Wisconsin Governor To Issue 1500 Layoff Notices Unless Fugitive Democrats Return To The State

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In addition to "stagflation" which we announced in January would be the word of the year, we now have a new contender in the running for what may soon be the most popular word for the next 10 months: "escalation." To wit: in addition to everything happening in MENA, escalation has now struck right in our own back yard, after Wisconsin governor Walker announced he would fire 1500 state workers unless democrats, who have been fled and are hiding in Illinois to avoid a critical vote on collective bargaining, return to the state. Reuters take on this word: "The threat of layoffs increased the stakes in a bitter battle between Wisconsin Republicans and Democrats, a fight being watched around the nation as other states like Ohio and Indiana weigh rolling back public employee union power as part of budget-cutting efforts." Of course, 'escalation' could go hand in hand with 'broke' which is the third and last "word of the year" contender: "Earlier this week, Walker declared the state
"broke" when he unveiled his proposed two-year $59.2 billion budget for
fiscal 2012-2013, which eliminates more than 21,000 positions and cuts
funding to education, cities and counties." Whether this will result in so far peaceful protests turning violent as "austerity" which was the word of 2010 comes to the shores of the US is for now unknown.

From Reuters:

Republican Walker told reporters late on Thursday that "extremist elements" among 14 absent senate Democrats had blocked progress in negotiations on his "budget repair bill."

"Just when we think the process is moving forward, we see no action," Walker said. "We're frustrated."

The Democratic senators fled to Illinois two weeks ago to deny majority Republicans a quorum and a vote on the bill, and behind-the-scenes negotiations have failed to produce a compromise. Just one Democrat is needed for a quorum.

Walker said some of the absent Democrats, who have been threatened with $100-a-day fines and the prospect of being taken into custody if they return to Wisconsin, appear willing to stay away "not only for several more months, but potentially the next two years."

With no action expected on the bill, Walker said he will be forced to send out layoff notices to 1,500 state employees, saving some $30 million.

"The reality is, we shouldn't have to be going down the path of preparing for layoffs." Walker said.

Further validating the farce:

"If they (Democrats) came back tomorrow, for example, we'd still try and see if we could talk to our bank and see if we could push this (refinancing) forward because it's much better than losing $165 million in savings," Walker said.

The Capitol has been besieged by pro-union protesters, some camping out in the stately building, though the last group left late on Thursday after a Wisconsin judge ordered them out to allow cleaning crews to do their work.

Protesters claimed victory in the case, as Wisconsin Judge John Albert said authorities cannot deny the public access to the Capitol building. After business hours, people must leave or be in violation of state law, the judge ruled.

If this is the way politics in America will be done going forward, when any party knows the only way to prevent passage of austere financial measures is by fleeing, one wonders: just what is the point of the US "democratic" system when a minority can hold up the majority just by taking the first one way taxpayer funded private jet out of the state?

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just what is the point of the US "democratic" system when a minority can hold up the majority


funny thing is that was the same thing Reid and Pelosi were saying in the last Congress about the Senate Repubs

Spastica Rex's picture

Yeah, Democrats vs. Republicans; it's hard to tell the difference without the manual.

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New pages are added every day here at ZH.

financeguru500's picture

Can we just call the Republican vs Democrat debate for what it is.... BULLSHIT

This ridiculous act of hide and seek going on right now in Wisconsin is bullshit.

It's like this.(hypothetical situation)

Imagine a car breaks down on train tracks just as the safety bars are being lowered and a train is approaching off in the distance. In the car is a republican and a democrat. The republican is yelling lets get out of the car and run for it. The democrat doesn't want to lose the car so he's instead closing his eyes and putting his fingers in his ears saying "Nah nah nah, I'm not listening". Meanwhile the train is approaching faster and faster.

The situation in Wisconsin is like that. The train is coming and there is nothing that can stop it. You ignore it and everyone loses, or you ditch the car run for it. But the fact of the matter is neither party really has the populations best interest at heart. All they are doing is doing what they think will get them more votes later on. It is actually a really disgusting sight to see.

dlmaniac's picture

Heck yeah!!!

Reagan-ate those public union parasites all. There are millions of unemployeed people capable of filling their positions.

Vergeltung's picture

yep! we need a Zombie Reagan to come back and PATCO their asses!!  :-)

JW n FL's picture

I Love it when the People in the "Trailer Park" start throwing rocks at people that live in the "Ghetto".


Or reverse that... either way, as long as they both stay far away from my gated community.


Republicant or Dumbocrat... doesnt matter... all that matters is who writes (pun) them the check..

