Year To Date Retail Sales Decline At GM And Chrysler Masked By Surging Fleet Transactions

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national champions meet industrial policy 2.o. Keep the production lines running at all costs. Now if we could figure out who is buying (or storing) all the tractors and trucks at CAT and DEERE

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I was impressed by the numbers until I saw the VA parking lot with fifteen plus Chevy Malibu parked in a line,  with Government plates,  just sitting there.

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That's a bad omen - it means that 15+ new government jobs will be created in VA.

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Gee, that was hard to see coming.


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Whatever.... GM and Chrysler are needed US manufacturing in America. Both have been great American innovators, employers and symbols of American greatness. But if they are going to get tax payer funding they should at least hire American manufacturing in America . Put those dollars to use, tax imports . ...screw globalization.

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Both have been great American innovators


I wouldn't call push rod engines and live axles innovative after the 60's while the Japs and Germans were experimenting with Variable Cam timing, Boost, IRS and more efficient alloys.  

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Excellent thinking, Komrade.

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Oh,  stop it with the Komrade BS. GM and Chrysler ARE great companies IF they are managed by Americans and not Internationalist.

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correction: "GM and Chrysler ARE great companies IF they are managed by Americans and not the government and the unions."

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I thought they were actually run by UAW?

Paying employees 100% for not working was truly innovative... For some reason, however, other corps have been slow to adopt. Go figure?

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No, what is needed are manufacturing enterprises that turn a profit, not ones that are overburdened by outrageous salaries and supersized benefit packages that bankrupt their employers.  Not ones that make products nobody wants.  Not ones that are owned by fascist governments, and suffer from the accompanying inefficiencies.  And certainly not ones that are subsidized above and beyond the market value just because they are "needed".  When you say "needed" you can only mean "wanted", and in that case feel free to send a check their way, but it's unjust to dip into the taxpayer's pocket for that purpose, as will be done ad infinitum.

The innovation you praise has come at great cost to the taxpayer, via redistribution of wealth, via subsidies.  If leeching is a symbol of American greatness, then we're all in big trouble.  And it now is.  And we are.

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The roads you drive on, the water pipes you drink and piss in , the protection you get daily from the backwards commies and thier millions of soldiers ... all is tax payed so you can spout shit on the internet.

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Keep your "A Few Good Men" nonsense where it belongs: in Hollywood movies.

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and you can keep you're views where they belong.... in the garbadge can.

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And that is perhaps the narrowest - and best - definition of government, as outlined in the Founders' vision.  Fix the roads, provide for the common defense (via a volunteer militia), and keep sewage from flowing in the streets (although more effectively CO-OP'd), are all reasonable interpretations that protect the common good.

But your opinion on GM and its ra-ra American greatness that shall be preserved and protected by tax dollars is not a reasonable use of government.  Why are there no Tuckers or Studebakers anymore?  REO Speedwagons?  Why did they not get saved?  Surely, their preservation would be for the common good.

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the key phrase being 'have been'. nowadays they are failed and the rotting corpse doesn't wreak of 'american greatness'. but yes, why not move all operations to the US and speed up the inevitable :)

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The halcyon days of being a manufacturing powerhouse that you refer to have long gone. The fact is that globalization has changed business expectations both for the shareholder and the consumer. For instance, somewhere in the third world a man opens his GE fridge and pulls out a diet Coke and drives his Ford to work. Companies here profit from access to world markets that dwarf local markets here in sheer size. If you think that you can just produce and the world will be just a willing consumer you are mistaken. If globalization is gone the biggest sufferers will be Americans. Can you imagine paying 5$ for a drill bit that sells for 1$ in Walmart? Now imagine trying to sell it for 5$ outside America. No cannot do that because a competitor will step in and sell it for 1$ in that market.

You cannot evangelize free trade when the goings good and then turn around when it gets competitive. 

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...hire American UNION workers, you mean to say...

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Now the tax dollars can factually be demonstrated to be a waste.

Your education is prime proof.

They should have been allowed to liquidate.

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We were in a National Park over the weekend and I chatted with one of the park rangers. He said they were getting three new Chevy Impalas even though they never requested them and really didn't want them. These cars are useless in the winter months as they don't have 4WD.

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BHO is a a wonderfully corrupt non leader.

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Al right, but bikes sales are up so what´s the problem ;p

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let the fall begin

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i'll never buy a GovMot vehicle again; there are lots of others just like me.

screw the UAW.

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GM is a thriving company.....once you put an S infront of it.

Note that SGM and GM are separate entities and untouchable by the US and Canadian tax payer. NA got the rust heap, China got the investment and innovation. NA receives token unsellable Volts, China receives small compact fuel efficient vehicles many American would buy.....and just may in future when the NA operations are completely dismantled.

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I wonder what the effect of taking away all of these incentive programs, the auto companies have implemented since 2003, would be? At some point could they just admit that this is the new real price of an auto so you do not have to figure out of the different incentives to get the price?

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You will all buy a GM or Chrysler soon...once the Federal Rebate exceeds the price of the car, you'd be a FOOL not to jump on the bandwagon!

Laugh now, but remember who predicted it 2 years from now...

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