Yes, It's Cinco De Mayo So Anything Goes... But Bud Light?

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And yes, a token eurotrash sipping the Red Bull was there. Also, does this mean Nevada's GDP will be up by 10% next month?

h/t Algo Salesman

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Damn, I'm going to be a waiter at the next meeting. 

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That is nothing, you should see the stripper bill at Saphires! Although I can tell you there is deflation in lap dances and hookers here in Vegas. (correction, not deflation, lower prices due to significant increase in aggregate supply). 20-23 year olds flocking here each weekend by the thousands).

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That's the surest sign I've seen yet of an impending market top.

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I remember when $50k was a good party night.  Inflation, bitchez.

Abitdodgie's picture

Can I please get my bill back.

Roy Bush's picture

Is this made up to represent inflation next year? WTF!

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$8 for a bottle of Fiji?

Riiiiiippp oofffff

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$10! for a Bud Light!!  Bud Light!!!  They ought to be paying you to drink that swill.

tmosley's picture

It wasn't for drinking, it was for throwing at poor people.

sunkeye's picture

@ tmos re budlight alespray : that WAS funny

edit:  that WAS funny - sick mean-spirited uncaring classist and probably

racist - but funny

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The bar back got thristy.  Shit happens.

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Must have been very very thirsty. I guess the 8 Fiji waters didn't cover it so they had to get another 23.

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

that tends to be the case after 55 bottles of Grey Goose.

TheTmfreak's picture

I bet you they mixed the grey goose with fiji water.

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55 Grey Goose cocktails, a bottle would be $500 itself.

thedrickster's picture

That's 55 cocktails, not getting a bottle for 14.00.

60L of Vueve for a cool 100K.....unconscionable considering you can pick up your very own home game for about 2K per 15L.


ihedgemyhedges's picture

55 shots, not bottles.  Bottles are $475, as also seen on receipt.  But after 55 shots of vodka, you can understand why there was so much other alcohol purchased..........these rich bastages were trashed....................

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Ill take the Patron (rough translation Whos your Daddy) for 36 Alex.

LongSoupLine's picture

huh?  Goldman conference?

cowdiddly's picture

Na, if it was a goldman conference that would just be for the minibar tab. and the 6L Dom p woud be  Chateau Lafite Rothchilds. These were clearly Govt credit card class trying to look sophisticated with their grey goose. 

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someone got a 29k tip off that. 

i don't care if that person makes 20 mil a year...  they are a complete moron.

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Raj's bar bill.  Spend it while you can!

youngman's picture

What Politicians bill was this....??????

Hephasteus's picture

My guess is the hedge fund convention in nevada.

Hephasteus's picture

My guess is the hedge fund convention in nevada.

tecno242's picture


i seem to recall tech companies doing crap like this in 1999 too...


Hugh G Rection's picture

Ted Kennedy Lives!!!!!!!!!!

Sophist Economicus's picture

Hey, was Nancy Pelosi at the Tyrst too?   That girl gets around

Whatta's picture


Pure idiocy. That there exists products to pay that dearly for, that there are establishments that serve it, that their clients partake of those products....while people starve, are foreclosed upon, live in dire poverty...



Sophist Economicus's picture

Is this a great country or what

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I bet you a pound of silver that someone will be expensing it, so half that cost is coming from taxpayers!

legal eagle's picture

50 percent tax rate? Maybe, maybe 21 percent.

MSimon's picture

That was just the bill for the expense account. The real bill was less.

MSimon's picture

That was just the bill for the expense account. The real bill was less.

Ckashan's picture

An unconscionable price no doubt. I bet half of Vegas still defaluts, casino companies that is. 

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So stop serving it ... and throw the poor waiter out of work so he can go live on the street with the other poor schmucks.  Austerity does indeed trickle down.

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Weimar Bar bitchez.

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$10 for a bud light? I just picked up a 30 pack for $20 at the grocery store. Talk about windfall profits where is Harry Reed? He should be all over this Wynn guy.

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He is ok with any industry that exists in Nevada. Therefore, gouging for alcohol, gambling and hookers is called for. Oil its not.



uhb's picture

Hey, nothing against good hookers!