Ave. / Quincy Str. .

There are some police cars and some grey vans and pickup trucks parking in front of it.

Maybe you look it up yourself in Streetview and if you're lucky you will spot the van there or in the vicinity of this police HQ.



Wait a minute:

I guess I've found the van.

It is parked in Gates Avenue.


It has a round window with toned glass on the left side above the rear axis, ideally suited for surveillance operations.


Franken_Stein's picture


Looks like Hymietown is full of human garbage like this cop and this criminal judge Golia. Mafia city !

And hymiemayor Bloomberg is doing NOTHING about it !

But what can you expect from someone who is harboring worthless criminal Jew banks like Goldman Sachs in his city ?!


Fuck New York !

What a worthless city !


Franken_Stein's picture


81st Precinct

30 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221

(718) 574-0411


"The 81st Precinct is located in the north central area of the borough of Brooklyn. This neighborhood is known as "Bedford Stuyvesant." A small section along the southern border is referred to Stuyvesant Heights. The area is both residential and commercial consisting of mostly three story brownstone homes. There are four commercial strips in the command, Broadway between Saratoga Ave. and Marcus Garvey Blvd., Malcolm X Blvd. between Fulton St. and Monroe St., Ralph Ave. between Fulton St. and Broadway, and Fulton St. Between Ralph Ave. and Utica Ave."




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I hope your folks were the good ones. I think everyone is missing the point of all this. Police are not military. Its not too difficult to take out dirty cops and judges. It seems people have lost their nuts, sadly. I really feel for the dead guy, and this friend of his. However, we still have the God given right to defend ourselves, and fight force with force. People on this board are telling him to get cameras you wear, and other assorted things. I have a better bit of advice: Go out of NY, buy a gun, follow that piece of shit who threatened you, and when you finally find him alone, BLAMMO! Good riddance to bad rubbish. It really is your god given right as a human being. Vaya con Dios :)

Turkey's picture

No, wrong answer.  Shooting cops in NYC is a horrible plan.  You become all our enemy.  I wrote I'm in below, no one is "in" to cop killing, that is the dumbest shit I've ever read on an internet site.  Congratulations, guy I reply to has turned to the dark side.  NYC is a proper place, better than any other shit stain city on the face of the earth.  No exceptions.  Stand up, let's cause a ruckus for the wrongly deceased.  I'm in.

Escapeclaws's picture

I'm beginning to think you have to be a masochist to read ZH. I understand why most people choose to bury their heads in the sand. ZH should come with a warning like cigarettes. "Warning, ZH is a hazard for your mental health." It would be interesting to see if people who are regulars here have a higher incidence of alcoholism.

Assuming this really is like Argentina in the process of collapsing, Ferfal said that you better be one really chippy and happy dude to survive (or words to that effect).

However, unlike Argentina, we have full-spectrum surveillance and the vice is closing in on us to the point where we will be inmates of a prison the size of a whole continent. A sort of continental Gaza strip. This is where the isolation of the US has its downside. Nothing is worse than the feeling that you are locked in with a bunch of sociopaths and you can't escape. But then, that's what prisons are about.

Regarding Honestan's points about our ruling sociopaths, until the man on the street becomes aware of the personality traits of sociopaths, the markers of sociopathic behavior, and the dire need to insure that these people become pariahs who have zero chance of getting power over anyone, we will never end this scourge. (This suggests that the framers of the constitution were "sociopathically aware.") I honestly believe that there is a religious dimension to this issue--it is just too entrenched and unmanageable for there to be any hope of dealing with it as a species or on an institutional level. Sociopaths themselves will acknowledge this--they think they have chosen the winning side. The dupers have been duped, regardless of the fact that they are right in the short term.






WaterWings's picture

Amazing post in so many ways.

Thank you.

I Got Worms's picture

This is no joke - over the last few years, I have been explaining to wife the things I've learned here, and prepping by purchasing year's supply of food for the family, selling our home at a really good time (thanks Reggie!!) and putting the proceeds into physical gold and silver. She is bonefied sheeple (Great mom, and I do love her dearly) but she thinks that I am certifiable now. The last straw for her was when I showed her a video of Building 7 and explained that something was definitely wrong with the way that happened.

She has me seeing a therapist now to discuss my "paranoia". No shit. I go to humor her, but it is kinda funny b/c the therapist is a huge goldbug, and understands the Fed bullshit. So, to keep the peace at home, I go to this guy once a month and blow 200$ to talk about shit i read about here. IN reality, I should be donating that cash to this site.

