WTI Surges To Day's Highs Following News Of Yemen Violence Re-escalation, DOE Report

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Just as the top calling momo crowd confirmed amongst each other that this time was the absolutely, positively high in WTI after the black gold dipped by $2 earlier, we got DOE reports confirming that far more oil was being used than expected, and also a totally unforeseeable announcement out of Yemen (where the president is leaving amicably remember, who can doubt that), that
five Yemeni anti-government protesters shot dead by plain-clothes gunmen, while dozens wounded in Sanaa, per Reuters. Surely this is merely a way for Saleh to celebrate the fact that he has only 28 days left in power. Oddly enough that is not how WTI took it, which shot up from $110 to $113 in seconds. And this is nothing compared to what is about to happen between 2:15 pm and 3:00 pm when various robots will know what Bernanke said, and more importantly meant, before he even said it.

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Good thing high oil is good for our economy.....D'OOHHH

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it's very good for the banker class..   as little drips and drabs of liquidity leak from the banker realm, they can very quickly jack petorleum prices higher and mop up what ever excess exists back out from the sheeples.

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And this is exactly why Bernanke will continue QE... because QE is stronger than any US army or CIA funded revolution... it brings hyperinflation to the middle-east countries, leading people to revolt...so the US can come in later and ``save the day`` and take the oil.

It also foments revolt in China, which is good for the US.

QE will go on as long as Iran is still standing...


QE, the new weapon, more powerful than nukes.

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Demand rising, supply decreasing, Bennie and the inkjets printing away the "asset" that trades inversely oil, so what will happen to price? 


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There is no question it will continue. Maybe a slight delay so the markets lose a few hundred points, but it will happen. He has no choice. He did this to himself and will be tarred and feathered. It is just a matter of when.

Man, this is going to get ugly. But, not yet.

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There is a Philip K Dick story in there ... or maybe the Snowcrash guy? hmmm...

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Neal Stephenson is a more enjoyable read. I will go with Snowcrash.

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Market surges--market plunges---market surges again.  And "the vix does nothing."  That's the OIL market (?).  Do i have to pay for that?  I have date in a Ferrarai outside and...and...and...

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Not even concerned since I just filled up my tank yesterday!  

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Yemen oil production is substantially past Peak at 288K bpd, down from 440K bpd 10 years ago.  And no, sportsfans, there are no US envirowhackos preventing Yemeni drilling.  The production is down for the same reason US production is down from its 1970s peak -- geology.  

They are the Earth in microcosm, on the relentless down escalator, trying to sprint upwards.

Bubbles...bubbles everywhere's picture

Gas pipe blown up in Egypt, Syria about to erupt in civil war, Libya's oil production completely halted, etc. and silver can't break $46. What a joke.

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BernankDepression starts today, my fellow Americans!

Get ready for the most disconnected-from-reality ChairCreature speak of all time.

And hedge accordingly.



(Please support my campaign for the U.S. Mint to produce a Bernank .999 Fine, One Ounce Silver Coin, with a smiling Bernanke and the words "I am not printing money" engraved onto it)

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Sounds like one sexy coin if you ask me!

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I see gasoline commodity up 5 cents today alone.  The Bernak better not use the words wealth affect to describe success of QE2 when us bottom 90% are shit loads poorer in terms of our purchasing power in the money we have no choice but to use under law. 

slewie the pi-rat's picture

isn't the chairzelbub guarded by plainclothes yemenese (yemenite?  who knows these things?) gunmen when he is commanding the BIS?  or was that french and belgian goons?  i've lost track of which nukuler nanny state does what for him, when. 

this NWO protection racket is sure bullish on central banksters, tho. 

we fade that bullshit with the 2nd Amendment and await the reversal on banksters, eh?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

TIS, is this the robot equivalent of pre-cum?

TruthInSunshine's picture

Precisely. It's inorganic and synthetic, too.

chistletoe's picture

There's been how many, maybe 5 million (ver rough guess?) foreclosures,

five million households put out on the street?

Ever wonder where all those peole went?  I haven't seen any tent cities

or great numbers of folk living on the sidewalks and sleeping on grates,

and I know there's not much in the way of homeless shelters.


So, I figger, they must all have moved their stuff into their SUV,

and they sleep there, dress there, and shower at the local YMCA or

community pool.

AND when its cold out, they run the engine all night to keep warm.


Hellova an efficient system, eh??????

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Speculators are moving this market - at least thats what I was told by someone reading off a telepromptor

CrashisOptimistic's picture

He may be right.  Speculators are the only thing holding it down.

WTI nudging towards $113.  Price is not informative, particularly, but the relentlessly coming scarcity is all that matters to anyone -- whether they know it or not.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

recent "scarcity" newZ: DJ OIL FUTURES: Crude Drops As Data Show Large Inventory Rise

i know, several hours "old"

here's a blurb abt the libyan muslim brotherhood's oil marketing prowess: DJ Libyan Rebel Oil Cargo Buyer Definitely Chinese - Ship Brokers

so!  that blogger was right the other day!  he said the chinese were getting the libyan oil and i questioned him about that.  i hope he shows up w/ an "i told ya so!" 

from the story: An oil tanker, marking the first shipment of crude oil from rebel-controlled east Libya, is "definitely being purchased by a Chinese buyer," according to a major London-based shipping broker.

and: The Equator tanker left Marsa el Hariga terminal, in the Tobruk area, on April 8.

so!  greek shippers; chinese oil thru singapore; banksters backing the muslim bro's;  french leadership; CIA flip-flops all over the place, as the U-S-A provides the muscle for the hustle, and the moQ is still wearing that same hat and partying in tripoli. 

we can only hope that louis farrakhan explains it all, as zeroHeads lead the revolution that puts him into the White House!

CrashisOptimistic's picture

How many barrels of Brent did that "inventory" data reflect?  And maybe more important, how many barrels of heavy, sour coming out of Manifa MAYBE in 2014 did that inventory data reflect?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i think this is the current "inventory" meaning stuff purchased and not yet processed or sold. 

oil and fuels on hand.  now.  up.  in some categories, down a bit in gasolene.  as we come into memorial day, let's play:  "Which Refinery Will Shut Down And What The Fuk For?"  

i'll take the locals, here in richmond/martinez, CA.  they kick ass!

everything is perfectly safe, of course, and the locals all love to hear nanny tell them:  "Please do not go outside unless necessary until we figure out what the smell is.  again.  children, especially.  after two weeks of ignoring our safety warnings, the hospitals are full!"