Yields In Build America Bond Complex Go Vertical

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According to Simon Hobbes over at CNBC, rising yields are good for stocks (just as dropping yields were, gasp, good for stocks). Which is why the following chart which shows how BAB bonds after going parabolic are now going vertical should send the Dow to 36,000 post haste. Also, for those who care about facts and not propaganda, the last time yields were here was on December 28, 2009.

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"Ride 'em Timmah!"  Yelled Blackhawk Ben from the stands of the Holiday Treserve Rodeo.  He had just sat himself down from a nice barn dance with SheLa Bear.  The two had made their way by the beer gardn and onto the rodeo show, where Timmah had just saddled the BABs bull.

"Give 'em hell, Timmah!"  Yelled Shela with a mouth full of chew.  Timmah didn't hang on for more than a second before he was bucked off, and the bull landed its hoof square on his jaw.  The clowns came and picked him outta the dirt.

"Well he won't be able to have any Cope for a few days."  Said the announcer over the loudspeaker.  Ben turned to SheLa, "Guess lil' Timmah is done for the holidays."  "Get 'er done!"  Smiled SheLa at Blackhawk.  "Get 'er done."  Smiled Ben into his beer.

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Viva Dollars.....


I thought it was ...."lights out this week".

Dollar denominated debt ... Always a bid.

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I wrote about the dead dollar bounce yesterday before it happened.  I said the JPM Silver Short news was going to cause the world powers to top tick the dxy at 80.5.  If the dxy moves past 80.5 before falling to 76, I will say I was wrong.


Mr Lennon Hendrix said...

I woke up this morning thinking I may have been a little early on the call for the dollar's demise (on the news that The House Bank of John Pierpont Morgan has alleviated their short contracts) as I said yesterday it will happen now. I figured maybe a dead "dollar" bounce today and then a rapid move to dxy, whereon the dollar would be pronounced dead. But with PMs capitulating this morning, and the dollar already turning, we may hear the death rattle stopping in maybe a months time.

Whatever happens will happen fast. Like a flood through a canyon, the audience is rushing the exits.Getting out of the dollar is only the first priority too, as now decisions must be made as to what to invest in. Now that JPM has stepped out of silver's weigh, I would say silver is set to inherit the earth, of course as Queen, with King Gold.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

You said last friday the dollar would be below .77 this week.....and gold/ silver breaking off new highs.Oh well.

I guess if you change your armageddon dollar call every few months and push that up ......you can also change your dollar intra week calls as well, carry on.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

My calls speak for themselves.  So the move in PMs is a little slow, like I said, after the JPM news I called for a dead dollar bounce.  I called the DXY so get lost.  You want me to keep posting dxy like I have all this year, or should I keep it to my self?  Do not read my posts if you do not think they give good insight. 

The moves will happen soon.

PS Platinum did fine today so have at that one hoss.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Yes your calls do .... You made another bold,bold dollar call.

You have been calling for a dollar crash for 9 months. The epic downfall/crash/armageddon next week. You can post about dollar calls every day if you want. I'm just pointing out you called for a dollar crash again last friday and you'z be wrong again......On Mr. Turds blog ( The belly of the beast, this jem). Even the faithful questioned this " Dollar blowtorching call " .But the questions fell on deaf ears'.... You never answered the crys for help from your brothers in need as your call tundered down .....



Mr Lennon Hendrix said...

Massive dollar weakness in the piepes. Look for a move back down to 77 by the end of next week. Gold to shred the dollar hard next week, too. Silver will out perform all assets.

December 10, 2010 12:36 PM


bay said...

Mr Jimi isn't bashful about his calls on the PM's or the USDX. 77 in a week would really shake things up for sure.

Marcus said...

Forgive me for playing Devil's advocate, Mr Hendrix, but what makes you think 77 USDX in in the cards? It would be nice, but I'm somewhat suspicious when it comes to hearing something that pleases me (which a drop to 77 would). How did you arrive at your reasoning?

rmcclainxenergy said...

Yes, To Mr. Hendrix... I too would like to know why you are thinking the DXY will drop to 77 next week. Is it just a blanket statement, an educated guess, or a solid projection based on something I don't know? Would love to hear your insights. Thanks

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Sorry I didn't check on Turd's blog after that. Seriously, I like debating with people who can consider both sides.  Yet dollar bulls get fucked repeatedly and repeatedly, by gold and equities.  Must suck liking the dollar, when for the last TWO YEARS you have had your ass stamped.  Oh but you like RIMM and some bullshit paper so I should listen to you.