I told her ZH was my "therapy" but she wasnt buying it.

Big Corked Boots's picture

Agree completely re. the sociopaths.

For truth and knowledge, there is ZH. For everything else, there is medication.

cranky-old-geezer's picture

In America there's no such thing as a good cop (police, whatever).

The moment someone puts on that police badge they're violating the constitution and all the principles America was founded on.

In America's 3-branch system of government, the executive branch has no law enforcement authority whatsoever.

ALL law enforcement is done by the judicial branch, and then only on the authority of a court order from a judge. This is the foundation of due process. The core of due process.

Police (of any type) are in the executive branch, the branch that isn't supposed to have any law enforcement authority at all, therefore police are unconstitutional by definition.

NO action against a citizen is supposed to be done without a court order from a judge.

Police routinely violate this major point of due process, playing judge themselves, taking the law into their own hands.

Police are the #1 violators of due process. Police routinely bypass the judicial branch, taking action against citizens on their own judgment, without a court order.

"Reasonable suspicion" and "probable cause" are direct violations of due process, direct violations of the constitution, and direct violations of America's 3-branch system of government. Police are not in the judicial branch. Police are not judges.

Police = Tyranny

Anywhere you have police you have tyranny. They are one in the same.

If this nation is ever going to get back to the founding principles and the constitution, all police forces must be disbanded first.

For that matter, all city governments must be disbanded. City governments are martial law jurisdictions. They're unconstitutional by definition.

One more thing has to be done. The federal government must get out of the states. The federal government is to have no involvement in a state, nor any involvement with the people of a state.

Under our founding principles and 3-branch system of government, American citizens have one layer of government, not three. That one layer is the county government with county courts and county judges elected by the people of the county, and a county sheriff elected by the people of the county. The county court carries out state laws enacted by the state legislature. The county sheriff is part of the judicial branch. They carry out court orders. They have no authority to act on their own against a citizen.

Under our founding principles and 3-branch system of government, the executive branch does NO law enforcement. The judicial branch does ALL law enforcement, and ONLY on a court order from a judge.

NO action is taken against a citizen without a court order from a judge, and ONLY after the citizen has had an opportunity to appear before the judge and make a defense.

This is the CORE of due proces.

Your right of DUE PROCESS is the MOST IMPORTANT right of all. It protects all your other rights.

DUE PROCESS is THE thing that protects liberty and freedom in America. It's THE thing that prevents government tyranny.

The JUDICIAL branch of government is the TRUE law enforcement authority in America.

NOT the executive branch. NOT police. Not ANY executive branch person AT ALL.

Letting executive branch people start doing law enforcement, bypassing the judicial branch, playing judge themselves, is the textbook definition of TYRANNY.

Erecticus's picture

it will get worse


Henry Hub's picture

The corruption of the police is a very subtle and insidious thing. The vast majority of people don't join the police force to become criminals. They very slowly develop the "us verses them" mentality. The idea that many of the laws that apply to the rest of society don't apply to them.

I was once dating the ex-wife of a cop. She took me to a party. The house was packed, the music was blaring and the smell of weed was in the air. They were openly snorting coke off the coffee table. I said to her that we should get out of there as it was sure to be raided. She laughed and said that this was the safest place in the city. Ninety percent of the men and fifty percent of the women were cops. The place would never be raided! Yet the next day they would all be out busting people for weed and coke possession. Many of them soon develop the idea they are above the law.

Vlad Tepid's picture

There's a joke at the academy:

'When you first join the force you find that there are 4 kinds of people:  good guys, bad guys, cops and assholes.

After your first year, you realize there are only 3:  bad guys, cops, and assholes.

After 5 years: cops and assholes.

After 10:  Just assholes.'

It hopefully it doesn't take most people that long to realize the truth in that joke.

RockyRacoon's picture

It's not an idea... it's reality.

robnume's picture

I  believe this Judge Golia is "owned" by someone doing some RICO shit in NYC. As to this f'n pig who assaulted Mr. Galison, he's probably a former US serviceman of some type. NO country should EVER recruit their LEO's from the miltary. All former miltary should be legally barred from any type of domestic police or public security employment. These people are trained killers and do not know what "public service" means. NYPD, Philly, N'awlins, Chicago, LAPD, SFPD, etc., one and all well known via public record for their own special brand(s) of police brutality. You can't trust ANYONE on a fucking POWER TRIP and that's what this disgusting and criminal scenario proves, if nothing else.

