Working It Wednesday - PUMP IT UP!

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They just priced in the retirement home and hospice care savings the tsunami brought.

Watch as central bankers/tax farmers/despotic leaders/global corporations take notice and we can bet on lots more "accidents" can be arranged to help off the baby boomers.


The last vestige of the great experiment has been deconstructed and we are now privileged to usher in the great era of Oceania.


2 minutes of hate for Libya!  Emmanuel Goldstein sabotaged Fukushima!

Conspiracy theory is dead, long live conspiracy practice.

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ZH should be introduced to grade-schoolers before they are indoctrinated as cogs in the consumerism debt slave mentality.

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ZH really needs to be on TV. This is the only way the message is going to get to the masses. Hopefully, one day soon, there will be some people out there available to sponsor the start-up for ZH to get on the big scene, replacing Cramer and his lies.  Once they get going, the advertisers and number of viewers would take care of the rest to keep it going. 

If there are some people out there that are capable, get Tyler and crew, and Reggie on TV folks. It may save our way of life. But we are definitely doomed, if the word never gets out.

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Fuck no! I want us to be the minority. If your small brain couldnt lead you here, you dont deserve to have access. Failure to adapt to your surroundings is part of the Theory of Evolution. Survival of the Fittest. People who cant understand whats going on around them, if they cant step back and look at everything objectively, they dont deserve to survive. Simple as that. The earth has a funny way of balancing herself out. If by natural disasters, or by offspring being unfit for future survival. Just be happy youre not a sheep anymore, and your kids might have a chance, or you might have a chance to have kids. The time for sharing knowledge has passed to the time of saving your own skin.

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Barofsky was talking up this stuff all along in the SIGTARP's quarterly reports but was largely ignored by the MSM. See, e.g.,

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I'm going to run for office and expose every fucking one of these corrupt assclowns.

Can i count on your vote?

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you'd never win. $75billion in unfunded liabilities is sustainable. oops, I mean $75trillion. nevermind.

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I'd vote for someone running on that message.  

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"..I do wish he had done so while he was actually in charge of the program.  Is there no one in Government actually willing to stand up and blow the whistle on the corruption in they system while they are still in office?"

Geez Louise, Ilene, but haven't you bothered to read any of Barofsky's reports as SIG????

They were both scathing and elucidating as pointing the finger at Geithner for that PPIP, so-called public-private scam (and has there been any public-private partnership that wasn't yet another financial scam??) and for initiating all those criminal investigations into the big guys, including the hedge fundsters, financial criminal activities regarding PPIP?

I think Barofsky has acquitted himself admirably, as has FCIC chair Phil Angelides; these guys simply aren't aware of the real powers behind the thrown when they took on the job --- and may have actually believe our latest bankster stooge on site, President Barack Obama!

Unless one is aware of the historical background behind the Financial-Intelligence-Complex, which created the so-called "national security state" (never about "national security" -- ONLY about accumulating financial intelligence for their profit, and for command and control of the citizenry) back in the aftermath of World War II (creators: David Rockefeller, Averill Harriman, Robert Lovett, Frank Wisner, the Dulles brothers -- one of which, John Foster, had married into the Rockefeller family, and Richard Bissell, the unsung brain behind the Marshall Plan, the Keyhole satellite program, the SR-71 spy plane program, "chipping" for intel purposes -- and the descendant of the founder of the oil industry, George Bissell).

Who today even knows who is the majority owner of BP, ExxonMobil, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, BankofAmerica, Baxter International, etc., etc., etc.????

I think you get my drift, Madam Ilene.

For your reading enjoyment:

Dark Age Ahead, by Jane Jacobs

A nifty little book where Ms. Jacobs sneaks up reality on the reader, and where she posits that America is headed for a "Dark Age" where the people are soooo ignorant, they don't even have an inkling as to how ignorant they are.

Sadly, Ms. Jacobs has left the planet.  She was a work of art, though.

Great blog post, BTW!!  As usual.

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"Geez Louise, Ilene, but haven't you bothered to read any of Barofsky's reports as SIG????"

I've read parts - and agree with you. Perhaps Phil is frustrated that more is not being done and Barofsky's not getting enough attention.

Ms. Jacob's 5 pillars: the fifth one, "self-policing by the learned professions" - problem with that is that "self-policing" may simply never work for long. 

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Love reading your posts, thanks Phil.

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I'd link to know where you get that point to pivot from I was looking at the way long term treuasry's were responding and it appeared it wasn't buying into the jump and was wondering what was going on to a friend.

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Caribou Hunting

Doctor Copper looked ominous, nearing a triangle apex, lost the triangle to the downside, and then backtested the downsloping channel....OK here is the are hungry wolf, traveled 50 miles in search of a Caribou herd, chased something that looked like a Caribou, but was really a ranchers livestock and got shot at.   Now it is late in the day, and you see an injured looked little Caribou....but you are afraid you might get shot at again....then you see the backtest.   OK got it?