They are all LOBBY MONEY WHORES!  

illyia's picture

And, escalation leads to nuclear war.

Bob's picture

Law of the jungle is b-a-a-a-d, not fair, etc. when it's used by the guys with more power than you in the case of the banksters, but it's a sacred right when you can use it on people with less than you is how it sounds. 

JW n FL's picture

I guess Bob I should have said I was being sarcastic? becuase its you first fucking day here and you didnt already know that? really? this is what you offer me... I would have expected better, honestly.. from you. maybe not the others but you????

Bob's picture

Whut?  Chill, man!  Either my post didn't line up right or you're misinterpreting me. 

No, not me. 

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Government should attempt to provide the most services for the least cost. The goal of unions is to do the least work at the most cost.


Spin this indisputable fact anyway you want union bot.

LFMayor's picture

Jason, does your probation officer know you're here?

superman07's picture

JW You are a tool. That is all.

flattrader's picture

JW, just remember that when you have your vitriolic induced heart attack it will be a first responder, more likely than not a union represented public employee, who puts your ass on a stretcher and drives you out of your "gated community" to the hospital.

>>>MADISON, Wis. -- David Rhode is a paramedic in Middleton, Wis. He works 56 hours a week, mostly in 24-hour shifts, frequently carrying wheezy patients up and down flights of stairs. He said he earns about $43,000 a year. HuffPost asked Rhode, 36, how it feels to be overpaid. His eyebrows went up. "I drove my Ford Focus here," he said. "I live in a 950-square-foot condominium!" Wisconsin has become the front line in a national debate over pay and benefits for unionized public workers, with conservatives arguing that people like Rhode have become a privileged class overburdening taxpayers.<<<

Good luck with that.

JW n FL's picture

how easy the regulars get off track. just one little pebble and poof off the fucking rails we all go for 10 fucking posts...

LFMayor's picture

Jason, tell us what really happened when you were in Shawshank prison, trucking a gangsta legit malware rap and popping and slidin.

ArgentDawn's picture

They're all volunteers here, no pay or compensation whatsoever, same amount of work.

IrishSamurai's picture

Since facts aren't your strong suit ... let someone who can read help you out:


Absinthe Minded's picture

I understand the $100K sounds like a lot, but it would appear a lot more reasonable if the fucking insurance companies

weren't hiking their premiums by 20% every fucking year. How come those cocksuckers never have to tighten their belts!

Yeah, I'm fucking telling you how I really feel.

LowProfile's picture

I'll do that job for $39k.

StychoKiller's picture

Perhaps Mr. Rhode should consider this:  WHY is the Govt supplying a service that the Private sector can do?  WHO is being subsidized?  Is Govt POWER more important than our collective values/morals?

ft65's picture

Quoting JW n FL / ^TrInIty^ / J.L. / J.E.W.

>>I Love it when the People in the "Trailer Park" start
>>throwing rocks at people that live in the "Ghetto".
>>Or reverse that... either way, as long as they >>both stay far away from my gated community.


eddiebe's picture

What ? We need to get rid of all the unions so the individual is up against the power of corporate and the state? That will lead to lots of $2.00 hr jobs.

LowProfile's picture

90% silver is now 1:25, so $2/hr in 1964 money would be $50/hr.

...Kinda puts prevailing wages way back then in perspective, don't it?!

Oh and fuck your public unions, and fuck private unions too if they try and throw in with those parasites.

StychoKiller's picture

Haters of Wal-Mart have trouble explaining why hundreds of people apply for jobs at Wal-Mart whenever there is an opening or continue to want to work for them when they move, as Platt describes when he goes to his training session:

A week later, I found myself in an elite group of 10 successful applicants convening for two (paid) days of training in the same claustrophobic, windowless room. As we introduced ourselves, I discovered that more than half had already worked at other Wal-Marts.  Having relocated to this area, they were eager for more of the same.

Why? Gradually the answer became clear. Imagine that you are young and relatively unskilled, lacking academic qualifications. Which would you prefer: standing behind the register at a local gas station, or doing the same thing in the most aggressively successful retailer in the world, where ruthless expansion is a way of life, creating a constant demand for people to fill low-level managerial positions? A future at Wal-Mart may sound a less-than-stellar prospect, but it's a whole lot better than no future at all.

In addition, despite its huge size, the corporation turned out to have an eerie resemblance to a Silicon Valley startup. There was the same gung-ho spirit, same lack of dogma, same lax dress code, same informality – and same interest in owning a piece of the company. All of my coworkers accepted the offer to buy Wal-Mart stock by setting aside $2 of every paycheck.