Look, what do you want, some fucking pity party?  It isn't like I have EVER been able to run away from my calls, as they are timestamped her eon Zerohedge (go read all my calls, find which ones you don't like but don't find where I would have top ticked the dxy...don't find those calls....they will make you cry). 

So you want me to say I have not been near accurate over the last week...ok, how about the YoY scoreboard?  What is gold at?  SCOREBOARD.  What is silver at?  SCOREBOARD.  And currencies are ALL fucked so it is an ad hom to decide the dollar>euro bla bla bla.

Are you trying to discredit me or what?  I go out on a limb and I am then an easy target?  You want to know what I returned last year on my "portfolio"? 

Silver bitchez.

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Pull up a 7 year dollar chart and tape it above your bed. Look at it every night and ask yourself.... What fucking crash..... ???????

Its crazy .... US Steel still martching forward as all the high flyers fall or trade sideways.

Your calls have been real bad ( dollar ).... My calls up 23% in 5 weeks, ride the wave for another 30%-50%

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Put up a seven year gold chart in every fiat currency on the planet.  There's your "fucking crash".

But by all means, pig out at the 24 hour buffet on the Titanic.  Those more worthy than you will get a seat on one of the lifeboats.

Political risk is a bitch, as is currency risk.

Spitzer's picture

I made 51% in 5 weeks in the gold sector. Shorting the dollar is not the only way to short the dollar.

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Dollar bugs like you even admit that the dollar is a fundamentally flawed currency. You route for it because even you cant believe how big if a shit kicking it can take before it dies.

Before we know it, oil will be priced in Euro's.

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Euros????  Great idea, let's replace the pricing in one flawed paper currency with another.......Prediction in 2025:  "AP reports that the price of oil moved down today.  The price for a 100 barrel contract of WTI dropped from 2 ounces of gold to 1.99 ounces after Petrobras announced a new discovery of a massive 18,500 barrels per day field off the coast of Rio de Janiero"...................................................At some point, it's coming................

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The Euro will reign when the paper gold dollar regime falls. The Euro is linked to gold on a floating basis. Most people don't know this.

Oquities's picture

then explain please. if it's "linked" to gold of course, that's not the same thing as "backed by."

Spitzer's picture

Yes, and that is the best part.

If it was backed then the ECB would have to play with the price to keep it in line with the peg. Now the ECB/BIS (the BIS has their hands all over this) will have no interest in suppressing the price.


ihedgemyhedges's picture

So what?????  If you have to "link" or do "backed by" to make a fiat money look good, Dear Mr. Spitzer, then you can pull a Nixon at any time, can't you????  Politicians will ALWAYS control paper/fiat because they can issue decrees or just print more in "times of financial distress", they have NEVER really controlled gold or the amount that is produced.  It is and always will be "money".............

Am I missing something?????

tmosley's picture

Assuming that were true (I do not acknowledge it as such), then wouldn't gold be just as good or BETTER than the Euro as a basis for any and all trades? 

That is the big problem I have with freegold.  If, under Freegold, paper currencies could and would be inflated as they are today, why would anyone hold them, even for a second?  It is much better to simply use the gold as the transactional currency, and bypass the state's bullshit.  If this were not the case, then the markets would have chosen a freegold system over a gold standard when they were free.  They did not, and they NEVER have.

FOFOA is a smart guy/gal, but freegold seems like more of a fantasy to me.  Much better to have a currency that has zero state involvement.

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The question isn't where the yields have gone, the question is where the spreads will go after the year is done.   The market is rightfully pricing in a large supply coming to market. The BAB paper is probably a buy in here, just as Tobacco Debt was a screaming buy (and in some cases still is) when the market anticipated "billions and billions" of the stuff would suddenly flood the market.  The 7% coupon yields on tax-free Cali-Tobacco Debt (purchased between 65-85 cents on the dollar) were a gift.   


Shawn A. Mesaros, Pamria, LLC

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Paging the Administration...

Time to pass the BARF Act  (Build America Re-re-re-financing Fund Act).

Problem Is's picture

83 senators already on board, bitchez...

sodbuster's picture

Build America Re-re-re-financing Fund Act

Hank Paulsen, is-is th-that y-y-you?