Vlad Tepid's picture

Very, very +.  But you know they are ubiquitous.

floydian slip's picture

There is one cool cop out there. He is in Lawrence KS.  I was driving home from work one night and was pulled over b/c i forgot to put my licence plate back up after getting some gas.  He introduced himself and explained why he pulled me over .  I was also not wearing my seat belt.  He let me go without a citation. 

That being said, I was at the Taste of Chicago when I was 19 and was flasley arrested and I said , No, you got the wrong guy. The cop grabbed my throat and said, I am nver wrong. Fuck Chicago NYC and all those big cities. Grrrreeeeeeeeeeeen Acres is the place for me :)

I Got Worms's picture

If CPL is reading this thread, can you take the info from those pics and identify this cop and do some computer mumbo jumbo and bankrupt him or something?

Kassandra's picture

I am getting old. Nothing surprises me anymore. To quote my Grandad (1878-1976).."Those damn sons of bitches". Yeah. He was 98.

ebworthen's picture


Those damn sharks been around a along time.

laosuwan's picture

here in thailand everyone and everything is corrupt so it all tends to cancel out. but my sister lives in the usa and works for a bank. some manager there embezzeled some money from the bank and one day the fbi came to talk to her and the others about it. a few days later, during protests of the first gulf war, she was caught in a crowd of anti war protestors while trying to get to her car downtown after going  shopping. she got mixed up in the protestors and one of them she said dressed like a hippie with a sign and shouting slogans turned and bumped into her becasue he did not see her behind him. she said she looked up and he looked down at her, and he was one of the fbi guys that had been to the bank the week before. this shocked her to her core. she also said the local police were agents of the local chamber of commerce not the people. she felt that the corruption in the usa operates on a much "higher" level than thailand and that it is actually worse but you dont see it easily until you get mixed up in it, and that usa corruption seems so much more sinister because it is so institutional and top down that you dont really see it happening in real time like you do here in asia where corruption is so much more petty and obvious. my only experience with usa police was when i was an undergraduate in california. i got stopped for riding my bike across a tiny bit of grass next to the sidewalk, instead of staying on the sidewalk. an infraction in that town and a 20 dollar fine. it always seemed to me that when you went somewhere you were at risk to be preyed on by criminals and the police, all only interested in shaking some coins from your pockets. People try to drive to and from work without being stopped for some petty this or that attached with a big fine. if our pathetic police tried to do that here they would have to put the entire country in jail lol. 

ebworthen's picture

Good perspective, and I don't doubt it.


Frankie Carbone's picture

My letter was a bit verbose but it gets the point across. 



Comments: To The Honorable Eric T. Schneiderman: Recently the issue involving the potential homicide of Sunny Sheu has grasped my attention. I have been following developments with great concern as there seems to be a complete lack of interest in this case by all aspects of law enforcement, including your department. I do not find the statements of the NYPD to be credible. Fact is, anectdotally, not many folks on the internet find them credible either. Please be assured that I am doing my part to spread this story to every single person that I know in Florida, as well as commenting and reposting articles on Sunny's death, as well as the recent assault of William Galison, the reporter that has been exposing this story. It is my intention to do my part to bring public awareness to this issue. I ask that you step in and at least assign some resources to investigate this matter. Should you be unwilling to do so then I think such inaction would only serve to further undermine the lack of credibility of the justice system in this nation and further reinforce the claim that there are two systems of justice. One for people of influence, and one - the really harsh one - for the rest of us. I am also contacting the FBI to voice similar concerns as well as my congressman and senators. Good luck and Godspeed in your efforts. Respectfully,


partimer1's picture

This is actually really scary. I would move to somewhere safer, and still do what you do through Internet. If the system turns against you, it will be impossible to depend on anything. Apparently the mainstream media has not picked up the story. That's where we should send this story to.

partimer1's picture

This is actually really scary. I would move to somewhere safer, and still do what you do through Internet. If the system turns against you, it will be impossible to depend on anything. Apparently the mainstream media has not picked up the story. That's where we should send this story to.

sun tzu's picture

The lame stream media is just as corrupt

uniman's picture

Mr. Galison:

My associates have created a protest site at,1.0.html  Your prior article about the demise of Mr. Sheu was their inspiration for this and they've honored his memory on this site.

The site is dedicated to exploring methods of protest, as well as to serve as a method whereby aspiring protesters can communicate and organize.

The Enemy's system is based on a foundation of bribing the people to obtain their docility.  The Enemy's ability to fund this bribery is based on their financial system.  Their system is a house of cards that really, really needs a gentle gust of wind to knock it down.