Platt's account of what he experienced is entertaining and informative. His economics is good too:

My starting wage was so low (around $7 per hour), a modest increment still didn't leave me with enough to live on comfortably, but when I looked at the alternatives, many of them were worse. Coworkers assured me that the nearest Target paid its hourly full-timers less than Wal-Mart, while fast-food franchises were at the bottom of everyone's list.

I found myself reaching an inescapable conclusion. Low wages are not a Wal-Mart problem. They are an industry-wide problem, afflicting all unskilled entry-level jobs, and the reason should be obvious.

In our free-enterprise system, employees are valued largely in terms of what they can do. This is why teenagers fresh out of high school often go to vocational training institutes to become auto mechanics or electricians. They understand a basic principle that seems to elude social commentators, politicians and union organizers. If you want better pay, you need to learn skills that are in demand.

The blunt tools of legislation or union power can force a corporation to pay higher wages, but if employees don't create an equal amount of additional value, there's no net gain. All other factors remaining equal, the store will have to charge higher prices for its merchandise, and its competitive position will suffer.

This is Economics 101, but no one wants to believe it, because it tells us that a legislative or unionized quick-fix is not going to work in the long term. If you want people to be wealthier, they have to create additional wealth.

To my mind, the real scandal is not that a large corporation doesn't pay people more. The scandal is that so many people have so little economic value. Despite (or because of) a free public school system, millions of teenagers enter the work force without marketable skills. So why would anyone expect them to be well paid?

We have been brought up by the progressives (liberals) that without stealing
from our neighbor, there is no way to help the poor and those that need help.  That is the biggest lie every put out there...and most of the American people have fallen for it!


Big Brother is NOT your friend, he's a slave-master!

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

More like this:

Lets say after a wild party, in which it was discussed the punchbowl would be taken but never was, a young pretty girl passes out in a side bedroom.  We'll call her Amy Ricanpublic.

A fat asshole in a red leisure suit wonders in to pee on the rug, sees Amy and begins to dip his genitals in her open mouth.

Within seconds a skinny hipster in a blue sweater-vest also enters looking for valuables to steal.  He sees the fat asshole and runs out yelling at the top of his lungs that the fat asshole is about to de-cherry Amy.  Fat asshole pulls his pants up and runs out to say its all a lie.

The other party goers start questioning fat asshole and he gets a bit defensive.  Meanwhile, skinny hipster doubles back into the room and inserts his wang into Amys anus.

I think this is a better description.  Amy Ricanpublic is getting violated no matter what until she wakes up.  And even if she does she has to be strong and tough enough to defend herself.  If she doesn't move fast and decisively enough upon awakening fat asshole or skinny hipster will call all their frat buddies to come hold her down and all get a turn (I forgot to mention they are both in a fraternity for older people that still drink and rape women if they can get away with it.  That parts important too).

tarsubil's picture

This shouldn't get junked. Politicians are scum. It is like the budget. We all know politicians are scum. We all know that the budget is FUBAR. But we still love our scumbag and don't think our pet project should be cut.

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

Everyone wants to be the body part that gets a little action despite the body as a whole getting fucked. 

financeguru500's picture

Lol, People on Zerohedge are so quick to junk. Just look at all the posts below this, about 90% of them have at least 1 or 2 junks.


Buck Johnson's picture

Actually the unions and Democrats agreed to the budget cuts and pension reforms that Walker wanted and needed, they just didn't want to get rid of collective bargaining.  Even Walker on the phone with fake Koch was saying that was the most important thing.  Because what they will do without collective bargaining the state and local govt's can change anything they want in the work contract.  They could make teachers come in 2 hours earlier in the morning in order to help with the school and setting up for the day and also give them time for their classes.  Or lets say this time in the Parks and recreations dept in a county that is having financial difficulty, they decided to put he workers on 4 day work weeks to clear a whole in the budget (for a few months or a few years).  And if they don't like it then they are fired and new workers are hired and they may be just part time.

This was only a very small example but you see without collective bargaining, it makes it real easy for the managers and bosses in the political system to control or punish workers at a whim by using the govt. bureau machinations to hurt the worker or a class of worker. 

StychoKiller's picture

This was only a very small example but you see without collective bargaining, it makes it real easy for the managers and bosses in the political system to control or punish workers at a whim...


Welcome to the reality of the Private Sector!  Life is NOT fair -- get over it! Now ask yourself:  WHY is the Govt supplying services that should be performed in the private sector?

