Yes, Amazon Does Blame The Weather For Weak European Sales

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And there you have it: blame that shocker of a non-recurring event known as snow in December. Someone should explain to Jeff Bezos that Amazon benefits from record snowfalls. It sure would inspire some confidence in shareholders if the CEO actually knew that he was running an online retailer. Did someone dissolve crazy pills and forget to tell us about it? When will someone finally blame fiscal and monetary policy (all QE1, Lite and 2 of it), for one-time, non-recurring $4.5 trillion in stimulus? We dread to imagine what Stay Puft marshmallow man will materialize if it ever snows on the Abominable Chairman's printers...

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Global warming is the economy.

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It might be an online business but all the goods ordered still have to be delivered .... by road (most of them) and most of Europe had the coldest December on record with record amount of snow; under those conditions I do not know of any delivery companies here in the UK that managed to deliver on time more than 70/75% of goods throughout December and many potential customers simply opted to go down the stores for their xmas purchases rather than risk a 'non-guaranteed xmas delivery; and that, believe it or not, affects the bottom line in the real world

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Too funny!  Be like telling the Squirrel he IS president, not just running for the position.

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they are simply emulating their leaders and gov

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awesome will pic - LOL

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The pic ZH posted makes the official 'snow killed Amazon sales' tagline even more humorous than the just plain irrationality of it all ordinarily would have.

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Any time you can work the movie Zoolander in to and article is a good time.  It is one of those guilty pleasure movies.  F'n hilarious.  ""and they were Asian!!!"

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everybody knows snow slows the internets, tyler... jeezzz!

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Al Gore said we might need snow tires on the information superhighway. I guess he was right!

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Al Gore said we might need snow tires on the information superhighway. I guess he was right!

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It makes the lines cold - same for the air where things are wireless, which slows everything down.   Basic thermodynamics stuff really.  When things warm up, Amazon is gonna rock for sure!  I think I'm going to sell some PM's and go long here.  I should be rich by summer.



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Millions of jobs created?  Then how abouts installin' copper heating wires in all the sidewalks and roads?  Duh!  These people are fucking idiots.



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Store based retailers are famous for using the weather as an excuse for sub-par results.  Good weather = everyone outside enjoying themselves, but not shopping.  Bad weather = everyone stayed home inside and not shopping.

The only retail line of trade that can legitimately use the weather excuse is car washes -- just not many people washing cars when it rains.....

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 That's right up there with the GBP gdp numbers. Blame it on the weather.

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You have got to be fucking kidding me, right?

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once again Tyler, you completely miss the point.  You're thinking of the wrong kind of "snow"

Many people have had the same kinds of problems as AMZN due to the same kind of snow (e.g. Richard Pryor).  See now how it all makes perfect sense? 

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 That was RICH. I guess you own shares of TMZ and sell them everynight at dinner time.

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Reuters has the CEO quoted as saying "It is winter there, and people can't use their keyboards til the snow thaws ." In other news ,Microsoft has just declared bankruptcy due to it raining in Seattle . Gates was quoted as saying "who would believe water would fall from the sky when there is already so much in the oceans."

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Just cause they're signed up don't mean they're buying. My daughter gave me a Kindle for Xmas. Signed up and put it in a box somewhere around here. Not even looking for a wall of paper books I still need to read.

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I assume this summer may be too hot to oder online? Financial scientists have recently discovered that online buying peaks between 60-80 Fahrenheit, with partly cloudy skies and a rising barometric pressure.

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"I assume this summer may be too hot to oder online?"

No, in fact if the summer is too hot then the sweat will accumulate and the oder in the subway trains will be enhanced.  If you are online, then you'd have to order the "oder app" for your iThingie to have appropriate smellavision.

We really can't assume anything these days.  Esp. in this era of 'global climate change.' ;-)

- Ned

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Funny how the weather seems to affect all these guys except for AAPL. They can put up insanely good numbers even with a hurricane blowing outside. 

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You don't know what a hurricane is, ya blowhard.

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if you have enough iphones you can make a hurricane

iPhone app turns speaker into very low power fan

don't u ever forget that..



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Hey everyone!  It's HarareWanger with another inane comment!

