WTI Surges To Day's Highs Following News Of Yemen Violence Re-escalation, DOE Report

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Just as the top calling momo crowd confirmed amongst each other that this time was the absolutely, positively high in WTI after the black gold dipped by $2 earlier, we got DOE reports confirming that far more oil was being used than expected, and also a totally unforeseeable announcement out of Yemen (where the president is leaving amicably remember, who can doubt that), that
five Yemeni anti-government protesters shot dead by plain-clothes gunmen, while dozens wounded in Sanaa, per Reuters. Surely this is merely a way for Saleh to celebrate the fact that he has only 28 days left in power. Oddly enough that is not how WTI took it, which shot up from $110 to $113 in seconds. And this is nothing compared to what is about to happen between 2:15 pm and 3:00 pm when various robots will know what Bernanke said, and more importantly meant, before he even said it.