Xenon 133 Dispersion Animation - Radionuclide Has Blanketed Entire United States

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Update: we are truly amazed that presenting what is a pure fact without any spin associated to it, can generate such an outbreak of insecurity and outright fear-driven responses. We had always expected that readers here can receive and interpret facts as presented, instead of demanding filtering for what some deem is unpleasant information. We urge that sub-segment to immediately and permanently orient their attention to other media outlets that does the prefiltering for them, as per the government's mandate of not spreading panic.

Radioactive Xenon 133 (5.243 day half life) has now reached the entire Eastern seaboard, and soon will likely cover the entire world.

Ausbreitung der Wolke von Fukushima/Edelgas Xe-133/ (globales Bild)

Additionally, below is a projection of radioactive Iodine over Japan...

Ausbreitung der Wolke von Fukushima/permanente Freisetzung/Jod-131

And radioactive Cesium over the Pacific

Ausbreitung der Wolke von Fukushima/permanente Freisetzung/Cs-137 (globales Bild)

Source: Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG)

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It's okay, Obama is monitoring the situation.

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Piss off you knobhead...we're all going to be illuminati in a while!

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I am already an Illumanti. But keep it secret. Pssst.

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You were right, I should have listened.

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Say, they prob. could get the purchase order for those pumps cleared until management was sure the blown up ones wouldn't work :-D

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BTW, for those over-reacting to the current nuclear situation in Japan ~ Our own government in the late 40s and into the 50s detonated HUNDREDS of atomic weapons above and below ground in Arizona, just about 100 miles or so away from California. Quit listening to the over sensationalized media, people!

Ident 7777 economy's picture

HUNDREDS of atomic weapons above and below ground in Arizona

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And bazillions over the Pacific; my fave was Starfish Prime ... was blamed for knocking out street lights on the big Island in Hawaii ...

Bicycle Repairman's picture

If not for the Pacific ocean, all hell would have broken loose by now.

BearOfNH's picture

above and below ground in Arizona, just about 100 miles or so away from California

Ahh, but they were careful to detonate only when the wind was blowing towards Utah. Really. And that includes the underground tests.


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Maybe you could ask John Wayne and Agnes Moorehead how that worked out for them.


d_senti's picture

I actually suggest reading them for a while, if only to find out which people on this site have been secretly anti-Semitic this whole time! Try to guess!

(On that note I say: certain Israelis certainly have done douchey things, of course, and when they do them to us I don't like it, but they're looking out for their own country, just like everyone else does. They're just ordinary people.)

BigJim's picture

Yeah... because criticism of a rascist, apartheid state is intrinsically 'anti-semitic'.

I guess if I criticise US foreign policy that proves I hate American ex-pats.


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I said the plumes would reach North America about a week ago, what did I get for my early warning? Junks. Go ahead and be fools.

scratch_and_sniff's picture

Ok respect man, we should have listened.

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What are you getting for your "I told you so!"s? Junks. :)

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Pretty sure I have this right:


"The Jod-131 of values in Alaska (station sand POINT) was within the range of mBqm-3, in Canada (station Sydney, Vancouver) an order of magnitude under it. A health relevance does not exist."

In other words, a few milli-becquerels per cubic millimeter, or a few hundred milli-becquerels per cubic centimeter.

Now, what is allowed for Xe-133?


DRAXIMAGEÒ Xenon Xe 133 Gas
Page 1 of 4 November 13, 2008
Product Name: Xenon Xe 133 Gas Synonyms: Xenon Xe-133 Gas
Category: Diagnostic radiopharmaceutical for inhalation

Airborne Exposure Limits: NRC Occupational concentration limit is 1 x 10-4 μCi/mL of air.


Math:1X10-4 micro curies is 100,000 pico curies.  A milliliter is a cubic centimeter at STP.  There's a hundred cubic millimeters in a cubic centimeter.

100000 pico curies = 3700000 millibecquerel      http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/units-converter/radiation-activity/c...


So the occupational limit for Xenon-133, which is also used as an inhalation diagnostic gas,  is 3,700,000 millibecquerel per milliliter.  The German dispersal model that shows the Entire United States Blanketed!" by Xenon-133, even though he doesn't state his source term, is predicting concentrations "within the range of mBqm-3."

Anyone who falls for this scare-mongering is stupid.

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 Something to keep in mind,I have a hot source, but it is vitrified...no way to inhale it.It is easy to keep it shielded and be safe.


  But when Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 come floating by, they ARE inhalable.Will they kill you quickly....no.But they may kill you in the future, just when you wanted to see the Grand-kids.INHALING RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES=FAIL.

 Plutonium?Only a tiny particle inhaled=lung cancer.



bonddude's picture

On west coast and the car is packed.

Cistercian's picture

  You could shelter in place.If TPTB actually gave a shit enough to give a good fallout forecast, that is.But they don't.I note the levels are really not that bad...but to not even get the information for an informed choice=EPIC FAIL.Thanks US .gov.sphincter.poke!