To Gov. Walker:  SELL ALL THE SCHOOLS!  Privatize them.

flattrader's picture


You know better than this,

>>>just what is the point of the US "democratic" system when a minority can hold up the majority just by taking the first one way taxpayer funded private jet out of the state?<<<

They drove south and are holed-up in various crappy motels.

And if the majority vote to loot the state and payoff billionaires with no-bid, no-review sale of state energy and wealth producing assets, yes, I agree, what is the point of democracy?

flattrader's picture

So, you endorse kleptocracy as long as it's "democratic" and billionaires profit?

IrishSamurai's picture

Get the Kochs!  <gnarling and gnashing of teeth>

Can I join your union now?

/sarc off

flattrader's picture

Yeah, but you'd have to work for a living.

Bob's picture

Law of the jungle is b-a-a-a-d, not fair, etc. when it's used by the guys with more power than you in the case of the banksters, but it's a sacred right and devout pleasure when you can use it on people with less than you.  It seems to make perfect sense to these guys.

IrishSamurai's picture

Not sure who "deez guys" are that you're referring to ...

But the tangental argument regarding the Kochs' and WI private/public sector utilities ... and public sector collective bargaining ... and "the bankstas" ...

That dog don't hunt.

Bob's picture

Dat dog don hunt?

Your obtuseness is clearly deliberate (that's a compliment I'm gonna risk here.) 

Walker's impasse is easy to solve: Drop the ban on collective bargaining.  It's 100% in his hands.  Collective bargaining does more than increase wages and benefits--it also addresses issues critical to the public welbeing such as class sizes, staff-patient ratios and caseloads, appropriate workloads (lengths of shifts, etc.), training, administrative issues and more--all things management is often motivated to ingnore in order to either save a buck or pad their own salaries and paybacks to priviledged private interests. 

Walker has complete power over the money issues.  He has no defensible excuse for refusing to talk with the people who actually do the work, however.

He's a transparent bully at best. 

flattrader's picture

No kidding.  A majority of posters here seemed to have missed the fact that the unions agreed to the wage and benefits issue almost two weeks ago.

This is about union busting and the ability to loot the state for the benefit of billionares without that pesky political opposition in the way.

He's going down.  http://publicpolicypolling.blogspot.com/2011/02/do-over.html

Walker has lost his "conservative" union vote and his swing vote.

He will be recalled in 2012.


IrishSamurai's picture

Listen ideologue ... the billionaires don't need to "loot" the state of Wisconsin.  The busting of the collective bargaining has to do with WI being on a course for IL/CA status ... but if you live in WI and want to head down that road, go ahead.  Both of those states will make Detroit look like a paradise when the public unions are finished with them ...

There are some bat shit stupid posters here at ZH, but you are rapidly climbing the ranks ... congratulations.

flattrader's picture

Ideologue?  Pot, kettle, black my friend.

You also may want to note that in addition to being a hypocrite you are an ill-informed hypocrite.

No budget crisis.


Even Shep Smith from Fox can see that.

IrishSamurai's picture

Once again ... facts are more persuasive than propoganda ...



And from someone in WI ... a Democrat ... who supports Scott Walker and is reasonable about what is being asked:



Again, partisan ideologue ... drop the blinders, get your HOOYA ... or just keep carrying on this conversation with yourself ...



Buckaroo Banzai's picture

What a shock-- more lying by liberal MSDNC fucktards.

Bob's picture

Actually, Shep is right on top of this scam.  Maybe he brings his own water to work.

fwiw imho's picture

I think we all missed that because it never happened.  What unions agreed to the wage and benefit concessions?  I can name five that rammed through their contracts without the "wage and benefit concessions"  that were "agreed to" two weeks ago.  Can you name one?  The mayor of madison actually asked that the legislation be delayed so he could get his contract approved without the concessions.  Actions speak louder than words.

You entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

StychoKiller's picture

And you, and everyone supporting public unions are willfully ignoring the camel in the room:  WHY is the Govt supplying these "essential" services?  If they're truly essential, the private sector will fill the void.  Sorry Public Unionists, but the biscuit wheels are coming off the Gravy Train!

IrishSamurai's picture

Are you a comedian? 

With a name like "flattrader", I'd guess you've never done a day of "honest" work in your life.

flattrader's picture

Ah, name-calling (of a kind).  The last resort of the desperate.

And that dog hunts just fine.

Watch this weekend when 100,000+ people show up on Capitol Square.  There were 80,000 last weekend.