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Apples only grow in the warm season, and in Washington and Oregon and other OZ like areas.

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Did we all suddenly forget light Black Friday traffic being driven by a change in the sales channel mix, with online retailers seeing unprecidented activity?

Or how about the blizzard being well within rounding error in terms of impact?

Add "dismissively optimistic forecast from the trade union chief economist of an industry that has become a politically-accountable metric" as a new datapoint to the Doomsday Number.

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thanks for summarizing the links... people have very short memory and can be manipulated easily.

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Yea, I don't understand how they don't mention the terrible monetary policy.  I don't want to invest in the stock market because it clearly rigged and ready to collapse whenever people like me buy.  I can't earn anything from savings.  I can't buy shit I don't need from Amazon because the shit that I do need keeps going up in price. 


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Cold weather clogged Ben's printer, that's why.

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I personally like when Mother Nature makes the human race her bitch.  I wish it would really snow - not a few inches here and there - so we can see the effects.  Plus, does it really matter how much shit is sold within a few month period compared with a few months before?  I don't get why we are so preoccupied with such petty things when there is fraud and corruption running the planet.

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snow affects jobless claims, e.g.:

but that is the AP story all over.  otoh, the BLS don't see no stinkin' snow:

- Ned

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I think there are people pissed at Amazon for their kowtowing to the government and cutting off support to Wikileaks.  So naturally their customers cut back their business with Amazon.  I did.  No more purchases from Amazon.

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I usually contact the sellers on Amazon directly after that news hit.

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I've got 12 in. snow one my monitor. Help!

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Actually, they had a better and more plausile excuse had they'd thought of using it...

Up until recently, books from would arrive as quickly or quicker than books from (to the USA).  Now it's 30 days, minimum.  And we're talking paperbacks, not encyclopedias.  And not just Amazon either.

A book could swim here faster than it takes for one to arrive now.

Might this have to do with exploding toner, or have certain customs officials learned how to read?

(and what's with the Math question even when logged in?)


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So far the cold & winter have:

1) Caused downward revisions in U.S. retail sales.

2) Caused the U.K.'s GDP to contract.

3) Caused Amazon to miss on the top line.

4) Caused U.S. New Home Sales to come in at the lowest pace in 47 years.

Given that we have about 3 more months of winter, I'd say we're screwed. QE3 should help offset the snow, ice and cold weather, right Ben Bernanke?

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P/E is now 75.  What a bargain!

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Amazon closed at exactly $50 24 months ago.

So, now is the time to go long. Because the economy is so solid, and getting stronger all the time. And because Amazon has only gained a mere 350% in 24 months.

Go long, and be strong.

The recovery is here, and the SOTU is strong my friends.





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I know the snow, blizzards and bad weather stopped me from getting out to Amazon to shop...

Note to Fucktard Amazon Management:
Just hire the Census Bureau or the BLS to revise that shit away for you...

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Yes, if only my Internets connection had been FASTER and I hadn't had to wait 0.5 seconds for that waffle maker image to load I would have hit the "BUY" button instead of spending 45 minutes to get to Wally World to get it and pay State RAPE taxes on the Chinese piece of shit!

Gawd...I'm glad Jeff Beezos has it figured out!

Please retailers...put up some new glimmery bits for me to oogle and put on the Chase card...oh Gawd...or should I put it on my Capital One card!?!? 

Woe is me!


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That is classic, most excellent.

The only thing I can add is that CEO Jeff was listening to Milli Vanilli:

Gotta blame it on something
Gotta blame it on something
Blame it on the rain that
was falling, falling
Blame it on the stars that
did shine at night
Whatever you do don't put
the blame on you
Blame it on the rain yeah yeah
You can blame it on the rain
Cos the rain don't mind
And the rain don't care
You got to blame it on something
(Blame it on the rain)
(Blame it on the stars)
Whatever you do don't put
the blame on you
Blame it on the rain yeah, yeah
You can blame it on the rain

Very creative, not just rain but frozen rain in the form of snow.

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Nothing makes me happier than buying puts on an overpriced stock before it falls. 

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Hehe.. do get excited so easily bears...


you guys are too negative!


there is only one thing I want to say for this situation: BTFD!!!

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You can order but you cant get shit delivered. So why bother?