NKD on a massive pop upward and a pattern I call H2D2 aka bearish wedge, also ES with a 3 drives move, just popping a Fib Fan (if you ignore the after-hours time -- select after hours to be off, since that doesn't truly reflect the overall mood of traders).

All short.   The moon approaches, important lines are hit, Joe public is convinced the bull market runs no matter how much bad news is out there, and then some complacency / consolidating boredom days.   Also some secret timing indicators, so secret I don't even know them :) j/k

That is where we ended the day.   Decided to make a run at the Caribou.  Short and justification as shown in combo chart

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Somewhere in another dimension, I can hear Chris Rock saying "we got a black man for president and a black man for attorney general and all the white men on wall street go free after robbing billions from the banks and taxpayers ! What's it going to take ?"

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Negative, we got a half-white guy (and you can blame his corruption on that side of him, who gives a rat's ass, anyway?), who is as thoroughly neocon and corrupt as all those who preceded him, back to Lyndon Johnson.

Again, I repeat, that last democrat in the presidency was John F. Kennedy, who stood up to US Steel, who stood up to GE, who created the Alliance for Progress in Latin America, who questioned the tax code benefitting corporations offshoring jobs (when has a sitting president ever done that?), and talked about doing away with the oil depletion allowance, and whose last act in office was to send out memos to the State Deparment, and to the military via the Pentagon, announcing the withdrawal of all troops from Vietnam by his reelection.  (I know, I met the members of the USAF, USN and USA who read those memos when I was in the military ages ago!)

And guess why he was wacked?  And guess why the Rev. Martin Luther King was wacked?  And guess why the democratic presidential candidate who made it closest to the White House (Bobbie Kennedy) was wacked?

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 Real black men call them oreo cookies; you pay them, (a lot), and they nod and grin and go "yasuh, yasuh, that shore do be the way it is".

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The Barofsky article sounds like a snow job. Those provisions about helping homeowners were just put in to give the corrupt politicians cover. No doubt Barofsky knew that at the time. You can't be cynical enough with these people. Let's hope we never have a nuclear accident here. It would be e^Japan in terms of lies and concealments.

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The author clearly has not had his brains blown out at point blank range recently, or had a CIA-driven syringe inserted into his carotid artery, or any one of a multitude of "solutions" to governmental/corporate problems, that would explain why people like Barofsky often wait to "express" themselves freely.

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The solution meme now is hanging one's self, preferably in a closet.

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" In other words - let's save the best rates for the richest people, of  
course! "


Yes, Phil, the best rates should go with the highest risks. An economic genius you are not, Phil. 

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+1  That line made me, go from thinking; "Decent article" to "another collectivist retard that doesn't understand economics" in a blink of an eye.  and "Save Rates"?   Where do they keep them?

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I think it's high time we start hanging some of these banksters. In or out of courts. IMHO.

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A bit hasty, no? Constitutional rights ya know! Oh that right we already changed that roll of toilet paper didn't we. My bad.              Milestones

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Anyone know the actual timing of the government shutdown?  Is there a specific day?

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Great comment.  I lost a feather laughing.

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The guy headed mortgage fraud investigation while the largest mortgage fraud occurred, requiring him to preside over the cure, aka TARP, to address the consequence of liar loans, made by liar banks.  EPIC FAILURE.  You own it you POS.  Man up and apologize and quit blaming others.

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Phil - Love the Elvis Costello and the Attractions reference, tune here:


Buy! Buy! Buy!

When world Governments have sanctioned the slavery of their populace to Central Banks and Banksters - and the populace has not woken up to the fact nor hung the SOB's from the nearest lampost - the markets will go up along with the database printing of infinite currency and delusion.


William Shatner - sell your shares in Pricleline now! (Captain Kirk - Fire Photon Torpedoes!  Get that money and turn it into PM's and cash now!)


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Thanks for the link to the song, I wanted it to show up and didn't realize it was going to get lost (new code vs. old code thing). 

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You're welcome, glad to be of service.

Elvis Costello (Declan Patrick McManus) has not stopped producing great tunes.  "American Gangster Time" from the CD "Momofuku"

"Next week there'll be some fashionable new sin
For each harlot and each Puritan
Pull off their wings stick them on a pin
And just watch the money roll in

It's a drag
Saluting that starry rag
I’d rather go blind
For speaking my mind
Or use it just like a gag
So raise it in anger
Just let it hang
American Gangster Time"

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Save the system the next time a crisis happens? You have got be kidding me. Ther will always be a Hank "If You Don't Sign This Bill We Will Declare Martial Law" Paulson laying in wait to terrorize the sheeple.

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Having been an "A" versus a "T" man my whole life (more than a mouthful is a waste) I appreciate the fine caboose in your avatar image.

I agree with your comment too; there will always be a Central Banker Wanker to rob the working populace until we apply physical accountability.

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fake? you dont have to believe most everyone else doesnt care


serious vote democrat then

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As George Castanza says "It isn't a lie if you believe it".

There are more than enough clueless dumbasses to believe this bullshit.

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It's called a "radiation high."

MegaBecqs better then Prozac.