WSJ Reports That Iran Has "Likely Resumed Nuclear-Research Work"

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Tensions in the Middle East is once again heating up. Following earlier reports that Israel would not take too kindly to Iranian warships passing through the Suez Canal, the WSJ now reports that Iran has likely resumed nuclear-research work. "A new classified US intelligence assessment concludes that, even as Iran enriches more uranium, there is an increasingly heated debate within its regime over whether to move towards building nuclear weapons, suggesting international economic sanctions may be sowing serious divisions." Does this mean it is time for a new revision and more lethal version of Stuxnet to be released? How much of this report is based on fabricated data is unknown, although judging by how well it worked last time around there was a full scale US incursion, we will likely find out soon enough (or eventually). As to whether Israel is actually willing to take the risk and actually initiate a military offensive against Iran, and, indirectly, against Egypt's military coup government, we will likely find out tonight when the ships are actually expected to cross the canal.

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 Why is this Lieberman saying this, when reading the article, there is no evidence as to Iranian intentions whatsoever?

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All the zionists are shitting their pants seeing their their world empire crumbling at a very rapid pace. All their work over the past 100 years is going down the drain and they are panicking. Demonizing Muslims is all over the radar today . Drudge has a link. They are going crazy trying to whip everyone they can into a frenzy in support for Israel's interests.

Don't feel sorry for Israel. They have 300+ nukes as exposed by President Jimmy Carter. No one is ever going to invade and destroy Israel unless they want a couple dozen nukes shoved up their ass.

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I'm not too worried about israel.  They fouled their nest.   They can live in it.  I just hope they don't drag us into their next war.

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Israeli might have even 1,000 nukes but it will take only 2-3 nukes to wipe out Israel permanently from a map.

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Why is this Lieberman saying this

no evidence

The US has those good warships in the Sea just waiting on order to evacuate the Eqypian freedom fighters wink wink

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Because he is a bloodthirsty fascist just itching to start a war.

He lives to kill Arabs.  So he makes shit up and stove-pipes it to Uncle Sam.  Killing Persians is a bonus.

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WSJ Reports That Iran Has "Likely Resumed Nuclear-Research Work"


You don't say? Not that nice man Ahmadinejad...never...

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More Israeli bullshit spewing out on sheep Americans ears, lobbied from AIPAC.  Remember this: if America goes down, it was b/c they put ISRAELS interests first, before America's.  Which should be the case anyway since all of Obama's cabinet is zionist, and and overwhelmingly majority (not 2% representation of the US population) has hijacked Congress and The house. 


You might as well call America "Israel Junior" now.  You've been scammed again ;like Germany was scammed.  Now deal with it.

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Ahmadinejad is Ghandi compared to Avgidor Lieberman, the psychopathic butcher of widows and kindergartners.

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Huh? You mean they stopped it?

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Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap


Initializing Stuxnet II


Press< yes> to continue

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Indeed, Stuxnet seems unlikely to be a one-off event.  Maybe the second slap will be even harder.

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Reduxnet - all the stuff that was left on the cutting room floor the first go round

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At a pre-determined time Wikileaks will release an electronic file that is the missing key escrow component needed to activate Stuxnet which will then commandeer airport landing beacons to provide approach coordinates for these guys
whereupon a 700 foot apparition of Jesus will beam down to the ME and announce that he’s Rapturing everyone’s ass.

That is if things really get out of hand...

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oh yes, and its simply for energy needs

downwiththebanks's picture

If I were Iranian, and my government WASN'T developing nuclear weapons to counter the Zionist threat to the region, I'd want them gone.

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Perhaps they need a "beer summit".

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War with Iran would be diastorus for the region. And could be our Adrianople. Iran's conventional military sucks ass. However as I stated before they can defeat us in assymetrical warfare. In other words they will spread chaos and turmoil throughout the middle east to overwhelm us. Iraq for example is very vunerable and the troop presence there. The shiites in the militia,army,and police would start an uprising. The supply line that goes through Kuwait would be cut by shiite militias,Hezbollah agents,Iranian irregular units(Al Qods,Iranian Rev Guard).Then our forces would be bogged down heavily as sunnis and shiites would start a guerilla campaign,plus Iran would fire hunreds of missiles at military bases in Iraq. In Saudi Arabia there is a shiite minority in the easter part of the nation. This where the oil fields are located. So there will be massive sabatoge campaign against the oil fields.


Israel would have to invade southern Lebanon and Gaza which will bog them down heavily. They would fight in a guerilla war with no end. Irans proxies and cells jobs will be to expand the war and chaos and make it unbearable to continue fighting a war you cannot finish. So war with Iran would be suicide. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge in economics and military strategy and tactics know war with iran would be madness. If Israel and Iran want war with each other let them have it,but we should not get involved. That means no weapons sales,money,and withdraw from the mideast forever. There has been wars and violence at that area since the days of Joshua.


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Weimar Ben:

The term Fourth Generation Warfare fits in here nicely. All the U.S. has to do to lose is to continue hemorrhaging money in its current conflicts.

Warfare is extremely expensive and any further involvements will empty the treasury's coffers.

Osama Bin Laden contributed to the end of the Soviet Union by keeping them bogged-down in the various theaters in Afghanistan.

The candle was lit at both ends (anyone care to comment when?)


downwiththebanks's picture

Not to mention that Iraq would blow up, and the Sadrists - who train with Hizbullah - would begin operations against Uncle Sam.

Who knows what Turkey would do.  And Pakistan.

And Egypt.

Apartheid Israel is just dying to hit Iran.  Because it has a death-wish, I guess.