How about hitting two birds with one stone?  Organize a protest regarding the circumstances surrounding Mr. Sheu's death, but stage it in front of the New York Fed or some such place that would provoke the ire of many of the protesters.

Good luck with your quest. 

P.S. If any of the donut eaters can read, I challenge them to come get me :-)

High Plains Drifter's picture

Look what they tried to do to Frank Serpico that time.

Zero Govt's picture

As a US Marine said about his local Police, they are "thieves with badges"

let's upgrade that to "thugs with badges"

this is what comes of monopolies, in institutions like Govt and its Police, they run out of control because they have no checks and balances such as competition (that sorts good from crap) or citizens that can make choices (here's the police take it or leave it)

The State, or 'democratic Government' to give it its most liberal sugar-coated turd of aname, in every country is now running out of control on all fronts in every Dept.

You have a choice: Pay Zero Tax

It'll bring this most abusive, obtrusive and ignorant institution to its knees in a matter of weeks. Stop funding the States theft from society, thuggery and bullying, deceipt and liesand murderous wars 

nah's picture

if our military serves israel like slaves... there whores and shit tho

Andy Lewis's picture

Go sleep it off, fuckface.

flacorps's picture

I wonder how many people with cameras would be willing to show up to surveil the surveillers. The Miami Cubans made it very, very difficult for the Feds to get their hands on little Elian Gonzalez (and if they'd been a bit more vigilant, it might never have happened).

Burticus's picture

My impression of the modern police is that they are effectively operating like a criminal gang with a monopoly on the lawful use of force.  Of course, tyrants have used "the law" for centuries to oppress and rob The People.  At least honest criminals must keep their customers happy and worry about getting punished for breaking the law.

cougar_w's picture

My guess is the NYPD has a cell of rogue cops, working for the New Machine that will take over once the wheels really fall off. Galison is as good as dead, unless he leaves the state, and maybe the country. I hate to say it. These are the times.

Careless Whisper's picture

Don't forget about the NYC coroner's office. That's where blunt force trauma to the head, two days after a death threat, is ruled an accidental slip and fall. Nothing to see here, move along.

sun tzu's picture

The authorities cannot be trusted. There was a girl in Buffalo that was found dead in a trashcan, naked, head down. The coroner ruled she died of natural causes. Baiscally, she stripped naked, walked over to a trashcan and crawled in to die.

Miles Kendig's picture

Fucking Ballbusting Imbeciles = FBI

Once a cock sucker always a cocksucker.  Be it the po-lice in NYC, the FBI or anywhere else.

The rule of law does not exist in the US

Time to leave a dump on a cops, lawyers, lawmakers or judges doorstep

honestann's picture

William Galison:  You need to take the lead in your own protection.  Find a way to physically vanish but not intellectually or informationally vanish.

Whether you like it or not, you should also send formal complaints on paper to so-called appropriate parties (district attorney, internal affairs, i don't know) so they risk starting a snowball of recriminations and backlash if they have done nothing and something does happen to you as well.  Do this by mail or attorney, not in person (except maybe giving papers to low level clerks).

If you really get behind the 8-ball and need somewhere to vanish to, find a way to get in touch with me (or any others who might also volunteer to help in replies to this message or otherwise), and we will hide you and do whatever else we can given our circumstances and resources.

Head for the Hills's picture

Some of the cities are societies of criminals.  There it is the law of the jungle.  Kill or be killed.

The law is a matter of consent amongst decent people.  Where you are, there is no law of this kind, only jungle law.

The advisary is blind.  When he looks, he sees a stupid fluffy white bleating sheep. This can be used as an advantage.  He would never expect a sheep with a cutdown 12 guage loaded with OO buckshot coming from under its fluffy white fleece.  A sheep who had previously cleaned and wiped the shotgun and previously cleaned and wiped the shells, leaving it there after shooting the first load into the balls where the armor is weak and the area is rich with blood flow, taking him down and stunning him long enough for a second round to the head. 

You have nothing to lose if you are for all practical purposes already dead.


RockyRacoon's picture

The cops have a better chance of finding you than the journalist does.

It's been nice knowing ya.

honestann's picture

The people in this world who I most value, are people trying to do the right thing, not people I just happen to meet.  Does supporting good people sometimes involve risk.  Now and then.  And the alternative is?  Answer:  The world we live in now.  A world utterly dominated by predators.  Bad tradeoff.