Yentervention – G7 Style! (Ponzi Finance)

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Choose your currency wise just buy gold.

Do not feel sorry for leveraged paper

cry baby´s who lost playing in the


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i love the smell of a mind breaking free in the mourning.

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Brilliant Monopoly board.  Well spoken Phil.

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Only people with assets are concerned. The Food Stamp people you guys rip all the time couldn't give a shit. Nor could I , I filed Chapter 7 and I have NOTHING MORE TO GIVE TO THESE KLEPTOMANIACS! And I feel Great! I don't have a job which means I don't donate to SS or Medicare or Obie's bullshit GM or TARP or anything! I'm not a taxpayer, and I feel GREAT! I'm in foreclosure 3 years, my condo neighbors are pissed but I am the Only One who has stopped the bleeding. Think about it.

I have assumed control. I work odd jobs for cash, I don't need a debit card, wait, there's a knock at the door I''l be right back ooPS! augh...... Everybody hates me but I'm ahead of them, they have no way out, no refi, no new house because they can't sell the old one, can't move to Cali to get that new job because your stupid condo doesn't allow rentals, the only way out is foreclosure! Get my name off the property so I'm not liable for squatters or black mold when I turn off FPL, and bye-bye.

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It is hard to get pissed at an individual who is simply following the example of government and corporations.

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And I thought Roulette wheels in Vegas were the worst odds against the house...


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I was rather hoping for an succinct explanation of why the JPY was taken down by the G7. As Peter Schiff commented (YouTube "Japan's broken window"), they could use a strong yen for rebuilding, not a weak one.

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Loving it Phil.

The insanity and theft will continue until the day it can't.

Then we will find out what we are really made of.

Play on.

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Y'know what's going to happen?

More of the same. It will not come to an end. Fractional reserve banking has certainly been going on for centuries and possibly millennia.


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It is precisely because It's been going on for centuries and possibly millennia that is coming to an end. 

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Meanwhile in the moments after the market closed the $DXY drops to yet new lows which had already breached the lows for 2010. Looks like the next stop will be 74.25...which would take out the 2009 low...then 70.69 would take out the 2008 (and all time) which point the market will celebrate with a 1000 point rally and the plebs will be rewarded with $10 gallons of gas and loafs of bread.

oh the joy. got some competition now.

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Let's audit capabilities of the Fed couple with their total autonomoy and free of laws.

Yea, this is completely doable.  I don't see the problem.

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Cash, Physical Silver and Gold is KING. Dig a hole, bury it, hide it and DONT tell anyone.

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And then when disaster hits and you need to buy something everyone will know and you will be robbed and killed.

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How much money is required to flash drop a currency like that?

To me this article is BS.

300 pips in a matter of minutes?! Let alone the effct on all currencies - check AUDJPY, CADJPY charts, etc. the calcs, how many trillion yen would it take?


It is far more likely it went bidless due to algos and HFT during the dead hours after NY close and the BoJ let it go and then bought it up.

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Assuming your hypothesis is correct, then it's the first time the algos have spooked the entire G7.

That would be a mighty powerful algo. Hook that up to one of your keys, and label it the "jump" button.

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Come on, show me the calculations. In the previous nights, BoJ used 12 trillion + yen to move UJ a matter of 100 pips or less.

What this article says is that the yen was bought heavily (because all JPY pairs moved, not just UJ) and then sold heavily 10mins later.

I guess the fact it was the dead hours means less liquidity but a lot of FX desks were closed hence there would have been no effect on them.

I mean come on a 300 pip flush in UJ or 500 pip flush in AJ. BS.

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Love the Monopoly board! Great work, William!

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Time for new community chest cards that are a LOT more generous but only for the more successful players.