Oh regional Indian's picture

A wise man named Joe Vialls said Smoking natural tobacco was a good anti-lung cancer remedy.

Read it here. Believe it or not... :-0





johnQpublic's picture

being a conspiracy theorist myself, i became suspicious when they went all nazi on cigarette smokers.....bastards....it IS good for you...i knew it





Ident 7777 economy's picture

A wise man named Joe Vialls said Smoking natural tobacco was a good anti-lung cancer remedy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ping: Indian cigarette pitch ...

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moved to end of thread 

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Eastern seaboard. Oh that's why he's on vacation in brazil!

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Did the poles shift and east is now west? 

Iam_Silverman's picture

"Did the poles shift and east is now west?"

Yes.  Once the Poles elected Lech Welesa to lead Poland into a semi-democracy, the East is now the West.

Why are you bringing this up anyway?  I thought that this was a "run for your life" scary shit post.  Oh well, a short history lesson is always good for us all.

Cistercian's picture

 yep.POTUS fled like a girly man.FAIL.

  For those with the gnosis...I found that on Saturday I was seeing a beta count higher than the normal gamma.First time since getting my counter back in 78 or 79 that I have seen this.Not a good indication.

  Instrument used victoreen cdv-700.So, I saw a difference...in Asheville, NC.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

girly-man HA! what a debt the US psyche owes to SNL.....

Cistercian's picture

 We are here to..pump you up!

MSimon's picture

The pump don't work. The vandals stole the handle.

ColonelCooper's picture

Beta counts were 2 to 6 times normal levels across much of mid west yesterday.  They seemed to have subsided by yesterday evening, and are back to normal today.

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Obama and family are in Rio, ensuring they are far away from this problem. When the going gets tough, Obama runs away and does not care about USA citizens.

konputa's picture

It's not as if it would be different if anyone else were president, regardless of party.

(R) - put your head in the sand and/or look out for your own at the expense of the public.

(D) - put your head in the sand and/or look out for your own at the expense of the public.

Fantastic choices we have here in the fuckin states.



Ardeet's picture

It's not just in the States, here in OZ we have the same red vs blue crap.

From what I can see virtually all "western democracies" have versions of the same non-choice.

israhole's picture

Or anyplace run by zionists and Israel, for that matter.

Bearster's picture

Yup those joos run everything from Japan to Australia to the US to Europe... EVERYthing is their fault!  We need a final solution!

Oh.  Wait.  Some psychopathic mass-murderer already tried that.  It didn't work out too well for anyone, did it?

nmewn's picture

LOL...the man apparently thinks there's a synagogue on every corner in every major city in Japan...or sumpin...I ain't quite figgered it out yet either.

It's as if graft, greed and corruption are specific to one race or people instead of a human weakness...a very weird psychosis.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Nm, as it turns out (and I speak for deep inside knowledge here), all things nasty in Japan (particularly in Tokyo), principally Drugs and prostitution and real estate to a degree are run by a ruthless Israeli mafia. Ruthless and exploitative. And you know what? Same thing here in India. Those de-mobbed soldiers are a perfect cover, travellign from country to country and all around every country. What do they call them? Mules.

They own every major drug growing and consumption center, in partnership with Yakuza, Indian Mafia or by themselves.

So, Jews or no jews, those damn isralies are no fun to be with. ACtually it's th esame in San Francisco and New York, as two examples. Any Israeli panding in these two centers can disappear into a black-marketing or drug running job, get a fake drivers license, green card marriage.... name it. And ruthless again.

It's one of those smoke and fire things. To deny it you either have not experienced real life onthe streets or a wilful or have an indoctrinated belief system that is hard to let go of.

Is it the state? Is it the people? Is it Mossad? Planned? Random? HArd to say, perhaps. But the symptoms are too difficult to ignore.



Ident 7777 economy's picture

Nm, as it turns out (and I speak for deep inside knowledge here), all things nasty in Japan (particularly in Tokyo), principally Drugs and prostitution and real estate to a degree are run by a ruthless Israeli mafia.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is an absolute GEM! LOL .... guffaw ... guffaw ... good one!



A parody of - Rush maybe?


No - no ... SAVAGE!



cosmictrainwreck's picture

the scary part is I think ORI was serious...geez, I don't know. That worries me a little [re ORI]. Sorry, but I seriously doubt those fuckin' Yakuza are lame enough to let israelis run 'em

Oh regional Indian's picture

Cosmic, all I can say is that these are things I've seen, with my own eyes. The Yakuza are "allowed" a territory. Think about who controls Japan. If you say the Japanese, then I suggest you may not have a true understanding of how the world works. Likewise for India. If you say Indian politicians or business houses or banks or the Indian underworld...

But of course, you are free to have your own opinions, as is the guffawing gentleman above.

Denial of reality is a game I don't play well. And I don't hesitate calling a spade a spade either.