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so is this the propaganda that will cool the market, get people back into bonds.

this market is a joke

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This ought to get a fresh buy program going in the futures tomorrow.

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If I ran a country that was threatened with reprisals by another country that had nukes a-plenty merely for having two relatively small "warships" pass by, whether or not to get my own nukes would be a no-brainer.

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 Weird you were junked for that.

  Iran would be insane not to possess the bomb, if only as a deterrent.

 As far as the farcical existential threat crap goes, Iran could send lots of chemical warhead missiles raining down on Israel...way more inexpensively than than building nukes.The nukes are the coveted gold card of deterrence( although the current debacle in Pakistan makes me wonder)

 Israel behaves in a fashion that is, in a word, evil.The operation cast lead as well as the ridiculously criminal murder of people trying to bring relief to Gaza illustrate this well.

 If Iran wants to cruise their Navy around a bit, too bad.Let them...lets face it, they are not exactly Heavy Cruisers or Battleships or Carriers.They are modern easy to sink thin skinned jokes.

 Israel's screams of consequences are a joke.They need to shut up....unless they really want WW3 right on top of them.China gets along with Iran.Good luck with really pissing China off or nuking Iran....that could end with acres and acres of glass.

 Israel should shut up, and give the Palestinians their own state( as opposed to keeping them in a ghetto,Warsaw style)

 The most moral army in the world....not so much.


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Oh goody, now Omaba can justify those lack of defense budget cuts.  The minions will eat it up and poop out more gold!

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Just a matter of time to wipe drives, mem sticks, and reload operating systems.. TPTB just wanted a delay to fire up unrest in N.A. and the rest of the ME..


War is profitable..  BTFWW3..


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 Somebody needs to take the ships hostage to use as a lever against the Iranians making any nuckular devices. Well, they did it to the Royal Navy and I'm not sure they got their boats back yet, either. Desist your uranium project or else you lose your ships. Simple international politics.

frippy's picture

BFD, Israel has been hoarding nukes illegally for decades.

The hypocrisy is stunning.

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Don't you get it yet?  The laws and treaties do not apply to the US of Isreal.  THe UN is great for solifying a war with Iraq by the US, but not enough to condem Isreal for over 50 UN violations. 

Get with the program or you will be labeled a terrorist.  Buy some equities and bonds too, otherwise it's of to Guantanomo for you!  Bitches!

frippy's picture

Mordechai Vanunu is a hero for blowing the whistle on Dimona.

Israel is at least as dangerous ar Iran. In fact, you could make the case more dangerous.

If I'm Iran, and I see how the U.S. treats non-nuke nations (see: Iraq), damn straight I get me some nukes.

Zionism ≠ Judaism.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Damm skippy frippy.  Nukes are so great that Bush II and Clinton felt N. Korea should have them.  Makes me  want to slap those stahlworth repubs or demos.  Ji

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++ Mordechai Vanunu Zionism ≠ Judaism

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"A new classified US intelligence assessment concludes that, even as Iran enriches more uranium..."

Guess its not so classified since it's out in open source...

downwiththebanks's picture

Who thinks the source was Curveball?  Or Ariel Sharon?  

That was probably who provided the info - between when he pissed himself and when he drooled last night.

savagegoose's picture

i say go for it, america can just print up a few 100 billion more bits of paper to pay for a new war.

you never know with a bit of luck their creditors will stop picking up the bill mid war, and the whole mid east can go to hell in a hand basket, like i care, i dotn live anywhere near the place.


good luck and cya all in hell

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Dan, stop being such a dick. If Iran goes and lights up the Mistake By The Lake, it's not gonna be from a home grown nuke.

Iran is completely within its rights to continue to develop their nuclear program to any extent they wish as long as they stay in compliance with the NPT. They actually respect the international community enough to continue to go thru the NPT crap, even as they watch Israel possess and brandish real nuclear weapons in complete contempt for the international community and the rule of law. And then they watch as Israel gets a pass from eveyone from the NYT to ZH for doing the wrong thing. And then we see the monkeyboy press run with this so called "story" above like their hair is on fire.

Your story makes it seems as if it were illegal for Iran to do their work. Sorry, it is not. Why are you doing that? Will you be running any pieces on the nukes and delivery systems Israel posseses in contravention of all laws and treaties? If not, why not?

I'm confused because you seem interested in truth in other parts of the blog. Not so much when it comes to the ME. Let's have both sides presented fairly so people can be informed and not brain-fucked, eh wot? You might start by laying off Debka and Stratfor. Unless of course your goal is to become a monkeyboy and hasbara slinger. In that case, stay the course brave Dan.

MarketTruth's picture

Iran is completely within its rights to continue to develop their nuclear program to any extent they wish as long as they stay in compliance with the NPT.

100% agree and Iran has had NPT inspectors in there and they found ZERO evidence of nuclear aspiration with enrichment to the level needed for a weapon.

So when will Israel, widely known to have hundreds of nuclear weapons, join the NPT and allow inspectors just like the USA, Japan, Iran, Russia and others do?

Bringin It's picture

I just want to point out you got junked for that.

Racist Apparthied Additude abounds.

Say what's wrong with this -->

100% agree and Iran has had NPT inspectors in there and they found ZERO evidence of nuclear aspiration with enrichment to the level needed for a weapon.

So when will Israel, widely known to have hundreds of nuclear weapons, join the NPT and allow inspectors just like the USA, Japan, Iran, Russia and others do?


topcallingtroll's picture

Don't forget they have the right to drop out of the NPT with appropriate notice.