TruthInSunshine's picture

How about the Acronym: TOAD

Taxpayers Own All Dick, compliments of impulse spendthrift and knockaround kinda' guy, Ben Bernanke.

Eternal Student's picture

Yes. The BARF acronym is already scheduled to be used for the next bailout of the Banks:

Banks Are Really F*cked

This fits in with the other bailouts, such as TARP, TALF, and there have been so many that I've forgotten all the other names.

Blano's picture

So what are the chances the feds (or should I say you and me) end up volunteering to pay more than 35% of the interest cost if this continues??

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How about build my cock in your mouth act mother fucker? How cute is that bitchez?

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Blatant Anally-Raping Fascists

Mongo's picture

Aksjully... that chart shows the wrinkles on Bernankes forehead as he tries to understand the word... inflasjun... or was it inflation?



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As Harry would say, common sense here people. Less money in BABs = more money in NFLX.

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M0tha F6ckin' common cents here peoples!

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

All bond moves are now good for stocks.  Get back to work, drones.

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Mr Lennon!  WORK is a 4 letter word...


I am almost back to even on my TBT (bad timing purchase). 

Let the Treasuries crash!  I got my gold & silver, and I know you do too.

The rest of you, got yours?

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Here is the only quote I would post re: Simon Hobbs

"I am so f*cking stupid I must now hang myself"

Problem Is's picture


"I am so f*cking stupid I must now be promoted."

US Crony Capitalism in action...

MeTarzanUjane's picture

Are you two Hobb Nobbing? How about Hobb Gobbling bitchez?

TruthInSunshine's picture

If I walked onto the set of CNBsC and cold cocked Simon Hobbs in his gnarly face, and then turned towards Steve LIESman and urinated on his chin, Simon Hobbs would no doubt say, as if on cue: "This level of frustration with CNBC is good for stocks."

LeBalance's picture

The crowd would boo you for missing low on Liesman.

toathis's picture

LIESman and the info-babes have been correct, why the hate? He slammed you doomers a good one.

"Double-Dip" didn't happen!

akak's picture

Proud to be the first one to junk your latest tidbit of pro-fiat, pro-establishment bullshit, Toothless.  Now fly away like the good winged monkey that you are --- I think I hear your masters calling you.

PS: You are correct in one small detail: The "Double Dip" did NOT in fact happen.  And the reason why it did not happen, and cannot happen, is because there was never a recovery from the FIRST dip --- we are still in the same downward-spiraling Depression that began in late 2007.  If you truly believe that the ongoing destruction of our economy and the American middle class somehow constitutes a "recovery", then, well, you are even more incredibly stupid than I already gave you credit for.

MeTarzanUjane's picture

What if you walked in and cocked Hobbs while Liesman urinated in Hobbs mouth? Woops sorry I thought you were Cog Dis...

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Sweet.  I hope people keep saying everything is good for stocks because even the dumbest criminal syndicate Wall Street banker will ultimately have an epiphany that <everything is good for stocks> is, well, not true.

In the meantime, people keep trying to further the rally in the Roach Motel, which is built on sand castles like the one just mentioned in the tidbit above, which will only certainly increase PANIC and turn greed into FEAR...which works for me.

So watch the back door on the Roach Motel, and if you are an SEC agent looking in on ZH, take note of the banks involved in current transactions on the Roach Motel, or the SPY, so that you know who you might like to talk to later when the American people reveal just how disgusted they are with criminal syndicate bankers and apathetic SEC employees.

And I don't care if you are bullish to the point of stupid, but for gosh sakes buy some insurance before someone figures out that this whole period of market weakness is happening because someone unplugged the VXX creation units machine and, at least for the near term, those notes seem to be trading on free market principles.


I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

+1  Cdad, thanks again for the discussion the other day.  I'm pleased with my VXX and VXZ positions. 

I am watching this shit like a hawk and following it into the after and premarkets, and am keeping a tight stop at 5%.  I just can't believe they are going to leave the "VXX creation units machine" turned off.  It is counterintuitive to The Bernank's stated objectives.  Maybe they'll turn it back on after options expiration?   

SheepDog-One's picture

Bonds confuse both Maria and Erin, and apparently Ms Hobbs too, makes their heads hurt. They know stocks...and everything is good for stocks!

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

headaches are good for stocks too.  It's ALL good. Of that I am 100% confident.

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Remember when Hains told Erin the bottom was in @666? The Hains Bottom? Generational Low?

Didn,t think so bagman... Tyler wasn't listening either.